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Unlock Your Career Potential: How to Edit Your Resume for Free

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, it is important to make sure your resume stands out from the crowd. A well-crafted resume can be the difference between getting an interview and being overlooked. Unfortunately, crafting a great resume can be expensive, with professional editing services costing hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, there are plenty of free options available to help you edit your resume and unlock your career potential.

Utilize Online Resources

The internet is full of resources that can help you edit your resume for free. Many websites offer templates and tips that can help you create a professional-looking document. Additionally, some websites offer automated editing services that can quickly identify any errors or inconsistencies in your resume. These services are usually free and can save you time by quickly pinpointing areas that need improvement.

Ask for Feedback

Getting feedback from someone who has experience in the field you’re applying to can be invaluable when it comes to editing your resume. Ask friends or family members who have worked in the same industry for their opinion on how to improve your document. You may also want to ask a career counselor or mentor for advice on how to make your resume stand out from the competition.

Proofread Carefully

Once you’ve made all the necessary changes to your resume, it’s important to proofread it carefully before submitting it. This will help ensure that there are no typos or grammatical errors that could hurt your chances of getting an interview. Take some time to read through the document slowly and carefully, paying attention to any potential mistakes or areas that could use improvement. Additionally, consider having someone else read through it as well; a fresh set of eyes may catch something you missed.

Editing a resume doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming; with the right resources and a bit of effort, you can easily unlock your career potential without breaking the bank. Utilize online resources, ask for feedback from experienced professionals, and proofread carefully before submitting your document; these simple steps will ensure that your resume stands out from the competition and increases your chances of getting an interview.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


resume helper job duties

Helper Resume Samples

The role of a helper varies greatly based on the job setting, but in generic terms, the job description of a helper revolves around the following tasks – helping the production worker on site, supplying materials , holding tools, cleaning work areas , cleaning the area after work completion, moving equipment, mixing materials, transporting small and large tools to the site, moving materials to the needed location, notifying supervisor about shipment arrivals, assisting in loading and unloading materials, and executing all other duties as assigned.

The Helper Resume emphasizes on the following skills and abilities – a good amount of physical strength and stamina, the ability to undertake assigned work, quick responding traits, good communication skills and the ability to track material movement. No formal education is required for this role, as work experience and on-job training is better valued than an academic record.

Helper Resume example

  • Resume Samples

Plumbers Helper Resume

Objective : Plumbers Helper, eager to begin a career as an electrician to build on current skills and experience. Hard-working, self-motivated, enthusiastic and productive. Excellent people skills with the capabilities to work individually or as part of a team. To obtain a full-time position in an organization with the potential for growth.

Skills : Folk Lift, Production Plant Operation, Pipeline, Customer Service, Organizational

Plumbers Helper Resume Example

Description :

  • Measured, cut, thread and assembled new pipe, placing the assembled pipe in hangers or other supports.
  • Cut or drilled holes in walls or floors to accommodate the passage of pipes.
  • Performed rough-ins, repair and replace fixtures and water heaters, and locate, repair, or remove leaking or broken pipes.
  • Assisted pipe fitters in the layout, assembly, and installation of piping for air, ammonia, gas, and water systems.
  • Fit or assisted in fitting valves, couplings, or assemblies to tanks, pumps, or systems, using hand tools.
  • Requisitioned tools and equipment, selected type and size of the pipe, and collected and transported materials and equipment to the worksite.
  • Mounted brackets and hangers on walls and ceilings to hold pipes, and set sleeves or inserts to provide support for pipes.
  • Performed continues maintenance on pipes and replaced those needing repair.

Helper/Laborer Resume

Objective : Reliable Helper/Laborer with strong mechanical aptitude and a willingness to learn. To be employed with a promising organization that can benefit from my experience and skills. To secure a position with a stable and profitable organization, where I can be a member of a team and utilize my business experience to the fullest.

Skills : Inventory Management, Ability To Lift Heavy Materials, General Labor, Customer Service, Warehouse Order Selecting

Helper/Laborer Resume Example

  • Monitoring building security and safety by performing such tasks as locking doors after operating hours and checking electrical appliance use to ensure that hazards are not created.
  • Cleaning windows, glass partitions, and mirrors using soapy water or other cleaners, sponges, and squeegees.
  • Spraying insecticides and fumigants to prevent insect and rodent infestation.
  • Skills used cleaning buildings, removing debris, and keeping areas neat and tidy.
  • Vacuuming and buffing floors, shampoos carpets, emptying trash receptacles and replacing the lining of trash cans.
  • Providing assistance to craft workers, such as carpenters, plasterers, or masons.
  • Signaling equipment operators to facilitate alignment, movement, or adjustment of machinery, equipment, or materials.
  • Cleaning work areas, machines, or equipment, to maintain a clean and safe job site.

Machine Helper Resume

Headline : Machine Helper with the ability to learn new tasks quickly and proficient in growing key customer relationships. Represents the company with friendly, professional demeanor at all times. To seek challenging assignments/projects and employment opportunities which will aid in my professional growth and career advancement in the business world.

Skills : Forklift Operation, Critical Thinking, Troubleshooting, Active Learning, Judgment And Decision Making, Service Orientation, Time Management

Machine Helper Resume Sample

  • Operating semi-automated hoisting devices that raise refuse bins and dump contents into openings in truck bodies.
  • Inspecting trucks prior to beginning routes to ensure safe operating condition.
  • Dismounting garbage trucks to collect garbage and remount trucks to ride to the next collection point.
  • Communicating with dispatchers concerning delays, unsafe sites, accidents, equipment breakdowns, or other maintenance problems.
  • Tagging garbage or recycling containers to inform customers of problems such as excess garbage or inclusion of items that are not permitted.
  • Testing and repairing circuits and sensors, following wiring and system specifications.
  • Adjusting the sensitivity of units, based on room structures and manufacturers' recommendations, using programming keypads.
  • Operating a forklift to assist hang pipe accomplishments learning how to fit pipe, and use measurements to angle pipe in the right direction.

Electrician Helper Resume

Objective : Electrician Helper motivated to learn new trades and skills. Interested in growing a career and fostering leadership capabilities. Young energetic motivated man looking to make someone a really good employee, make a good living and make a difference in his community. Looking to succeed in a new environment. While opening up new opportunities and advancement.

Skills : Customer Service, Production Plant Operation, Learn And Follow Safety Regulations, Customer Service

Electrician Helper Resume Sample

  • Loading, transporting, unloading, and furnishing journeyman with materials, tools, equipment, and supplies.
  • Cleaning work area and restocking supplies and materials as necessary.
  • Assisting in lifting, positioning, and securing of materials during installation.
  • Performing minor maintenance or cleaning activities of journeyman's tools and equipment.
  • Performing other routine duties as directed by experienced craft person.
  • Following specific directions, performing a variety of duties which may often change.
  • Working within standards of accuracy and repeating tasks of short duration according to a set procedure.
  • Evaluating information using measurable standards. 
  • Establishing long-term customer relationships through prompt and courteous service.

Objective : Motivated Plumbers Helper seeking entry-level sales position. Friendly, outgoing and energetic team player with hard-working and driven nature. To obtain a position that promotes growth and enrichment in the area of providing services and leadership skills in a structured environment; and to further create and develop strategic, working plans to ensure smooth, accurate, and effective methods of completing an operation.

Skills : Detail-oriented, Warehouse And Manufacturing, Operations, Conscientious, Safety-conscious, Service-oriented, Problem Solving

Plumbers Helper Resume Sample

  • Reading blueprints and specification to determine the scope of work: location, quantities, and sizes of materials required.
  • Layouting, positioning, aligning, and fitting together fabricated parts of structural metal products.
  • Setting up face block, jigs, and fixtures. Locating and marking centerlines and reference points onto floor or face block and transpose them to the workpiece, using tape, chains, plumb bob, and squares
  • Positioning or tighten braces, jacks, clamps, ropes, or bolt straps or bolt parts in positions for welding or riveting.
  • Selecting type and sizing of pipe and related materials and equipment, such as supports, hangers, and hydraulic cylinders, according to job specifications.
  • Inspecting work site to determine the presence of obstructions.
  • Planning sequence on installation to avoid obstructions and activities of other workers.
  • Cutting pipe using a hacksaw, pipe cutter, hammer and chisel, cutting torch and pipe cutting machine.

Welder Helper Resume

Summary : Welder Helper is willing to do what it takes to be employed, who is motivated, dedicated and ready to be an asset to you and your company. Would love to start as a stock worker and grow within the company. Thrives in a fast-paced environment and works to complete projects quickly and efficiently. Construction Laborer, familiar with resource allocation and production methods.

Skills : Forklift Operator, Materials, Computer, Lawn Maintenance, Masonry Work, General Labor, Customer Service

Welder Helper Resume Example

  • Taking down roofs and garages, handling material safely to garbage disposals.
  • Moving out old furniture left behind from past tenants, in-home and apartments.
  • Performing landscaping duties such as mowing, edging and putting down sod for yards and flower beds.
  • Operating heavy equipment, including forklifts, stair climbers and pallet jacks.
  • Using forklifts and slings to rig pipe and move it to the work tent and placed on jacks.
  • Using industry tools such as power drills, power grinders, power saws, pressure cleaners, and vacuum cleaners.
  • Providing assistance to craft workers, such as electricians, carpenters, or plumbers.
  • Repairing or replacing wiring, equipment, or fixtures, using hand tools or power tools.
  • Shaping or cutting materials to specified measurements, using hand tools, machines, or power saws.

Senior Helper Resume

Objective : Knowledgeable Senior Helper, skilled in reading and interpreting blueprints, diagrams, and drawings. Very well coordinated with hands and moving at a fast rate of speed in order to complete a task such as production. Responsible and hard working ware house production line assembler who can collaborate with a team and produce quality work on a tight deadline. machine operator experience with a positive attitude and a commitment to safety, quality, customer service, and lean manufacturing.

Skills : Water Damage Restoration, Ability To Drive/back Trailer., Forklift Operator, Warehousing

Senior Helper Resume Format

  • Executed job deliverables according to customer specifications and contract requirements. 
  • Managed cost control, margin expectations, productivity, change orders and equipment reporting.
  • Ensured all project work is compliant with installation standards and is being performed safely and correctly. 
  • Promoted and monitored the safety of team members. Prepared sites to ensure maximum optimization of construction work procedures.  
  • Cleaned debris, trash and hazardous materials from construction sites. 
  • Assisted in installing pipes and drains. Erected temporary structures. 
  • Placed traffic signs to warn traffic of construction in process. 
  • Cleaned and maintained construction equipment appropriately.  

Helper Coordinator Resume

Objective : Helper Coordinator with an objective is to obtain employment within my field of interest that will utilize my advanced skills, experience, and abilities while being open to acquiring new skills as my knowledge and experience increases. To work in an organization where my knowledge and skills will utilize to the fullest.

Skills : Lawn Maintenance, Masonry Work, General Labor, Customer Service, Warehouse Order Selecting

Helper Coordinator Resume Format

  • Planned sequence on installation to avoid obstructions and activities of other workers.
  • Cut pipe using a hacksaw, pipe cutter, hammer and chisel, cutting torch and pipe cutting machine.
  • Threaded pipe using threading machine. Bent pipe by hand or with pipe-bending tools and machine.
  • Mounted pipe hangers and brackets on walls and ceiling to hold the pipe.
  • Assembled and installed a variety of metal or nonmetal pipes and pipe fittings using threaded caulked soldering, brazen, fused, or cemented joints, and hand tools.
  • Secured pipes to structure with bracket, clamps, and hangers, using hand and power tools.
  • Installed and maintained refrigeration and air conditioning systems including compressors, pumps, meter, pneumatic and hydraulic controls, and piping.
  • Tested piping systems for leaks by increasing pressure in pipes and observing gauges attached to pipes for indication of leaks.
  • Welded pipe supports to structural steel members.

Helper/Apprentice Resume

Headline : Dependable and hard-working Helper/Apprentice with more than 6 plus years in the construction industry. Thrives in a fast-paced environment and works to complete projects quickly and efficiently. Construction Laborer, familiar with resource allocation and production methods. A hardworking employee who is dependable and reliable. Motivated to get along well with others and exceed expectations. Proactive in creating a safe and productive environment.

Skills : Learn And Follow Safety Regulations, Tow Motor Driver, Pipeline, Customer Service

Helper/Apprentice Resume Format

  • Installed and laid out conduit systems, various lighting systems, and basic control systems and feeders.
  • Installed motor feeders and make standard motor connections.
  • Performed material handling duties on the job site. Analyzed blueprints effectively for job site knowledge.
  • Analyzed upcoming tasks and anticipate equipment, procedures and training needs.
  • Demonstrated the ability to complete an overall job layout for projects of limited scope and size.
  • Traveled to job sites to assist in installations, troubleshooting, and maintenance of electrical systems.
  • Enforced a safe job site and maintain compliance with company safety, OSHA and customer-specific safety standards.
  • Demonstrated excellent customer relations through the utilization of effective problem-solving techniques.
  • Cleaned and maintained tools, test equipment, and job sites.

Work Coordinator Helper Resume

Objective : Physically fit Work Coordinator Helper effective at completing difficult projects and tasks on schedule. Consistently follows through with all orders and instructions. Works well in a team setting. A hardworking construction worker who is dependable and reliable. Motivated to get along with others and exceed expectations.

Skills : Forklift Operator, Brazing, Flaring & Swaging, Active Listening, Exceptional Communicator, Multi-Tasking

Work Coordinator Helper Resume Sample

  • Planned, layout, installed and repaired wiring, conduit, electrical fixtures, apparatus, and control equipment.
  • Read blueprints and specification to determine the scope of work, location, quantities, and sizes of materials required.
  • Identified all tools required for tasks and identified safety risks and the precautions required to eliminate those risks.
  • Used basic tools and care of the tools. Used of hand electric power tools and pneumatic tools and care for these tools.
  • Assisted mechanics in assembly and work performance; demolition, cleaning, removing debris, housekeeping.
  • Responsib;e for building and ground maintenance, handling trash, and assisting in maintenance and construction.
  • Assisted senior employees with layout, install, assembly, installation, and repair of wiring, conduit, electrical fixtures, apparatus, and control equipment.
  • Accurately used tape measures and rulers in completion of work.
  • Assisted with pulling wire through conduit.
  • Accurately applied basic mathematical skill, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and conversion of fractions and decimals.

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General Helper Resume Sample

The resume builder.

Create a Resume in Minutes with Professional Resume Templates

Work Experience

  • Responsible for removing finished goods from packaging machines, labeling them with correct labels, wrapping them with stretch wrap, and then moving them to staging area
  • Responsible for returning all unused raw materials to the staging areas and responsible for marking materials with return sheets
  • Responsible for keeping work area clean at all times
  • Empty trash into containers and transport to compactor as necessary
  • Sweep floor and clean up spills as needed or directed by lead
  • Perform general cleaning throughout work areas
  • Ensure that all recycled materials are put into the proper recycling containers
  • Safely lift and carry 25-50 lbs on a regular basis
  • Attend and participate in a variety of meetings and task force group to integrate activities, communicate issues, obtain approvals, resolve problems and maintain specific level of knowledge pertaining to new development, requirements and policies
  • Basic knowledge of PC’s
  • Transport packaging material and/or food ingredients from/to areas where it is needed utilizing a pallet jack, forklift, or other transport equipment. Responsible for ensuring that equipment is suitable for use and in safe operating condition
  • Responsible for following all factory policies and procedures
  • Responsible for supplying all needed raw materials & supplies to the packaging lines. For example but not limited to: product, boxes, film, labels, paper towels, tape, slip sheets etc. Additionally, responsible for monitoring scheduled and ensuring that materials are available when needed
  • Responsible for labeling all 200 pack or less cases with the correct labels and supplying them to the machines
  • Responsible for ensuring that all raw materials are correct according the shop orders and that all tracking numbers are recorded or made available for operators

Professional Skills

  • Three months of work experience, preferably manufacturing experience
  • Steel toed boots, tape measure reading skills
  • Recent manufacturing and/or recent semi-skilled trades experience
  • Learning to safely operate machinery
  • Experience with hand tools for banding and packaging material
  • Operates lift truck or uses handtruck, and various material handling equipment to move, convey, or hoist materials thru production processes
  • Experience in the operation of a standup lift, forklift, overhead crane & packaging equipment is helpful

How to write General Helper Resume

General Helper role is responsible for tape, reading, printing, training, security, shipping, manufacturing, assembly, events, basic. To write great resume for general helper job, your resume must include:

  • Your contact information
  • Work experience
  • Skill listing

Contact Information For General Helper Resume

The section contact information is important in your general helper resume. The recruiter has to be able to contact you ASAP if they like to offer you the job. This is why you need to provide your:

  • First and last name
  • Telephone number

Work Experience in Your General Helper Resume

The section work experience is an essential part of your general helper resume. It’s the one thing the recruiter really cares about and pays the most attention to. This section, however, is not just a list of your previous general helper responsibilities. It's meant to present you as a wholesome candidate by showcasing your relevant accomplishments and should be tailored specifically to the particular general helper position you're applying to. The work experience section should be the detailed summary of your latest 3 or 4 positions.

Representative General Helper resume experience can include:

  • Maintain compliance with HACCP and Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Experience in the operation of overhead cranes, forklift trucks and metal working equipment is helpful
  • Have two years of manufacturing experience, preferably in a team environment
  • Operates the machine pre-feeder and press as needed during breaks to insure continuous run
  • Good communication with team, supervisor, shipping office
  • Operate hand tools and handling equipment when instructed

Education on a General Helper Resume

Make sure to make education a priority on your general helper resume. If you’ve been working for a few years and have a few solid positions to show, put your education after your general helper experience. For example, if you have a Ph.D in Neuroscience and a Master's in the same sphere, just list your Ph.D. Besides the doctorate, Master’s degrees go next, followed by Bachelor’s and finally, Associate’s degree.

Additional details to include:

  • School you graduated from
  • Major/ minor
  • Year of graduation
  • Location of school

These are the four additional pieces of information you should mention when listing your education on your resume.

Professional Skills in General Helper Resume

When listing skills on your general helper resume, remember always to be honest about your level of ability. Include the Skills section after experience.

Present the most important skills in your resume, there's a list of typical general helper skills:

  • Assist with quality control, making sure that all finished good material is accounted for and in good condition
  • Effectively present information in one-on-one
  • Being a part of a transformation of the bourbon industry into an efficient and effective operation
  • Experience in a heavy equipment/machinery related position and/or vocational training
  • Previous experience in manufacturing and/or shop floor environement
  • Previous tooling experience an asset

List of Typical Experience For a General Helper Resume

Experience for manufacturing general helper resume.

  • Prepare surfaces of parts and assemblies prior to painting. Includes cleaning, sanding and masking
  • Previous fork lift experience is helpful but not required
  • Operate profile shears to cut sheets down to appropriate length
  • Operate a forklift truck on occasion
  • Operate hand tools

Experience For General Helper Trim Shop Resume

  • Good Attendance, the ability to be on time and at work when scheduled
  • Event Assistance Experience
  • Responsible for keeping the machine fed with stock, printing dies, cutting dies, and ink as needed
  • Prepare and paint tooling and production equipment including hand finishing
  • Ensure the contents of bins are as designated (i.e. wood in wood bin, etc.) and ensure that overloading does not occur by emptying them regularly
  • Responsible for extensive manual material handling to include hand stacking of steel zee, cees, channel, angle and eave struts in lengths up to 50 feet
  • Responsible for hanging parts on a chain conveyor

Experience For General Helper Resume

  • Responsible for dipping parts in a paint tank
  • The use of Banding equipment, tape measure and hand tools are required
  • Assists with meeting & event set up and coordination
  • Assist with housekeeping and clean up operations
  • Know if equipment is operating properly
  • Set up tables and chairs for meeting and special events as needed
  • Perform preventive and operating maintenance
  • Manually load furnace according to process documentation
  • Assist in the maintenance of a business culture which supports the company’s overall business objectives and goals
  • Maintain Safe environment for ALL employees
  • Be able to be on their feet in a fast pace environment for 8 to 10 hours a day
  • Be able to lift 65 – 75 lbs
  • Maintain shop productivity level and quality expectations
  • Verbal and Written communication to supervision and co-workers such as picklists, forms, reports, workload requirements
  • Use computer to print labels and report productivity
  • Picks up waste and/or spills throughout plant in departments to which assigned
  • Maintain clean and orderly conditions in the department and equipment
  • Comply with Corporate and Plant EHS and Safety Guidelines
  • Notifies department leadership of any machine/equipment problems for correction and repair
  • Safety inspection/s: emergency showers & eyewash
  • Safety inspection/s: monthly spill kits
  • Clean offices, restrooms and main hallways when assigned by management
  • Wash windows where needed (inside and out)
  • Empty trash containers; wash down walls, etc. as instructed by management
  • Keep inventory of supplies related to job
  • Adhere to daily sanitation schedules
  • Warehouse General Helper Job Responsibilities
  • Use and operate some tools and machines such as hammer, nails, pry bars, rickers, lowerators, escalators, used barrel robotic loader, battery powered drill, etc
  • Unload new barrel trailers
  • Keep accurate “entry” log
  • Accurately read and follow the “dump” plan
  • Be able to physically perform all aspects of the position. This includes, but is not limited to
  • Responsible to Empty trash and garbage containers
  • Spot clean carpets, dust, clean windows, sweep and mop break rooms, etc
  • Clean and disinfect water fountains, toilets, sinks, restrooms, and first air areas
  • On occasion pick up parts at vendors
  • Assembly of boxes & fabrication of wooden saddles
  • Follows job safety and environmental requirements and communicates concerns to immediate supervisor
  • Follows all Food Safety, 5S and ISO guidelines, policies and procedures
  • Be able to work all shifts and overtime as needed
  • Be able to physically lift 40 pounds on a frequent basis, and 60 pounds occasionally
  • Separate and/or break down scrap materials / waste products and place in appropriate hoppers (i.e. cardboard, skids, blanks, steel shavings, other non-recycle, etc.)
  • Understand work order packaging specifications
  • Pass pre-screening
  • Performs basic housekeeping tasks in support of machine operations; keeps work are clean and free from clutter and debris
  • A comprehension level is required to apply common sense understanding to carry out instructions furnished in written or oral form and to deal with problems
  • Flexible with working overtime and weekends when needed
  • Uses the sewing machine to sew on the leader cloth at the start of rolls loom take-ups
  • Remove the last roll of fabric, during the shift when the warp runs out
  • When cloth roll is put into the carousel, takes the empty cloth rolls back to the storage rack for weaving
  • Help with checking fixture set-up
  • Spray powder for scanning panels on a daily basis
  • Assist Operator with a thorough cleaning of work areas/fixtures, etc

List of Typical Skills For a General Helper Resume

Skills for manufacturing general helper resume.

  • Related work experience
  • Punctual and good attendance
  • Previous Drill Press experience an asset
  • Crane/Forklift experiences an asset
  • Operates sub-basement clean-up pump and screw system
  • Operates forklift truck as necessary. Inspects and maintains the equipment, checks the oil and water, belts, etc
  • Operate machinery within safety guidelines and quality guidelines
  • Adheres to and promotes quality, environmental, health and safety as one of the organization’s business priorities
  • Demonstrated ability to add and subtract all units of measure, read and copy figures and count and record figures

Skills For General Helper Trim Shop Resume

  • Good work history (verifiable)
  • Crane/Forklift experience an asset, but not required
  • Washing/cleaning of dies, floors, presses, work benches or other tooling equipment as required
  • Assisting crew members and working in a team environment
  • Keeping the facility clean by removing dust and debris from work areas
  • Standing and walking 8-12 hrs every day

Skills For General Helper Resume

  • Varying and extreme working conditions outside (Hot, Cold, Rain, Shine)
  • Operating forklift and material handling equipment to retrieve materials
  • Loading and unloading of decoilers
  • Helping to achieve the productivity standards set for each day
  • Understanding of SPC and quality systems
  • Willing and able to change shifts when given short notice, (e.g. one day’s notice)
  • Working as needed in different departments of the shop facility
  • Reading customer orders and production schedules to determine correct product to be manufactured
  • Operating portable saws to cut wood and/or metal to size
  • Operating nail guns to crate material
  • Assisting in other areas of the trim dept. as needed
  • Rotating shift work
  • Bundling of skylights
  • Forming of ridge caps
  • Helping as needed/requested
  • Training to be a Loader I
  • Pulling parts from a pick lists
  • Perform sweeping, mopping and waxing floors; dusting and polishing woodwork, fixtures and equipment; washing windows, walls and lavatory within the facilities
  • Cleans building floors by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing and/or vacuuming
  • Monitors building security and safety by performing tasks as locking doors after operating hours and checking electrical appliances for hazards
  • Perform tallying, stamping, sorting and re-oiling as required
  • Responsible for operating metal working equipment, material handling and loading trucks
  • Notifies management concerning need for major repairs or additions to lighting, heating or ventilating equipment
  • Responsible for packaging sheeting and trimming sheet metal materials
  • Responsible for keeping the manufacturing facility, multi-function building, offices, and grounds clean and orderly
  • Manual material handling, pushing & pulling trim tables
  • Monitor building safety by performing such tasks as checking electrical appliance use to ensure that hazards are not created
  • Repetative material handling. Some in awkward body positioning
  • Verbal communication with customers while loading and unloading material
  • Responsible for Hemming, moving of finished materials to trucks with overhead crane and forklift
  • Facility improvements- painting, cleaning
  • Responsible for supplying glass to the bottling lines by way of conveyors or by hand truck
  • Cleans snow and debris from sidewalks, shipping yards, and parking lots
  • Place checking fixture for the next job in the scanning area for each job
  • Ensure the contents of bins are as designated (i.e. wood in wood bin, etc) and ensure that overloading does not occur by emptying them regularly
  • Maintain cleanliness of press areas including oil clean up, sweeping up steel or other misc. debris
  • Responsible for moving and placement of sheet bundles using overhead cranes
  • Utilize office equipment such as photocopier, printers etc. and computers for word processing, spreadsheet creation and data entry
  • Cleans windows, glass partitions and mirrors using water or other cleaners
  • Uses hand tools, utility knives, staple guns, table saws, and punch presses in manufacturing processes
  • Uses computer to report daily production and print shipping labels
  • Work in other area’s when needed e.g. building maintenance, lift equipment and, grounds
  • Repetative lifting of 75+ lbs throughout shift
  • Work rotating shifts in a 24-hour operation
  • Motivated, hardworking, and team focused!
  • Focused on safety with a history of following safe work practices
  • Position requires frequent manual material handling
  • Manual material handling of 75 + lbs
  • Responsible for package sheeting and trim materials
  • Responsible to train and fill in on all positions within the department including temporary vacancies
  • The ability to read and interpret documents such as drawings/blueprints, operating and maintenance instructions and procedures manuals is required
  • Keep cap hopper on required bottling lines full. Make cap changes when necessary
  • Handle cases, empty and full, weighting approximately 50 pounds, and wood pallets with an approximate weight of 70 pounds each
  • This job consists of entry and removal of barrels from warehouse ricks which weigh between 450 lbs. and 520 lbs. using appropriate tools and machines
  • General or specific cleaning and sanitation
  • Perform general mathematic calculations including but not limited to addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, percentages, and division
  • Apply common sense understanding to perform work instructions
  • Employ courtesy and tact in dealing with people
  • Read different measuring devices (i.e. tape measure, protractor, micometer)
  • Be able to read English with understanding and write legibly
  • Be responsible for reviewing work orders for clip parts

List of Typical Responsibilities For a General Helper Resume

Responsibilities for manufacturing general helper resume.

  • Dump hoppers into designated recycle/waste bins and ensure that overloading does not occur
  • Responsible for positioning of sheetline buggies, both loaded and empty
  • Responsible for the use of banding tools to band sheet bundles of finished product
  • Transport dies using Forklift and die cart
  • Place finished stampings into bins and rack during production runs
  • Learn basics of Robotic tooling to set up components for automation

Responsibilities For General Helper Trim Shop Resume

  • Perform various custodial tasks of exterior seating and patio areas
  • Change air conditioner filters through the building
  • Remove trash from the building and property to rolloff or compactor
  • Empty trash cans Remove cardboard from building to recycle bailer
  • Understand production releases, package summary, and package identification procedures
  • Know how to recognize underlayment set up for different product scenarios
  • Know how to use all hand tools and measurement devices associated with texture preparation and quality control
  • Assist Toolmakers in production runs

Responsibilities For General Helper Resume

  • Overtime is required. Night shift starts at 6 p.m
  • Set up equipment necessary for production and keep lines supplied with all supplies which are necessary for the line's operation (gloves, tape, pot devins, ladders, carts, etc.)
  • Accurately completes all assigned paperwork
  • Keep all trash containers emptied
  • Keep line supplied with appropriate materials for production (closures, capsules, labels, glue, glass, etc.)
  • Responsible to the Operators for whichever function they are assigned to and functions as the machine supply liaison and setup assistant
  • Give breaks to Operator(s) and Assistant(s) on machines as needed
  • Responsible for certain aspects of quality assurance
  • Work completed as assigned by the Supervisor and /or Machine Operator
  • Work requires the ability to understand and follow directions
  • Follow all safety rules and procedures; watch out for crew member’s safety at all times; always follow lock out tag and try procedures, Keep work are clean and free from clutter and debris; always use personal protective equipment
  • Work experience in a similar environment
  • Able to work 50-60 hrs a week M-S as needed
  • Fills out piece tickets and makes barcode levels
  • Cuts on and off loom take-ups
  • Places the full cloth rolls in the carousel rack
  • Machine set-up/ break down
  • LMS bay cranes pre-start checks
  • Responsible to keep QA area in a state of cleanliness
  • Communicate necessary information to Lead hands & Supervisors and co-workers from shift to shift
  • Audits inventory supply of lunchroom and bathroom areas to ensure proper replenishment
  • Set up, arrange, and remove decorations, tables and chairs to prepare facilities for events such as banquets and special events
  • Follows instructions of journeyman’s maintenance technicians instructions
  • Provide support to production floor personnel where needed
  • Move materials and supplies for department personnel
  • Perform light mechanical assembly
  • Perform daily clean-up of area
  • Read & use Factory Order Print Card, Kiwi
  • Line ups to determine proper equipment settings
  • Work from written and verbal instructions to lay out, assemble and install prefabricated sheet,tubular, machined, mechanical, and formed parts to build up sub assemblies and assemblies.
  • Hand finish machined and other parts and assemblies to close tolerances, involving varied contours, holes, radii, angles and flanges
  • Identify materials, parts and assemblies as required
  • Stand and / or walk the entire duration of the assigned shift
  • Comprehend and follow instructions, given by supervisor and / or manager
  • Work from written and verbal instructions to lay out, assemble and install prefabricated sheet,tubular, machined, mechanical, and formed parts to build up subassemblies and assemblies.
  • Prepare surfaces of parts and assemblies. Includes cleaning, sanding and masking
  • Clean areas and spills as needed
  • Move office equipment as needed
  • High Diploma/GED required
  • Production Line Operator
  • Recognize part numbers to each component
  • Separate and/or break down scrap materials / waste products and place in appropriate hoppers (i.e. cardboard, skids, blanks, steel shavings, other non-recycle, etc)
  • Ensure product flow
  • Use a hand dolly
  • Use a barrel dolly
  • Willingness to work flexible hours. Overtime and weekends as needed

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What Does a General Helper Do?

  • Career Path
  • Job Description
  • How To Hire
  • Best States
  • Best Cities
  • Job Outlook

General helpers are skilled workers who help other workers by performing tasks that need less skill, such as holding materials or tools and cleaning work areas and equipment. These helpers are required to provide general labor support to all departments while performing a variety of job assignments. They must ensure that everyone in an organization is following safety rules and inspect areas for safety hazards. General helpers must also perform constant quality checks on the organization's establishments using its quality guidelines and operating procedures.

General helper responsibilities

Here are examples of responsibilities from real general helper resumes:

  • Operate grinders, saws, CNC machines, punch press, straighten metal parts, and package products for immediate shipment.
  • Require bundling of steel tubing.
  • Calculate requirements, using basic math.
  • Assist with reading and mathematics lessons as a small group leader.
  • Be sure to have proper PPE and equipment need in case of emergency.
  • Used hand tools such as rakes, hedge and brush trimmers and brooms.
  • Operate hydraulic jack lift or truck to move articles before or after bundling.
  • Attend multiple safety training sessions, utilize PPE and maintain a safe work record.
  • Dry walling, painter, measuring, cutting, demolishing, framing, tiling.
  • Complete JSA before every work shift and evaluate the potential hazards of the work area.
  • Trench placed shoring, and lower tools and materials to workers in excavations and vaults.
  • Lift raw materials, finish products, and pack items, manually and using hoists.
  • Maintain organization and cleanliness of facilities.
  • Maintain cleanliness of the facility according to company procedures.
  • Control demolition, removal of contaminate building materials, and post-remediation cleaning.


General helper skills and personality traits

We calculated that 11 % of General Helpers are proficient in Tape Measure , Pallets , and Hand Tools . They’re also known for soft skills such as Color vision , Math skills , and Mechanical skills .

We break down the percentage of General Helpers that have these skills listed on their resume here:

Read and use a tape measure.

Store material, fix pallets of material if unsafe or stacked incorrectly, consolidate and down stack material.

Use of common hand tools may be required, such as hammers, hatchet, saws, screwdrivers etc.

Helped machine operators in the production of corrugated fiberboard.

Calculated requirements, using basic math.

Transferred to Dress for Success, 08-25-14, sorting clothing, data entry, and filing.

Most general helpers use their skills in "tape measure," "pallets," and "hand tools" to do their jobs. You can find more detail on essential general helper responsibilities here:

  • Color vision. To carry out their duties, the most important skill for a general helper to have is color vision. Their role and responsibilities require that "construction laborers and helpers may need to be able to distinguish colors to do their job." General helpers often use color vision in their day-to-day job, as shown by this real resume: "worked closely with manufacturing supervision to assure that problems are identified and addressed during the production process of baked goods. "
  • Math skills. Many general helper duties rely on math skills. "construction laborers and some helpers need to perform basic math calculations while measuring on jobsites or assisting a surveying crew.," so a general helper will need this skill often in their role. This resume example is just one of many ways general helper responsibilities rely on math skills: "provided constant physical support for superiors cleaned aftermath of various manual labor jobs"
  • Mechanical skills. This is an important skill for general helpers to perform their duties. For an example of how general helper responsibilities depend on this skill, consider that "construction laborers are frequently required to operate and maintain equipment, such as jackhammers." This excerpt from a resume also shows how vital it is to everyday roles and responsibilities of a general helper: "worked in maintenance shop as general helper changing oil, greasing machines, and performing minor mechanical repairs. "
  • Physical stamina. A big part of what general helpers do relies on "physical stamina." You can see how essential it is to general helper responsibilities because "construction laborers and helpers must have the endurance to perform strenuous tasks throughout the day." Here's an example of how this skill is used from a resume that represents typical general helper tasks: "used teamwork and stamina while working towards the commons goal of making quality products for a large scale corporate. "
  • Physical strength. Another crucial skill for a general helper to carry out their responsibilities is "physical strength." A big part of what general helpers relies on this skill, since "construction laborers and helpers must often lift heavy materials or equipment." How this skill relates to general helper duties can be seen in an example from a general helper resume snippet: "performed tasks involving physical labor at government construction site. "

Most common general helper skills

The three companies that hire the most general helpers are:

  • Sheridan 50 general helpers jobs
  • Albuquerque Academy 36 general helpers jobs
  • International Paper 29 general helpers jobs

Choose from 10+ customizable general helper resume templates

General Helper Resume

Don't have a professional resume?

Compare different general helpers

General helper vs. drop crew labour.

Construction apprentices are individuals who are trained by experienced professionals for entry-level tasks involving the trade of construction work on the job. Their complimentary training experience helps them to become skilled in a specific trade by combining hands-on work and classroom learning, as they apply the lessons learned through working. Since apprenticeship is considered full-time employment with an average length of 3-4 years, these individuals are being paid just like other employees and may soon have a permanent job.

The annual salary of drop crew labours is $3,801 lower than the average salary of general helpers.

While the two careers have a salary gap, they share some of the same responsibilities. Employees in both general helper and drop crew labour positions are skilled in tape measure, ppe, and manual labor.

These skill sets are where the common ground ends though. The responsibilities of a general helper are more likely to require skills like "pallets," "hand tools," "machine operators," and "math." On the other hand, a job as a drop crew labour requires skills like "asphalt," "safety glasses," "traffic control," and "construction equipment." As you can see, what employees do in each career varies considerably.

Drop crew labours earn the highest salaries when working in the construction industry, with an average yearly salary of $34,574. On the other hand, general helpers are paid more in the media industry with an average salary of $39,286.

Drop crew labours tend to reach similar levels of education than general helpers. In fact, drop crew labours are 0.4% more likely to graduate with a Master's Degree and 0.2% more likely to have a Doctoral Degree.

General helper vs. Construction apprentice

Construction Specialists are administrative employees who manage documentary requirements in a construction site. They provide administrative support to the site by taking care of supplies, managing employees, and coordinating with project managers. They also provide technical support by preparing the needed documents and ensuring that all forms that they need to submit related to construction are accomplished. Construction Specialists may be assigned to handle the site's budget, review purchase requisitions, and oversee the progress. They may also be assigned to handle employee concerns and other challenges that may arise in construction activities.

Construction apprentice positions earn higher pay than general helper roles. They earn a $12,190 higher salary than general helpers per year.

A few skills overlap for general helpers and construction apprentices. Resumes from both professions show that the duties of each career rely on skills like "tape measure," "hand tools," and "roofing. "

In addition to the difference in salary, there are some other key differences worth noting. For example, general helper responsibilities are more likely to require skills like "pallets," "machine operators," "math," and "data entry." Meanwhile, a construction apprentice has duties that require skills in areas such as "demolition," "ladders," "plumbing," and "scaffolding." These differences highlight just how different the day-to-day in each role looks.

Average education levels between the two professions vary. Construction apprentices tend to reach similar levels of education than general helpers. In fact, they're 0.2% more likely to graduate with a Master's Degree and 0.2% less likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

General helper vs. Construction specialist

A construction assistant performs various clerical and operational support tasks to assist construction managers and maintain smooth workflow operations. Their responsibilities usually include monitoring budgets and costs, handling calls and correspondence, purchasing construction materials according to project requirements, liaising with suppliers and construction contractors, and participating in managing the schedules and activities of the workers. A construction assistant may also perform inspections to identify problem areas and ensure that all procedures adhere to the safety codes and standards.

On average scale, construction specialists bring in higher salaries than general helpers. In fact, they earn a $22,609 higher salary per year.

By looking over several general helpers and construction specialists resumes, we found that both roles require similar skills in their day-to-day duties, such as "hand tools," "customer satisfaction," and "safety rules." But beyond that, the careers look very different.

Some important key differences between the two careers include a few of the skills necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of each. Some examples from general helper resumes include skills like "tape measure," "pallets," "machine operators," and "math," whereas a construction specialist is more likely to list skills in "customer service," "construction management," "project management," and "oversight. "

When it comes to education, construction specialists tend to earn similar degree levels compared to general helpers. In fact, they're 3.5% more likely to earn a Master's Degree, and 0.1% more likely to graduate with a Doctoral Degree.

General helper vs. Construction assistant

Construction assistants average a higher salary than the annual salary of general helpers. The difference is about $3,279 per year.

While both general helpers and construction assistants complete day-to-day tasks using similar skills like safety procedures, manual labor, and hoists, the two careers vary in some skills.

While some skills are required in each professionacirc;euro;trade;s responsibilities, there are some differences to note. "tape measure," "pallets," "hand tools," and "machine operators" are skills that commonly show up on general helper resumes. On the other hand, construction assistants use skills like construction projects, general contractors, drywall installation, and equipment operators on their resumes.

In general, construction assistants earn the most working in the construction industry, with an average salary of $59,937. The highest-paying industry for a general helper is the media industry.

Construction assistants reach similar levels of education compared to general helpers, in general. The difference is that they're 1.3% more likely to earn a Master's Degree, and 0.3% more likely to graduate with a Doctoral Degree.

Types of general helper

How to become an operator, production worker, how to become a production worker, how to become a helper.

  • Construction Worker

How To Become a Construction Worker

  • Construction Labour

How To Become a Construction Labour

How to become a stacker, what similar roles do.

  • What a Construction Assistant Does
  • What a Construction Helper Does
  • What a Construction Labour Does
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  • What a Construction Worker Does
  • What a Drop Crew Labour Does
  • What a Form Setter Does
  • What a General Machine Operator Does
  • What a Generator Worker Does
  • What a Helper Does
  • What a Helper/Apprentice Does
  • What an Operator Does
  • What a Production Worker Does
  • What a Seasonal Helper Does
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General Helper Related Jobs

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  • Zippia Careers
  • Construction and Extraction Industry
  • General Helper
  • What Does A General Helper Do
  • ResumeBuild
  • General Helper

5 Amazing general helper Resume Examples (Updated 2023) + Skills & Job Descriptions

Build your resume in 15 minutes, general helper: resume samples & writing guide, nathan adams, employment history.

  • Organize and store materials
  • Perform general administrative duties
  • Provide customer service
  • Assist with data entry
  • Follow safety protocols
  • Assist with inventory management
  • Perform basic maintenance and repairs

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Vincent Baker

Professional summary.

  • Follow instructions from supervisors
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues
  • Clean and maintain work areas
  • Load and unload materials
  • Assist with general tasks as needed
  • Prepare and package materials
  • Move and handle equipment and supplies
  • Operate machinery and equipment

Nate Hawkins

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resume helper job duties

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • Resume Samples & Writing Guide
  • Resume Example 1
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  • Jobs Description
  • Jobs Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • How to Improve Your Resume
  • How to Optimize Your Resume
  • Cover Letter Example

general helper Job Descriptions; Explained

If you're applying for an general helper position, it's important to tailor your resume to the specific job requirements in order to differentiate yourself from other candidates. Including accurate and relevant information that directly aligns with the job description can greatly increase your chances of securing an interview with potential employers. When crafting your resume, be sure to use action verbs and a clear, concise format to highlight your relevant skills and experience. Remember, the job description is your first opportunity to make an impression on recruiters, so pay close attention to the details and make sure you're presenting yourself in the best possible light.

general helper / assistant manager

  • Operating the till system and balancing daily
  • Answering telephone calls, make bookings and taking messages 
  • Assisting with ordering supplies
  • Making sure delivery orders have been correctly delivered and charged for
  • Serving customers in a pleasant and courteous manner
  • Assisting with preparation of food and beverages
  • Assisting the Chest and Barista

general helper

  • Cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces.
  • Client interaction, directing them around a large facility.
  • Maintaining inventory, helping with unloading groceries.
  • Ensuring all health and safety regulations quality standards are maintained.
  • Restocking beverages, sandwiches, desserts, condiments.
  • Cleaning and kitchen and dinning room areas.
  • Pots dishes, glasses, etc.
  • Accept delivered packages and ensure proper amount is inside.
  • Stock shelves with unpacked items.
  • Capturing invoices on Quick books
  • Organisation outside and inside of the cafe
  • Cleanliness
  • Preparing home made sauces
  • Hands-on training of staff members
  • Deep cleaning as required.
  • Operated a variety of hand tool.
  • Load, transport and unload materials.
  • Maintained working area and equipment in clean, safe and operable conditions.
  • Informed supervisor of repairs that were needed in the facility.
  • Performed small mechanical repairs/duties.
  • Performed manual labor tasks and other duties as assigned by the Facilities and Maintenance Manager.

general helper / assistant manager Job Skills

For an general helper / assistant manager position, your job skills are a key factor in demonstrating your value to the company and showing recruiters that you're the ight fit for the role. It's important to be specific when highlighting your skills and ensure that they are directly aligned with the job requirements, as this can greatly improve your chances of being hired. By showcasing your relevant skills and experience, you can make a compelling case for why you're the best candidate for the job.

How to include technical skills in your resume:

Technical skills are a set of specialized abilities and knowledge required to perform a particular job effectively. Some examples of technical skills are data analysis, project management, software proficiency, and programming languages, to name a few. Add the technical skills that will get hired in your career field with our simple-to-use resume builder. Select your desired resume template, once you reach the skills section of the builder, manually write in the skill or simply click on "Add more skills". This will automatically generate the best skills for your career field, choose your skill level, and hit "Save & Next."

  • Data Analysis
  • Computer Literacy
  • Technical Writing
  • Spreadsheet Creation
  • Database Management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Quality Assurance
  • Programming
  • System Administration
  • Customer Service
  • Inventory Management
  • Software Installation
  • Operating Systems
  • Graphic Design
  • Word Processing

How to include soft skills in your resume:

Soft skills are non-technical skills that relate to how you work and that can be used in any job. Including soft skills such as time management, creative thinking, teamwork, and conflict resolution demonstrate your problem-solving abilities and show that you navigate challenges and changes in the workplace efficiently. Add competitive soft skills to make your resume stand-out to recruiters! Simply select your preferred resume template in the skills section, enter the skills manually or use the "Add more skills" option. Our resume builder will generate the most relevant soft skills for your career path. Choose your proficiency level for each skill, and then click "Save & Next" to proceed to the next section.

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal
  • Time Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Critical Thinking
  • Adaptability
  • Organization
  • Public Speaking
  • Negotiation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Attention to Detail
  • Self-Motivation
  • Stress Management
  • Collaboration
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Project Management
  • Presentation
  • Written Communication
  • Social Media
  • Supervisory
  • Risk Management
  • Documentation
  • Financial Management
  • Visualization
  • Business Acumen
  • Process Improvement
  • Relationship Management.

How to Improve Your general helper / assistant manager Resume

Navigating resume pitfalls can mean the difference between landing an interview or not. Missing job descriptions or unexplained work history gaps can cause recruiters to hesitate. Let's not even talk about the impact of bad grammar, and forgetting your contact info could leave your potential employer hanging. Aim to be comprehensive, concise, and accurate.

Include your Contact Information and Job Descriptions

Missing job descriptions lessens your chances of getting hired..

  • Employers want to know what you've accomplished, so make sure to include descriptions for all of your previous jobs.
  • Keep job descriptions short but don't just list your jobs.
  • Never copy-paste a job description to post on your resume. Get inspired and use tools to help you write customized descriptions.

How to Optimize Your general helper / assistant manager Resume

Keep an eye out for these resume traps. Neglecting to detail your job roles or explain gaps in your career can lead to unnecessary doubts. Grammar blunders can reflect negatively on you, and without contact information, how can employers reach you? Be meticulous and complete.

Yolie Edwards

  • Move and handle equipement and suppliees
  • Organisee and storee materialls
  • Loadd and unloade materialls
  • Assist with inventory managment
  • Perform generall administrative duties
  • Perform basic maintenence and repair's
  • Folllow safety protocols
  • Folllow instructions from supervisors
  • Troubleshoot and resolv issues

Correct Grammar and Address Gap Years in Your Resume

Don't leave unexplained gaps in your work history..

  • When explaining gaps in your employment section, start by being honest.
  • Elaborate on the gap and show that you never stopped learning.
  • Explain and elaborate any gap in your work history by highlighting new skills.

general helper / assistant manager Cover Letter Example

A cover letter can be a valuable addition to your job application when applying for an general helper / assistant manager position. Cover letters provide a concise summary of your qualifications, skills, and experience, also it also gives you an opportunity to explain why you're the best fit for the job. Crafting a cover letter that showcases your relevant experience and enthusiasm for the Accounts Payable role can significantly improve your chances of securing an interview.

Dear Hiring Committee

I am excited to apply for the Senior General Helper position at AT&T. As a highly skilled General Helper with 10 years of experience in the field, I am confident that I can contribute significantly to your organization.

Throughout my life, I have pursued my passion for Resource Allocation and sought out opportunities to learn and grow. My experience in the field has given me valuable skills such as Creativity and Supervisory that have allowed me to improve professionally and personally. I am excited to bring these skills and my passion as a General Helper to the position and work with a team of like-minded individuals to achieve our common goals.

Thank you for considering my application for the Senior General Helper position. I hope you will allow me to show you what I am capable of bringing to your organization and how we can work together to make an impact on the industry.

Showcase your most significant accomplishments and qualifications with this cover letter. Personalize this cover letter in just few minutes with our user-friendly tool!

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Helper Resume Samples

The guide to resume tailoring.

Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the helper job. It’s actually very simple. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired.

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Pick from the thousands of curated job responsibilities used by the leading companies, tailor your resume & cover letter with wording that best fits for each job you apply.

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Resume Builder

  • Read and interpret work instructions, then execute work per instructions
  • Perform general labor work as assigned by the engineer, including loading, unloading and moving materials and running errands for the project
  • May assist in lifting, positioning and securing of material and work pieces during installation
  • Assist pressman on make-ready
  • Assist in manual repair work of industrial machinery including parts cleaning and preparation as directed
  • Perform work in unusual and sometimes difficult positions such as climbing ladders, scaffolding and high lift equpipment up to 40 feet or more
  • Perform custodial duties, grounds, maintenance, and minor repair work
  • Assists in installation of ductwork
  • Performs minor tasks associated with the preparation of work sites and surfaces, obtaining supplies, equipment, and tools, as necessary
  • Assists in minor maintenance, installation, or replacement of all types of roofs, flashings, and associated metal accessories, and perform water proofing
  • Cleans and/or performs minor repairs to plumbing, paint, electrical, HVAC, mill work, flooring, and lighting
  • Assists in installation of duct-work
  • Assists in shop vehicle maintenance
  • Assists in fabrication of welding and sheet metal ducts
  • Works on straightforward tasks using established procedures; work is subject to review by others
  • Expedites materials and equipment to work locations and sets up work sites
  • Act as a watch when welding or metal cutting is performed by craft workers
  • Manages own time to meet deadlines set by others. Works with others as part of a team
  • Completes records, maintains tools and equipment, and performs various janitorial activities
  • Tend to pumps, compressors, and generators to provide power for tools, machinery, and equipment, or to heat and move materials such as asphalt
  • Willingness to travel and report to work upon short notice
  • Good follow through ability; ability to adhere to work schedule and follows through on challenges as they arise
  • Able to follow verbal and/or written instructions with acceptable, quality and productivity
  • Be able to work off scaffolding (if applicable to trade)
  • Able to work at heights (if applicable to trade)
  • Good mechanical skills, capable of operating heavy steel processing equipment
  • Able to report to work on time each day and have good attendance record
  • Proficient in reading drawings and working with standard measuring equipment
  • Good communications skills
  • Ability to operate a forklift
  • Dental, Vision, Life, Short & Long Term Disability Insurance

15 Helper resume templates

Helper Resume Sample

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How to tailor your resume, how to make a resume, how to mention achievements, work experience in resume, 50+ skills to put on a resume, how and why put hobbies, top 22 fonts for your resume, 50 best resume tips, 200+ action words to use, internship resume, killer resume summary, write a resume objective, what to put on a resume, how long should a resume be, the best resume format, how to list education, cv vs. resume: the difference, include contact information, resume format pdf vs word, how to write a student resume, retail stock room helper resume examples & samples.

  • Completes deliveries and inter store transfers quickly and accurately while adhering to stock procedures (PRP)
  • Accurately records and manages all inter store / warehouse inventory movement and does this in a timely manner
  • Supports teammates, actively helping the sales floor team when directed by management
  • Is thorough and detail oriented in maintaining a clean and organized stockroom
  • Collaborates productively and respectfully with team members to meet or exceed store goals
  • Communicates a desire for on-going learning and welcomes all available opportunities to increase performance
  • To measure progress on own KPIs

Santa s Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provide a welcoming experience for our customers by greeting and assisting customers as they wait to visit Santa
  • Set up and maintain Santa's Workshop during the day
  • Assist customers in placing picture orders
  • Assist Santa and the photographer as they take the perfect holiday picture
  • Interact with children and families in a warm, sincere and professional manner
  • Customer service and solution focused
  • Outgoing with strong verbal communication skills
  • Ability to maintain high level of professionalism and kindness in a fast-paced environment
  • Proactive, solution oriented problem solver
  • High level of ownership, accountability and initiative

Student Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Support the ICT LAN Engineers during daily business
  • Support the further development of a LAN Monitoring Tool
  • Studies Electrical Engineering/Telecommunication Engineering/Computer Science/Computer Engineering or equivalent
  • Very good practical programming skills (HTML, PHP)
  • Work under supervision of a systems developer, technology specialist or administrator
  • Develop software in a state-of-the-art environment
  • Document your solution and make presentations about it
  • Preferrably studying electrical engineering or computer science
  • Knowledge of Linux and Windows environments and office tools
  • Programming and scripting knowledge in e.g. Java, C++, Python and Pearl
  • Very good command of English (written and spoken)
  • Very positive driver of change with a strong innovation and solution oriented mindset
  • Very good communication skills and work well in a changing environment
  • Open-minded and flexible
  • Support installation of hardware including physical connections and power
  • Support in handling of incoming goods and surplus
  • Studies or Pre-Degree in Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent
  • Data Compilation & Analysis
  • Sanity Check of Trouble reports
  • Webpage Maintenance
  • Basic school, undergraduate degree

Teen Inside Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Operate indoor radio during daily operations
  • Help instructors with early morning registration/assessment
  • English - fluent - required
  • Ability to multi task - required
  • Previous experience working with parents and children in some capacity - required
  • Previous experience working in a guest service position - preferred
  • Spanish extremely helpful - preferred

Kidz Klub Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Supervising children aged 3-11
  • Cleaning up after the children every night
  • Play games and other activities with the children
  • Make sure children are checked in and out by parents
  • Instruct children as to the rules of the games
  • Nurture sharing, sportsmanship and other social skills
  • Supervise children in the pools
  • Supervise all physical activity
  • Child care or babysitting experience required
  • Strong attention to detail, organized, and able to think through payroll processes
  • Ability to multi-task as well as work quickly and accurately
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Physical demands include running, walking and lifting up to 50 lbs
  • Ability to withstand children laughing and shouting
  • Ability to focus in a warm, humid aquatic center environment
  • Able to comprehend rules of children’s activity games

Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assists journeyman and service mechanics in their daily responsibilities in servicing and repairing signage
  • Ability to stand/lift 50 lbs./climb essential to role
  • Familiarity with common hand tools and the ability to communicate clearly essential
  • Must be able to follow instructions
  • Must be flexible in work schedule which often requires nights and weekends

Maintenance Tech-helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assists in the repair and/or installation of various facility related items, systems and/or components as may be required (e.g. broken windows, roofs, building structures, floors, hand rails, stairs, lighting systems, HVAC units, electrical units/service (120/240/480), plumbing/sewer systems, metal fabrication, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring that items are available and in safe working condition
  • Performs facility & grounds related functions as may be required for the purpose of preserving facilities in a healthy, attractive and safe condition
  • Assists other grounds and maintenance personnel for the purpose of supporting them in the completion of their work activities
  • Performs assigned painting tasks as directed for the purpose of maintaining attractive facilities and minimizing damage
  • Installs system component parts, classroom and office equipment and facility components as may be required for the purpose of maintaining facilities in a safe, comfortable and operating condition
  • Cleans and performs minor repairs of gutters, drains and scuppers for the purpose of ensuring proper operation and adequate drainage
  • Requests equipment and supplies for the purpose of maintaining inventory and ensuring availability of required items
  • Responds to emergency situations for the purpose of resolving immediate safety concerns
  • Conducts self in an appropriate manner, working effectively in a diverse manufacturing work environment, using prudent judgment at all times, performing duties in a safe manner, and assuring professional quality of services to all external and internal customers
  • Strong mechanical aptitude with the ability and desire to learn High school diploma or general education degree (GED), with 2-3 years of related work experience
  • Must possess a reasoning ability to deal with problems involving a few known variables in routine situations
  • Possess the ability to interpret maintenance manuals, wiring diagrams and other documents and to safely operate all company equipment
  • Position requires sitting, standing, walking on level and slippery surfaces, reaching, twisting, turning, kneeling, bending, stooping, squatting, crouching, grasping and making repetitive hand movement in the performance of daily duties
  • The position also requires both near and far vision when inspecting work and operating assigned equipment. The need to lift, carry and push tools, equipment and supplies weighing 25 pounds or more is also required. Additionally, the position requires work to be performed in all weather conditions including wet, hot and cold. The individual may use cleaning and lubricating chemicals, which may expose the employee to fumes or airborne particles, and may be exposed to mechanical and electrical hazards. The nature of the work also requires the individual to climb ladders, use power and noise producing tools and equipment, drive motorized vehicles and heavy equipment, work in heavy vehicle traffic conditions and often work with constant interruptions. Ability to work overtime as necessary to meet service demands
  • Ability to work on a variety of tasks with frequent interruption. Ability to interact with staff and others in an open, friendly manner. Ability to follow complex instructions with minimal supervision. Ability to work independently. Ability to follow regulations pertaining to the safe operation of equipment

Temporary Production Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Expected to work accurately and efficiently
  • Work effectively within a production work team and collaborate with other teams
  • Miscellaneous tasks as necessary
  • Driving and safely operating a Fork Truck
  • Maintain neat and orderly conditions in area and help maintain and promote safe conditions
  • Operate processes according to procedures
  • Take appropriate action when unusual conditions occur
  • Possess a High School Diploma/GED or higher
  • Minimum of one (1) year of experience in a manufacturing plant environment
  • Previous experience with power industrial vehicles

Maintenance Trades Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • HS diploma or equivalent
  • Three (3) years of directly related experience
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a secret security clearance
  • Must possess valid State Driver's License
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds unaided
  • Must be a US Citizen. Proof required
  • Must possess or be able to obtain a U.S. Passport
  • Your continued employment is contingent upon your being approved for deployment by the United States Marine Corps, in accordance with their policies and regulations
  • Must be able to obtain a finding of "No Record Found" on the FBI Background Investigation

Sanding / Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist in product changeovers, belt changes, and blade changes on the sanding line
  • Clean the saw and packaging areas
  • Assist the Sander Operator and other personnel in repairing, maintaining, and/or operating the sanding line as directed by the Sanding Team Leader
  • Communicate any problems or ideas that you have to the Sanding Team Leader
  • Observes safe work practices in compliance with the safety policy
  • Perform other tasks as directed by the Sanding Team Leader

Sanding Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Identify material leaving the machinery and label it accordingly
  • Package the finished pallets of material for shipment or delivery to another work center
  • Read, understand, and follow packaging instructions for material being packaged
  • Assist other work centers with cleaning or packaging as directed by the Sanding Team Leader
  • Locate supplies needed to perform any of the above functions and notify the Sanding Team Leader of any shortages of materials

Senior Trades Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Performs and/or assists with all electrical work to include minor and major repairs, perform preventive maintenance in all academic and administrative buildings, and on external fixtures as required
  • Carries out special jobs or emergency calls as needed. Prices charge tickets
  • Performs other work related duties as assigned. The omission of specific duties does not preclude the supervisor from assigning duties that are logically related to the position

Service Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responsible for end to end testing, downloading programming, starting up, commissioning, and servicing on assigned projects
  • Represents the company by serving as the direct customer contact and is responsible for servicing products and equipment on assigned projects, ensuring customer satisfaction by identifying, analyzing, diagnosing and repairing equipment and systems at customer’s location
  • Coordinates with team leader and customer to precisely understand requirements for all on-site installation and repairs by extensively examining building layouts, forecasting issues, gathering materials and synchronizing on-site work
  • Uses cutting edge software and technology, along with a variety of hand-tools, following blueprints or engineering specifications, to diagnose and repair units
  • Continually enforces safety to the highest standards and maintains security and accountability of company issued and procured assets by recording use, wear and conditions
  • Displays team effort and dedication to customer by maintaining flexibility to work overtime and weeks as the business requires, including occasional overnight stays
  • A High School Diploma or equivalent and 2-5 years of experience in HVAC; or equivalent combination of education (Technical School) and experience is required
  • Operating knowledge of Microsoft office software and working proficiency with hand held computer (i.e. Smartphone, iPad)
  • EPA Certification Preferred (e.g. HVAC Journeyman, Boiler Operator, Gas Installer etc.)
  • This position requires working in diverse conditions including but not limited to mechanical equipment rooms with exposure to noisy operating equipment, exposure to extreme weather conditions, precarious places, and risk of electrical shock (high voltage)

Helper Insulating Resume Examples & Samples

  • Follow all unit insulation / maintenance practices
  • Work in manufacturing environment to include climbing stairs and catwalks as well as extreme heat/cold weather conditions
  • Work rotating shifts, to include weekends and holidays as operating conditions require
  • Observe all safety rules and regulations; wear all personal protective equipment
  • Read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals

Technician Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work with Senior Inspection Technicians to perform service and inspection activities
  • Responsible for meeting customer expectations while performing quality inspections
  • Assist Senior Fire Alarm Inspection Technicians in evaluating and diagnosing equipment that requires servicing
  • Minimum High School completion and/or Completion of a Fire Science or Electronics program at a Vocational College
  • Ability to transport equipment and tools weighing up to 40 lbs
  • Ability to work in confined spaces and adept at maneouvering ladders, scaffolding and high lift equipment up to 40 feet
  • Ability to demonstrate a high level of customer service
  • Proficient with MS Office as well as online systems
  • Ability to work in a deadline driven environment with multiple priorities
  • A valid motor vehicle license (Class 5) with annual abstracts to maintain eligibility
  • Candidates must successfully complete an employment background investigation

Installation Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Carry and move equipment and tools weighing up to forty pounds
  • Maintain a clean and safe work area
  • Pick up and properly dispose of all trash associated with SimplexGrinnell work
  • Properly secure all SimplexGrinnell tools and equipment at the end of each work period so as to prevent damage or loss
  • May be required to work alternative shifts or weekends to meet customer installation requirements
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain an Arkansas Alarm License
  • Pass a background and drug screen

Sprinkler Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Helping with installation of water based fire sprinkler systems, including start up through final testing
  • Follow verbal and written instruction, read and understand complex construction blueprints, diagrams and specifications used in installation activities
  • Perform work in unusual and sometimes difficult positions such as climbing ladders, scaffolding and high lift equipment up to 40 feet or more
  • Installation of water based fire sprinkler systems, layout and fabrication of piping
  • Follow verbal and written instructions, read and understand construction blueprints, diagrams, and specifications used in installation activities a plus
  • Carry/move equipment and tools weighing up to 40 pounds
  • Maintain a clean and safe work area. Pick up and properly dispose of all trash associated with work. Wear appropriate safety equipment as required including hats and shoes
  • Properly secure all tools and equipment at the end of each work period so as to prevent damage or loss
  • Complete and submit time reports and other doucments as required
  • Who we’re looking for

Operations Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Have successfully completed appropriate training for the job
  • Be capable of providing clear and concise verbal and written communications
  • Possess and practice good organizational skills
  • Have, or possess the ability to learn, a general knowledge of the Primester safety and regulatory requirements for the division, basic computer skills and become knowledgeable of a variety of software packages including corporate systems (i.e., Microsoft Office products, Intranet)
  • Demonstrate a commitment to safety
  • Be able to accept and provide constructive feedback
  • This is an entry level job assignment for a minimum of 1 Yr
  • Ability to work a 12 hour rotating shift

Unit Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provides supervision and assists residents to maintain personal hygiene by
  • Combing hair and painting nails when desired by resident
  • Helping the C.N.A. with the hydration cart
  • Labeling personal items
  • Assist the dining room staff with set up and clean up
  • Pass food trays in dining room
  • Perform activities with residents: ie: read to them, do puzzles, talk with them
  • Assist with answering call bells and notify C.N.A. of request
  • Fill portable oxygen tanks after proper training
  • Clean whirlpool room and whirlpool after use
  • Pick up clutter and help keep the unit clean and picked up
  • Encourage participation in group activities and recreational programs and transport residents to activities of their choice
  • Keep residents bed neat, clean and made up with fresh linens as required
  • Keep furniture and personal articles neat and orderly in order to prevent falls and other accidents
  • Practice good infection control by frequent hand washing and use of universal precautions
  • Adhere to dress code and maintain good standard of personal hygiene and grooming
  • Follow all facility personnel policies and procedures
  • Perform other essential duties as requested, as approved by CNA instructor
  • 2+ year technical degree, or equivalent industrial experience
  • Strong electrical and/or mechanical skills
  • High level of initiative and creativity
  • Self starter able to work with minimal direction

Industrial Electricial Technician Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Installing, bending, and threading electrical conduit, both EMT and rigid
  • Good working knowledge of fasteners and anchors needed to mount electrical equipment such as boxes, disconnects, start, control panels, etc
  • Pulling wires and terminating conductors in disconnects, panel boards, control panels, motor starters, etc
  • Working with both low voltage signal, control, and power circuits up to 480 volts. Both single and three phases
  • Fundamental understanding of the National Electrical code and how to locate applicable code articles to ensure the work is done in accordance with the current codes. Not an expert but willing to learn
  • Aptitude for reading and interrupting electrical schematics for troubleshooting and problem solving. Also for basic programming of temperature controllers ad VFDs
  • Working knowledge of other trades and skills such as; plumbing, fabrication, machining, welding, and basic shop operations in an industrial setting
  • Have good written and verbal communication skills
  • Be able to work as part of team
  • Be willing to work outside your trade to help the team meet the client’s needs
  • Good computer skills, including working with Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Desire to learn and grow into a master electrician

Welder s Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Read and understand engineering drawings, specifications and standard operating procedures
  • Operate all material handling equipment (fork trucks & cranes) and lift component parts manually up to 70 pounds
  • Use and understand measurement tools
  • Recognize component parts for vessels and material markings

Finishing Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Operate grinding tools to clean welds
  • Use of hand tools grinders, wrenches, hammers and chisels
  • Manually move vessels up to 70 pounds
  • Operate crane to move vessels in excess of 70 pounds
  • Assemble vessels to prepare for shipping
  • Paint vessels to customer specifications
  • Sandblast vessels
  • Skidding and boxing vessels for shipping
  • Review customer orders to ensure accuracy
  • Industrial, construction or military experience preferred but not required
  • Must be legally authorized to work in the United States
  • Must follow all safety procedures
  • Must wear company-provided personal protective equipment such as safety shoes, safety glasses with side shields, and hard hats at all times in designated areas. Dust mask, rubber gloves, face shields, and other protective equipment must be worn when required
  • If required, must work a twelve (12) hour rotating shift schedule
  • Overtime work is required from time to time
  • Be familiar with basic computer functions such as creating, sending, and receiving e-mail and data entry
  • Have a strong work ethic, demonstrating both initiative and a professional attitude
  • Must have clear and concise verbal and written communication skills
  • Must be able to apply mechanical fundamentals to properly operate and maintain the performance of the equipment within their area of responsibility
  • Must be able to perform the essential elements of the positions with or without reasonable accommodations

Inside Operations Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Help register 7-Teen students each morning and direct to proper meeting location
  • Answer phone and guest questions
  • Help 7-Teen outdoor supervisors with daily operations
  • Help keep 7-Teen area clean and decorative according to holidays
  • Help facilitate instructor check out process
  • Positive, informative, and courteous communication with the parents and the children
  • Help with lunch during special school programs
  • Handle guest complaints
  • Have proper knowledge of the Vail Children's Ski and Snowboard School programs
  • Excellent communication skills - telephone etiquette - required
  • Able to handle a very busy environment - required
  • Basic alpine and snowboard terminology - required
  • Ability to pay attention to details - preferred
  • Basic computer knowledge - preferred
  • Spanish extremely helpful – preferred
  • Schedule:Work 4/5 days per week, 8 hours per day

Store Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Organizes the stores according to the general guidelines
  • Acts as the link between Receiving and the RD and F&B Outlet stores as mover of commodities
  • Helps to reach an efficient stream of supplies
  • Reports shortages and par deviations
  • Informs the maintenance department on damages
  • Locks the doors and follows the key policies
  • Cleans the stores and shelves
  • Previous experience in a similar position in a large business environment for a minimum of one year is mandatory
  • Must be good in English. Must be able to work well on own initiative, under pressure, be able to meet deadlines and multi-task
  • Must be available to work over-time and weekends
  • Must be willing to work a flexible schedule in order to accomplish all major responsibilities and tasks
  • Must be willing to accept assignments on as need basis, in order to promote teamwork
  • Demonstrated ability to work well in a team oriented environment, a record of punctuality and reliability and a consistent demonstration of Raffles and Fairmont Service Standards are required

Water Service Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Completion of water supply principals or drinking water treatment courses such as Water Systems Operation and Maintenance, Water Systems Distribution, and Water Treatment from an accredited college or university.*
  • Possession of a valid Water Distribution Operator Grade D2 Certificate issued by the California Department of Public Health
  • Possession of a valid Water Treatment Operator Grade T1 or T2 Certificate issued by the California Department of Public Health
  • Basic maintenance procedures and shop safety
  • Work in a shop environment, follow instructions, manipulate hand and power tools, operate forklift and tow tugs, and work cooperatively with others
  • Possession of the following certificates: High School diploma or OED and a valid class C California driver's license

Corrosion Control Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Utilize chemicals, soaps, brushes, scrubbing pads, scrapers and other appropriate tooling to remove oil, dirt and carbon buildup on engine parts and support equipment
  • Perform required equipment inspections and maintain/operate shop equipment
  • Perform masking of engine parts, components, and AGE/Support equipment prior to painting
  • Comply with all applicable contractual programs and regulations; i.e., tools, safety, security, HAZMAT, support equipment, housekeeping and FOD prevention programs
  • Apply metal-protectant solvents to prevent corrosion
  • Store and monitor unused chemicals in appropriate storage area
  • Replenish/replace chemicals as required
  • Dispose of hazardous waste in accordance with DOD and Environmental Regulations
  • Must ensure all applicable PPE is worn as required
  • Working knowledge of cleaning methods
  • Ability to be respirator qualified
  • Ability to read, write, speak and understand American English
  • Capable of attaining fork lift license within 60 days
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
  • Ability to maintain required Security Clearance
  • One (1) or more years of experience in engine corrosion control is desired
  • Prior experience working on assigned engines and components is highly desired
  • A valid Texas vehicle operator’s license is required

Sprinkler Install Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist Sprinkler Foreman with installation of fire sprinkler systems, including start up through final testing
  • Follow verbal and written instructions
  • Perform work from unusual and sometimes difficult positions
  • Must be able to work alternate shifts or weekends to meet customer requirements
  • Candidate may be offered an opportunity to go through an apprenticeship program in order to enhance his abilities and advancement
  • High School Diploma and two years of directly related work experience
  • Ability to follow verbal and written instructions
  • Capable of performing physical labor to include carrying and moving equipment and tools up to 50-70 lbs
  • Able to work in unusual and sometimes difficult position such as climbing ladders, scaffolding and high lift equipment up to 40 feet, working within ducts, crawl spaces, above ceilings, etc
  • Ability to work flexible hours including evenings and weekends to meet customer requirements
  • Ability to adhere to, implement, and follow safety guidelines and procedures at all times
  • Strong organizational skills, positive attitude, and an ability to learn quickly
  • Possess a valid driver’s license and driving record that meets company requirements
  • Fire Alarming, Suppression, and Detection Systems
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Pumps (Electric and Diesel) and Controllers
  • Interior Mass Notification Systems
  • Delta 1000 FS90 Graphic
  • Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI), Monaco D2100 monitoring system
  • Receiving/Monitoring equipment associated with the addressable fire alarm systems
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Halon-FM 200 System
  • Honeywell and Monaco fire alarm servers and workstations
  • Antennas, repeaters, cables connected to fire alarm systems

Technical Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Rides with or meets Technician at designated location to assist on service call
  • Follows directions provided by Service Technician to assist in completing product repair, including, but not limited to assistance in lifting, handling of tools, etc
  • Shuttles parts and supplies to Technician when applicable
  • Ability to aid physically the Service Technician in the handling of appliances or equipment to be repaired
  • Ability to work variable and flexible hours, including overtime as needed
  • Ability to handle stressful situations, and to work in a fast paced environment
  • Ability to apply appropriate safety procedures and equipment to protect Company and customer assets
  • Ability to communicate effectively with the Service Technician and customer
  • Ability to read and utilize reports as needed
  • Ability to read, write, and speak English
  • Ability to follow Quality Management System (QMS) process guidelines
  • Ability to maintain regular and consistent attendance
  • Ability to work well with others in a team environment to deliver high performance results
  • Open to change, with the ability to implement change quickly and effectively
  • Ability to convey a positive image of the Company in all actions and behaviors

Helper Coordinator Resume Examples & Samples

  • The Helper Coordinator is responsible for reviewing the daily helper needs provided by the operations and coordinate the daily staffing of helpers
  • The Coordinator is also responsible for reviewing helper hours for accurate recording of time and assignments
  • They will work closely with the operation, communicating helper performance and administration of uniforms and tracking helper performance

General Forge Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Remove hot metal parts from a furnace and feed them to the press or ring mill operator on a manufacturing large press, or ring mill
  • Drive a forklift in order to bring and remove parts from the manufacturing cell
  • Work as a Grinder in the Grinding area, and use either a hand grinder or swing grinder to grind the edges or surfaces of either billets of cut metal or blank rings to specifications outlined by Management
  • Act as a replacement for key personnel that are absent for the day on the shift (specific use to be determined by supervisor)
  • Assist on setups where additional departmental manpower will aid production
  • Move parts within WIP to their next scheduled department
  • Assist with the management of Scrap throughout the facility
  • May be required to wear a respirator
  • Needs to have previous forklift operation experience

Tooling Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Clean, organizes and maintains tooling area
  • Satisfy tooling orders to support manufacturing schedules including but not limited to, unit tool deliveries, general tooling and coordinating internal tool movement
  • Cleans tools so they are ready when required
  • Organizes tools so that they can easily be located when needed
  • Ability to follow directions given by the lead man or Supervisor
  • Follows all company policies and safety procedures
  • 1 year of relative manufacturing experience

Kichen Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Consistently offer professional, friendly and proactive guest service while supporting fellow Colleagues
  • Prepare and service all food items for a la carte andor buffet menus according to hotel recipes and standards
  • Actively share ideas, opinions and suggestions in daily shift briefings
  • Maintain proper rotation of product in all chillers to minimize wastage/spoilage
  • Ensure storeroom requisitions are accurate
  • Have full knowledge of all menu items, daily features and promotions
  • Ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of all work areas, utensils, and equipment
  • Follow kitchen policies, procedures and service standards
  • Previous experience in the Culinary field required
  • Journeyman’s papers or international equivalent an asset
  • Diploma/Certification in a Culinary discipline an asset

Shipping Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Set up and perform a variety of operations including, product painting and packing, and service stores
  • Unload and load merchandise from freight cars and trucks
  • Unpacks, shelves or otherwise stores merchandise in proper storage location; moving merchandise around warehouse by hand, truck or other method
  • Loading and unload merchandise for painting
  • Some post paint assembly
  • Perform finished goods inventory cycle counting
  • Run the U.P.S. and FedEx manifesting station
  • Follow plant, safety, and environmental rules and regulations
  • Model the Eaton ethical conduct policy, the Eaton Values and Philosophy, and comply with all other corporate, plant, and regulatory policies and regulations as applicable
  • Support plant lean, safety, quality and continuous improvement efforts such as 5S and Mini Plant
  • Loading and unloading the paint line is very important to this operation
  • Must be legally authorized to work within the United States without company Sponsorship
  • No relocation benefit is offered for this position. Only candidates residing within the immediate geographical area within 50 miles of Eden Prairie, MN will be considered for this position

Holiday Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • One to three years Retail Sales / Merchandising experience preferred
  • High School or technical school completion
  • Outgoing professional with a keen sense of style and fashion
  • Strong Interpersonal / communication skills
  • Candidates will be removing hot metal parts from a furnace and feeding them to the press operator on a large manufacturing press
  • May be required to wear a respirator while performing certain tasks
  • Experience in the safe operation of basic hand and power tools preferred
  • Basic MS Office skills, including Excel, and Word
  • Must be willing and able to work overtime and weekends, as needed
  • Must be able to bend, twist, stoop and also lift up to 30 pounds
  • Must be able to tolerate high temperature work environment
  • Ability to be certified for respirator use, task specific
  • Ability to be certified under OSHA standards for licensed forklift operation Previous forklift operation experience, required
  • Assist Senior Sprinkler Installers with the installation, service, maintenance and repair of water based fire sprinkler systems
  • Maintain a clean and safe work area. Pick up and properly dispose of all debris associated with work
  • Wear appropriate safety equipment as required
  • Follow verbal and written instructions, read and understand construction blueprints, diagrams and specifications used in installation activities
  • Complete and submit time reports and safety documents as required
  • May be required to work alternate shifts or weekends to meet customer service/installation requirements

Laboratory Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Cleans laboratory equipment such as metal instruments, sinks, and tables
  • Retrieves, washes, dries, sterilizes, and redistributes laboratory glassware
  • Operates autoclave and dishwasher
  • May prepare standard solutions and simple culture media

Partsperson Helper, Cummins Power Systems Resume Examples & Samples

  • Proficient computer and typing skills
  • Must be able to work well independently or with others in a team environment
  • 1 year of warehouse or parts experience
  • Communicate with users to collect information for weekly orders and to ensure uniform media production
  • Prepare culture food for insect cultures using standard methods and media equipment, 2 to 3 times per month depending on demand
  • Maintain inventory of supplies for media preparation

Trades Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Must possess a High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Must possess a minimum of 1 year of verifiable on the job general mechanical experience or certification of completion of 9 months of vocational school training
  • Must be flexible, as the work schedule may be irregular and cover weekends
  • Must be willing and able to work in an adverse environment
  • Must possess a current California Driver's License or must obtain a California license immediately upon being hired
  • Must be able to obtain/maintain gate access to Fort Irwin
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or be authorized to work in the U.S
  • Employee is responsible for the execution of service schedules including routine servicing, inspection, and up sell to successfully complete projects while exceeding customer’s expectations. Apply knowledge of broad work area procedures and activities. Must pay attention to detail and ensure task accuracy. Employee selects appropriate procedures to resolve problems which may involve uncommon variations. Emphasis may be on manual skills
  • The inspector will work in unusual and sometimes difficult positions such as climbing ladders, scaffolding and high lift equipment up to 40 feet, working within ducts, crawl spaces above ceilings, etc
  • Achieve NICET Level I Certification within 9 months
  • Obtain NICET Level II Certification within 2 years
  • Working towards Local/State licenses
  • Demonstrate progress
  • Assists sheet metal, welding and machine shops with daily activites on assigned jobs
  • Assists with collecting and delivering materials and/or equipment needed at the job sites
  • Cleans and/or performs minor repairs on equipment
  • Performs clean-up activities as jobs are completed and in shop areas
  • Valid Arizona Driver’s license upon employment
  • At least two years of licensed driving experience
  • Demonstrated ability to accurately read a tape measure
  • Mechanical experience in the areas of HVAC, ductowrk, welding, or machine shop
  • Experience using hand held and power tools
  • Fabrication and/or installation experience

Assistant Sprinkler Installer / Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Following verbal and written instructions in English
  • Carrying/moving equipment and tools weighing up to 50 pounds
  • Performing work from unusual and sometimes difficult positions
  • Must be able to work from ladders and lifts up to 40 feet or more
  • Must maintain a clear and safe work area
  • Must be able to work alternate shift or weekends when needed to meet customer’s requirements
  • HS diploma or equivalent GED
  • Valid driver’s license and have a clean driving record
  • Must be able to pass background check
  • Must be physically fit to perform the work of the trade

Sprinkler Fitter Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Must be 18 years of age with high school diploma or equivalent
  • Valid Driver’s License with good driving record and dependable transportation to and from work site
  • Must be able to work at heights, climb ladders, work in difficult positions and stand for prolonged periods of time

Driller Helper / Field Technician Resume Examples & Samples

  • Requires a valid driver's license
  • Skill in the use and care of basic tools and machinery
  • Understanding of written and verbal instructions
  • Must be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Requires the exercise of tact and diplomacy in dealing with faculty, staff and students
  • Must be proficient in the use of a personal computer and Microsoft software programs including word processing, spreadsheets, and graphics
  • Requires effective project management skills

Signal Technician Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assists signal maintainer in the maintenance, repair, and construction of signal equipment such as wayside signal, crossing equipment, electric switch machines, and may be required to perform work such as digging, trenching, painting, wiring, and cable work, operating as a member of a work gang
  • Assists in testing of signal equipment, switch obstruction, batteries, ground readings, track circuits, grade crossings, locking points, and records findings in accordance with procedures MW-20 and MW-21. Conducts signal equipment tests and records results under Supervision oversight
  • Responds to signal failures, answers trouble calls for signal failures and reports to signal maintainer
  • Participates in the planning & scheduling for the maintenance and testing of signal equipment. Understands HBLR physical characteristics
  • Obtains all tools and material necessary for completion of work and ensures they are properly inventoried and maintained
  • Assist in marking out where cables are located; installation of new movement ties; switch inspections; surfacing; and to provide generators for power outage
  • Performs carpentry, plumbing, and electrical tasks as needed including pipefitting, and low voltage electrical work under supervision
  • Assists during emergencies to restore service
  • Works within the guidelines of the System Safety program by being alert to physical hazards which affect operations and when conditions exist or could develop that would conflict with a safe operating environment
  • Attends safety briefings, assures safety compliance, maintains qualifications [ Book Of Rules ] and coordinates with other departments
  • Flagging protection. Must be qualified to flag after 3 months from date of hire
  • Must successfully complete the MW-20 and MW-21 exam when responsible for Signal Maintainer duties
  • High School diploma or educational equivalency (GED) required
  • Must possess basic knowledge and understanding in electricity with preference toward those who have achieved electrical/electronic training through an accredited program
  • Must posses a valid driver’s license with no moving violations or suspensions within the last 3 years
  • Candidate will be required to learn in a timely manner and be able to implement the rules and regulations for signal technician helpers consistent with the requirements of site instructions, MW-20 and MW-21, for maintaining and testing signal systems and associated apparatus
  • Must have the ability to exercise good judgment and ability to function under stressful situations
  • Must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  • Must be able to perform field tests, document and/or communicate results to Supervision clearly
  • This position will require signal technician helper to work nights, holidays, and overtime. During flagging protection, signal technician helper must be able to stand and perform duties over long periods of time
  • After successful completion of the Linehandler Training Program, you will be trained as a relief for Lock& Dam Operator(LDO). You must have a minimum of six months of linehandling experience at the Seaway Locks prior to beginning the LDO portion of this training program. Upon completion of the training, you will be reassigned to a new position description, titled Trades Helper (Linehandler/LDO/LDOL Relief) and will also be required to complete the LDO Leader (LDOL) training
  • After appropriate certification training, may be assigned to perform asbestos abatement duties as an additional pay assignment, at the WG-6 level
  • Ability to do the work of the position
  • Work Practices (Ability to work safely)
  • Technical practices
  • Ability to Use and Maintain Tools and Equipment

Helper Maintenance Trades Resume Examples & Samples

  • Medically and physically capable of wearing a respirator
  • Ability to climb ladders
  • Possess a valid State Motor Vehicle Operator License
  • Ability to comply with all established methods, quality standards, and time schedules applicable to this position

UA Student Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Testing all the enhancements made by Test Tools
  • Support of the Test Tools in production (investigation, add-hock solutions)
  • · Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or similar
  • · an interest/experience in software testing
  • · strong English skills
  • · knowledge of any of development languages (C#, APL) will be a plus

Pantry Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Ensure all products are rotating on a first-in, first-out philosophy
  • Identify and safely use all kitchen equipment
  • Maintain a solid menu knowledge and attention to detail with plate presentation
  • Versatile in preparing both hot and cold items
  • Assist, Pantry Workers, Fry Cooks and Kitchen Helpers as needed in execution of service
  • Maintain a solid knowledge, understanding of all hot & cold food items
  • At least 3 years of experience in a high volume kitchen environment
  • Under direction from HVAC service technician, assists in servicing products and equipment on assigned projects and ensuring customer satisfaction
  • May be required to use a variety of small hand tools
  • Under close supervision may perform light preventative maintenance and inspections as needed or requested by HVAC Field Technicians, or HVAC Field Technician Supervisor
  • Maintains stock of inventory and company equipment
  • May perform vehicle maintenance, as necessary
  • Delivers parts to job sites, as necessary
  • Flexibility to work overtime/weekends, as required
  • Assists Facilities Inspector with inspections and repairs depending on assigned jobs within aesthetics, plumbing, paint, electrical, HVAC, mill work, flooring, fire safety and lighting
  • Visibly identifies present building needs and proceeds to document findings on provided electronic device
  • Asbestos Abatement experience
  • Mechanical experience in the areas of HVAC, duct-work, welding, or machine shop
  • Experience assisting with plumbing, paint, electrical, HVAC, mill work, flooring, and fire safety
  • Experience working in a University setting and/or large campus

Shop Material Handling Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Stores, removes, loads and unloads all types of materials from storage bins, pallets, trays, racks, and vehicles that can't be handled by material handling devices
  • Moves materials and supplies from warehouse and prepares for delivery
  • Plan work and select proper tools
  • Reporting unsafe conditions and practices
  • Has knowledge of commonly used concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field

Shop NDE Tech Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assists with inspections and tests in accordance with established procedures
  • Inspections and tests include mechanical, dimensional, document review, receipt, visual, radiographic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrate, ultrasonic, leak testing and material verification
  • Operation, setup, calibration and maintenance of associated equipment and instrumentation
  • Will be required to adhere to all safety procedures and maintain work areas in a clean and orderly manner, in addition to, various assigned responsibilities
  • May require a high school diploma or its equivalent and previous years of related experience
  • Works under minimum supervision. Typically reports to a supervisor

Carpenter Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Primarily assists the journey carpenter on all work activities
  • Can and often performs journey tasks, contingent on the level of experience and directions from the journey carpenter
  • Follow oral and written directions

Ironworker Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Sets up oxygen/acetylene torch and bottles as well as extension cords for job on a daily basis
  • Sets up connecting bolts, clamps, etc. for the Iron Worker
  • Often is required to perform runner/expeditor functions within the crew or for the craftsperson as well as running down the Foreman or GF to answer questions or provide additional information
  • May require a high school diploma or its equivalent with previous years of experience in the field or in a related area
  • Compare and see differences in size, shape and form of lines, figures and objects

Civil Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Builds wooded structures, such as stairs, concrete forms, scaffolds, tunnel and sewer supports, and temporary frame shelters, according to blueprints, or oral instructions, and lays out and installs partitions and cabinet work
  • Examines blueprints, sketches or building plans for to determine material required and dimensions of structure or fixture to be fabricated
  • Prepares layout of form or fixture to be fabricated using lines or grades
  • Measures boards, timbers, or plywood using square, measuring tape and ruler and marks cutting lines on materials using pencil and scriber. Shapes materials to required sizes using saws, chisels, and planes
  • Uses carpentry hand tools such as hammers, levels, squares, screw drivers, adjustable, wrenches, hand and power saws, drill motors and pry bars
  • Nails cleats (braces) across boards to construct concrete-supporting forms
  • Erects frame work for structures and lays sub-flooring
  • Constructs forms, chutes, and aligns form panels for pouring concrete and grout
  • Fits and nails sheathing on outer walls and roofs of buildings. Sets and braces anchor bolts
  • Performs minor maintenance or cleaning activities with tools and equipment
  • Operation of electric and pneumatic tools
  • Work within precise standards of accuracy

Material Handler Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Opens containers using steel cutters, crowbar, claw hammer, or other hand tools
  • Operates manual or mechanical devices and stocks inventory shelves
  • Secures lifting attachments to materials and conveys load to destination using hand-operated crane or hoist, or signals crane or hoisting operators to move load to destination
  • Assorts and places materials or items on racks, shelves or bins according to predetermined sequences such as size type, style, or color
  • Counts, weighs, and records number of units of materials moved or handled on daily production sheet
  • Fills requisition, work orders or request for materials, tools or stock items
  • Stacks or assembles materials into bundles and bands bundles together, using banding machine and clincher
  • Assembles crates to contain products, such as machines or vehicles, using hand tools and precut lumber
  • Records material items received or distributed
  • Follows all hazardous waste handling guidelines
  • Minimum 6 months documented field experience in chosen craft discipline
  • Compare and see differences in the size, shape and form of lines, figures and objects
  • Visualize objects in three dimensions from plans and drawings
  • Performing only those jobs on which they have been trained and/or authorized
  • Sets up hoisting equipment, raising and placing structural-steel members, with basic rigging knowledge for raising an placing structural steel members
  • Fastens steel members to cable of hoist, using chain, cable or rope
  • Forces members into final position, using turnbuckles, crowbars, jacks and hand tools
  • Performs minor maintenance or cleaning activities of tools and equipment
  • Selects, loads, and hauls job material to work site
  • Verifies accuracy of structure with transit, plumb bob, square and level
  • Cuts and assembles timbers to build trestles and cofferdams
  • Erects scaffolding for buildings and other structures and installs ladders, handrails, walkways, platforms, and gangways
  • Fits and installs pre-fabricated window frames, doors, weather stripping interior and exterior trim and finished hardware
  • Ability to tie rebar
  • May rig materials

Cement Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Cement Finishers spread concrete to specified depths and workable consistency using a float to bring water to the surface and produce a soft topping
  • Levels, smooths and shapes freshly poured concrete using straight edge and float or power speed
  • Finishes concrete surfaces using power trowel, or wets and rubs concrete surfaces using power grinder or chisel and hammer and patches holes with fresh concrete or epoxy compound

Rodbuster Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Determines number, size, shape and locations of reinforcing rods from blueprints, sketches or oral instructions
  • Positions and secures steel bars in concrete forms to reinforce concrete
  • Selects and places rod in forms; spacing and fastening them together using wire and pliers
  • Cuts bars to required lengths, using hacksaw, bar cutters or acetylene torch
  • Bend steel rods with hand tools or rod bending machine
  • Reinforces concrete with wire mesh
  • May reinforce concrete with wire mesh. May weld reinforcing bar together, using arc-welding equipment
  • Insures that all reinforcing material is in its proper position, so it receives its intended structural load
  • Loads, transports, unloads material, tools , equipment and supplies
  • May perform minor maintenance or cleaning activities of tools and equipment
  • Relies on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job
  • Rate information us' standards which can be measured or checked
  • Compare and see differences 'in the size, shape and forms of lines, figures and object
  • Look at blueprints, drawings or pictures and understand how they would look as solid objects with height, width or depth

Scaffold Builder Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Primarily assists the journey Scaffold Builder on all work activities
  • Can and often performs journey tasks, contingent on the level of experience and directions from the journey Scaffold Builder
  • Rate information using personal judgment or standards that can be measured or checked
  • Perform a variety of duties which may change often
  • See detail in objects or drawings as 3-dimensionsl objects

Shop Matl Handling Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Reads production schedule, customer order, work order, shipping order or follows oral instructions to determine items to be moved, gathered or distributed
  • Attaches identifying tags or labels to materials or marks information on cases, bales, or other containers
  • May maintain inventory records
  • Work within precise limits or standards of accuracy
  • Forklift certified

Ironworker Top Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assists the journey Iron Worker on all work activities
  • Can and often performs journey tasks, contingent on the level of experience and directions from the journey Iron Worker
  • Assists in layout and measuring of materials for installation
  • Works under immediate supervision
  • Plans sequence on installation to avoid obstructions and activities of other workers
  • Threads pipe using threading machine
  • Bends pipe by hand or with pipe-bending tools and machine
  • Performs minor maintenance of cleaning activities of tools and equipment
  • Ability to work within precise limits or standards of accuracy
  • Able to apply shop mathematics to solve problems
  • Able to work under immediate supervision. Primary job functions do not typically require exercising independent judgment. Typically reports to a supervisor or manager

Helper Manual Resume Examples & Samples

  • Punctuality
  • Reliability
  • Ability to routinely move 30-50 lb
  • Demonstrated ability to follow written and verbal instructions
  • Demonstrated ability to perform routine actions
  • Education: Not Required
  • Experience: Six (6) months of relevant work experience
  • Legally eligible to work in the United States
  • Successfully complete pre-employment drug screen, physical, and background check, which will include previous employment check, and criminal history
  • Required to use motor coordination with arm, hand, finger, and leg dexterity
  • Required to exert physical effort in handling objects more than __ pounds frequently
  • Requires pushing, pulling, bending, twisting and lifting up to __ lbs
  • Normal setting for this job is outdoors and/or riding in a video/GPS monitored vehicle
  • Will be exposed to a physical environment, which involves dirt, odors, noise, weather extremes or similar elements most of the workday

Install Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Using manual skills and hand and power tools, installs pre-fabricated window and door units, insulation and related items in existing structures under construction
  • Inspects finished work to ensure that it meets workmanship and company quality standards
  • Packs away tools and picks up and disposes of scrap materials prior to leaving the installation site
  • May assist other installers carrying or moving heavy or awkward materials
  • Responds attentively to training from foreman or more experienced installers in order to increase own knowledge of work processes
  • Understands and observes all safety procedures and practices in order to prevent injury to self or co-workers; attends periodic safety meetings as required; may recommend changes to improve safety procedures

Clerk Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provides prompt, efficient and friendly customer service by exhibiting care concern and patience in all customer interactions and treating customers as the most important people in the store
  • Smiles and greets customers in a friendly manner, whether the encounter takes place in the associate’s designated department or elsewhere in the store
  • Genuinely thanks each customer and invites them back
  • Washing with pressure washer
  • Reading blue prints
  • Handling materials
  • Must be able to communicate effectively and work in a cooperative manner to support a team environment
  • Must be able to read, write, and perform basic mathematical calculations at a high school level
  • Must have received a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent certificate
  • Responsible for personal safety and health
  • Ensures a safe and healthy work environment
  • Ensure all safety rules are strictly observed and any accidents or injuries are promptly reported to management
  • Report all unsafe actions and conditions to supervisor immediately
  • Move cylinders with proper carts only
  • Knowledgeable of hazards associated with high pressure cylinder tanks
  • Be punctual and comply with hourly work schedules
  • Interface with other department employees
  • Ability to perform very heavy work—routinely lift 25 to 75 lb., and occasionally lift 76 to greater than 100 lb. Also required to push and pull liquid containers weighing up to 1000 pounds with the aid of material handling equipment
  • Frequent bending, stooping, crouching, reaching, grasping, feeling and repetitive motion required
  • Ability to perform work during occasional climbing, balancing, kneeling, pushing, pulling, and finger activities including the tightening of ratchet binders
  • Must be able to safely drive a forklift
  • Ability to work independently and under some pressure to meet deadlines
  • Must be able to work outdoors in temperatures ranging from -10 to over 100 degrees
  • Talk to and hear customers/co-workers as well as smell/hear leaking gas from cylinders
  • Ability to read and comprehend material safety data sheets
  • High school diploma, or equivalent
  • Must be able to operate in a drug-free workplace
  • Implement company statutory and legal requirements including fire, health and safety, hygiene, electricity at work, and all local by-laws
  • Respond to all enquiries promptly
  • Carry out maintenance repair work and ensure the appropriate PPE is worn during all repairs
  • Maintain the green areas and car parks when applicable
  • Follow planned preventative maintenance programmes
  • Ensure good relationships with internal and external customers and contractors
  • Assist with energy conservation initiatives
  • Follow all regulations, in particular the storage of hazardous substances
  • Attend additional training suitable to the role
  • Ability to work on their own or in teams
  • Previous maintenance experience including electrical, plumbing or painting and decorating
  • Relevant qualifications for the role
  • No supervisory responsibilities required
  • Education: None required
  • Experience: Six (6) months of prior work experience required
  • Required to exert physical effort in handling objects more than _ pounds frequently
  • Requires pushing, pulling, bending, twisting and lifting up to _ lbs

Sca-maintenance Trades Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Current local driver’s license
  • There will be a requirement to pass the following tests: heat stress, asbestos awareness, lock out/tag out, respirator protection, and safety (all written)
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship or permanent residency required due to government or federal requirements
  • Candidates will be required to pass a background check
  • Satisfactory completion of a physical fitness test is required
  • The candidate will need to be able to work with simple hand tools and be familiar with piping materials
  • Capable of performing field work involving heavy lifting (up to 100 lbs.) and climbing over rough terrain under various weather conditions. Ability to operate 4x4 vehicles safely on rough trails/roads/terrain

Grounds Laborer / Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • HS diploma or equivalent and be able to exhibit acceptable life experiences in grounds gardening and horticultural work
  • Must have and maintain a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license and also meet all requirements of the University Driving Policies. Failure to be able to qualify for operation of a motor vehicle in either of these categories, will result in a demotion down to an appropriate qualifying level not requiring operation of a University vehicle
  • Must have the ability to follow both verbal and written directions in English; the ability to interact with students, faculty, administration, and staff in a professional and positive manner, as well as the ability to read and understand OSHA guidelines such as Material Safety Data Sheets, equipment safety data plates, fuel/chemical flash points, etc
  • Must have the physical ability to climb ladders, to bend, reach, crawl, and lift up to 60 lbs; the ability to work in enclosed spaces
  • Must not have any disciplinary actions on file within the previous twelve months of applying for this position

Fabrication Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • 0-3 years work experience, preferably in a shop environment
  • Steel plate experience a plus
  • Must have good communication skills and ability to work as part of a team
  • Must be able to communicate in English (both oral and written) as it relates to the job
  • Must possess strong attention to detail
  • Must possess excellent organizational skills and
  • Must be able to learn to read & follow direction of drawings & schematics
  • Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds

Painters Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Prime vehicles and parts
  • Account for time spent on each job each day
  • Assist the painter as necessary

Painters Helper Collision Center North Scottsdale Resume Examples & Samples

  • Mask vehicles for painting
  • Review all work with painter
  • Assist in smooth flow of work through the shop
  • Alert the painter to any usual problems or additional work needed on a vehicle
  • Must be able to operate and be familiar with the flexo print requirements
  • Must be able to handle re-stacking stock
  • Must be become familiar with technical aspects of press and be able to troubleshoot if needed
  • Must be able to assist with CI sorting
  • Must be familiar with SAP and PEAK
  • Must be able to work towards achieving pressroom goals
  • Mechanical skills are a plus
  • Performs other organizational duties as required
  • Must take direction from Shift Supervisor and Sheeter Operator
  • Must complete skill validation requirements for the Sheeter Helper Job
  • Requires bending, pulling, walking

Waste Water Treatment & Grounds Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Routine maintenance of all equipment associated with waste water treatment
  • Landscaping duties within waste water area
  • Accurate and detailed recordkeeping of operational procedures, inspections, maintenance work, etc
  • Assisting certified waste water operator
  • Strong commitment to Safety
  • Experience in waste water operations is a plus
  • Basic knowledge of waste water system operations & equipment
  • Ride on the vehicle to assist the Driver while servicing residential customers on a designated route
  • Climb on and off vehicle to load refuse, waste and poly carts; lift and carry trash bags and containers to the truck for disposal. Operate packing mechanism and various levers and handles to activate the lifting and loading mechanism
  • Assist Driver is safely operating the vehicle by directing the Driver from the ground
  • Clean waste from the packer blade and truck body on each disposal trip; spray and clean the hopper and truck
  • Perform complete pre- and post-operation inspection of the vehicle in accordance with Company policy; report any safety issues on standard reports
  • Courteously interact with all customers, dispatchers and others on a daily basis to ensure all customer routes are serviced in a timely and professional manner
  • Continuously monitor waste for evidence of unacceptable waste
  • Clean area around an accidental waste spill, ensuring adherence to all applicable safety standards and policies
  • Maintain adherence to required productivity standards for the department to ensure all customers are service in a timely and efficient manner
  • Follow all required safety policies and procedures
  • Actively participate in the Company’s ReSOP program
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned
  • Two years of prior experience working around heavy commercial trucks
  • Good customer services skills to meet and exceed customer expectations; acts in a professional, courteous and cooperative manner toward customers and co-workers; works with a sense of honesty and trustworthiness
  • Ability to adhere to Company policies and rules set forth; promotes the Company’s safety standards; does not take inappropriate risks
  • Maintains a feeling of pride in work; strives to achieve all goals

Laminating Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Good basic math, verbal and reading skills
  • Legible handwriting
  • Must be willing to obtain forklift license
  • Proven ability to work productively and successfully in production support positions
  • Average weight required: lifting 50-90 lbs
  • Good communication and cooperation with co-workers and supervisors
  • Receptiveness to training for computer data entry and retrieval - prior experience in this area a plus
  • Receptiveness to overtime required in department
  • Versatile to work with changed priorities in supporting production with varied machinery in a high-speed production department
  • Mix and match of color inks, ability to distinguish colors

Engineer Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Respond to customer inquiries in a courteous and efficient manner, directing customers to other persons as necessary. (35%)
  • Assists in the development of the preventative and scheduled maintenance programs. Completes preventative and scheduled maintenance work orders. Updates equipment and building information for preventative and maintenance program. (5%)
  • Assist in setup of materials for promotions and special events. (1%)
  • Respond to after-hours emergency calls and may be required to report back to the property after hours if needed. (1%)
  • Performs electrical duties include inspecting, maintaining, and repairing lighting, wiring and power circuits. (9%)
  • Performs painting duties including drywall and plaster repair, painting, filling holes and cracks, wallpaper repair, installation and replacement, etc. (5%)
  • Ability to lift and move objects up to 100 pounds
  • Oral Communication - Speaks clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations; listens and gets clarification; responds well to questions
  • Professionalism - Reacts well under pressure; treats others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position; accepts responsibility for own actions; follows through on commitments
  • Safety and Security - Observes safety and security procedures; reports potentially unsafe conditions; uses equipment and materials properly
  • Prepare supplies and reagents for laboratory cell culture and lab animal research experiments
  • Operate autoclave
  • Maintain plant cell cultures
  • Retrieve, wash, dry, sterilize, and redistribute laboratory glassware
  • Assist in mouse colony maintenance
  • Document results of experiments
  • Maintain related databases of lab inventory
  • Engage in good laboratory practices such as keeping the laboratory area clean and organized
  • Perform routine maintenance of laboratory equipment
  • Participate in the scholarship of the laboratory
  • Enrolled in or completion of at least one college-level wet laboratory course

Body Shop / Collision Technician Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Notifying management of any difficulties or problems that may prevent a quality job from being performed or cause a change in the promised time
  • Cooperating with and assisting other personnel in the repair and prepping of vehicles
  • Defining problems, collecting data, establishing facts, and drawing valid conclusions and solutions

Driller s Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Help move drilling rigs and equipment from site to site, set up in the new site and connect power cables or hoses for water and air supply
  • Help obtain high-quality drilling core samples
  • Assist drillers with all drilling processes
  • Mix and test drilling fluids, chemicals and grout
  • Assist with slotting, welding and inserting casing screens
  • Operate equipment such as pumps for air, water and mud
  • Carry out routine maintenance and repairs
  • Clean and maintain equipment, as well as drill and camp sites
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Minimum of 1 season as Drill Helper
  • The ability to work in a noisy and dusty environment
  • The ability to stand and walk up to 95% of the shift
  • The ability to accurately use and read a tape measure
  • The ability to read and follow written and verbal instructions
  • The ability to perform basic math functions such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing
  • One year of previous experience operating hand and/or power tools
  • The ability to recognize and solve practical problems or issues
  • The helper primarily assists the Cement Finisher on all work activities
  • Can and often performs journey tasks, contingent on the level of experience and directions from the journey Cement Finisher
  • Entry level preferably some heavy industrial experience (recognized craft training programs may be substituted for experience)
  • Secures lifting attachments to materials and conveys load to destination, using hand-operated crane or hoist, or signals crane or hoisting operators to move load to destination
  • Has knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field. Relies on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job. Works under immediate supervision
  • Primary job functions do not typically require exercising independent judgment. Typically reports to a supervisor or manager

Plant Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Proven experience working around machinery or process equipment or educational equivalent
  • General knowledge of mathematics and science at the high school level and mechanical ability
  • Prefer two years of experience and/or equivalent in an electric generating facility and/or steam generating station
  • Ability to work with others and understand the layout and operation of a generating station
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Ability to perform the physical requirements of the job
  • Knowledge of specific safety rules prior to beginning any task
  • Ability to work effectively in a culturally diverse work group

Laborer Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Operate small hand and power tools, decontamination of equipment
  • May be asked to operate on road and off road haul and water trucks
  • Handling of hazardous and non hazardous materials

Stock Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Loading/unloading of material using a forklift
  • Handling, restocking or scrapping of returned material
  • Receiving/inspecting incoming materials to verify quantity and condition of goods
  • Selects and issues items from stock, sorts and identifies materials to be stocked
  • Separates and prepares materials for receipt inspection
  • Performs SAP system computer functions, some through handheld scanners
  • Assist with physical inventory of material
  • Any other miscellaneous duties as assigned/needed
  • Operates the following equipment: Forklifts, handheld scanners, personnel cart, shrink-wrapper machine, large electric scrubber/sweeper machines
  • Organizes and files daily paperwork/receipts associated with materials
  • Strong organizational skills needed in order to manage the volume of paperwork
  • Analyze data in Microsoft Excel for material deliveries
  • Must be extremely safety conscious and work within Dominion's Safety Guidelines and expectations
  • Minimum of one year warehouse experience preferred
  • Prior experience in operation of forklifts preferred
  • Ability to be available for overtime required
  • Prior experience receiving/inspecting/restocking of inventory preferred
  • Prior experience using a computer required
  • Microsoft Word, Excel and knowledge of SAP/other inventory software preferred
  • Must have the ability to work in a physically demanding work environment which will require frequent lifting, bending, squatting, standing and carrying materials
  • Must have the ability to occasionally manually lift materials up to 75 pounds

Laborer / Welder Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Must be able to obtain a Commercial Driver License endorsement
  • Two years’ experience in pipeline maintenance or pipeline integrity activities (abrasive blasting, line locating, excavating, spotting for heavy equipment)
  • Basic working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Must be located within a 75 mile radius of the Cottage Grove, MN assets
  • Commercial Driver License endorsement
  • CDL truck driving experience
  • Experience prepping and grinding
  • Station maintenance experience
  • Knowledge of applicable safety rules
  • Knowledge of fire protection
  • Climbing, Balancing, Stooping, Kneeling, Crouching, Crawling, Reaching, Standing, Walking, Pushing, Pulling, Lifting, Fingering, Grasping, Feeling, Repetitive Motions

Sprinkler Installer Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Entry level opportunity
  • We will train you as a Sprinkler Helper
  • A background in plumbing, carpentry or electrical would be helpful
  • We will train on the job

Anodize Helper / Laborer Resume Examples & Samples

  • Primary responsibility of the Racker/Teardown is to place parts on and off racks
  • Racker/Teardown may need to bend aluminum wires on racks to ensure parts are secure and adequately placed
  • Racker/Teardown will need to tighten bolts and screws with equipment and tools on saddle racks to ensure they are secure
  • Upon completion of plating cycle will remove parts from racks
  • Adhere to safety regulations

Mill Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Learn to operate a variety of equipment including computers, measuring devices (micrometers, vernier calipers and rulers) overhead cranes, oxy-fuel torches, grinders, hand tools, stud welders, stud nailers, air wrenches, product conveying systems, forklifts and job cranes
  • Will learn to operate the feeder bed, P4 bundle tagging, product quality identification and heat lot separation
  • Will learn to make adjustments to rolling equipment, straightener, strapping machines, cold shear an stacking equipment
  • Learn to maintain, disassemble and assemble rolling mill stands, straightener, stacking and cold shear equipment
  • Support role assisting assigned to Rolling Mill crew with day to day operations
  • Expected to be an active participant in Safety Meetings, Crew Meetings and Housekeeping activities
  • Must e able to lift 50 lbs
  • Ability to work as a team player in a fast paced environment with excellent strong work ethic, attention to detail, and organizational skills
  • Must be able to learn quickly and multitask
  • Ability to work in extreme heat
  • Actively participate in the CMC Safety Programs and proactively uphold the CMC Safety Culture at work and at home
  • Communicate and coordinate with crew members to sustain a quality finished product that meets or exceeds customer expectations and is sustained within ASTM specifications. Complete all Finishing Area production processes and tasks while remaining in compliance with the Quality Management System (QMS) and all ISO procedures and instructions
  • Plan, coordinate, and communicate with peers and supervisors daily to ensure safe operations, preservation of company assets, environmental compliance, cost and energy consciousness, and to promote the values of the CMC People Program
  • Become proficient with measuring equipment and techniques (micrometers, calipers, protractors, measure tape, etc) and properly use these tools and techniques to correctly verify bar sizes and lengths prior to packaging into finished bundles. Comply with all QMS and ISO procedures and instructions to ensure correct bar quality and bar count in every finished bundle. Become proficient in the bundling processes at the stacker and bundler to ensure a properly packaged bundle and a properly attached and correctly validated inventory control tag. Perform all duties in an effective manner that meets or exceeds customer expectations. Also perform these all assigned and interpreted duties to minimizes damaged finished product, damage to equipment, mill delay time, product yield loss and all other non-value-added activities
  • Become proficient in using all other equipment and tools (crane rigging and operations; torch, grinder, stud welder, tag printer; other hand tools; Mill Operation Systems, e.g., QMOS, OWS, etc.) to maintain effective Rolling Mill Finishing Area operations
  • Develop a general understanding and knowledge with all Finishing Area mill systems (roll lines, stops, chain and trolley systems, make up/storage/collection areas, tiers, carousel, stacker, strappers, etc) so as to recognize offset conditions and assist to implement corrective actions, changes or adjustments to maintain effective Finish Area operations. Properly perform cleaning and preventive maintenance activities assigned or otherwise necessary for the preservation of equipment and assets
  • Become familiar in recognizing bar quality defects, removing Non-Conforming material and properly documenting their removal and disposition
  • Recommend equipment, systems and process ideas that support continuous improvements regarding safety, bar quality, equipment preservation, reduced non-value-added production time, conversion cost reductions, personnel development or in any other way that makes improvement in the Rolling Mill Finishing Area
  • Be a positive, enthusiastic and passionate team member and representative of the Rolling Mill and CMC Steel South Carolina

Operating Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • 0 to 2 years general maintenance and/or operations experience
  • 0 to 2 years outdoor labor and/or railyard experience
  • Prefer: Off road heavy equipment experience
  • Prefer: Mechanical equipment troubleshooting experience
  • Prefer: Experience loading/unloading railcars
  • Prefer: Previous military experience
  • Prefer: Basic PC skills
  • Examines, selects and gathers materials and tools
  • Examines blue prints and specifications to determine dimensions of structure
  • Inspect base surface for obstructions
  • Loads, transports and unloads material
  • Measures boards, timbers, or plywood, using square, measuring tape, and ruler, and marks cutting lines on materials using pencil and scriber
  • Saws boards and plywood panels to required sizes
  • Uses carpentry hand tools such as hammers, levels, squares, screw drivers, adjustable wrenches, hand and power saws, drill motors and pry bars
  • Assembles scaffold containing handrails, mid rails, braces and planks, toe boards, screening, locking pins and wheels to job specifications
  • Braces forms in place with timbers, tie rods, and anchor bolts for use in building concrete piers, footings, and walls
  • Secures scaffolding to permanent structure by tying
  • Erects scaffolding for buildings and other structures and installs ladders, handrails,

Calender Utility Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Comply with all safety/PPE requirements
  • Monitor take-off line to ensure operations are in working order
  • Guides and pulls stock as needed
  • Set up automatic cutter to ensure prep is being cut at proper length
  • Prepare required amount of material for the workday
  • Ensure all tickets have proper batch information
  • Assist with stacking, weighing, and switching out material
  • Apply stretch wrap to finished skids and attach all stock tickets to pallets
  • Assist in coverage for vacation and absences for qualified positions
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor, team leader, and/or department manager
  • Candidate must have less than 30 PAW Hours
  • No Improvement Coaching/Conduct Guidelines within last 12 months
  • Must be able to work 3rd shift
  • Must be able to lift up to 75 lbs
  • Trained to operate marble mill for prima and prima oleo orders
  • Must be able to operate take-off equipment from both Calender lines
  • Ability to sit, stand, and/or walk for extended periods of time
  • Have a basic knowledge of colors

Miners Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Follow Company and site policies and procedures
  • Performs work area and equipment inspections
  • Performs scaling activities
  • Operates heavy equipment: service vehicles, 60 ton dump trucks, powder rigs, face drill, floor drill and personnel carriers
  • Handles blasting materials (Must be able to obtain a blasting license through State Police)
  • Performs general housekeeping
  • Work Rotating Shifts
  • Experience operating heavy/farm equipment is a plus

Engineer Helper Union Resume Examples & Samples

  • Repairs and maintains buildings, grounds, fixtures, machinery and mechanical equipment, in building common areas and tenant areas. May perform general and advanced maintenance duties. (40%)
  • Performs plumbing duties including inspecting, installing, repairing and replacing pipes, fittings and plumbing fixtures. (2%)
  • Performs carpentry duties including construction and repair of walls and partitions, drywall installation and repair, shelving and counter installation, repair of doors and associated door hardware (locksets and closers), etc. (2%)
  • Performs other miscellaneous duties such as locksmith duties and ceiling tile and grid repair
  • Ethics - Treats people with respect; keeps commitments; inspires the trust of others; works with integrity and ethically; upholds organizational values

Loading Dock Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Moving windows
  • Following verbal and written directions
  • Able to stand for up to 12 hrs on a concrete floor
  • Have lace up steel toed shoes

Driller Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Good communication skills, including verbal, written and basic math skills
  • Must be equipment oriented and understand mechanics of drilling machinery
  • Able to pass and maintain all Safety Council required courses
  • Must be able to pass random and annual drug screens with negative results
  • Be willing to travel extensively
  • Required to lift heavy equipment and materials, often in excess of 100 lbs
  • Perform heavy work exerting up to 75 pounds of force constantly, or a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects
  • The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. The noise level in the fieldwork environment varies, and can be loud when working around equipment. Additionally, the field environment can be dusty, windy, wet, cold, or hot depending on the time of year and work location. Driller Helper must be able to tolerate changing and adverse weathers conditions and working environment
  • 0-1 year related experience preferred

Forge Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Basic understanding of forging process and procedures
  • Ability to follow directions given by the Blacksmith or Supervisor
  • Keeps track of serialization of parts
  • Maintains a safe and organized work area and displays concern for maintain equipment (manipulator, furnaces, etc.)
  • Ensures that the parts being worked on are of the highest quality

Insulator Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Determines the amounts and selects required insulation material (in sheet, tubular, or roll form), such as fiberglass, foam rubber, Styrofoam, cork, or urethane, based on material's ability to retain heat, location, surface, shape, and equipment use
  • Moves materials and equipment to work locations and sets up work site
  • Cover, seal, or finish insulated surfaces or access holes with plastic covers, canvas strips, sealants, tape, cement or asphalt mastic
  • Install sheet metal around insulated pipes with screws in order to protect the insulation from weather conditions or physical damage
  • Prepare surfaces for insulation application by brushing or spreading on adhesives, cement, or asphalt, or by attaching metal pins to surfaces
  • Covers or seals insulation with preformed plastic covers, canvas strips, sealant, or tape to secure insulation to structure, according to type of insulation used and structure covered, using staple gun, trowel, paintbrush, or caulking gun
  • May remove or seal off old asbestos insulation, following safety procedures
  • Works under immediate Supervision. Primary job functions do not typically require exercising independent judgment. Typically reports to a supervisor or manager
  • Reads and interprets blue prints, instructions, and other documentation or plan work activities
  • Fit insulation around obstructions, and shape insulating materials and protective coverings as required
  • Measure and cut insulation for covering surfaces, using tape measures, handsaws, knives, and scissors
  • May mix cement or epoxy grouts using concrete mixing machine or hoe
  • Signals the concrete deliverer to position truck to facilitate pouring
  • May build or reinforce forms or bracing prior to pours
  • Loads, transports and unloads tools, equipment and supplies
  • Spreads concrete to specified depth and workable consistency, using a float to bring water to surface and produce soft topping
  • Levels, smoothes and shapes surfaces of freshly poured concrete, using straight edge and float or power screed
  • Finishes concrete surfaces using power trowel or wets and rubs concrete with abrasive stone to specified finish
  • Remove rough or defective spots from concrete surfaces, power grinder or chisel and hammer and patches holes with fresh concrete or epoxy compound
  • Spray cement mortar or concrete to cover exposed earth, masonry, and steel surfaces and forcing grout into drilled holes or spaces between foundations
  • Molds expansion joints and edges using edging tools, jointers and straight edge
  • May direct sub-grade work and setting of forms
  • Assists in lifting, positioning and securing of materials and work pieces
  • Perform minor maintenance and cleaning activities with tools and equipment
  • Responsible for observing and complying with all safety and project rules
  • Typically reports to a supervisor or manager
  • Work rapidly and accurately with hands
  • Follow set procedures and standards
  • Calculate amounts of concrete required for each job

Light Pole Winder Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Ability to adapt to changes in the winding process
  • Must be able to read and comprehend prints
  • Must be able to read tape measure
  • While performing the duties of the job, employee is regular required to use hands, talk, hear, stand and walk
  • Heavy lifting; poles (60 – 80 lbs.), resin buckets (30 – 40 lbs.), bales of glass (45 – 50 lbs.)
  • High School diploma or GED

Mcdavid Nissan Collision Body Shop Paint Helper Technician Resume Examples & Samples

  • Demonstrated commitment to continued learning by ongoing participation in I-CAR
  • Physical demands and working Conditions
  • Must be able to wear protective equipment, including respirator
  • Wash, clean or polish of the interior or exterior of an aircraft, aircraft parts, engine or engine parts, ramp, shop and hangar equipment
  • Operate and service the equipment used in the performance of work
  • Operate ground service equipment and forklift to maneuver equipment and supplies
  • Assist Technicians in the towing, parking and marshaling of aircraft
  • Complete the work assigned by the maintenance supervisor or aircraft lead technician in a safe and expeditious manner, exercising good, sound judgment in executing each work project and adhering to Company policies and procedures
  • Perform of miscellaneous unskilled duties in and about shops, hangars and
  • Valid Driver's license with a good driving record required
  • 2 years minimum aviation experience preferred
  • Ability to be trained and successful in towing aircraft required
  • Flexible to work varied shifts including nights, weekends, and holidays required
  • 50% Employees perform basic grounds pick up, trash pickup, discarded furniture removal, cleanup around dumpsters, custodial tasks, apartment and laundry facility cleaning as needed. Wipe down playground equipment weekly. Perform maintenance work on the equipment used by the crew (lawn mowers, appliances, vehicles, power tools, etc.) Cleans office and laundry rooms. Strip & wax floors as needed in apartments. Sand and replace vent covers, replace refrigerator doors, light pilot lights, and tighten toilet bowl tanks and bowls. Blow and sweep all building sidewalks, overhangs, walkways weekly. Maintain truck, tractors, Gator. Perform mold cleanup and water pick up if needed. Replaces mail box locks. Sand/stain/paint kitchen cabinets. Ensure compliance with vehicle usage. Pressure wash as needed
  • 20% Employees maintain and replace large appliances in each apartment as needed. These appliances total 578 stoves and refrigerators and 440 window A/C units. Employees perform basic maintenance on each appliance to solve the majority of simple problems. More serious issues are referred to off-campus contractors or the appliance is replaced by the employees. Employees maintain accurate inventory information of all large appliances (stoves, refrigerators and A/C’s) stored in warehousing and log in and out each appliance as necessary for use, repair or scrap. Employees maintain supplies in emergency apartment for on call use
  • 15% Each month, the employees inspect each apartment to change out filters and ensure work ability of smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Perform hygiene inspections and take photos of kitchens not passing inspections. Note any obvious maintenance issues in the apartment. During the inspections, employees also attend to minor immediate maintenance duties and ensure correct inventory control on large appliance. Escort contractors and staff doing inspections
  • 15% Other duties as assigned by Assistant Director

Labor Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Working closely with the government sponsor(s) and other contractors/subcontractors in federal facilities
  • Ability to carry 50 pounds unaided or 90 pound loads aided
  • Work in tight, cramped spaces such as equipment racks, cableways, and under false decks

Material Coordinator Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Opens containers, using steel cutters, crowbar, claw hammer, or other hand tools
  • Clamps sections of portable conveyor together or places conveyor sections on blocks or boxes to facilitate movement of materials or products
  • Lifts objects by hand or using power hoist, and cleans work area, machines, and equipment, using broom, rags, and cleaning compounds, to assist machine operators
  • Makes simple adjustments or repairs, such as realigning belts or replacing rollers, using hand tools
  • Shovels loose materials, such as sand, gravel, metals, plastics, or chemicals, into machine hoppers or into vehicles and containers, such as wheelbarrows, scrap truck, or barrels
  • Perform routine housekeeping task to maintain work area
  • Responsible for observing and following all safety rules and procedures, including wearing required personal safety equipment. Performs other duties and activities as directed
  • Must have the ability to read and interpret instructions and documentation

Dismantler Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist Dismantler/Trainer with dismantlingvehicles
  • Learn and complete system of dismantling, taggingand storing of all parts
  • Work with Engine Dismantlers as needed to learnengine dismantling
  • Comply with all safety standards and requirementsto assure a safe and hazard-free workplace
  • Verifies vertical and horizontal alignment of members using plumb bob and level
  • Bolts align members to keep them in position until they can be permanently bolted or welded in place
  • Works under immediate supervision. Primary job functions do not typically require exercising independent judgment. Typically reports to a supervisor or manager
  • Assist with preparing and conducting laboratory research experiments
  • Maintain a mouse colony
  • Collect, analyze and appropriately document experimental results
  • Must have excellent time management and organizational skills

Utility Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Light Lifting
  • Hand Assembly
  • Use of simple power tools
  • Basic math skills are required
  • Reading the English language
  • Understanding of a standard tape measure

Cut-to-length Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Operate cranes, forklifts, and other material handling equipment to move/deliver stock
  • Assist machine operators with a variety of functions as required to support the operation
  • Perform general clean-up activities
  • Maintain all equipment in working condition; report issues or breakdowns to Supervisor or Lead immediately
  • Train others when required
  • Participate, support, and comply with all health, safety, quality, and Lean initiatives and requirements
  • Meets TKMNA Employee Attributes/Competencies
  • Locate and mark reference points for columns or plates on foundations using master straightedge, squares, transit and measuring tape and applies knowledge of geometry
  • Precisely aligns structures or plate sections to assemble boiler frames, tanks or vats, using plumb bobs, levels, wedges, dogs or turnbuckles
  • Hammer, flamecut, file or grind irregular edges of sections or structural parts to facilitate fitting edges together
  • Position drums and headers into supports or bolts or welds supports to the frame
  • Carefully align water tubes and connects and expands ends to drums and headers using tube expanders. Leak proof joints are obtained by bell, beading with power hammers or welding pressure vessel tube ends
  • Bolt or weld casing sections, uptakes, stacks, baffles and such fabricated parts as chutes, air heaters, fan stands, feeding tubes, catwalks, ladders, coal hoppers and safety hatch to frame, using wrench
  • Install boiler manholes, valves, gauges and feedwater connections. Must demonstrate proficiency in performing appropriate testing on assembled vessels, etc
  • Minimum of 6 months documented field experience at Helper 3 level in chosen craft discipline
  • Ability to read and interpret instructions and document, plan and perform work activities independently
  • Ability to apply concepts such as fractions, percentages, ratios and proportions to practical situations

Summer Temporary Production Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Currently enrolled full time at a post secondary education institution in the Fall 2017 semester (including but not limited to: Vocation tech programs, Junior colleges, 4-year Baccalaureate degrees, Business schools)
  • Ability to follow both oral and written instructions
  • Computer/keyboarding skills
  • Self-motivated, team oriented, and excellent interpersonal skills
  • Experience: None required
  • Ability to work in fast paced, team environment
  • Required to exert physical effort in handling objects more than 25 pounds frequently
  • Requires pushing, pulling, bending, twisting and lifting up to 70 lbs

Entry Level Production Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Bring new pallet of rolls from the warehouse to the swivel table or roller tables utilizing a hi-low/Industrial Forklift
  • Pull roll shaft out of the old core and place the roll shaft inside core of the new roll
  • Tighten up core chucks using an Allen Wrench
  • Use automatic hoist to load rolls onto the bag machine
  • Guide the roll to the bag machine while roll is on the hoist
  • Record roll weight from the roll label onto the appropriate paper
  • Inspect Bag Machine Operator’s work area to determine what supplies will need to be replenished
  • Gather box supplies
  • Bring boxes to bag machines using hand-operated carts, a High-lo machine, or pallet-jack
  • Gather chip-board and wickets to bring to the Bag Operator
  • Unstack pallets with resin cradle on them from the swivel tables and roller tables
  • Remove excess plastic and place in waste bin
  • Keep area clean – sweep up, remove debris
  • Remove barrels from each machine and take them to the waste dumping station
  • Weigh the barrel on the scale and record the waste on the computer
  • Return barrel to bag machine location
  • Previous manufacturing experience preferred, but not required
  • Ability to work with and interact effectively and professionally with coworkers in a team environment
  • Must be able to read, understand and stay current with all department work instructions and procedures
  • Safety is top priority
  • Responsible to keep 4 bag machines or 8 lines supplied, or more when necessary. May assist other helpers
  • Comply with all AIB, Safety, and Company policies
  • Be willing to work overtime when needed
  • Participate and attend on-site employee meetings

Station Helper, Senior Resume Examples & Samples

  • You also must complete the Job Bid Questionnaire/Applicant Data Sheet (“JBQ”) and email to: [email protected]
  • Previous experience and willingness to assume a leadership role
  • Switching, operation and maintenance of railroad locomotives and cars
  • Knowledge or experience in manual and automatic coal sampling procedures
  • Knowledge or experience in operation and/or maintenance of automatic coal sampling equipment
  • Training or experience in maintenance of power plant mechanical equipment; or
  • Receives, stores, issues material and supplies to project sites
  • Loads and unloads supplies material and equipment, places incoming supplies on shelves or in assigned areas, ability to climb ladders to stock shelves, keep warehouse facility in an orderly and safe fashion
  • Loads, unloads, and moves materials within or near plant, yard, or work site, performing any combination of following duties
  • Reads work order or follows oral instructions to ascertain materials or containers to be moved
  • Loads and unloads materials onto or from pallets, trays, racks, and shelves by hand
  • Loads materials into vehicles and installs strapping, bracing, or padding to prevent shifting or damage in transit, using hand tools
  • Conveys, materials to or from storage or work sites to designated area, using hand truck, electric dolly, wheelbarrow, forklift or other device
  • Counts, weighs, and records numbers of units of materials moved or handled on daily production sheet
  • Stacks or assembles materials into bundles and bands bundles together using banding machine and clincher
  • Lifts heavy objects by hand or using power hoist, and cleans work area, machines, and equipment, using broom, rags, and cleaning compounds
  • Assembles crates to contain/ship products, such as machines or vehicles, using hand tools and pre-cut lumber
  • Shovels loose materials, such as gravel, metals, plastics, or chemicals, into things such as wheelbarrows, scrap trucks, or barrels
  • May occasionally operate fork lift, truck or electric hoist to assist in loading or moving materials and products
  • High School diploma or equivalent, valid driver’s license with driving record within company established parameters 18 years of age or older
  • Previous Warehouse experience or Material Handling experience
  • Ability to lift up to 60 pounds, ability to pass pre employment physical and drug screen, ability to work in an outdoor environment, 0-2 years of experience
  • Responsibility that appropriate carton is being fed. Done by checking for variances in box number and collator marks
  • Responsibility to feed only quality cartons. Feeder is to fan through stacks of cartons being fed and check that they have proper color, register and are void of unnecessary markings
  • Feeder is to observe for machine malfunctions and stop glue machine when problems arise. Feeder uses mirror to detect malfunctions. Feeder is also to be aware of signals from operator or catcher to stop and start machine
  • Responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of area (remove stray cartons, sweep up, etc...). Performed during make ready
  • Responsibility that only quality products are packed. Catcher is to check that cartons have proper color, register and are void of unnecessary markings
  • Responsibility that proper count of cartons are packed into case. Catcher is to hand count the first case of each different product being packed
  • Packed cartons are to be pushed on rollers through taping machine to the padlocker
  • Responsible for maintenance of area. Performed during make ready

Die Cut Helper DC st Resume Examples & Samples

  • Reads work orders to determine setup specifications and instructions
  • Starts machines and loads uncut product onto page separator, hand assisting as needed
  • Maintains records of daily production, using specified forms
  • Records production sheet information such as amount of time spent on specific tasks
  • Must be a High School Graduate or have GED
  • Prior manufacturing experience preferred
  • Must demonstrate basic computer skills, including data entry
  • Must demonstrate intermediate math skills
  • Must pass color vision test

Die Cut Helper SB rd Resume Examples & Samples

  • Checks die boards for accuracy when they come in
  • Reviews daily printing and die cutting schedules for dies needed for production
  • Coordinates die needs with Structural Design Department
  • Assembles dies, stripping boards, and blanking tools for Die Cutting department
  • Verifies dies against samples in job bag for special requirements that are customer requested
  • Verifies work is error-free prior to release to Die Cutting department
  • Trouble shoots and alters any die issues on press
  • Pulls repeat dies from inventory for new runs
  • Files dies back into inventory after run is complete and destroys combination dies as needed
  • Requisitions supplies and maintains accurate inventory of materials needed
  • Maintains a clean and safe work area
  • Must be proficient in the operation and maintenance of a jig saw, and be able to modify dies as needed
  • Must have the ability to read and write instructions and correspondence
  • Must have the ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions and procedure manuals
  • Must have strong mathematical skills
  • Must have basic personal computer skills including e-mail and word processing
  • Must be willing to work overtime as needed
  • Must have the ability to meet and/or pass the minimum requirement on a mechanical test or have demonstrated mechanical aptitude through prior work experience
  • Must pass ruler test
  • Must be reliable and dependable
  • Must be able to perform all essential functions of this job with or without reasonable accommodation

Slitter Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Good understanding of basic math, including fractions and decimals
  • Possesses verbal/ written communication skills
  • Ability to read a tape measure, inside and outside caliper (ability to learn)
  • Minimum one or two years experience in manufacturing preferred
  • Minimum 6 months coil coating experience a plus
  • Computer knowledge a plus
  • Reliable transportation a must
  • Must pass pre-hire assessment testing

Tube Bend Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Utilizing hand tools as needed
  • Operate a radial arm saw
  • Operate a cold saw
  • Operate a drill press
  • Stack, organize and keep accurate count of materials
  • Performs other duties as assigned by manager
  • Will be required to use measuring tape and calipers
  • Ability to take instruction and follow directions
  • Must understand simple mathematics
  • Having knowledge of radial arm saw, cold saw and hand tools is a plus
  • Must be able to speak, read, write, and understand the primary language(s) used in the workplace
  • Lift and move a minimum of 50 pounds without assistance
  • Frequent heavy and demanding physical labor
  • Must be comfortable handling tools such as a hand grinder
  • Must be able to perform constant repetitive motion
  • Must be able to stand 8 hours a day
  • Must be willing to learn

Service & Installation Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist Pipe Fitter, Institutional/Commercial/Industrial Technician, or Special Adjust Technician in installations, repairs, turn-ons, or meter changes/meter sets
  • Load, retrieve, and unload materials for individual jobs
  • Provide physical assistance for fitter or Technician to complete assigned job. Assist in re-lighting appliances
  • Leak investigations. Complete route sheet
  • HVAC certification required
  • Valid Chauffer’s license required
  • Must be able to safely operate a 1-ton service van and a ¾ ton pickup truck
  • 2-3 years HVAC experience preferred
  • Ability to generate and interpret clear & concise verbal and written (English) correspondence with line workers, general public, and management so as to accomplish company objectives
  • High School Diploma/G.E.D required
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the proven ability to build and establish rapport with a diverse array of people
  • Ability to work as part of a team and display a positive attitude for this dynamic environment

Inspector Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist in all facets of equipment maintenance, preparation, testing and appearance
  • Help maintain facility appearance, organization and maintenance of work tools used for inspection
  • Follow and adhere to all Quality System and HS&E requirements
  • Work safely and as instructed on equipment as directed by the Supervisor
  • Assist Facility and In-Town inspectors
  • Prepping all equipment prior to inspections
  • Other duties as assigned by Supervisor

Plug & Abandonment Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work alongside Operators assisting them in any way necessary
  • Ensure that the customer is respected and served to the best of our ability
  • Gather and load all necessary equipment, materials and parts for each job
  • Rig up/rig down equipment
  • Clean tools
  • Work a 14/7 offshore schedule
  • Maintain a clean and safe work area or job site by following Superior Energy Services HSE and Standard Operating Procedures manuals

Emmeci Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Counts labeled cartons of the Emmeci
  • Inspects for quality
  • Ensures an ample supply of materials at each machine throughout the shift
  • Performs general housekeeping as needed
  • Sweeps floors, dusts, mops, and cleans around press area
  • Assists with shipping
  • Puts away incoming supply items as needed
  • Delivers orders to DPC shipping as requested
  • Assists operator with maintaining equipment as needed
  • Learns Operator duties and fills in for Emmeci Operator as needed
  • Feeds boxes and stacks skids as needed
  • Performs other job duties as assigned
  • 3-6 months’ work experience preferred
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds on a regular basis
  • Ability to count and measure accurately
  • Ability to perform basic arithmetic including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Ability to perform intermediate arithmetic dealing with decimals, fractions, ratios, etc
  • Must have knowledge of or be able to learn safety rules and procedures, operating, maintenance, and technical policies and procedures
  • Wind paper for cutting presses
  • Pull loads off cutters with hand truck

Heat Treat Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Ability to move parts on and off pallets
  • Load and unload furnaces
  • Places work piece into heating furnace for specified period of time
  • Will learn to perform hardness inspection and read conversion table (ASTM E140)
  • Load couple preparation
  • Grinds parts
  • Must have understanding and knowledge of company procedures and work instructions
  • Mechanical & building repairs
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Operate machine shop equipment
  • Filters, lights, racking, housekeeping, etc
  • Other duties to assist Trade Services 3
  • Must possess excellent mechanical aptitude
  • Must be willing to upgrade related skills
  • Some knowledge of electrical principals
  • Knowledge of conveyor systems
  • Supply your own tools
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fax: 613-391-3010
  • In Person: 500 College St E, Belleville ON (between 8:00am and 4:00pm)

Line Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Packing of frozen products into the appropriate packaging while insuring product conformity to established standards
  • Physical counting, bagging, sorting and gathering of products, materials, or by-products of the manufacturing process
  • Handling and placement of raw bread or cookie dough on bread boards
  • Bake and bread rack loading and unloading, ingredient loading and unloading
  • Maintain and clean work area, empty dumpsters and trash, keep floors clean and free of debris
  • Miscellaneous duties as assigned by supervisor
  • Line Helpers are required to comply with all food safety/quality policies and procedures as defined by ConAgra to include but not limited to; HACCP, cGMP’s, and general housekeeping practices
  • Ability to communicate with others, read instructions and practice basic math skills
  • Mounts pipe hangers and brackets on walls and ceiling to hold pipe
  • Secures pipes to structure with bracket, clamps, and hangers, using hand and power tools
  • Installs and maintains refrigeration and air conditioning systems including compressors, pumps, meter, pneumatic and hydraulic controls and piping
  • Welds pipe supports to structural steel members
  • May observe production machines in assigned area of manufacturing facility to detect machinery malfunctions. May operate machinery to verify repair
  • Loads, transports and unloads material, tools, equipment and supplies
  • Able to perform some support tasks with close supervision/direction and support
  • The degree of job responsibilities and requirements may vary depending on months of experience
  • Have knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field
  • Able to work under immediate supervision. Primary job functions do not typically require exercising independent judgment
  • Removal of existing water meters and installation of new water meters
  • Removal of existing gas meters and installation of new gas meters
  • Programing of AMI modules for both gas and water meters
  • Testing of water meters
  • Testing of gas meters
  • Miscellaneous gas meter piping work as necessary for meter replacements
  • A minimum of 3 months of job-related work experience

General Laborer Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Sorting recycled material onto different belts
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the recycling area
  • Assuming custodial duties as needed
  • Other manual labor that does not involve the operation of heavy equipment
  • Pressure washing equipment
  • Cleaning incoming area
  • Cleaning screening area
  • Sweeping entire facility
  • Mowing grounds
  • Cleaning between piles in stage two and between push walls
  • Operating water truck to control dust in facility
  • Operating sweeper to control dust in facility
  • Setting up compdogs and covering piles with compost covers
  • Running fuel and lube truck to assist with maintenance of equipment
  • At least 2 years of work experience as well as a stable work history
  • Preferably in a labor type position
  • Heavy equipment experience is a plus
  • At least 2 years stable work history – preferably in a labor type position
  • The ability to continually lift throughout an 8hr shift
  • Must be available to work scheduled shift until work is completed
  • The ability to work outdoors in all types of weather
  • Previous skid steer experience a plus
  • Capability to follow safe operating practices
  • Able to read, write and comprehend reports well enough to complete daily assignments
  • Mechanical ability a plus
  • Bilingual Spanish a plus

Workshop Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Wash and clean downhole products
  • Paint tools as and when required
  • Maintain workshop standards and cleanliness
  • Use of Fork Lift and Over Head Crane to move products in the workshop and yard
  • Carry out other duties as and when business requirements dictate as may be reasonably expected by line manager
  • Good standard of High School education or similar
  • Working knowledge in a workshop environment
  • Computer literacy (including good command of Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook)

Hive Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Handling customer enquires within set time frame
  • Multiple web chat conversations at the same time
  • Continual learning of Hive products as they grow and change o Be able to show your personality off while exchanging with customers
  • Supporting colleagues across the wider British Gas business with Hive enquiries
  • Provide world class customer service to both new and existing Hive customers
  • Provide technical support to customers and engineers
  • Complete diagnostics to identify and resolve customer and engineer faults
  • Expectations to meet customer demands within agreed timeframes
  • Identify and support vulnerable customers
  • Follow company processes and procedures to ensure the best outcome for our customers o Use a variety of systems to manage customer journey and experience
  • View customer complaints as a priority and see through to a resolution rapidly
  • Have excellent communication skills – verbally and in writing
  • Be able to type accurately
  • Be meticulous with a good eye for detail
  • Have the ability to spot trends and highlight them
  • Be motivated to meet expected levels of performance
  • Show you personality through your interactions with customers
  • Be resilient, with the confidence to overcome challenges and learn from each new experience
  • Work as part of a team supporting your colleagues
  • Have an obvious passion for customer service
  • Brand ambassador
  • Learn & share knowledge
  • Take a pride in what you do
  • Be confident and credible and have the ability to articulate in a clear and concise manner
  • Have the ability to deal with change effectively - retaining all information provided
  • Self motivated through delivering excellent customer service
  • Can sustain a world class performance when in demand
  • If this sounds like you, then a rewarding career could be yours, with our promise to invest in you as an individual. You can trust us to do the right thing by you. We're a great place to work - and we offer impressive benefits too, the future is yours to shape, whether you want to continue to grow as a Hive Helper or take the plunge and perhaps go all the way to management
  • Are you ready to download your upgrade and reboot your career? Then upload your CV and a supporting statement telling Michael Baillie about your experience and how you would excel in the role

General Help-helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Clean all equipment properly and timely to ensure safe quality products
  • Operate all clean in place (CIP) and clean out of place (COP) systems as necessary
  • Clean machinery, facility structures such as racking, windows, walls and exterior of plant
  • Ensure all chemicals, buckets and pumps are properly tagged according to safety requirements
  • Complete routine paperwork and data entry
  • Assist machine operators in gathering production supplies, packaging materials and loading equipment, including dumping boxes and lifting stacks of cardboard
  • Assist in hand-packing and hand-stacking product/cases onto pallets
  • Safely operate cardboard baler, bottle bagger/de-bagger and other equipment
  • Empty and dispose of outdated product in accordance with established guidelines
  • Follow established programs, policies and practices to produce safe quality foods that meet regulatory and company requirements
  • Support the development, implementation, maintenance, and ongoing improvement of the SQF 2000 Systems
  • Accountable to the Kroger Manufacturing Food Safety and Quality Principles
  • Self-motivated and self-directed
  • Ability to meet deadlines with limited supervision
  • Flexible to work any shift as needed
  • 2+ years manufacturing experience

Rewinder Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Read, comprehend and follow written instructions
  • Perform basic math calculations
  • Measure widths and lengths of paper and have the ability to convert measurements from English to metric
  • Visually scan paper for defects to maintain a top quality product
  • Keep legible records; enter data into computerized inventory and labeling system
  • Follow all Plant, Safety, and Department rules and regulations
  • Maintain a “Safety First” attitude in the performance of all tasks
  • Able to react to sudden changes in the production schedule
  • Able to work rotating shifts, overtime required and works some weekends / holidays
  • Able to understand customer and Lydall Quality Standards
  • Notify Quality / Management when standards not met
  • Able to work in a Team environment and contribute positive input / feedback to management
  • Serve as an active participant in LSS programs that promote continuous improvement
  • Must adhere to all company and location policies and safety rules
  • Must be able to work extended hours when required
  • Ensure safety rules and regulations are observed
  • Operation of a forklift for loading and unloading trailers
  • Operation of motorized sweeper to ensure cleanliness of facility
  • Data entry of material into SAP
  • Availability for overtime to include weekends and after hours as needed
  • Operation of banding machine to ensure proper loading of material
  • Operation of industrial grade washers and dryers to properly clean all material
  • Must have a High School Diploma/GED
  • Minimum of 1 year forklift operations experience
  • Ability to work an 8 hour workday schedule with a 0700 start time and 1530 end time
  • Candidate must work scheduled and emergency overtime if business needs dictate
  • Ability to obtain and maintain a fork lift operator’s certificate administered by Dominion personnel
  • Ability to handle and carry material weighing up to 75 pound for up to 20 feet
  • Forklift operations experience
  • 2+ years of material/inventory scheduling experience
  • 2+ years warehouse experience
  • Minimum of 2 years of SAP or related software experience
  • 2+ years experience in a material testing environment
  • 2+ years forklift experience

Ovens Helper / Laborer Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responsible for driving the forklift and taking pallets with parts to designated departments
  • Wrap boxes, parts with plastic and labels before moving them to the departments
  • Clean plant by making sure that all boxes are organized and labeled
  • Make sure that propane tanks are full before installing on forklift, if not will need to fill them
  • Rack parts to take them to get degreased
  • Read tickets

Seasonal Student Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • All NorthWestern Energy employees are required to adhere to company safety standards and the Code of Business Conduct & Ethics
  • Ensure all actions are consistent with NorthWestern Energy's values, mission, and strategic business objectives
  • Operate mobile equipment including various types of mowers, and grass trimming equipment etc
  • General plant clean-up and organization
  • Cleaning and painting equipment and buildings
  • Use of hand tools
  • Spraying chemicals and other aspects of grounds keeping methods
  • Operate and repair sprinklers
  • These functions may be considered essential based on location and other factors
  • Provide general labor tasks as assigned*
  • Wash vehicles and equipment*
  • Operate ATV's*
  • Stripping and waxing floors*
  • Must be able to demonstrate and maintain a good safety record
  • Valid driver's license and satisfactory driving record
  • Must pass physical test to access all areas of the hydro plants, including climbing ladders, confined and cramped wet slippery quarters and traveling rough terrain
  • Basic laboratory skills
  • Sterile technique
  • Cell culture maintenance
  • Safe laboratory practices
  • At least one year of experience in a laboratory working with tissue cultured cells and viruses

Helper Service Person Resume Examples & Samples

  • Ability to obtain an HVAC certification within two (2) years (required)
  • Willing to stay in the position for minimum of six (6) months
  • Ability to obtain a valid class “E” driver’s license
  • Effective Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work overtime during the week and weekends
  • Customer oriented
  • Ability to do simple arithmetical calculations and follow instructions is also required
  • Able to effectively communicate and interact with customers
  • Good housekeeping skills
  • Ability to keep clear and concise records
  • Must possess good writing skills to accurately fill out forms and reports
  • Should be well versed in the Service Manual
  • Should have the physical ability to stoop, crawl, bend, climb, lift and reach
  • Willingness and ability to abide by the required safety procedures and practices that are established by the Company
  • Ability to follow Company policies and procedures
  • (Preferred) Experience and/or training as a drill inspector
  • Ability to transport various drilling equipment up to 100 lbs
  • Ability to traverse various uneven terrain in a variety of weather conditions
  • Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Class A
  • Under the direction of an operator will batch loads for optimum productivity
  • Will be trained and under guidance will set thermal couple, prepare load per optimal heat distribution of load
  • Unload furnaces
  • Responsible for heat treat and process furnace accuracy and uniformity surveys
  • Interpret hardness rating utilizing measuring tools and standards
  • Places work piece into a heating furnace for a specified period of time
  • Will be responsible for Hardness testing, utilizing specific calibrated hardness testing equipment
  • Demonstrate safe work behaviors to avoid injury to self or others
  • Work accurately and efficiently within a production work team and collaborate with other teams
  • Follow operating procedures and customer specifications to produce quality products which are delivered to customers on time
  • Contribute to continuous improvement and problem solving
  • Use computers as needed to run process operation
  • Possess or within the last three (3) months of obtaining a High School Diploma/GED or higher

Powder Coat Paint Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Takes direction from Lead Person or Supervisor in a cooperative manner
  • Lifts and hangs parts on overhead conveyor and removes them. Understands proper methods for hanging parts for optimal coating. Uses appropriate and safe lifting techniques in loading and removing parts
  • Unloads parts from conveyor and places in appropriate storage container or area to prevent damage. Properly identifies and labels parts that have been removed from the conveyor after coating
  • Determines if a product needs to be rejected and understands how to initiate corrective action
  • Meets department standards for efficiency, productivity, and quality. Brings any issues or concerns regarding powder coating to supervisor's attention
  • May be utilized in other production areas to assist when necessary in meeting company demand
  • Maintains acceptable level of punctual and regular attendance for all scheduled work hours
  • Requires a sense of urgency in performing duties and the flexibility to work with quickly changing priorities to meet business demands. Work assignments may change during the course of a day
  • Can and often performs journey tasks, contingent on the level of experience and directions from the journey cement finisher
  • Is responsible for retrieving all necessary tools from the tool room on a daily basis to support the day’s specific
  • Rate information using standards which can be measured or checked
  • Apply basic mathematical skills

Helper Laborant Kerncentrale Doel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Je hebt een hoog veiligheidsbewustzijn
  • Je werkt nauwgezet
  • Je bent in staat zelfstandig te werken maar je bent tevens een teamspeler
  • Je hebt minstens een diploma middelbaar onderwijs in een technische richting
  • Je bent vertrouwd met het gebruik van PC (labosoftware)
  • Je hebt een gezonde interesse in scheikunde

Lcl Helper T&d Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist in the construction, maintenance, relocation, diagnosis of problems and repair of primary and/or secondary voltage electrical facilities in a safe, efficient, and focused manner
  • Work as directed to assist in the restoration of power in the event of a storm. Required to remain in the Greater Houston area during emergency events and remain available for extended shift work during all hours of day and night
  • Maintain prompt attendance and perform duties on a variety of shifts and schedules. Must be able to respond 24/7 in emergency situations
  • Able to operate company vehicles safely and in compliance with applicable laws and company policies
  • Able to interpret blueprints, work orders, manuals, and other technical material related to the performance of the job
  • Must be able to accept apprenticeship when/if offered, and must meet Company requirements for successful advancement to each level of the three year apprenticeship program
  • Work experience in construction, skilled trades or maintenance of high voltage electrical systems, in an outside environment
  • Must successfully complete all written and/or oral job tests, including a pre-employment aptitude test
  • Able to provide a valid Texas driver's license and maintain a good driving record
  • Able to acquire Commercial Drivers License, DOT certificate along with other needed endorsements and maintain in good standing at all times
  • Able to respond to others with courtesy and respect
  • Able to use a personal computer
  • Able to respond well to changing priorities
  • Able to demonstrate commitment to compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the Companys Ethics and Compliance
  • Code of Conduct, and Company policies and procedures
  • Complete all required training courses timely
  • Able to demonstrate respect for all individuals, adhere to the Companys values and business practices and do both consistently

Grill Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Prepare a daily report that verifies transactions
  • Be able to work quickly and concisely under pressure
  • Understand what is inclusive of a reimbursable meal
  • Ensure storage of food in a proper and sanitary manner
  • Organize and assist in major cleaning of refrigerators, freezers, and cooking and serving equipment at the regularly scheduled intervals
  • Ensure food items and supplies are checked in as they arrive
  • Ensure daily cleaning and sterilization of all dishes, silverware, and cooking utensils
  • Attend in-service meetings as scheduled by the General Manager/Lead
  • Proper utilization of leftovers as required
  • Maintain a constant sense of cost control
  • Adhere to all HACCP regulations for sanitation, food handling, and storage
  • Adhere to the uniform policy
  • Communicate with the Kitchen Manager daily to understand and properly prepare menu for the day
  • Serve food at proper portions as requested
  • Adjust thermostat controls to regulate temperature of ovens, broilers, grills, roasters, steam kettles, and all other cooking and serving equipment
  • Measure and mix ingredients according to standardized recipes using blenders, mixers, grinders, slicers, and other preparation equipment to prepare entrees, soups, salads, sandwiches, gravies, desserts, sauces, casseroles, and other food items
  • Bake, roast, broil, boil, and steam meats, fish, vegetables, and other foods
  • Observe and test food being cooked by tasting, smelling, and taking temperature to assure it is cooked
  • May wash, peel, cut, and shred vegetables and fruits to prepare them for use
  • May bake bread, rolls, cakes, and pastries

Temporary Leak Detection Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Operates non-mobile leak detection equipment, in compliance with company policies and applicable state and federal codes, to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the distribution system
  • Performs non-mobile leak detection surveys, in compliance with company policies and applicable state and federal codes, to ensure customer safety, system integrity and timeliness of leak repairs
  • Accurately documents the location and size of leaks on established forms using established leak grading policies and reporting procedures. Completes daily work records to maintain accurate information
  • Performs other Leak Detection activities as apparent or assigned to ensure efficiency of the department
  • Assists in the installation and operation of equipment to install anodes and rectifiers, in compliance with CNP Operation Manual and D.O.T. regulations, to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the cathodic protection system
  • Tests, and documents the status of cathodic protection on underground metallic structures to ensure timely, accurate completion of annual surveys (e.g. test point readings, 10% survey, rectifier readings)
  • Performs other Leak Detection and Corrosion activities as apparent or assigned to ensure efficiency of the department
  • Able to understand and comply with state and federal regulatory requirements, company and industry operating standards and safety procedures
  • Able to learn to accurately interpret detailed system maps, records and manuals
  • Able to respond to customers with courtesy and knowledge, in person, applying good judgment and customer service skills and exhibiting courtesy and appropriate conduct
  • Able to operate flame ionization detector and Combustible Gas Indicator equipment
  • Able to work and participate successfully in a team based environment to accomplish assignments
  • Able to provide and maintain a valid state driver's license and safe driving record
  • Able to operate company vehicles safely, maintain a record of driving safely and in compliance with applicable laws and company policies
  • Able to maintain a satisfactory attendance record
  • Able to meet physical requirements, competency-based assessments and other selection criteria as determined by the Company
  • Able to pass required pre-employment drug screening
  • Able to pass background checks as determined by the Company

Shop NDE Tech / QC Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Attend meetings in order to record minutes
  • Compile, transcribe, and distribute minutes of meetings
  • Conduct research, compile data, and prepare papers for consideration and presentation by executives, committees and boards of directors
  • Coordinate and direct office services, such as records and budget preparation, personnel, and housekeeping, in order to aid executives
  • File and retrieve corporate documents, records, and reports
  • Interpret administrative and operating policies and procedures for employees
  • Make travel arrangements for others and prepare expense reports
  • Manage and maintain management or office schedules
  • Meet with individuals, special interest groups and others on behalf of executives, committees and boards of directors
  • Open, sort, and distribute incoming correspondence, including faxes and email
  • Perform general office duties such as ordering supplies, maintaining records management systems, and performing basic bookkeeping work
  • Prepare agendas and make arrangements for committee, board, and other meetings
  • Prepare invoices, reports, memos, letters, financial statements and other documents, using word processing, spreadsheet, database, and/or presentation software
  • Prepare responses to correspondence containing routine inquiries
  • Read incoming memos, submissions, and reports in order to determine their significance and plan their distribution
  • Review operating practices and procedures in order to determine whether improvements can be made in areas such as workflow, reporting procedures, or expenditures
  • Set up and oversee administrative policies and procedures for offices and/or organizations
  • May supervise and train other clerical staff
  • Has developed knowledge and skills in own area; may still be acquiring higher level skills
  • Works with moderate supervision/ guidance; accountable for individual results and impact on team
  • Expands knowledge and skills. Works on straightforward tasks using established procedures; work is subject to review by others
  • Develops knowledge and skills in basic practices and procedures within own area. Applies basic technical skills and knowledge to complete assigned work
  • Responds to standard requests from internal or external customers. Solves routine problems by following defined procedures
  • Works with others as part of a team 0-5 years of administrative experience
  • Previous experience in an engineering environment is preferable
  • Attention to detail. Proofreading and editing
  • Written, verbal, and interpersonal skills

Concrete Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assists the journey cement finisher on all work activities
  • Helpers are required to assist in staging materials and necessary tools to execute each work activity, and will assist in the layout and measuring of materials for installation
  • Often is required to perform runner/expeditor functions for the craftsperson as well as running down the Foreman or GF to answer questions or provide additional information
  • Observe flat drawings or diagrams and understand how they would look as solid objects
  • Work at heights without fear

Don Pathways Internship Program Student Trainee Electronic Mechanics Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Complete Resume
  • Transcripts/Proof of Enrollment
  • Veterans’ Preference Documents
  • Other supporting documentation as required. Please see the "REQUIRED DOCUMENTS" section and print out the applicant checklist. The applicant checklist will assist you in determining what documents you need submit
  • Shop attitude and interest
  • Ability to follow directions in a shop as work as a member of a team
  • Dexterity and safety

Distribution Line Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Construct overhead and underground distribution lines based on engineering specifications, including setting poles, pulling cable, setting transformers, etc
  • Install equipment such as transformers, capacitors, regulators, load control devices, meters, street lights, safe lights, etc
  • Maintain and repair equipment such as checking and doing preventative maintenance. Also involves using test equipment such as volt and amp meters to measure the performance of equipment
  • Ability to stand a minimum of 5-6 hours; may be on ground, in a bucket on a line truck, or at the top of a distribution pole
  • Ability to sit for a minimum of 2-3 hours; may be driving a truck or sitting in a manhole or an underground vault
  • Ability to push/pull weights up to 75 pounds
  • Ability to frequently climb or use authorized equipment to reach various heights and breadths
  • Ability to frequently and repetitively bend/stoop/squat
  • Manual dexterity to operate small hand tools, turn small knobs, etc
  • Completion of a Duke Energy Sponsored Qualified Event (Information Session)
  • Certificate from Lineman’s Training School
  • High School Diploma/GED or an equivalent combination of training and work experience
  • Experience in the Mining or Aggregates industry a plus
  • Acceptable performance, maintenance and safety history
  • Exhibit high levels of competency, skill and proficiency
  • Must either have or be able to obtain a Class B CDL License
  • May require working on the weekends or overtime
  • Must be willing to travel locally
  • Good work ethic, outgoing attitude and doesn't mind getting dirty on the job
  • The ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions
  • The ability to lift up to 60 lbs regularly
  • Assist Corrosion department with daily field work
  • Education or experience in an engineering field
  • Physical ability to do significant amounts of walking and bending
  • Proven written and verbal communication skills
  • Customer focused with proven ability to interact effectively and positively with both internal and external contacts/customers
  • Model "Customer 1st" behavior; deliver and encourage other associates to deliver excellent customer service
  • Read work order and follow verbal instructions
  • Make simple adjustments or repairs to trucks, trailers and dollies
  • Fuel trucks and refer trailers
  • Less than high school education plus six months experience in general work; or combination of relevant education and experience
  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Ability to work weekends and overtime on a frequent basis
  • Ability to operate a lift truck, diesel truck, and fuel truck

Coiled Tubing Helper / Operator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Present self at appointed time and place ready and able to perform work as instructed by supervisors
  • Follow instructions for spotting equipment on location
  • Complete Treatment Reports
  • Perform pre/post job equipment inspections. Specifically, perform pre-trip vehicular inspections
  • Complete DOT logs as required by regulation and training
  • Keep workspaces (including vehicles) clean and free of safety hazards at all times. Observe all safety rules at all times. Knows how to use and always utilizes Personal Protective Equipment
  • Assist in rig-ups/rig-downs as well as operation of all equipment during a job. Assist with maintenance of equipment, replenishment of stores and general housekeeping while in the shop. Perform scheduled maintenance on assigned equipment
  • Takes instruction on how to operate tools and equipment utilized on the job and in the shop. Specifically learn to independently (without constant supervision) operate and maintain fluid pumps and nitrogen equipment

Helper / Laborer Resume Examples & Samples

  • Maintains general housekeeping of the department per state and government regulations
  • Logs date and time of clean up
  • Cleans Chrome tanks and rectifiers by sweeping, mopping, or scrubbing
  • Properly labels hazardous chemicals
  • Mops walkways, shop floor and properly disposes hazardous waste
  • If masking is on parts, will remove masking
  • Adheres to safety regulations
  • Must have a Valid Class A CDL License
  • Minimum of one year experience in gas utilization, gas construction and/or gas meter shop operations is preferred
  • Must be able to be meet Operator Qualifications, including becoming respirator qualified
  • Must be able to lift up to 90 pounds
  • Must be able to work with others and take directions from Journeyperson
  • Must have team work, customer relations and communications abilities
  • Must have the ability to function under stress when investigating and repairing gas leaks involving public safety
  • Must be willing to learn and use computer applications as technology progresses
  • Previous construction or mechanical work experience is a bonus
  • NOTE: This position requires an assessments prior to being considered for an interview so please read the following instructions carefully
  • Create a profile by applying for a position
  • Apply to the job posting
  • Should you meet the minimum qualifications, you may receive an invitation to complete an online assessment. Please follow the assessment instructions carefully and complete the online assessment within 72 hours
  • If you are not selected for an interview, you will receive notice that the hiring leader has chosen to go with another candidate
  • If you do not successfully complete the assessment, you are eligible to re-take it after 6 months
  • Clean and prepare project sites to eliminate possible hazards
  • Operate small hand and power tools, decontamination of equipment,
  • May be asked to operate on road and off road haul and water trucks,
  • Handling of hazardous and non hazardous materials,
  • Valid drivers license with driving record within company established parameters 18 years of age or older
  • Ability to lift up to 60 pounds
  • Ability to pass pre employment physical and drug screen

Painters Helper / Prepper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Prepare vehicles and parts for painting using proper techniques, equipment, and materials
  • Maintain work area in clean and safe condition
  • Keep painter aware of work status

Structural Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Pulls, pushes or pries steel members into approximate position while member is supported by hoisting device
  • Loads, transports, unloads material, tools, equipment and supplies
  • May assist in lifting, positions and securing of materials and work pieces during installation
  • Picture solid objects from drawings or diagrams
  • Rate information using standards that can be measured or checked

Insulation Installer / Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Must be safety-focused
  • Willing to work inside crawl spaces, attics, basements and are comfortable with heights
  • Ability to work in, and promote, a team environment
  • Prolonged standing and repetitive motions, bending, stooping, pushing and pulling
  • Required to repetitively lift up to 70 lbs depending on the job
  • Hand dexterity and strength
  • Overtime may be required, including some weekends
  • Previous experience as an installer
  • Helping the driver of a garbage truck on specified routes to mechanically and manually collect solid waste
  • Transport collected solid waste to appropriate sites
  • Daily work will involve heavy industrial lifting, lifting wait high, gripping with hands, moving at a brisk consistent pace, and occasional bending
  • This position will also be responsible for safely, efficiently, and courteously serving customers
  • Safely directing traffic that comes in and out of the transfer station
  • Manual labor including sorting of recyclables
  • Assist in cleaning, pressure washing as needed
  • Operating equipment on a need basis (you will be trained if needed)
  • Assist customers by responding to inquiries
  • Perform assigned duties working at the transfer station
  • Flagging / Directing traffic as it comes through
  • Helping / Interacting with customers
  • At least 1 year of work experience. Preferably in a position where you utilize customer service skills
  • The ability to stand outside throughout a 10 hr shift
  • The ability to lift up to 50 lbs regularly
  • Must pass drug screen and pre-employment background check

Logistics Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Stage orders
  • Daily Cycle counts
  • Check that correct lot numbers are allocated for shipping
  • Clean orders
  • Label orders - based on Packing Slip
  • Receivein SAP and put away material
  • 5S assignments
  • Other required duties as assigned
  • Planning, problem solving and communication
  • Bias for Action & Achieving Results
  • Passion for Excellence
  • Must act in a professional manner
  • Must abide by safety, quality and all other site policies and procedures
  • Assist Sprinkler foreman with installation of fire sprinkler systems, including start up through final testing
  • Follow verbal and written instructions in English
  • Maintain a clear and safe work area
  • Must be able to work alternate shifts or weekends to meet customer’s requirements
  • Overnight travel may be required
  • Follow all Hoeganaes safety policies and procedures
  • Perform manual tasks, such as loading/unloading materials, crating/uncrating materials, breaking up caked/frozen materials, lifting brick or equipment, piling/stocking supplies and materials, digging out pits, etc
  • Mail pickup and deliveries and expedited material
  • Perform general clean-up duties in and around plant facilities and equipment, including waste disposal, occasionally cuts grass, police grounds, shovel snow, etc
  • Operate fork truck to transport materials and equipment
  • Assist operators and repairmen in processing repair activities as requested
  • Assist in operating, packaging, blending, and screening equipment as requested
  • Maintain a safe, clean, work environment at all times
  • Normally assigned on temporary basis to various job classifications for absences, vacations, and leaves of absence
  • Perform all tasks requested by the Supervisor and/or other management personnel
  • A combination of formal education, training, and experience to acquire knowledge and skills generally equivalent to those possessed by a high school graduate is required
  • Ability to operate a forklift and pass required Company training
  • 1-3 years of previous experience in an industrial or construction setting is preferred
  • Ability to work overtime on short notice is required

Collision Body Technician Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Repairs vehicles per estimate and according to manufacturer standards
  • Check parts against estimate and ensures proper parts are ordered and received
  • Prepares vehicles for body repair work
  • Notifies management of any additional repairs needed. Documents and additional parts and labor required to perform a satisfactory repair
  • Notifies management of any difficulties or problems that may prevent a quality job from being performed or cause a change in the promised time
  • Check parts against estimate and ensure proper parts are ordered and received
  • Maintains and wears all required safety and health personal equipment, including respirator, in the manner recommended by the equipment manufacturer
  • Complies with all laws and regulations pertaining to paint, thinners and other hazardous materials. Reports any deviations to management
  • Cooperates and assists other personnel in the repair and prepping of vehicles
  • Understands, keeps abreast of and complies with federal, state and local regulations that affect body shop operations, such as hazardous waste disposal, OSHA Right-to-Know, etc
  • Other duties may be assigned by management
  • Entry Level - related experience as a collision repair technician with heavy structural collision and frame experience a plus not required
  • ICAR or ASE certifications in auto body repair, painting and estimating, a plus
  • Certificate from Vocational School in Collision a plus
  • Working knowledge of all aspects of repairs for damaged vehicles including body work and when to replace or repair parts
  • Ability to read and following instructions on repair/estimate orders
  • Manage information and support in creating information
  • Handle entry and exit administration
  • Plan and organize internal and external e.g. events, meetings, workshops, trainings
  • Signal equipment operators to facilitate alignment, movement and adjustment of machinery, equipment, and materials
  • Smooth and finish freshly poured cement or concrete, using floats, trowels, screeds, or powered cement finishing tools
  • Tend to machines that pump concrete, grout, and sand
  • Lubricate, clean and repair machinery, equipment, and tools
  • Clean and prepare construction sites to eliminate possible hazards, while following all waste handling guidelines
  • Typically 3 years and above documented field experience in chosen craft discipline with ability to read and interpret instructions and document, plan and perform work activities independently
  • Assists with installing new or modified equipment at customer's facility to ensure full functionality
  • Reviews reports, work orders, and documentation from customers and night patrol representatives
  • Inspects malfunctioning or damaged product to assist in determining nature and scope of problem
  • Helps troubleshoot and repair sign equipment and structures
  • Performs electrical troubleshooting and repair to ensure functionality of electrical signs and lights
  • Prepares and uses materials consistent with specifications of job service order
  • Operates metal cutting equipment to accurately cut materials to service specifications
  • Operates welding equipment to weld sign parts together
  • Implements and maintains quality control and safety during service
  • Sands, Polishes, and cleans materials to be used for sign service
  • Layout materials to be used for sign service
  • Bends and shapes sign parts according to service specifications
  • Performs preventative maintenance and minor repairs to service department equipment
  • Provides a communication link between the customer and the company to help ensure that effective service is provided to the customer
  • Performs duties to ensure department meets expectations and deadlines
  • Assists in delivery of serviced signs and equipment
  • Drives YESCO sign and equipment delivery vehicle
  • Keeps shop area organized, clean and free from debris to maintain a safe working environment
  • Ability to move, lift, and carry materials, equipment, parts, and completed projects
  • Assists with lift and set-up and take-down of signs
  • Assesses and stocks truck with what tools are needed
  • Assists with installation of lights and electrical service
  • Cleans up job sites
  • Follows all safety guidelines and regulations
  • Cleans, stocks and maintains equipment
  • Digs holes for sign supports
  • Ability to deal effectively and tactfully with a wide variety of individuals in person, via telephone and in writing
  • Maintain regular and timely attendance
  • Perform packing jobs as necessary
  • Capture information on bills of lading
  • Compute charges
  • Assist as needed in loading trucks and/or containers for forward movement via interstate commerce
  • Perform work at warehouse as needed

X-ray Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Department/Operator Assistance
  • Ability to follow instructions, read, writes and performs mathematical calculations
  • Physical ability to perform the essential job functions

Melt Helper Trainee Resume Examples & Samples

  • Inspects molds before firing for surface distortion and imperfections such as dirt inside mold, air bubbles, cracks, and breaks
  • Loads molds into oven according to schedule, size and pulling molds for casting
  • Pours molds using the mechanical assisted pourer as well as the 200# and hand shank ladles; showing consistency in rate and style of pour
  • Demonstrates the correct and safe operation of all equipment used on the floor, be able to provide simple maintenance, and keep tools put away in the proper place
  • Maintains an orderly scrap yard with alloy in the proper location
  • Shows a general knowledge of all the metal alloys and alloying materials and know the approximate (+/- 20%) cost of each and how these materials can become contaminated. Demonstrates good habits of labeling and storing these materials
  • Demonstrates without assistance, the ability to construct ladles and tundishes of quality acceptable to QCPs
  • Shows a willing attitude and receives a favorable report from other department supervisors when low workload makes it necessary to be temporarily placed in another department
  • Demonstrates the correct stacking of poured molds to avoid breaking or damaging the molds
  • Experience and/or training are included in considerations
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing, read, follows and interprets instructions on technique cards, code sheets as well as other verbal or written instructions
  • Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations
  • Ability to maintain order and chain of custody on shell molds

Mixer Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Stand at end of oven, remove excess dough
  • Watch for burning of edges
  • Scrap dough, reintroduce to production
  • Shovel dough into the dye/sheeter
  • Pack household belongings for customers using supplies supplied by the company
  • List household belongings on inventory sheets as they are packed
  • Mark boxes with appropriate inventory tags to ensure proper documentation
  • Answer any questions the customer may have regarding packing of their belongings
  • Complete and understand company paperwork

Blasters Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Able and willing to work in an underground environment
  • Able to work safely and follow all federal and state laws and regulations as well as company policies
  • Able to pass a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobaco and Firearms background check - clean record required
  • Capable of lifting and carrying 50 lb boxes/bags of blasting agents
  • Able to work from a man basket at heights of up to 50 feet
  • Able to hand scale loose material with a pry bar
  • Able to use hand tools and operate mobile equipment including manlifts, pickup trucks and explosives auger/bulk trucks
  • Able to lay out drill patterns utilizing survey spads and string lines
  • Able to accurately perform basic math, addition and subtraction
  • Willing to work up to 12+ hours per day/6 days per week when needed
  • Must have reliable transportation to and from work
  • Highly dependable with the ability to work in a fast paced environment
  • MSHA Part 48 certification a plus
  • Must be able to work safely and follow all Federal and State laws and regulations as well as company and site specific policies
  • Responsible for housekeeping and general clean up. This includes heavy lifting and shoveling to maintain the plant area as well as greasing, belt splicing, changing head and tail pulleys, welding, fabrication work, general plant maintenance, operating equipment when necessary to assist production
  • Report unsafe conditions and report accidents or incidents immediately
  • Will perform heavy maintenance when required
  • This position will work second/third shift
  • Available to work overtime and weekends as business demands dictate
  • Prefer high school diploma or general education degree (GED)
  • 1-2 years of general labor and maintenance experience required
  • Prior experience working in a construction/mining environment highly desired
  • Heavy lifting required
  • Highly dependable, ability to work in fast paced environment
  • Equipment operation skills a plus
  • MSHA Part 48 Certification a plus

Seasonal Utility Helper SE Resume Examples & Samples

  • Previous construction or mechanical work experience
  • Must be in excellent physical condition and be able to handle a 90 pound jackhammer
  • There are two levels of temporary gas helper entry level and advanced
  • In order to be considered for placement in the advanced level, applicant must meet all requirements outlined above along with work experience in natural gas, polyfusion, possession of a CDL (Class A), operation of heavy equipment
  • Placement within the two levels will be commensurate with candidate's skills, education, experience and need
  • Applicant is required to successfully pass the Xcel Energy screening requirements, which include a drug test and security clearance

Service Representative Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Mush have customer service skills
  • Must be capable of moderately strenuous work
  • Must have good safe work ethic, good communication skills and commitment to customer service

Yards & Ground Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Operate powered equipment such as mowers, tractors, twin-axle vehicles, snow blowers, chain-saws, electric clippers, sod cutters, and pruning saws
  • Mow and edge lawns, using power mowers and edger
  • Shovel snow from walks, driveways, and parking lots, and spread salt in those areas
  • Care for established lawns by mulching, aerating, weeding, grubbing and removing thatch, and trimming and edging around flower beds, walks, and walls
  • Use hand tools such as shovels, rakes, pruning saws, saws, hedge and brush trimmers, and axes
  • Prune and trim trees, shrubs, and hedges, using shears pruners, or chain saws
  • Gather and remove litter
  • Maintain and repair tools, equipment, and structures such as buildings, greenhouses, fences, and benches, using hand and power tools
  • Mix and spray or spread fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides onto grass, shrubs, trees, using hand or automatic sprayers or spreaders
  • Provide proper upkeep of sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, fountains, planters, and other grounds features
  • Follow all OSHA, Monsanto, and Zachry Industrial Services safety policies and procedures. Attend all safety meetings as directed by your supervisor. Meet all PPE requirements for the site and each area of the plant
  • Perform work activities in a manner consistent with the principles of the “Monsanto Business Code of Conduct” and “Monsanto Pledge”
  • Assisting Driller/Operator with maintenance and tools
  • Perform various drilling activities including assisting the Driller/Operator with soil drilling, sampling, classification, in-situ testing, and monitoring well installation
  • Responsible for maintaining necessary logs/records and filing reports
  • Responsible for safety procedures on site

Tech Svcs-show Systems Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • 1-3 years general shop work and experience with tools and small equipment required
  • Position will encompass significant on-the-job-training; or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Valid Florida Driver’s License required to operate company vehicles
  • Regularly (2/3 of the time or more) stand for prolonged periods; walk for prolonged periods (including ability to walk at a given pace that is predetermined by a moving sidewalk); talk; hear audible alarms, voice commands with background noise; use hands and fingers to grip, pinch, handle or feel objects, tools or controls; climb stairs / ladders; work at heights for prolonged periods of time including heights with or without railings or over open pits greater than 4 feet; balance; stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl; reach, pull, push with hands and arms above head; reach, pull, push with hands and arms below head; work in an environment subject to vibrations; use close vision with or without corrective lens (clear vision at 20 inches or less); use distance vision with or without corrective lens (clear vision at 20 feet or more); adjust focus (ability to adjust the eye to bring an object into sharp focus while in changing light conditions e.g., sunshine to indoor or dark conditions); work in varied light conditions including low or diminished lighting; work in an environment with flashing lights including strobe lamps; maintain alertness and attentiveness up to 4 hours while working varying hours; maintain concentration/focus (e.g., ability to interpret the work environment and make decisions on predetermined operating policies and procedure)
  • Frequently (1/3 to 2/3 of the time) repeat motions more than twice per minute; repetition-using an input device-a keyboard or mouse-in a steady manner; lift up to 25 pounds with control; push up to 25 pounds with control; use color vision (ability to identify and distinguish colors); use peripheral vision (ability to observe an area that can be seen up and down or to the left and right while eyes are fixed on a given point); use depth perception (vision, ability to judge distances and spatial relationships); work in small or tight spaces
  • Occasionally (1/3 of the time or less) sit for prolonged periods; work in confined spaces i.e. manholes or work pits; ability to smell
  • Regularly (2/3 of the time or more) work in wet, humid conditions (non-weather); work in outdoor weather conditions to include direct sunlight, heat or cold; use a highreach (aerial lift); work with toxic or caustic chemicals, hazardous chemicals, fluorescent lamps or batteries; be exposed to bodily fluids (blood, vomit); be exposed to lasers, radiation equipment, and or electromagnetic forces; work on water attractions or yachts; perform maintenance or servicing of powerized (energized) equipment (pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical) LOTO
  • Frequently (1/3 to 2/3 of the time) use a forklift (sit down); transport hazardous waste; use a motorized company vehicle or a leased or personal vehicle for company business; be exposed to loud noise (noise when raised conversation is needed)
  • Occasionally (1/3 of the time or less) work in extreme cold (non-weather); work in extreme heat (non-weather); work with cranes; use an extendable boom forklift (lull); use a stand up forklift or motorized pallet jack; erect or work on scaffolding; work with paint/solvents; work with oils/fuels; work with aerosols (spray paints, brake cleaner); transport fuels or compressed gases

Plumber Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Operate jackhammers and drills to break up concrete or pavement
  • Position, join, align and seal structural components, such as concrete wall sections and pipes
  • Shovel cement and other materials into portable cement mixers: and mix, pour, and spread concrete
  • Operate, read, and maintain air monitoring and other sampling devices in confined and/or hazardous environments
  • Assisting build and positioning forms for pouring concrete, and dismantle forms after use, using saws, hammers, nails, or bolts
  • Control traffic passing near, in, and around work zones
  • Erect and disassemble scaffolding, shoring, braces, traffic barricades, ramps and other temporary structures
  • Previous experience in the field or related area
  • Make decisions based on measurable criteria
  • Has knowledge of commonly used concepts, practices and procedures within the field
  • Primary job functions do not typically require exercising independent judgement
  • Assists with railroad repairs and maintenance on fleet trains and tracks, repairing and replacing switches, rails, ties, and ballast. Cuts rails and drills holes
  • As directed, receives, identifies, inspects, marks, delivers and stores material, tools and equipment
  • Performs simple clerical or paperwork such as job material inventory records, various field reports and preparing orders
  • Performs such other related duties as assigned or as necessary
  • Successfully passing the CAST exam at Level Five
  • Motor vehicle operator’s license and the ability to obtain a CDL license within six (6) months (All Regional Helpers and Helper-Material) or when required by the company (Generation Support Helpers)
  • General knowledge of materials, tools, and equipment used in construction and maintenance work
  • Intelligence adequate to observe conditions, learn methods including basic computer-based applications pertaining to the job, and follow instructions
  • Strength and endurance to perform the above duties
  • Ability to obtain Asbestos Worker license
  • Ability to adhere to the Safety Rules applicable to the work performed
  • Ability to obtain respirator certification

Shop Burner Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Clean and prepare site to eliminate possible hazards, while following all waste handling guidelines
  • Dig ditches or trenches, backfill excavations, and compact and level earth to grade specifications, using picks, shovels, pneumatic tampers, and rakes
  • Load, unload, and identify building materials, machinery, and tools, and distribute them to the appropriate locations, according to project plans and specifications
  • Act as a Watchwhen welding or metal cutting is performed by craft workers
  • Read and interpret plans, instructions, and specifications to determine work activities
  • Relies on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job. Works under immediate supervision

Dismantling Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist Dismantler/Trainer with dismantling vehicles
  • Learn and complete system of dismantling, tagging and storing of all parts
  • Work with Engine Dismantlers as needed to learn engine dismantling
  • Comply with all safety standards and requirements to assure a safe and hazard-free workplace

Helper, Sprinkler Inspection Resume Examples & Samples

  • SimplexGrinnell Inspector Helpers are responsible for assisting with routine inspections, testing, service, and preventative maintenance on Sprinkler, Electrical, and life safety product lines as well as similar competitive manufacturers’ product lines
  • Complete Service Acknowledgements with proper coding through communication devices such as laptop computers, smartphones, and/or hard copy
  • Follow and maintain a highly structured inspection schedule
  • Input, retrieve and archive inspection documents via laptop computer
  • Complete assigned inspections on time. Perform other duties as assigned

OP Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • 1-3 years is required
  • 3-5 years will be preferred
  • High School GED
  • Passed workkeys
  • Performs Preventative Maintenance Checks on HVAC equipment in customers' homes
  • Rides with or meets Break/Fix Technician at designated locations to assist with service calls when assigned
  • Shuttles parts and supplies to Break/Fix Technician when applicable
  • Works as a dedicated team member of the HVAC team to ensure fast, flexible and expert service to every customer
  • Follows the Value Added Services Process (i.e., selling extended warranties, water filters, generating customer interest in new Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems as appropriate) by effectively communicating the benefits to the customer
  • Maintains the highest level of service standards and communicates openly with District Technical Production Manager to assist as needed with resolving customer issues
  • Installs new HVAC systems and related accessories according to safety and manufacturer's specifications
  • Ensures complete protection of customer's property by installed and servicing Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and material in a safe, professional and expeditious manner
  • Removes any equipment necessary for the installation of new HVAC product and material according to manufacturer's specifications
  • Cleans up work areas, including any areas that were utilized for the installation process
  • Maintains truck stock inventory and ensures maintenance schedules are within the Company guidelines (i.e., wash truck weekly, oil changes), and ensures tools and equipment are in safe operating condition
  • Adheres to all Company policies and procedures
  • Completes all Technician training elements successfully within required timeframes
  • EPA Certification Required
  • Years of Related Experience: 1-2 Years
  • Valid Driver's License Required
  • Age Requirement: 18+
  • Knowledge of basic electrical principles
  • Ability to communicate, read, understand and apply written text of a technical nature in order to answer questions, solve problems or complete job tasks
  • Complete knowledge of all tools, equipment and materials used to perform services on Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units
  • Ability to receive truck stock at home if a Company vehicle is retained at the Break/Fix Technician's residence or other location
  • Ability to work variable and flexible hours, including significant overtime as needed
  • Ability to handle stressful situations and work in a fast paced environment
  • Ability to lift and carry up to 75 lbs
  • Ability to frequently bend, stoop, kneel, stretch, twist, reach and climb
  • Ability to access interior and exterior landscapes
  • Keeping a worker supplied with materials and tools
  • Cleaning working area, machine, and equipment
  • Assisting journeyman by holding materials or tools
  • Mow and trim lawns and shrubbery, using mowers and hand and power trimmers, and clear debris from grounds
  • Performing other unskilled tasks as directed by journeyman

Drill Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assisting in operation and maintenance of drill rigs, associated vehicles and equipment
  • Maintaining a drilling log and classifying soils (PSI will provide training for these tasks)
  • Loading and unloading supplies for daily drilling activities
  • Ability to work outdoors assisting drill rig operator in ALL types of weather year-round; and
  • Ability to lift up to 80 lbs
  • Casting, test material, and document receiving inspection and preparation
  • Casting and fixture loading as required by written work instructions
  • Heat-treat furnace set-up, operation, maintenance, surveys and shut-down
  • Maintain and file heat treat documentation including data entry of heat treat runs
  • Responsible for maintenance of a clean heat-treat area, including equipment
  • Forklift and overhead crane operation
  • Understand the operations and flow of parts through the process
  • Organize time efficiently to maintain a steady flow of parts while focusing on priorities
  • Ability to follow written and verbal instructions
  • Work well with limited supervision
  • Is responsible for inventory supplies reported to supervisor
  • Work in a safe conscientious manner, adheres to safety rules
  • Communicate both orally and in writing to co-workers, Supervisor and Engineers
  • Ability to work with hands and posses a good mechanical aptitude
  • Responsible for training new operators

Core Shack Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Proceeds with the sampling, storing and delivering of core, mucks and chips samples
  • Ensures all equipment for core shack activities are in good order and in good quantities
  • Participates in diamond drilling campaigns activities by performing inspection of drill sites, laying out trails to the drills and testing ice thickness when necessary
  • Tracking of relevant information into a database
  • Minimum of experience as core shack helper or equivalent experience
  • Underground requirement such as Common core or equivalent will be an asset
  • Hold or eligible for a first aid certification
  • Possess the physical requirements to perform the job (lifting between 50-75 pound on a regular basis)
  • Possess a good ethic work, a positive attitude and ability to work in Team
  • Experience working in a multicultural environment
  • Strong ability to effectively communicate in English (oral and written)
  • Operating the tire shredder and tipper
  • Operating the semi truck with trailer on site only
  • Using other heavy equipment as needed
  • Manual labor; such as paper picking, heavy lifting, shoveling and digging
  • Performing assigned duties at the landfill

Bakers Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Unload stock, code date, rotate product to ensure customers receives the freshest product possible
  • Follow all proceedures in accordance with company standards (GEBS, 5-S, Safety Procedures) to eliminate out of stocks, maintain presentation, increase sales, increase customer satisfaction, maintain an accident free work environment and decrease shrink
  • Customer Focused

Shapecutter Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Previous experience working in a manufacturing environment
  • Previous experience operating a forklift
  • The ability to pass a 1G flat weld assessment
  • The ability to operate an overhead crane
  • The ability to read a tape measure and use a caliper
  • The ability to maintain an organized working environment
  • The ability to communicate and interact with coworkers in a positive manner
  • The ability to pay attention to detail and follow work instructions
  • Must be a person of passion and integrity who has the drive to excel and deliver exceptional results
  • Perform all duties and responsibilities with Company safety rules and procedures
  • Must be in good physical condition, able to work in all weather conditions, and capable of wearing appropriate health and safety equipment, including but not limited to a respirator
  • Must be physically fit to work in strenuous manual labor position with possible hazardous waste exposure. Must able be able to meet physical parameters of DOT and Environmental (Type IV) physical
  • Must be able to complete OSHA 29CFR1910.120 40 Hour course and appropriate refreshers and other safety courses by written exam
  • Work in varying weather conditions
  • Conduct daily inspections of cell related equipment (forklifts, etc.) verify inspections are properly performed and documented
  • Communicate with the Maintenance Department, Operations Lead, and Supervisors or Managers for any situations that arise
  • 5S standards for the cell must be maintained
  • Demonstrate the ability to read and interpret, in English, process sheets, shop orders and instructions
  • Ability to be certified by Arconic EHS and OSHA standards to operate a forklift
  • Will be required to wear a respirator
  • One year of experience in a Manufacturing Environment
  • This position is subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) which requires U.S. person status. ITAR defines U.S. person as an U.S. Citizen, U.S. Permanent Resident (i.e. ‘Green Card Holder’), Political Asylee, or Refugee
  • Works with skilled crafts-persons
  • General knowledge in operating principles of gasoline and diesel powered equipment and associated electrical systems, and electronic controller, hydraulics, brake systems and drive train components preferred
  • Performs maintenance and corrosion control of E-28 Shore Based Arresting Gear, PAPI, and Solar Taxiway Lights
  • Responsible for care of Government equipment, tools, property and materials, and assure that they are properly maintained and safeguarded
  • Performs specific tasks in accordance with verbal and/or written instructions
  • Assists lead with tasks associated with Formal Navy Inspections
  • Performs tasks in compliance with OPNAVINST 5100.23 Shore Safety Manual and OPNAVINST 3750.6 Naval Safety Program, and use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times
  • Report any system outages in the absence of a lead person
  • Will be cross trained/utilized in other areas as security clearance allows
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Supervisor
  • A minimum of two years apprenticeship or equivalent work experience in a direct or related field is desired
  • E-28 Shore Based Arresting Gear, PAPI, and Solar Taxiway Lights experience desired
  • Must have ability to obtain appropriate State, (CADL) and Government licenses
  • Must be able to work flexible hours
  • Must be able to take directions and instructions to perform tasks by the Lead person
  • Must be able to show documented proof of Mechanical experience
  • Must be able to obtain and maintained the Airfield Vehicle Operators Course License
  • Electrical experience desired
  • Forklift experience desired
  • Must have computer skills andk knowledge in use of Microsoft Word/Excel/Outlook

Drillers Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Must be able to lift 80lbs
  • Driver’s License Required, CDL class A or B is preferred
  • Experience with heavy equipment operation
  • Must be willing to work outdoors despite weather conditions 12 months out of the year
  • Some Travel will be required
  • Minimum 40 hours a week, Overtime after 40 hours. Occasional weekend work required
  • Experience preferred, but will train individual with basic mechanical knowledge
  • Work experience1-2years
  • Expenses control, employee assistance, documentation / statements, SAP updates, external suppliers control, payroll support
  • Training logistics support, office supplies management
  • Guidelines / worksheets / folders updates
  • Hiring / dismissal / resignation processes support
  • Support Global Operations team in different tasks

Anodize Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Properly record all required data on Shop Traveler and verify all prior procedures have been approved before proceeding with any processes
  • Count and scan all incoming and outgoing parts from the area
  • Select appropriate rack according to size, shape, and number of parts to be anodized; inspect rack for usability
  • Wire or clip parts to anodizing rack and immerse rack in series of cleaning, etching, and rinsing baths as required
  • Rack, un-rack and hang parts on racks to air dry
  • Degrease parts for anodize processing
  • Use solvents to remove dirt and oil from parts
  • Operate pallet jack to move parts from one location to another
  • Clean, organize and maintain work area as directed in accordance with 5-s principles

Paint Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Loads and moves materials to and from work area
  • Assists painters in the movement of paint shelves to and from the paint turntables
  • Applies masking to articles as directed by Area Masking Leads
  • Cleans and prepares surface of articles to be painted
  • Loads and unloads high bake ovens as directed by area lead
  • Provides for the racking and turning parts to be painted
  • Racks work pieces and inspects, marks, and transfers finished pieces to shipping areas
  • Furnishes Painter with materials, tools, and supplies
  • Performs other routine duties
  • Wears and maintains proper personal protective equipment
  • Clean, organize and maintain work area as prescribed by supervision

Penetrant Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Retrieve baskets / part to be dipped
  • Scan work order in
  • Start and read Dwell timer and document actual time
  • Grab drying basket & fixtures, wash parts
  • Rack parts in drying basket
  • Move washed parts into penetrant dryer / oven
  • Complete documentation, scan out
  • Place work order in file for penetrant inspector

Gantry Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Loads and unloads materials, parts, or products onto or from pallets, skids, or trucks
  • Delivers metal parts or stock to designated work areas for machining
  • Lifts and removes metal parts or stock onto machine
  • Adds coolant to reservoirs of machines and lubricates machine parts
  • Removes metal chips and shavings from surfaces of machines
  • Cleans around work areas
  • Separates metal shavings, chips, and scrap materials
  • Proven attendance record
  • Ability to question, understand, and follow written and verbal instructions
  • Previous forklift experience preferred
  • Ability to work any shift and overtime, including weekends and holidays if necesssary

Electricians Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Run conduit to/from service equipment to devices per electrical prints/schematics
  • Install electrical devices such as distribution panels, lights, receptacles, switchgear, UPS, generator, TVSS, etc
  • Pull wire and make terminations of the complete electrical system for equipment
  • Label system components
  • Troubleshoot controls, both mechanical and electrical
  • Maintains safe, secure and healthy environment by adhering to Company/Customer safety standards and practices and to legal regulations, alerting others regarding potential hazards or concerns
  • Performs all duties as assigned and adheres to TEAM's Core Values of
  • Integrity – means doing the right thing
  • Innovation – supports continuous growth and improvement
  • Transposes alpha numbers to cut parts
  • Other duties as defined by supervision
  • Prefer a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Must be able to read a tape measure
  • Must possess good basic math skills
  • Knowledge of Equipment Assembly, Installation, Repair, etc
  • Technical Practices (theoretical, precise, artistic)
  • Ability to Interpret Instructions, Specifications, etc. (other than blueprint reading)
  • Measurement and Layout
  • Ability To Use and Maintain Tools and Equipment
  • Knowledge of Materials

Resin Room Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Monitor line operations to ascertain usage of materials, replenish materials in time to avoid interruption of production
  • Report production information, scrap, material transfers and all other reports needed
  • Report defective materials, improper equipment operation and unusual conditions to supervisor
  • Maintain work areas and equipment in a clean safe and orderly condition
  • Follow all prescribed and safety regulations
  • Dispose of any waste materials prescribed by HazMat procedures
  • Carry mixed resin to proper machines
  • Move pallets from composite area to designated area
  • Ensure supplies of Resin Mixer are replenished to avoid interruption of mixing time
  • Printing of veils on the printing machine
  • Cut mat and surface material to designated size and in sufficient amounts to meet require demands of production lines
  • Ability to use and read tape measures, scales, calculator, hand and portable power tools
  • Must have to ability to stand for extended periods of time, use hand and arms to reach, push, pull, stoop, kneel and lift up to 75 lbs. without assistance
  • Work with and around chemicals/solvents and work in hot and cold environments
  • Ability to interpret and follow written and verbal instructions
  • Assist in and perform inspection activities on electrical fire alarm systems throughout Nova Scotia
  • Assist technicians as required on job sites that may include troubleshooting or installations
  • Adhere to and promote company EHS Safe work practices
  • Demonstrates basic knowledge of electricity/electronics preferred
  • Ability to effectively work well independently and approve inspection paperwork
  • Demonstrates an aptitude for troubleshooting systems and performing necessary repairs
  • Ability to identify and sell basic product enhancements to customers
  • Be highly detailed
  • A valid motor vehicle license is required
  • Must be able to pass criminal record background check

Utility Systems Repairer Operator Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • To fax your documents, you must use the following USAS Cover Page and provide the required information. Vacancy ID is 1945444
  • Click the following link to view and print the occupational questionnaire -View Occupational Questionnaire
  • Print the 1203FX form, follow the instructions and provide your responses to the occupational questionnaire items
  • Current, Valid State Driver's License if required
  • Other Supporting Documents if applicable such as

Mcdavid Lincoln Refinishing Technician Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Repair planning: approaches repair planning with a sense of urgency and detail to avoid waste and rework later in the process
  • Parts procurement: assists in identifying and sourcing parts as necessary
  • Vehicle repair: performs quality repairs without passing on defects
  • Safe & organized workplace: consistently utilizes all required safety equipment and follows proper repair procedures. Adheres to all requirements for hazardous waste disposal. Keeps personal work area organized and returns tools, materials and equipment to designated areas
  • Predictable and reliable attendance required
  • Testing all the enhancements made by Tools and Operations UA
  • Hold a bachelor degree in computer science or similar
  • Good level of written and spoken English
  • Have an interest/experience in quality assurance (software testing)

Qr-office Helper, Qatar Airways, Istanbul Resume Examples & Samples

  • Carry out general office duties (photocopying and scanning documents, distribution of mail and collection of outgoing mail, replenishment of office supplies, routine filing) and other routine functions as directed by the supervisor
  • Assist in maintaining sufficient stock levels of office/ pantry supplies and service forms
  • Prepare & serve beverages guests and undertake all other kitchen duties
  • Assist clients/ guests and office personnel when required
  • High School Qualification (e.g. O Level, Year 10, min compulsory education)
  • Up to 2 years of job related work experience
  • Minimum one year in general office functions, preferably in multinational/airline/hospitality organisation
  • Able to perform a range of clerical tasks
  • Replace and repair door hardware, lock, and keys
  • Perform interior and exterior painting to include; experience with all types of paint, matching paint type to proper application, surface preparation, including wood, metal and drywall, and minor repair work in wood, metal, and drywall
  • Respond quickly to emergency situations and customer concerns
  • Police landscaping, common area, and parking facilities
  • Perform snow removal/leaf sweeping as needed
  • Comply with all applicable codes, regulations, governmental agency and Company directives as related to building operations and practice safe work habits

Helper Clerk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Create an environment that enables customers to feel welcome, important and appreciated by answering questions regarding products sold within the department and throughout the store
  • Gain and maintain knowledge of products sold within the department and be able to respond to questions and make suggestions about products
  • Inform customers of grocery specials
  • Provide customers with fresh products that they have ordered
  • Recommend grocery items to customers to ensure they get the products they want and need
  • Check product quality to ensure freshness. Review "sell by" dates and take appropriate action
  • Strive for at least five items in the bag while ensuring that contents or items are not damaged
  • Follow best practices for bagging items in various types of bags (reusable/plastic/paper)
  • Assist in removing customer's merchandise from bottom of bascart for checkout
  • Offer assistance to customers with loading bags into their car
  • Return merchandise to store shelves
  • Gather bascarts and return them to designated areas
  • Understand the store's layout and have the ability to locate products and conduct price checks for cashiers
  • Order, label, stock and inventory department merchandise
  • Ensure proper temperatures in cases and coolers are maintained and temperature logs are maintained
  • Use all equipment in grocery department such as refrigerators, freezers, baler, u-boats, compactor, forklift, and pallet jacks according to company guidelines
  • Report all safety risks or issues, and illegal activity, including: robbery, theft or fraud
  • Knowledge of basic math (counting, addition, and subtraction)
  • Current food handlers permit once employed
  • Retail experience
  • Education and Experience
  • Must be able to operate motor vehicles, to complete pickup and delivery of equipment and other assigned duties. Must have valid Driver’s License and a clean driving record. Motor vehicle print out may be required as proof
  • Must be able to lift objects weighing 50 pounds and climb ladders repeatedly
  • There will be a requirement to pass the following tests; Heat Stress, Asbestos Awareness, Lock Out/ Tag Out, Respiratory Protection and Safety (all written). Satisfactory completion of a physical fitness test is required
  • American citizenship or green card required. Candidates will be required to pass a background check and obtain client’s security clearance

CPT Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Good mechanical and technical aptitude
  • Must have current driver’s license with record in accordance with Company and DOT policies
  • Background check results must be acceptable for entrance to government sites and chemical plants and acceptable for issuance of TWIC card
  • Most work performed outdoors in undeveloped areas
  • Driller Helper shall be capable of pushing a standard two-handle construction wheelbarrow loaded with a typical concrete sample for a distance of 40 feet
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Have a valid driver's license and have a clean driving record
  • Must be able to pass a drug test

Greenkeeper s Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Job requires the use and training of power equipment to include but not limited to chain saws, weed whacker, twin-axle vehicles, snow blowers, electrical clippers, pruning saws, mower, pressure washer, and portable generators along with small power and hand tools
  • Maintain the properties by keeping them green, raked, and watered
  • Irrigate greens, tees and other areas
  • Repairs ball marks on greens
  • Repairs divots and re-seeds tees and other areas
  • Rakes and maintains sand traps
  • Assists in the construction of new greens, tees, fairways and other landscaping
  • Provide the upkeep of the sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, planters, or other grounds features
  • Shovel snow from sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, planters and surrounding areas
  • Meet Environmental objectives and targets that will be communicated through Aramark
  • Perform other work as assigned
  • Speak, read, and write English
  • Lifting and carrying 50 pounds
  • Constant bending and movement
  • Must have basic math skills
  • Must have full working knowledge of landscaping trade
  • Knowledge of native High Sierra Flora and previous gardening experience of 6 months
  • Must know local flora and fauna along with the fertilizers and insecticides allowed to be used in the park
  • Assist in designing and replacement of all planting and trail areas as needed
  • Assist with daily work orders and projects, including grounds labor when required
  • Employee will be aware of environmental objectives and targets within their department and how the objectives and targets affect their job performance
  • Must have valid Driver's License and be at least 21 years of age
  • Must have a working knowledge of hand & small power tools
  • Must possess a working knowledge of gasoline powered landscape equipment (mowers, edgers, trimmers, chainsaw, etc)
  • Valid Texas drivers license
  • Must be able to stand and work as long as 12 hours in different positions
  • Must be able to work outdoors and endure temperature and extreme weather

Engineering Helper Resume Examples & Samples

  • Maintain lighting system bulbs and ballasts
  • Assist the operations team in the maintenance and repair of building and equipment
  • General interior maintenance – hang pictures, install keyboard trays, repair office furniture systems and repair doors
  • Minor plumbing repairs
  • Completes special tasks that include but are not limited to; painting, locksmith work, tenant services requests and general maintenance as assigned
  • Moves office furniture, machinery, equipment and other materials as requested
  • Perform assigned facility inspections and due diligence efforts, reporting on as found conditions impacting satisfactory client occupancy and operations
  • This position requires the employee to be on call for after-hours emergencies
  • Comply with all safety procedures, maintaining good housekeeping and safety of work areas. Recognize danger and safety hazards and propose methods to eliminate them
  • Maintain compliance to State, County, or City Ordinances, Codes, or Laws
  • Complies with all policies for the safe storage, usage and disposal of hazardous materials
  • Completion of an applicable training program, desirable
  • Minimum 1 year of applicable working experience in general building repair and maintenance, basic plumbing, and basic electrical
  • Position requires excellent communication skills in English, both oral and written
  • Must have ability to lift a minimum of 80lbs, use ladders up to 30ft, work from heights
  • Position requires frequent climbing, bending, kneeling, lifting stooping, working/extending overhead and driving for long periods of time
  • Must be able to climb a ladder with a 300lb weight limit while carrying a tool bag weighing approximately 20lbs

Related Job Titles

resume helper job duties

Job Description And Resume Examples

Construction Helper Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Construction Helper Job Description

This post provides complete information on the job description of a construction helper to enable you learn the work they do.

It provides the key tasks, duties, and responsibilities that commonly define the construction helper work description in most companies.

It also highlights the major requires employers/recruiters usually want individuals interested in the construction helper position to meet to be considered for hiring.

Please, continue reading to increase your knowledge of the construction helper career:

What Does a Construction Helper Do?

A construction helper is responsible for assisting construction workers to carry out a variety of tasks such as tidying up work areas, unloading materials, preparing worksites, cleaning debris, and executing other tasks as assigned.

A construction helper serves important roles on a construction site by expediting the completion of construction projects.

A variety of trades may use the services of construction helpers, such as carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians, and roofers, while some other construction helpers may work in various companies as full-time employees or on a part-time basis.

The construction helper job description entails various tasks that are required on a construction site.

He/she is expected to complete a wide range of duties in his or her daily activities, including unloading materials such as lumber, tools, and other necessary and relevant equipment at a construction site.

He or she may also be required to load materials that will be transported from one construction site to the other.

Another duty that is carried out by a construction helper is to set up equipment that will be used on a construction site, which may involve setting up work stations, running lines for power tools, erecting scaffolding, laying out tools, preparing forms for the pouring of concrete on foundations, handing various tools to workers as they perform their various tasks.

A construction helper may also be responsible for assisting with framing and other tasks or for performing light construction duties such as pouring concrete on foundations, installing sheetrock, operating various equipment, digging trenches, nailing boards together for framing, assisting tradesmen with the installation of windows, electrical or plumbing systems, or other areas of the construction project.

The job role of a construction helper demands that the ideal candidate should demonstrate certain skills and qualities to be effective on the job.

These include good mechanical skills, excellent physical stamina and/or strength, good listening skills, well-developed organizational skills, decent math skills, excellent time management skills, strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to be a team player; good verbal and written communication skills and excellent time management skills.

In terms of academic qualifications, most employers do not require prospective candidates for the construction helper position to hold a postsecondary degree.

However, a High School diploma may be typically required.

Some employers may also accept candidates who possess little experience on the job.

Construction Helper Salary: The average salary for a construction helper is $38,100 annually.

Construction Helper Job Description Example/Sample/Template

A construction helper is expected to carry out a wide range of duties, tasks, and responsibilities. The sample job description below shows the major ones:

  • Assisting with plumbing, digging trenches, installations, laying out of tools, and performing several other masonry works.
  • Ensuring that construction sites are well-managed and kept clean
  • Tidying up and preparing construction sites, while also ensuring that safety rules and regulations are strictly adhered to
  • Carrying out a variety of assigned tasks on construction sites which may include assisting construction site engineers and supervisors .
  • Getting rid of the trash, debris, and other potentially dangerous materials from construction sites
  • Assisting construction project manager in the process of surveying to determine what materials are being kept or removed for an upgrade.
  • Loading, unloading, and identifying building materials and ensuring that they are distributed to the appropriate locations
  • Servicing and operating compressors, generators, power/hand tools, and several other construction equipment.

Construction Helper Job Description for Resume

If you are writing a resume or CV, you will need to include the professional or work experience section in it if you have some work experience in the position of a construction helper.

Your resume or CV will certainly get a boost if you have a professional experience section that shows that you have been successful performing the duties and responsibilities of a construction helper.

This piece of information will be highly useful to your job application if the new position that you are seeking requires the construction helper work experience to be effective on it.

You will be able to make a compelling professional experience section for your resume or CV by applying the construction helper job description example above.

Construction Helper Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

Some of the essential skills and qualifications that are usually required by recruiters/employers to work as a construction helper include:

  • Good mechanical skills, since a construction helper must be able to operate light construction equipment such as trenchers, forklifts, and several other tools that are used on construction sites
  • Physical stamina and/or strength, since a construction helper must be able to lift at least 100 pounds of weight and also carry heavy tools in all kinds of weather daily
  • Good listening skills, since he or she must be able to follow instructions and ensure that they are executed efficiently and effectively
  • Good organizational skills which enable him or her to set up various tools and materials and also manage and monitor them
  • Excellent time management skills, since building projects are on schedule in most cases and a construction helper must complete assigned tasks promptly
  • Decent math skills, as this is required to ensure precision and/or accuracy in tasks like pouring concrete, cutting lumbers, and so on
  • Several years of experience in a related or relevant job role/position
  • At least a High School diploma, since a formal postsecondary degree is not required.

This post is useful to individuals interested in the construction helper career. They will be able to increase their knowledge of the duties and responsibilities commonly associated with the role, and so will be able to decide if that is the work they love to do.

Employers/recruiters who are looking to hire for a vacant construction helper role will also find this post useful in producing a detailed job description for the position in their organizations.


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