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Tucking in and pigging out (Eating phrasal verbs)

Tucking in and pigging out (Eating phrasal verbs)

what is the meaning of a problem solver

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Example sentences problem solver

If his exam skills were slightly rusty, he lacked nothing as a practical engineer - a problem solver , as he now describes himself.
He's a problem solver , a game changer, the greatest player to have played the game.
The top ten clichés found were: motivated, extensive experience, innovative, proven track record, dynamic, team player, pro-active, entrepreneurial, skill set and problem solver .
She's a social pivot and a problem solver .
Supporter of many charities, gardener, singer, problem solver .

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10 Characteristics of Good Problem Solvers

Professional psychologist, motivational writer

Good problem solvers are good thinkers. They have less drama and problems to begin with and don't get overly emotional when faced with a problem. They usually see problems as challenges and life experiences and try to stand above them, objectively.

Good problem solvers use a combination of intuition and logic to come up with their solutions. Intuition has more to do with the emotional and instinctive side of us and logic is more related to our cognition and thinking. Good problem solvers use both of these forces to get as much information as they can to come up with the best possible solution. In addition, they are reasonably open minded but logically skeptical.

Some of the general characteristics of good problem solvers are:

1. They don't need to be right all the time: They focus on finding the right solution rather than wanting to prove they are right at all costs.

2. They go beyond their own conditioning: They go beyond a fixated mind set and open up to new ways of thinking and can explore options.

3. They look for opportunity within the problem: They see problems as challenges and try to learn from them.

4. They know the difference between complex and simple thinking: They know when to do a systematic and complex thinking and when to go through short cuts and find an easy solution.

5. They have clear definition of what the problem is: They can specifically identity the problem.

6. They use the power of words to connect with people: They are socially well developed and find ways to connect with people and try to find happy-middle solutions.

7. They don't create problems for others: They understand that to have their problem solved they can't create problems for others. Good problems solvers who create fair solutions make a conscious effort not to harm others for a self-interest intention. They know such acts will have long term consequences even if the problem is temporarily solved.

8. They do prevention more than intervention: Good problem solvers have a number of skills to prevent problems from happening in the first place. They usually face less drama, conflict, and stressful situations since they have clear boundaries, don't let their rights violated and do not violate other people's rights. They are more of a positive thinker so naturally they are surrounded with more positivity and have more energy to be productive.

9. They explore their options: They see more than one solution to a problem and find new and productive ways to deal with new problems as they arise. They also have a backup plan if the first solution does not work and can ask for support and advise when needed.

10. They have reasonable expectations: Good problem solvers have reasonable expectations as to what the solution would be. They understand that there are many elements effecting a situation and that idealistic ways of thinking and going about solving a problem will be counterproductive.

At the end, good problem solvers do not have too many irrational fears when dealing with problems. They can visualize the worst case scenario, work their way out of it and let go of the fear attached to it. Fear can make your logic and intuition shady and your decisions unproductive.

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what is the meaning of a problem solver

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problem-solver noun

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What does the noun problem-solver mean?

There is one meaning in OED's entry for the noun problem-solver . See ‘Meaning & use’ for definition, usage, and quotation evidence.

How common is the noun problem-solver ?

Where does the noun problem-solver come from.

Earliest known use

The earliest known use of the noun problem-solver is in the 1840s.

OED's earliest evidence for problem-solver is from 1848, in British Quarterly Review .

problem-solver is formed within English, by compounding.

Etymons: problem n. , solver n.

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Entry history for problem-solver, n.

Originally published as part of the entry for problem, n.

problem, n. was revised in June 2007 is a living text, updated every three months. Modifications may include:

  • further revisions to definitions, pronunciation, etymology, headwords, variant spellings, quotations, and dates;
  • new senses, phrases, and quotations.

Earlier versions of problem, n. were published in:

OED First Edition (1908)

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OED Second Edition (1989)

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