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Ratings On Other Platforms

Booking.com has a rating of 1.37 stars from 4,022 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Reviewers complaining about Booking.com most frequently mention customer service, credit card, and free cancellation problems. Booking.com ranks 479th among Hotels sites.

  • Service 1660
  • Shipping 627
  • Returns 951
  • Quality 1304

This company does not typically respond to reviews

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What reviewers want you to know

Positive highlights.

  • I work in customer service and was totally impressed by their proactive response to my situation!

Critical highlights

  • I was a victim of fraud as someone used my credit card to make a booking.
  • Worst part is I was also charged $154 cleaning fee for cleaning the apartment even though they put me in a hotel room .

“Great experience!”

I used booking.com to book a hotel for a family trip. Although I had issues with the hotel, booking.com makes it right. Every customer service representative I communicated with was professional and courteous. The customer service chat is a little difficult to deal with, but calling them is the best way. Always keep your booking number and pin because you need that to speak with them. Definitely read reviews for the hotel you plan to stay at on their website before booking. I would definitely use them again!

“Worst customer service and experience ever”

We booked a room when we arrived the hotel was beyond unsafe and gross people shooting up in the stars ways the cops came several times to different rooms...our sink was leaking all over the floor amd was clogged. We checked out and when asked for a refund for the the remaining days they said we had to go to booking.com well we have been fighting with booking.com for day countless hrs and calls to get no where. Worst customer service will never use them again

Reviews (4,022)

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Thumbnail of user melissag2144

  • Follow Sam S.

Long time booking user. I checked 2 days early from the hotel agreed to refund just waiting for booking to call them. I went through calls. Text. Email. I can't help you with that and most emails just a copies: sorry we apologize just sweet words. Even i have another booking coming up on august ( this one no refundable. Its ok with me) its had to get answers. Emails already prepared the first 2 lines. I lost money for 2 nights

Booking.com product 1

  • Follow Marcel H.

Disappointing customer service experience. Booking.com chose not to respond to reasonable request move out a booking due to current travel restrictions and took the option to charge a cancellation fee of 50%. The service is a sham and endeavours to isolate itself from direct communication and does not log any request through the customer service app to fall back upon. Don't waste your money go direct to the hotel and ask them to price match, guaranteed you will get a better result... Marcel

Tip for consumers: Don't bother, you can get a better deal and greater flexibility along with customer service/experience by going direct to the Hotel and asking them to price match.

Products used: Accommodation Booking

Thumbnail of user ashley5ashley6

  • Follow Bruno C.

They sent the host the wrong credit card number, twice, because of their mistake I lost our reservation for the resort my family and I had planned to spend our summer holidays at. They did not care at all or even try to fix the problem that they caused. I wish there was a no star rating because that's what they deserve! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Thumbnail of user dorotheal11

  • Follow Aj N.

They didn't have to return my non-refundable purchases because I booked on the wrong date, but they did. I appreciate them for taking on the hotel company and issuing me the refund. Although it took a couple of weeks, they came through for me, and I will be using them again for my future booking needs!

Tip for consumers: Pay attention to the dates!

  • Comments (2)

Thumbnail of user viktoriyab5

  • Follow Jonathan W.

You can get some good deals on travel when you bundle your flight car rental and hotel with this site. I've only used them twice and was satisfied. If you're not needing a hotel or car rental you can find a better option on your own. It can give you some great ideas on activities to do at your travel destination.

Thumbnail of user deniso50

  • Follow Sneekyy K.

Used these for a night stay in York I really needed hotel with a car park so put this in my filter search choose Hampton by Hilton York. £256 for one night. Disappointing is an under statement no car park as advertised had it been a disabled person they would have struggled with the trek. This hotel is close to travel lodge for facilities but double the price on looking on line the rooms were £120 a night that's the true value of the room at best.

Thumbnail of user raimundaf

  • Follow Ulrik G.

Booking.com offered on their website a room for 11 days at 980 Euro, but at checkout I was charged 1076 Euro. Booking.com customer service did NOT respond online and I had to call them. Clearly they saw the price listed and asked for a screen shot from me. I gave them that, but after 3 hours I was contacted to send them the url for comparison (?)... clearly at that time they had changed the prices and would in no way, shape or form take responsibility for it! STAY AWAY

Products used: Cancelled the booking and booked the same hotel from another "supplier"

Booking.com product 0

  • Follow Ben O.

Booked a room six months before the Liverpool marathon and the day before the trip I got a message saying my hotel had been cancelled. I phoned the hotel to be told Booking.com had already given it to another customer. Luckily the hotel owner took my side and cancelled the other guests so they'd have been unhappy too. What shocking service from booking.com! How are they even still in business?

Q&A (145)

Hi i would like to make the payment at the hotel only after my stay there. why does bookings.com ask for payment details upfront hi i would like to make the payment at the hotel only after my stay there. why does bookings.com ask for payment details upfront.

In my case they took my payment information and paid the hotel where I was going to be staying. Only to find out that the hotel was out of business and I had to prove that it was charged to my account. They did not find me a replacement hotel to stay in for the same price. Nor did they care that I was left without a place to stay. So beware before you purchase.

Our hotel was cancelled by booking.com but we have not had a refund (£450). they are making us jump through hoops by asking for credit card and bank statements for the last 6 months to prove we have not been refunded. i think the hotel has gone out of business. does anyone know what our rights are? Our hotel was cancelled by booking.com but we have not had a refund (£450). they are making us jump through hoops by asking for credit card and bank statements for the last 6 months to prove we have not been refunded. i think the hotel has gone out of business. does anyone know what our rights are?

Don't waste time with booking.com. They have horrible customer service and will make every attempt to cheat you. Simply report the problem to your credit card company to get your refund.

Hi. i booked a hotel room through booking.com. i just read the reviews and now i am worried. should i be worried? Hi. i booked a hotel room through booking.com. i just read the reviews and now i am worried. should i be worried?

Run. Run away. This company and the company used to insure their bookings are scams.

Hi there i want to know do you give valid customers who book with you all the time. i have just booked 4 hotels and am looking to book another 2 but can your site not give me any sort of discount for using only booking. com Hi there i want to know do you give valid customers who book with you all the time. i have just booked 4 hotels and am looking to book another 2 but can your site not give me any sort of discount for using only booking. com

I don't know why you're even using this site Stephanie. Their after sales is disgusting! Recommend travel Republic. Great prices and options

When i book a hotel on booking.com and pay by credit card, do i have to pay again when i check in? When i book a hotel on booking.com and pay by credit card, do i have to pay again when i check in?

You pay a non refundable price on line. When you check into your hotel, it's billed to your Bookings.com reservation plus incidentals (local calls, parking fees, resort fees, dining, bar fees, Europe charges local or city tax, spa fees...) the hotel will ask for a card as a hold for these fees. Use bookings.com, find the hotel you wish to stay in (get all info and contact them directly via website and price match) the Marriott in Rome had a room for $80.00 less on the Marriott website than these, so called MONEY SAVING SITES.

How can i organize flights too How can i organize flights too

Trevago is hooked into Booking.com don't make a mistake and let trevago send you to booking.com go to Hotel.com which is more professional. I had to go to American Express customer serviced to complain and they gave a dead line for explanation. They had no explanation for crappy service and had to repay me.

When will my reservation be charged? When will my reservation be charged?

It depends on the hotel some don't charge until you arrive at hotel more will charge your card straight away check your booking it should tell you there

Hi we have had to cacel a break booked with yourselves do we get a refund thanks Hi we have had to cacel a break booked with yourselves do we get a refund thanks

It is about time to stop giving credit card details to make a booking, they should not ask people to expose their details un-crypted. A booking is just a booking it should NOT require any kind of commitment or payment in advance.

How can i remove review in my hotel website How can i remove review in my hotel website

You can't. That's the whole idea. You provide a service, and your customers get to give their review of your place and your services.

What does it mean if the hotel does not offer "pay later". will i be charged right away if i book? What does it mean if the hotel does not offer "pay later". will i be charged right away if i book?

Yes. You pay the ENTIRE AMOUNT at the time if booking. The reservation is subject to the sites terms regarding cancellations & changes, so read these terms carefully before hitting the pay button. IMPORTANT: As a word to the wise, do not ever use your debit card, check, wire transfer, certified check or cash to pay. Always use a major credit card (I like American Express) so if there is ever a serious problem with the hotel, or the reservation in general, you can file a complaint with your credit card company to reverse the charge. If you pay by other debit card, they take the money out of your bank account immediately. It is like cash and you're going to have very little recourse or leverage to get your money back. Hope this advise helps.

Can’t see your question? Ask to get answers from the Booking.com staff and other customers.

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  • What is the return policy?
  • Where is the company located?

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Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews

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Booking.com provides online bookings of hotels, resorts, hostels, and other travel accommodations around the world. The site attempts to separate itself from rival reservation sites by offering deals and its own hotel reviews. Booking.com is a subsidiary of Priceline.com, a publicly traded company (Nasdaq: PCLN).

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  • Hotels , Vacation Rentals , Travel Search Engine
  • Amsterdam, CA, Netherlands The
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No customer services

No customer services. Tried contacting them regarding a problem with the apartments we were staying at. Rented an apartment but only provided a studio flat as we were only two people. The other couple in the building had the same problem. Room was boiling hot 28C. The family area was a drug den. Tried to contact booking.com but they are not interested

Date of experience : October 13, 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Avoid using bookin.comi cancelled a booking.

I cancelled a booking, for good reason, which was fully refundable. The accommodation failed to refund money they had taken. Bookin. Com customer service asked for details twice but failed to deal with the non- refund. They then failed to even acknowledge emails asking what was going on. I shall not book through booking. Com in the future

Date of experience : October 01, 2023

don't use this site it is not secure. Enables shishing

I made several bookings of accommodation. Then received a message from one saying my card details needed updating or it would be cancelled. As my attached Credit Card had been blocked. I updated a new card throught the link. Then the accommodation sent a message saying it was a phishing version of Booking.com. When I looked carefully at the link it had booking.com with a l and not an i. Very hard to see in low light and bad eyesight. Had to cancel the card straight away. Not ideal mid holiday. Will not be using Booking.com again. Ever.

Date of experience : October 15, 2023

Poor communication when it comes t refunds

Most companies are able to take payment in less 10seconds. Was charged for my bag incorrectly by British Airways. Booking.com adviser said its incorrect and will refund me on 9th October. Call back after a week, which advisor said we need a receipt but why did first advisor not ask for this. Finally get reply for a refund to original credit card which I no longer have. Advise booking.com of this and gave my new card details via online but 2 weeks later no reply or refund. I call today and all advisor could say it been escalated which mean absolute rubbish, no information of deadline to resolve situation. Better communication is required by such big company, a refund is a very simple process of £85+.

Date of experience : October 09, 2023

Horrid service

Pray nothing goes wrong when you use booking.com as their customer services are a waste of time and money. We were informed on the day that the apartment we booked was flooded and Booking.com would book alternative accommodation for us. However, they only sent one option on email which was not available. After frankly infuriating calls with them where they didn't seem to understand that they haven't done what they promised to, we did all the searching ourselves and turned out that everything in the area was booked up by that point. So we had to drive 30min to another apartment and pay a premium to stay there. Booking.com said they'd cover the difference, however, the next day they promptly changed their minds and didn't send a penny to us.

Date of experience : October 26, 2023


BEWARE OF SCAM Currently has a scam which runs through their own app and website messaging system. Tells you your booking has been cancelled and to book again. Card details then immediately used to buy crypto. Horrific that this could happen through their own channels. Scam message starts with: Dear Guest , unfortunately your booking might be cancelled due to an error during verification of your payment method.

Date of experience : October 29, 2023

Couldn't get through to customer…

Couldn't get through to customer service phone line. It kept saying to input booking number manually which I did but still U couldn't get through. No possible way for me to speak to a human. Computer says no!

Date of experience : November 01, 2023

Can't wait for another adventure

I love the fact that everything is accomplished on booking.com. flight's, accommodation, hire car's and entertainment. I mainly use the site for accommodation value. As you use the site for bookings you also acquire point's of levels you can attain and use on other booking.com services

Beware. Booking.com are working with car hire companies to defraud customers out of many hundreds of pounds. We had premium insurance and the car was in perfect condition. We took photos and have proof. And the booking.com conspired with the hire company to add an additional £400 in charges for non existent damage. The insurance was void due to the hire company refusing to give our paperwork on return of the vehicle. Because we had premium insurance there was no car inspection and hence no paperwork. We have tried to get our money back to no avail. All lies. We are powerless to do anything with this fraudulent deceitful company. Avoid.

Date of experience : July 31, 2023

No help from Booking.

If you book a vacation rental over Booking, and it turns out to be in such bad condition that you can't stay there, Booking will not help you at all, NONE! They don't even offer you their part of the commission back. I could prove everything with fotos and videos, still nothing. No help at all. In fact, after seeing the nasty pictures, Booking told us to leave the property. The owner of the property sent someone over to the property, they were shocked themselves, and told us it can't be fixed on that day and left. Now Booking tells us it's up to the property owner to decide if we get reimbursed or not. Booking does not make it clear, at any time, that you are on your own with these properties.

Date of experience : October 20, 2023

This company are liers and they won't…

This company are liers and they won't let you talk to a manager even. Avoid, everything is non refundable even if thier website or representatives say it is, once you make the booking you get into trouble, avoid at any cost if you want piece of mind!!!

I booked a flexible flight ticket…

I booked a flexible flight ticket through Booking.com and tried to change the flight by 24 hours. Simple, you would think! After several phone calls (lasting hours!) and multiple lies from the customer service agents, I called the airline directly to find out that no change had been made. Dreadful customer experience and no opportunity to complain to a higher level. I feel sorry for the agents as they are told they have to stick to a script but that does not help customers.... I will not be booking through them again.

Date of experience : October 31, 2023

Watch out when using this website to…

Watch out when using this website to book accommodation. They are now letting dodgy private holiday rentals advertise through their platform. When the purchased room/apartment isn't as described, they will do nothing to help you be reimbursed for your outlay. Communication is terrible from both hosts and booking customer service. Crooks helping crooks in my eyes.

Date of experience : October 28, 2023

I booked flights to Rome next March with this company. One of the flights was cancelled by the airline. I need to re-schedule it. It seems that flights booked with booking.com are handled by Go-to-gate, who are absolutely dreadful. I have been trying for 3 months to get alternative flights. I know the flights I want, the airline have confirmed that seats are available, I just need Go-to-gate to make the change. This is a night mare.


A typical lazy company that rely on cheapskate artificial intelligence to solve any issues you may have. They try to anticipate absolutely every issue you may have. Fine if your issue is one they have answer to. In my case it didn’t. For some reason when I tried to pay for a hotel it didn’t recognise my CVC my bank confirmed the issue was theirs. Then there is no way you can contact them no phone number no email address. Your stuck nothing you can do. THERE SHOULD BE A LAW REQUIRING ALL SERVICE PROVIDERS TO HAVE A METHOD TO CONTACT THEM.

Date of experience : October 25, 2023

Do not ever book a partner offer from Booking.com

Do not ever book a partner offer. I've had to go through 5 different companies just to get a partial refund from my stay that I booked. It was not adequate and I had a poor customer experience which I requested a refund for. Booking.com essentially told me it's not us, it's the hotel. I went to the hotel to get this sorted and they said it's not us, it's a company called Webbeds. I then contacted this company who then said its a company called Dida Travel. You can imagine how frustrating this is as a customer who booked a stay THROUGH BOOKING.COM. Awful company. No customer service. I do not recommend them to anyone. In reality, this company should be called Booking.CON

Date of experience : October 05, 2023

Truly awful

Truly awful. A hotel that was filthy, soiled bed, mouldy bathroom, abusive 'Manager' with tats on his kneck, and hands, night desk man absolutely stinking of skunk. But nothing I can do, because the hotel says 'you booked through booking.com' Booking.com's security is so poor Google won't let me access the site.

Don't buy flight tickets…

I wish I could give zero stars to booking as I have used their service to buy flight tickets and it is a nightmare. All tickets purchased through Booking.com change the time or airport, creating too much trouble that nobody assumes the responsibility. Quite frustrating. I do not recommend buying flight tickets with them.

Date of experience : October 30, 2023

3rd time i got scammed by booking.com.

3rd time i got scammed by booking.com. But its my fault for trusting these scammers. No more, you all should be arrested, scammers scammers scammers! Taking money from the people and then not being able to provide them the accommodation you promote on your pages!

Date of experience : October 27, 2023

Account has been hacked and IT has not solved it within almost 3 weeks!!!!

My booking.com account has been hacked. The hackers changed the emailadress of the account to one that does not belong to me. In addition to that, they changed bookings that I already made for the future. All this is ongoing since 11th of October. I immediately contacted Booking.com and the confirmed me that their IT will handle it within 1-2 days. Since almost three weeks I am now contacting them twice per week and the only feedback that I get is, that they will take of it. I have been using bookin.com for many years with a lot of bookings. Of course the hackers have access to all those bookings including my personal information. This is the worst customer service that I can imagine. In the past I was happy using booking.com. After this bad customers service I only can recommend to not use them any more!

Date of experience : October 11, 2023


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