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Resume templates

Put your best qualities on display with professional, customizable resume and cv templates. no matter your line of work or length of professional history, you'll find resume and cv templates that'll help you get the gig..

Resume template surrounded by 3D design elements

Download free resume templates

Land your dream job with free, customizable resume templates. Showcase your potential to recruiters and stand out from other candidates with a professional template. Whether you're applying to corporate positions or creative roles, go with a sleek design or show your creativity with bold colors .

Resumes don't need to look boring—add flair to your professional experience with a creative resume template. There are plenty of resume designs to choose from, like simple resume templates and modern resume templates. Each resume template is fully customizable in Microsoft Word , so you can personalize each design element and add your own text. Using a template also makes it easier to customize your resume for each position you apply to.

Print out as many copies as you'd like or download the template for free to share digitally when applying online. These professional resume templates are perfect for any stage of life or career. Whether you're a high school student, actor, or seeking a career in nursing, you can find any format for any job type.

There are also a variety of free CV (Curriculum Vitae) templates to choose from. A CV is often longer than a resume and contains an in-depth look at your education and professional accomplishments. Like our resume templates, these CV templates are also customizable in Word.

Remember, your next job is only a template away! Once you've customized your resume, explore free cover letter templates to help you land the job.

My Resume Templates

Free Resume Templates For Word

Over 100 resume templates to download for free in Word format! Our resume templates are validated by human resources professionals. Discover various examples and download your free resume template.

professional resume template

Professional Resume

personal resume template

Personal Resume Example

college resume example

College Resume

work resume template

Work Resume Template

executive resume sample

Executive Resume Sample

one page resume template word free download

One Page Resume Template

job resume template example

Job Resume Template

high school resume template

High-School Resume

student resume template

Student Resume

nursing resume template

Nursing Resume

best cv format

CV Template

administrative assistant resume template

Administrative Resume

cv europass format

CV Europass Free Download


Effective Resume Format

accountant resume sample

Accountant Resume

Why download our resume templates?

free resume templates

Resume Formats and Letter Templates completely free. Modify them to your taste with your preferred color and font.


+100 Formats and Examples

More than 100 Resume Templates to download and edit for free. Cover letter examples included.

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You don’t have to create an account or register to have free access to all My Resume Templates.

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My Resume Templates are quick and easy to edit. Download and edit the form with your professional information.

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All our Resume Templates are created by experts in the field of recruitment and job search.

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All available formats

Download your Resume Template in different formats: Word, PDF, Powerpoint, for Mac, Open Office, and Google Docs.

How to download our free resume templates

Go to the page of your chosen template and click free download . Your download will start after a few seconds.

Open your resume template in Word and customize it with your work experience, education, skills, etc.

Export your Word document as PDF .

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Job Resume Examples

At My Resume Templates, you will find resume templates grouped by profession . Our recruiters and job search experts have designed resume templates for the most common and leading jobs. Explore the professional resumes we have provided for free for you to export in various formats!

Job search tips

how to make a resume

Resume Templates ideal for any file type

There are four types of templates suitable for resumes. Sometimes the job description will indicate which format or file the resume should be in. But if this information is not available, you can find all our resumes in different formats below for free download .

resume word

Word Resume Formats

Microsoft Word is one of the best formats to edit your resume quickly and professionally. Find over 100 Resume Templates in Word for free.

resume pdf

PDF Resume Templates

All our resumes can be downloaded and saved in PDF format. This type of format has a small file size and is compatible with any device.

profesional resume

Professional Resume Templates

resume google docs

Resume Formats in Google Docs

Resumes in Google Docs are a good option to easily download and edit the document. You can also securely share it with recruiters.

Everything you need to create a good resume in 2023

Create your resume in minutes using one of our free resume templates.

We have designed and compiled the best CV templates so that you don’t have to stress if you don’t happen to be a design guru (don’t worry, not many of us actually are). 

With four categories to choose from, and over 100 free resume templates available, you will have no issues finding the one that works for you, while laying out your qualities in a way that will turn your future employer’s attention towards you.

Whether you are a student , engineer , project manager or nurse , you will have no trouble finding the right resume template for you . We also share tips in our blog for enhancing your writing to be able to confidently highlight your own strengths and areas of expertise. Free downloadable resume templates!

Why is a resume important?

Your resume is the first impression you make to a recruiter. With possibly hundreds of other candidates applying for the same position, you want to be sure that yours is unique and stands out. For that to become a reality, your resume has to be both well written, and well structured .

As a job seeker, you already have one goal in mind, and that is to secure an interview with a recruiter. This will be your chance to elaborate on your experiences and exhibit your communication skills, and it is more likely to happen using a resume template that helps you highlight all your special skills from the start. 

Luckily, you will find all types of free resume examples here that will surely fit your style and help you get started. 

What type of resume do I need?

Depending on your line of work, you want a resume template that fits. That’s why we have grouped them into four types . You can search for your resume template by career type, or choose between modern , basic , or creative templates. After you’ve downloaded the free template, you can easily add your information, customize it with your style, export it as PDF and print it or send it to your recruiter, or both!

What is the best format for sending a resume in 2023?

We believe that sending a resume in both Word and PDF formats makes it easy for automated resume checkers to read the file and scan it for relative keywords that match with the position you are applying for. 

It also simplifies the editing process for you and allows you to change the font and text color to fit your personal style, so that you can be rest assured that your CV reflects you professionally and personally if you find yourself hesitating to hit that “send” button.

Where do I start when editing one of these resume templates?

A good place to start editing would be by filling in your name and job search title, making sure that it matches the position you are applying for . Then you can move on to filling in your work experience while emphasizing the achievements you have made that added to the growth of your previous companies or clients. 

The last step to the process should be adding your career objective statement , explaining briefly what your aspirations are for your future role in the company and how your previous experience has prepared you to take up the position you are seeking. Browse through 10 examples of career objectives for a resume to help you get inspired to write your own!

Our experts have also provided you with further tips that have proven to enhance the chances of getting that interview call . Check out our blog post on how to make a resume to help guide you through this process.

What skills should I include on my resume?

It can be a little bit overwhelming when it comes down to figuring out what skills and work experience are the most relevant to the position you are applying for. That’s why here you can also find a selection of the top skills to put on a resume that are relevant to all types of job positions and can be included on all types of CVs. 

Listed below are a collection of soft-skills that you can add now to your free resume template and get it out of the way.

  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Active listening
  • Computer proficiency
  • Time management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Project management
  • Negotiation

Add these skills to your free professional resume template now!

resume format in word free download

Resume 2023 / 2024 Modern CV Templates MS Word Docx to Download for Free

Our website was created for the unemployed looking for a job. A number of documents are available here to guide you through the recruitment process. On the website you will find samples as well as CV templates and models that can be downloaded free of charge. We provide you with traditional and modern forms of documents to apply for different job positions. Prepare professional application documents, use tips when writing your resume, in order to gain an advantage over your competitors in the race for your dream job.

The website offers two forms of documents: - a DOCX file – an editable template to be saved on your computer’s hard disc and edited using a professional text editor (MS Word), - a CV document Creator / Wizard / Builder – boxes to be filled out one by one on the website: personal data, contact details, education, professional experience, and additional skills. The file is then converted into the PDF format and saved on your computer’s hard disc. The creator is very fast and intuitive to use. We take care of the safety of data and do not save them on the server.

Are you looking for a job in Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland) or Australia or the United States or Canada? We provide you with CV templates in English that apply in these countries. If you intend to work in Western Europe – countries like Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium – we offer you a base of CV models in German plus a CV creator builder. Our recruitment documents are also used in the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway.

+24 Free Word CV / Resume Templates to Download

modern resume with photo

This modern free CV template Word is an excellent choice. The "about me" section is placed in the header. The candidate's name is placed on a graphite background. download [MS WORD]

resume color blue doc

Chronological free resume template Word, editable, blue document header, classic resume layout, one / single column, format docx. download [MS WORD]

cv  with photo ms word docx

Perfect free CV template Word for those who need a two-column document. In the left side column a photo of the candidate, format Word docx. download [MS WORD]

modern Free CV template Word with photo

Chronological free CV template MS Word with an orange line combining the main column reserved for the summary section, skills, work experience, education and certificates. download [MS WORD]

free CV template Word docx

Looking for a free modern CV template in format docx / Word download? Look no more, this professional design has room to showcase all your experience, education, skills and hobbies. download [MS WORD]

cv template english doc

Free CV template Word with two columns of different widths, column borders accentuated by navy blue shapes at the top and bottom of the docx document. download [MS WORD]

modern resume templete word

This sophisticated free CV template features a navy blue header. Underneath the header is a "summary" section and a photo of the candidate. The CV template Word includes orange accents. download [MS WORD]

free CV example with a photo Word docx

An effective CV template Docx will catch the attention of every recruiter, on the vertical left column on a blue background there is a "summary" and "skills" section. On the horizontal navy blue column there are personal data and a photograph. download [MS WORD]

CV example with green accents and a big photo

This CV template uses a two-column layout, additional colors are green, maintained minimalism and clarity. In addition, a large photograph of the candidate looks very nice. This CV template was used for a bartender job posting. download [MS WORD]

free CV template Word docx

This is a free CV template in Word format, software knowledge in the skills section has been presented in a graphical form. A CV will work in the position of a programmer or computer graphic designer. download [MS WORD]

modern two-column CV template Word docx

This is another professionally designed resume template. We are tired of boring business documents, we create modern, sophisticated and easy to edit MS Word documents. High-quality ready CV for free download. download [MS WORD]

color gray two-column CV example

Original Ms Word CV template with large photo, will help you make a great impression when applying for a job. The advantages of a ready-to-fill document are, easy to edit and fully customisable in Microsoft Word. download [MS WORD]

original resume template with photo

A creative Docx Resume template is a must have to present your professional profile professionally and leave the best and lasting impression on a potential employer. Our documents and guidance will help you get your dream job. download [MS WORD]

original CV example with yellow accents

Original with yellow accents free CV template in Word / Docx format showcases the professional skills of a computer graphic designer. New in this template is the "Tech skills" section, knowledge of programs presented graphically. download [MS WORD]

Resume / CV template - gray headline Word

A free classic Resume template Word format with the "summary" section, "work experience", "skills" and "education" in the main column. New version Resume docx with a gray headline. download [MS WORD]

CV template Word

New CV template, green color used in the document. download [MS WORD]

editable CV Word

New Resume example, yellow color used in the document. download [MS WORD]

Resume example Word

Modern Resume example, yellow color used in the document. download [MS WORD]

ATS resume template Word

This resume is designed to be ATS-friendly by including relevant keywords, focusing on quantifiable achievements, and presenting information clearly and concisely. Remember to customize it with your specific experience, education, and certifications as needed. download [MS WORD]

ATS-friendly resume example docx

This ATS-friendly resume for a Real Estate Agent includes keywords, quantifiable accomplishments, and clear formatting to enhance searchability and readability. Customize the resume with your specific experiences, education, and certifications to make it your own. download [MS WORD]

ATS-friendly resume template Word

This ATS-friendly resume for a Sales Manager is designed to include relevant keywords and provide a clear, quantifiable account of achievements. Customize the resume with your specific experiences, education, and certifications to make it uniquely yours. download [MS WORD]

CV / Resume template Word

The headline "Summary" column of your CV will be one of your first chances to make a good impression. 2-column Resume. Download this effective Curriculum vitae. download [MS WORD]

CV / Resume example docx

When designing the CV template, colors such as graphite and green were used. The headline included a round photograph of the candidate and a professional summary. download [MS WORD]

CV / Resume template Word

Simple minimal CV / Resume templates, 100% free, editable and print ready designs for the job seeker who wants to leave an positive impression. 2-column Curriculum Vitae. download [MS WORD]

How to write a professional and effective CV (or a Resume)?

Spend more time than you originally expected to create a professional CV. Every element of your CV needs to be worked out so that you can be remembered by your employer. As a result, your document can be distinguished from other applications, and this may be an opportunity to pass to the next stage of recruitment.

How to start writing a CV (or a Resume)? Read the job offer carefully!

In every official recruitment process, or at least the vast majority, the candidate is required to send a CV. Based on the information contained therein, the employer or HR specialist checks whether the candidate meets the specified requirements, and if so, the person is invited to an interview. After this stage of the recruitment process, a decision is taken to recruit the candidate. The sectors and jobs are different and therefore the requirements for candidates vary. Why do I mention this and why is it so important? I wanted to remind you that there is no single template, no single universal document, no CV template designed and adapted for all jobs. The CV is the answer to a specific job offer. Remember to adjust your CV to the chosen job offer.

How to do that? Compare the required competences to your skills. If the requirements and your competences coincide, that means only one thing, you are the right person for the job. Use similar vocabulary, phrases from the job offer while writing your CV, it will make you well understood and appreciated as their perfect candidate. Your CV should be consistent. Your experience, skills and interests must be compatible with each other. What else can you do? Even if there is no direct request in the job offer, consider writing a cover letter. Attach a cover letter to your CV template (we have ready-to-use templates, general examples for selected positions.

The right CV (or Resume) format, professional CV template - what to choose?

Most CV templates can be divided into three main categories. Classic, modern and creative templates.

Classic CV / Resume, this form of document will work in almost every industry. Simplicity, minimalism and clarity are the most important advantages of this type of documents. The classic CV will prove itself in technical professions and it is also a good choice for employees from the financial and insurance sector.

Modern templates are a good choice for all those who want to show that they are up to date with new trends. A modern CV / Resume is an ideal choice for all IT professions (programmers, network administrators). It is also a good option for managers, traders, analysts.

Creative templates will prove effective for creative positions such as computer graphics, advertising and marketing specialist, designer, photographer, copywriter.

The most important clues:

Download a CV template suitable for your sector (we have prepared classic, modern and creative examples for you to download).

You must know that a recruiter spends an average of 7 seconds reviewing a CV, that's not much time, so type the most important information on the first page of the document, because if the employer does not find interesting information on the first page, you can be sure that they will not look at the second page.

The candidate's photograph, yes I know in the UK, USA, Canada or Australia we do not add a photo to the Resume, but in other countries the regulations are different. According to the administrators of LinkedIn, a profile with a candidate's photo is more trustworthy and people who have published their photo receive more offers to cooperate. The same dependence applies to application documents.

Write only the relevant information in the document, appropriate to the specific job. Add information that adds value to your professional profile or is interesting for your future employer. Develop the Career Summary section - the reader's attention will focus on the content of this section first. Use listed information in your professional skills and experience, this form will make your CV more transparent.

Check what skills are required in the job advertisement. If your competences match those of the job advertisement, it is perfect. Remember that those listed in the advertisement are the most important for the employer, pay attention to those that are at the top of the list of requirements (usually those requirements are the most important). Use a list of points to present your skills.

Always post information in reverse chronological order, i.e. add the latest experience at the top of the section (as in our sample CV templates, which you can download from the site for free). Write briefly and about yourself (you will tell more about you during the interview), make your CV powerful and short. You have a hobby that interacts with the job, great, write about your interests in your CV. The hobby works well for candidates with little professional experience. Remember, do not add any interests to your CV that may lead to embarrassing questions.

Avoid creating large blocks of text, make the space between the sections to make your document more transparent and legible.

Before sending your CV to your employer, save your document in PDF format (you have this option in Microsoft Word or use the free online CV wizard). The PDF format ensures that the recipient receives the document exactly as you saved it.

Improve your chances of finding a job, prepare a CV that distinguishes itself from other documents. Remember that a good CV format is not everything, the most important thing is the CV content. I will use a metaphor here. The content, not the cover, decides whether a book is good, while a good cover may make you want to pick up such a book in a bookstore.

Classic CV template, to download and edit for free.

DOCX / WORD format single-column traditional document. A simple and clear one-page combination. Right under the photo and contact details, there is a professional summary section. From this section the employer should start reading the candidate's CV. The next sections are skills, work experience and education.

top classic resume

A modern template, ready to complete.

Modern two-column template. Photograph, personal and contact details of the candidate are on the left side of the document. The colours used are grey and white. Fonts used, headlines: Arial Black, other content: Calibri.

A modern template. Strong colours.

Elegant, stylish two-column professional résumé template with navy blue and gold accents. You can easily replace the colours used with others. Are you applying for an office job? Are you a salesman, a manager? This is the perfect CV template for you. The versatility of the template allows to use it for many different positions.

top modern resume

A creative template.

A creative and elegant 2-column document with graphic elements. Are you applying for a job position where creativity, inventiveness, conceptuality is valued? Are you a graphic designer, designer, marketing specialist? This is a good choice for you.

How does the ATS system work? How to write an ATS-friendly resume?

The ATS system at an early stage of recruitment (often the first stage of recruitment) allows you to find suitable candidates for the offered job position. The ATS system automatically selects candidates by analyzing the words contained in the resume.

top ATS-friendly resume

Remember the appropriate name of the file/document, use your first and last name (separated by dashes or underlining sign) e.g. Donald_Smith.pdf

Should the graphic form be used in the CV / Resume to present information about the candidate?

Did you know that the graphic presentation reaches the reader much faster and more precisely than the text. 1/10 of a second - that's exactly what the reader needs to understand the graphic message (it's much faster if we use the text). The right colours can raise the reader's interest in this part of the application even by 80 percent. The graphic form of presentation of skills will work well for creative positions such as IT graphics, or in the IT sector such as the position of a developer.

icon woman holding a cv

Editable Resume Examples Word

For all those who have mastered the MS WORD program, new examples of a modern resume (samples). Twelve patterns of free resumes for various professions. For more information, check out our comprehensive article, editable Resume Examples.

icon first step in to job

  • How to Write a Resume with No Work Experience

No experience, no problem! How to Write an Great Resume for Your First Job (Example). What fields should be included in a document without experience and what should be written?

icon computer user

Online CV Maker

Write your CV and Cover Letter using CV builder (maker) online. Fast and easy to use, free online program. Just fill in the form and download the documents in PDF format to your computer. Start writing your Resume now and you'll see how easy it is.

icon skills

Skills in a CV

Skills in a CV should be described in a clear way. Computer literacy, teamwork skills or creativity are all important, but they need to be appropriately presented. As far as possible, it is a good idea to link your skills with specific professional situations. And it doesn’t matter if you write about learned qualifications or abilities that result from your character.

icon woman having problem

CV on 1 page or 2 pages

How many pages should a resume contain to be noticed by an employer? Should it be limited to one page? Some candidates will try at any price to fit all the information about themselves on one page. Others believe that the more data and pages in a CV, the better.

icon be creative

Resume / CV Tips

A CV is a document that recruiters use as a basis to decide who will be invited for an interview. What makes a difference between a professional resume that ends up in a trash bin right away and the one that encourages a recruiter to meet a candidate?

  • How to Write a Cover Letter
  • How to prepare for a recruitment interview
  • Swiss German CV Template
  • Professional CV / Resume Tips
  • Skills section in CV
  • Resume Icon Free

resume service

  • Resume Styles

Download Free Resume Formats

(Shri says don't be fooled, quality is more important than quantity))


Creative Dance

Creative Dance

Modern Contemporary

Modern Contemporary

Smart and Secure

Smart and Secure

Lean and Cool

Lean and Cool

Crack of Dawn

Crack of Dawn

Smart and Balanced

Smart and Balanced

Confidence and Strength

Confidence and Strength

These sections come in your free resume template download.

(Everything you need for a proper and complete resume)

proficiency img

Get a higher quality resume format

Our Resume Builder ensures best practices, logic, formatting standards and job matching opportunities from thousands of job boards and portals around the world.

By clicking Start Your Resume, you are agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy .


Would you not carefully choose your appearance on the day of the interview? We don’t live in movies where Will Smith could get away being a garbage man. This is real world, and this is real interview. In the whole process of preparation, we often tend to undermine the appearance of our resume. It's almost dressing your resume up. We want you to remember the two forces that work in a resume being picked up among a pile of others. "The What and The How"? You may have worked ten thousand feet below the sea rigging Oil for this major oil and gas company, or you may have single handedly pioneered a startup or just starting out of college. In any of the case resume format are designed in a way to highlight the best of your abilities in the most readable way. Resume formats make sure that your greatest achievements are right there on the top, ready to be noticed.

The most commonly used and preferred resume formats by Job hunters, Job seekers and Human Resources Managers across is the Reverse Chronological format. As, the name suggests this format highlights your career profile, educational summary or professional profile as it may seem fit for the job. It is like watching a movie backward. Choosing what to place first among the three once again should be a well thought over decision. What you place on the top is what you want to be seen first. If not sure we suggest you take professional advice as these very things which might seem trivial play a vital role in the final decision. Click here to learn more about different resume styles.

If you are a fresher, we have freshers resume examples and samples available for free downloads.

Reverse Chronological resume format

It's not engraved in time but generally accepted order for Reverse Chronological resume format is

A) Contact Information

The usual, which include your name, contact number, email address. We also suggest that candidates display their LinkedIn account details on this very section. LinkedIn plays a vital role in Job hiring process and often the job seekers will appreciate if its provided. A personal website if any should also be mentioned.

B) Resume Introduction

For a moment consider yourself a job hunter. You have a resume at hand which highlights educational qualification of a recent graduate followed by this internship details. Nothing wrong but it is what they call an out of "shape resume". While the reverse chronological format offers the candidate the liberty to be flexible it also gives an additional responsibility of being very careful of what you place.

Be it professional profile, educational qualification or career highlight, be double sure that the placement is correct and as per the requirement. In case of a doubt do not hesitate seeking professional help.

C) Professional Experience

Apart from your key responsibility, put across that decision of yours which greatly benefitted the organization. Something that got your promotion, something that made you stand out in the crowd. If justified by numbers, there are huge chances of you being noticed. Do not shy away from using bullet points here. Use of bullet points, numbers of action verbs are what will be noticed in the beginning.

D) Educational Qualification

For someone who has spent a considerable time in the industry can give a quick summary of their degree, college and if in the A listers their score. If you were a back bencher make sure you keep this short and sweet. However, cool it might have been in college it’s taken very differently outside. Remember your career flow and your professional experience take over your education details once you begin your career. If the job application demands a PhD Holder, an Ivy League Graduate or something very niche and specific then it’s a different ball game.

A recent college graduate however will need to be elaborate in this section.

E) Additional Skills

A man is known by what he does in his free time. So be open and do highlight your additional skills, hobbies and again what makes you unique. The additional skills can be in accordance with the job or completely different. Come on, Steve Jobs was trained in Calligraphy fonts and he built computers.


If there are any inconsistencies in the career flow or if a candidate wants to change industry or if by just sheer bad luck someone with imperfect work experience is looking to apply for a Job its best to stick the functional resume format. The purpose of this format is to negate the ill effects of the above mentioned. The hiring manager has been trained to look for inconsistencies in your resume and you do not want to give to them that easily. The industry uses a term, "High risk Hire". Your resume should not be categorized in that list.

The flow of the Functional resume format is as stated below.

Apart from the above mentioned, in case you are changing cities it is advisable but not mandatory to arrange for a local number of your target city. Your name, Email address, LinkedIn Profile and a personal website if any will also be placed here.

B) Qualification

If work experience is not your key highlight or if you have an inconsistent work history, its best advisable to begin your resume with your qualifications. It not only takes away the highlight from the specific dates it also adds to the ploy of concealing the inconsistency. Summary of one’s qualification is also a good idea to put your best foot forward right at the beginning of the resume.

C) Personal Achievement

Personal achievement should be highlighted in detail. Remember during the interview this is what is going to cover the gaps in the employment, so every little achievement should be highlighted. This resume format is built on the idea that your achievements are more important than your work history. Free use of bullet points and emphasis on actions rather than specific experience is the key to this.

D) Relevant Skills

What is it that you are bringing on board which is likely to benefit the organization. Come up with at least three relevant skills. For instance, when applying for a sales job, the present contacts, the previous sales figure and your social networking skills are what can be considered your relevant skills. Relevant skill sets will vary from Job to job. For an engineer looking to make it in the movie industry the relevant will be very different from someone moving from sales to finance. Bullet points should be used to highlight each skill. Bullet points very smartly display a candidate’s confidence. Use them freely.

E) Using the Break

If one has to be take care of an ill relative, if one has gone back to school full time, taking care of one’s child, research work, all these are accepted work experience concealer. The more legitimate the reason for the break in employment the better the chances of getting a fair hearing. Better still, if one can show how well have they utilized the time off. If off for a Globe trip highlight the experience you brought back, or that movie you made or the fund you raised for cancer awareness. The key is to put forward your additional and relevant skills of organizing, discipline and research.

One of the other tip is to not highlight the month when you quit your job, stick to the year and put forward your explanation later.

Combination Resume Format

This resume format is for the rock stars. What we mean is someone with a vast amount of experience where the highlight is on the skills and abilities. Someone with a lot of technical expertise, using this resume format is the best bet. It can be used both if looking to seek jobs within or outside industry. That application you recently sold, the software which took care of the college canteen, the achieving of the years target in a quarter are all reflective of your skills and it is best put forward in this resume format.

While the content more or less remains the same it’s the arrangement and highlighting that is different. It starts with the usual contact, professional profile or education summary, skills and highlights, relevant skills and personal experience.

It is best to avoid mentioning the everyday life at work simply because you are focusing on being noticed beyond those parameters.

A combination resume format is like a fast track movie, where the character is revealed at a very early stage and we are aware of the super hero qualities he possesses. It is always advisable to take professional help while making this resume.

Its amazing experience with making a CV with shriresume. Choose Templates, few clicks, give information, choose your format... Its done.

Shriresume is one of the most efficient resume writing services. The entire process is handled in a very professional way and when i used it for 1st time I was very surprised to see how simple yet interactive format. I recommend this to everyone who is looking to make their resume impactful. Great works guys...keep gooing 👍👍

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Resume Styles Or Formats You Need To Know About

Writing a resume is just like drafting a marketing or sales pitch. If your sales pitch is not enticing and promising enough, you will not get many customers for your business. Likewise, if your resume fails to impress your recruiters, chances are high that most of them would dump your resume into their bin.

When it comes to creating a powerful and impressive resume, you have to focus on a lot of aspects. The format or style of your resume is one such attribute that cannot be ignored at all. When there are already like dozens of resumes in the competition, your resume definitely needs something extra to win the race. So, before you start working on your resume, let us highlight the importance elements that every power-packed resume format has.

The right format for your resume explained

When we talk about resume style of format, there are certain areas you need to put more stress on. The important ones among them are-

A) Contact information

The top section of your resume should clearly showcase your full name along with complete address. Plus, for contacts you can list your email id and phone number too. Most importantly, do not forget to write your name completely in capital letters , and also make sure to bold it.

B) Core strength

Choosing a resume format that instantly highlights your core strength areas is absolutely vital. Recruiters hardly spend more than 7 to 8 seconds on skimming a resume. So, in those few seconds if the recruiter is unable to figure out your core strengths, you know where your resume is going to land into- ‘the bin!’ In order to highlight this section, you need to make use of industry keywords . Plus, you can also jot down certain skills-sets that are related to your job or industry. In short, it can be said that this section is like a high-level summary of your educational qualifications as well as industry knowledge.

C) Value statement

When a wise customer spends his/her money on a product or service, he/she places a lot of thought behind. He/she won’t buy the item if it does not serve any value to him/her. Likewise, if you are not able to make your recruiter convinced that you can be a valuable employee to the company, he/she would not recruit you. So, through this section, you have to state what values or benefits you bring to the job. The objective section of your resume should provide an answer to every recruiter’s question- why should we hire you?

D) Experience

Unless you are a fresher, it is very important to clearly mention the vital elements of your job experience. Do not forget to mention the role you are playing in your current job . Highlighting your core responsibilities will provide more idea to the recruiter about your experience.

E) Education

If you are a fresher, the details of your educational qualification will be your ‘selling points’. Hence, make sure you clearly mention your schooling details, college/university you have attended, and other major certifications. Do not forget to mention the dates too.

So, those were the five major areas of any resume format that hold great importance. Now, let us know a little about the different types of resume formats you can choose from.

A glance at the different resume styles

A) Traditional format

If you are not looking for a fancy format based resume then the traditional format is the one for you. If you are applying for a job in a conservative sector like finance, you can certainly go with the traditional style. In this regard, one page resume can be an excellent option for you. The traditional format contains information in a very crisp and precise manner.

B) Simple format

If you are more into clean and minimalistic format then you should go with the simple resume format. This kind of resume is more apt if you are applying for a job in the government or public sector. Rather than using fancy fonts and other distracting elements, you can come up with a clean look for your resume. As a matter of fact, sans-serif fonts are the most suitable option here.

C) Executive format

In case you are planning to apply for a senior or executive level position then picking the executive format can be more useful. For an execute resume, the two page resume format would be more appropriate. After all, a job candidate applying for executive level position will certainly have good amount of work experience, and his/her resume must reflect the same.

D) Modern format

In today’s times, your resumes is more than your contact details, educational details, job experience, and hobbies. If you want to make your resume work in the modern world then you have to get it digitalized. In this regard, you have to optimize keywords in the right way. Your resume should also contain links related to your LinkedIn account and other such professional sites.

E) Skills-based format

If you want your resume to focus more on your prior jobs and the related responsibilities, you should probably opt for this resume format. Apart from being a reverse-chronological resume , this type of resume also highlights on ‘what you can do’ for the company. So, providing precise and to-the-point information to the recruiters is one of the main purposes of this resume format.

In addition to them, you may come across other formats too, such as Portfolio resume format, Video resume format, Infographic resume format, Creative resume format, etc . If you are not feeling confident about which one to choose for your needs, it is better to avail the services provided by the professional resume writing agencies . They have experienced professionals who know how to select the most appropriate resume style as per the nature of the job, candidate’s profile, and other vital parameters.

When you avail the services of an experienced and reliable resume writer, you can surely expect good quality work in return. It will be their onus to choose the most suitable format, font, and length for your resume. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a professional resume writing company right now and get your resume designed in just a couple of days.


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180+ Free Resume Templates to Download Now

An ever-growing collection of downloadable resume templates to make your job search less of a drag. Browse our new templates by resume design, resume format and resume style to find the best match!

resume template with photo

Modern Resume Templates

free resume template design

Our editorial collection of free modern resume templates for Microsoft Word features stylish, crisp and fresh resume designs that are meant to help you command more attention during the ‘lavish’ 6 seconds your average recruiter gives to your resume.

  • Crafted with great attention to details
  • Designed for easy readability and skimming
  • Highlight the key information you want to get across

This is a very high performing set of templates that are working well for those seeking IT and tech-based jobs, as well as employment in startups and dynamic companies.

Professional Resume Templates

professional resume template

Select one of our professional resume templates if you have plenty of work experience under your belt. Clean-cut and straight to the point, these free templates help you place your significant work experience in the limelight.

  • Strategic layout, maximizing how much details you can fit in a page.
  • No frills, professional resume style that works for all companies
  • “Sells” you as a strong candidate

Creative Resume Templates

The Vintage Rose Resume Template

Each one of our creative resumes offers a perfectly balanced mix of personality, professionalism and a touch of unique style. Set your resume apart from others by using our punchy templates!

  • Memorable personal branding
  • Communicate a unique personal vibe
  • Pack a lot of information without overwhelming the reader

Remember: these free resume templates work best for creatives who want to be noticed. Most resume templates in this category will work best for jobs in architecture, design, advertising, marketing, and entertainment among others.

So if you are, for instance, an accountant seeking a corporate position with a big name firm, scroll back to the professional or simple resume design collection instead!

Simple and Basic Resume Templates

Classic Resume Template Sleek and Simple

Sometimes all you need is a classic style resume template that is clean, clear and straight to the point. That’s exactly the kind of resume templates you can find in this category!

  • Applicant tracking software-friendly designs
  • Very easy to customize
  • Simple and effective resume layout to get your message across

Free CV Templates

free cv template Achiever

Looking for an impactful CV template with the correct formatting? We’ve got you covered here too. Browse our special edition of professional CV templates, perfectly suited for academic and federal in the US, plus any type of job applications in the EU.

Save Time with our Popular Resume Examples

Resume Template with No College Degree

Get done with writing faster by downloading a pre-filled resume template for your position. Take advantage of the pointers and sample texts, created by a professional team of resume writers.

Our remarkable set of role-based resume templates includes the optimal visual layout, paired with written text snippets you can use to model your own resume.

  • Examples of convincing resume bullet heads for the work experience section
  • Actionable examples of resume summaries and professional bios
  • Polished-to-perfection resume skills section with swipeable samples
  • Crisply formatted educational section for degree and no-degree candidates

Google Docs Resume Templates

Don’t have Microsoft Word installed? Fret not. We’ve also created a separate set of resume templates, optimized for Google docs. Download and edit your new resume design in the cloud and share it with others in one click!

resume template for google docs

The ultimate goal of a resume is not to land you the job – it’s to prompt the hiring manager to initiate an interview based on what he or she has read. A quality resume is best viewed as a tool that articulates your “story,” from which you can present yourself as the most qualified candidate.


Claire Briggs Career Consultant, CPCC, CPRW LinkedIn

So, which resume template is the right for you?

At Freesumes our goal is to create universally appealing resume templates — such that suit professionals across various niches with different experience levels (entry-level to senior candidates).

That is why we’ve created the four specific resume templates categories. Every one of them includes a variety of resume templates, made by professional designers and vetted by career experts.

100% free resume templates by Freesumes

Essential Tips for Using Your Resume Template

When you have decided on which resume template to use, you should download it and save a copy to your computer. You can then start to personalize the template content to make it your own .

Let’s take a look at some tips for personalizing your template so it becomes unique to you:

1. First things first, keep things simple

Your resume template has been professionally designed for the right balance of style and content. All our templates are easily editable with Microsoft Word so all you have to do is just type in your information in the sections provided for you.

2. Don’t overload your resume

Your resume isn’t a record of your whole life. You don’t need to add in absolutely everything you have ever done. Remember that a recruiter will be skimming over your resume looking for their preferred keywords and your relevant information and work experience for the job at hand. Give them the information they are looking for as quickly and as easily as possible. Read our blog post about Powerful Words to use in your Resume .

3. Unique file name

Our resume templates are delivered with the generic (and frankly not so creative) name “resume.doc”. Before emailing or uploading your resume, take a second and give it a file name that is easily recognizable, such as your first name initial and your surname. This way it will be easy to spot and open by the recruiter.

4. Proofread and proofread again

Proofreading your resume is so important. You want to create the right first impression so check over your resume again for errors or spelling mistakes. Get someone else to proofread it for you before you send it off or make use of a grammar and spelling checker.

5. Convert it to PDF

Chances are your resume makes use of custom fonts, has a special layout or design elements that may break or look bad once opened on a different computer because the custom fonts are missing, the MS Word version is older or whatever. So, once you have done editing your document and double checked that you haven’t missed any of the above points, we recommend saving your document as a PDF file to make sure that the recruiters will see the same thing as you do.

The 3 Resume Formats To Choose From

Before you go on with choosing one of the different resume templates, you should decide on the optimal resume format – the one that will highlight your strengths as a candidate and mellow the flaws in your job history.

Tailor the resume to the position you are seeking. As you read through the job description, highlight and focus on key words and phrases that are most important to the hiring team. Integrate those words and phrases into your resume.


Debi Douma-Herren HR Consultant & Career Strategist LinkedIn

The 3 most popular resume formats are:

  • Chronological resume organizes the information the way LinkedIn does – from the latest position to the first one, with education, interests and additional info listed later.
  • Functional resume keeps the focus on your skills and experience, rather than employment history. It’s the go-to choice for candidates with employment gaps and those without much hands-on work experience.
  • Combination resume takes the best of both worlds and allows you to spice up your “dry” employment history with some juicy details about your skill set and achievements.  

Each resume format suits better when applying for certain positions. Chronological resumes tend to be the most preferable format with traditional employers, while startups and edgier companies will likely fall for a combination resume.

To learn more about styling your resume, check out our detailed guide to resume formats with tips and detailed explanations.

Now that you have an awesome resume template, you don’t need to stare at a blank page. All you need to do is “fill in the gaps” in that template. But considering how important a resume is, you may be completely at lost what information to put and how to format it.

For this, we wrote a very detailed guide explaining all the facets of writing, styling and formatting your resume . Below you’ll find a quick recap to help you get started with resume writing.

how to write a resume that works

Every resume should include the next key sections:

  • Header: list your contact information and add a headshot (if you opted for a template featuring a photo).
  • Professional title
  • Quick resume summary/objective or career statement. This can be also replaced with a professional bio or “About me”.
  • Work Experience
  • Optional: hobbies, interests, languages, volunteering experience.

Start with brainstorming a compelling resume objective – a quick paragraph communicating your career narrative and summarizing your goals. To create a quick one, just apply the following formula:

Education or Experience  +  Skill  +  Goal

Family lawyer with ten years of trial experiences, specializing in child custody and estate probate cases, looking for a senior partner position in a legal company.

Organize your work experience. List your employers in reverse chronological order. Each entry should include employment date, job title, company name and key responsibilities/achievements listed in bullet format.

Sprinkle in your skills. Include general industry skills (you can find those in the job posting), tools and technology you are familiar with, certifications, a few general personal skills.

Wrap it up with education. Unless you are a recent graduate, don’t dwell on this section too much. Simply list all your degrees (highest to lowest), the name of your educational institution and graduation date.

Still feeling stuck with a blank page and can’t get your thoughts together? Consider reading a few resume examples to get a better grip of what a stellar application looks like.

24 Free Resume Templates (Word) Designed for 2023

Stephen Greet

  • Word Resume Template Choices
  • How to Make a Resume in Word

Make the Most with Word Resume Templates

Pick the resume template best for you.

If you’re ready to  give yourself the best chance of landing the job you’re after , you need an attractive, organized resume template . Our 24 resume templates for Word are hot out of the oven for 2023. All you have to do is download them for free and start editing them in Microsoft Word.

Trouble customizing your Word resume template ? Working with ready-made templates can be challenging, so if you’re in a time crunch or over the frustration, make a resume with us for a quick and easy time!

Word Resume Template Choices for You

Job seeker looks between two plans and uses binoculars to search for the best Word resume template

Academic Word Resume Template

Black and white academic Microsoft Word resume template

Why this resume template works

  • Share internship or work experience as well as project experience. Projects can be academic or personal. If you’re feeling stuck on what to include here, try thinking about your hobbies and interests .
  • Show off academic achievements and awards in a dedicated section in the left sidebar. Need more room than that? Try using the projects section instead!

Acting Word Resume Template

Acting Word resume template with blue sidebar for actor attributes

Why this resume works

  • This template features a section where you can place your acting experience front and center, leaving the sidebar to draw the eye to your talents and attributes.

Student Word Resume Template

Student Word resume template with yellow contact header

  • Let both your personality and your background shine in this student Word resume template.

Modern Word Resume Template

Modern Word resume template with green contact header and sidebar

  • Space for all your work achievements? Check.
  • Space for skills and certs? Check check.
  • Space for a summary statement that attests to your successful career history? Check check check!

Functional Word Resume Template

Functional Word resume template with blue contact header and section headers

  • If that’s the boat you’re in, you’ll like what this functional Word resume template can offer you.

Simple Word Resume Template

Black and white simple Microsoft Word resume template

  • Dark lines keep each section separated and marked clearly for an eye-catching and simple design.

Professional Word Resume Template

Professional Microsoft Word resume template with blude headers and icons

  • Detailed icons draw the eye in, so recruiters can focus on your professional history and accomplishments.

Basic Word Resume Template

Basic Microsoft Word resume template in black and white

  • Clear headers designate each section and leave you room for extras, too, like a career objective and certifications or licenses.

Best Word Resume Template

Best Microsoft Word resume template with blue job title line and bold headers

  • This aesthetically pleasing template works well when you want to format your resume in reverse-chronological order.

Harvard Word Resume Template

Black and white Harvard resume template with study abroad and leadership and activities experience

  • There’s space to share your coursework, study abroad experience, leadership and collegiate activities, and even traditional work experience on your Harvard Word resume template.

Easy Word Resume Template

Easy Microsoft Word resume template with blue headers

  • Recruiters won’t be quick to forget your name with this soft blue contact header that keeps your info neat and tidy.
  • Resume templates like this one are good choices for job seekers looking to climb the ladder because it lays your work history out in reverse-chronological order.

High School Word Resume Template

Black and white high school Microsoft Word resume template

  • Think about school projects or extracurricular activities that keep you busy, and use that to populate your projects section. Try to answer how you contributed and left a positive impact.
  • And hey, if you do have some traditional work experience, just add that to the projects section instead!

Music Word Resume Template

Music Microsoft Word resume template with green sidebar

  • Use your experience section to highlight where you shine, whether that be in the orchestra or in the classroom instructing.
  • The green sidebar gives us nice pop of color to draw attention to your music honors and awards, where you can put the spotlight on competitions, the location, and the year.

Nursing Word Resume Template

Nursing Microsoft Word resume template with blue headers and blue triangles

  • Small and unique design elements pull the eye in strategically to your objective , skills, and licenses, telling recruiters right away that you’re qualified for the role.
  • Licenses and certifications are essential, which is why there are two sections dedicated to this at the bottom of your resume. List your nursing license in the left sidebar and list any other certifications and licenses you hold beneath your experience.

Teacher of the Year Word Resume Template

A teacher of the year Word resume template with blue and black color blocks

  • Your teacher resume can demonstrate your professional ability to teach any age group from kindergarten to high school.
  • Bold blue tones emphasize wisdom, confidence, intelligence, and imagination. This type of  resume formatting  contrasts nicely with strong black empty space. It makes for an eye-catching and appealing resume.

The Arts Word Resume Template

The arts Word resume template

  • Usually, we advise against including a photo in your  resume template , but we can make the case for one here. It shows personality and individuality, which are, of course, important traits for an artistic, creative job. 
  • Job titles that will be especially suited to your arts resume include visual artist, musician, photographer, designer, and producer.

Pretty-in-Pink Word Resume Template

A pretty in pink Word resume template

  • This bold, creative resume template is best suited for those working in roles where a more colorful style would be acceptable or encouraged.
  • This will include many jobs in the arts and creative industries, but it’s always best to judge based on the formality of the specific company to which you apply.

Royal Blue Word Resume Template

A royal blue Word resume template

  • The dark blue is particularly good at conveying a sense of knowledge, seriousness, and security, which are appealing qualities for hiring managers seeking an advanced professional like yourself. The light blue adds contrast and is associated with compassion, an essential characteristic of good management. 
  • We think you could build a killer resume with this royal blue Word resume template for roles as an account manager , team lead, regional manager, operations manager , and executive assistant .

The Trades Word Resume Template

The trades Word resume template

  • Remember, this doesn’t mean your resume has to look boring. Keep it interesting with contrasting colors, fonts, and letter sizes. Choosing the perfect resume template is half the battle!
  • Your trades resume is ideal if you’re working trades, such as plumbing, welding, carpentry, electrical work, or machinery. Your job keeps life orderly and functional, so it’s important to reflect that in your resume design.

Doctor’s Orders Word Resume Template

The doctor's orders Word resume template with green color blocks

  • Unique sections allow you to input and highlight residency, licenses, and conferences easily. Use tasteful colors in your resume to demonstrate your personality.
  • Your qualifications and skills can speak for themselves, but only great doctors are both brilliant and personable with patients. Show that you  are  that doctor!

Executive Word Resume Template

An executive Word resume template

  • If you’re looking to advance in the corporate world, this resume template allows room to highlight your expertise and success in a  professional resume summary .  
  • Having trouble figuring out where to start? Take a peek at our  resume examples  for insight into creating a resume that lands you interviews. 

Green Technicalities Word Resume Template

The green technicalities Word resume template

  • It should be easy to differentiate your hard and soft skills  and certifications on your resume, which are incredibly important for technical jobs requiring niche skills. 
  • While a lot of information can fit on your resume, clean lines and contrasting colors keep it from becoming overwhelming. 

Lawyer Up Word Resume Template

The lawyer up Word resume template

  • The boxing around the resume title and contrasting fonts provide sophisticated interest.
  • Note the use of professional and straightforward fonts but strong visual interest from the choice of bolding.

Modern Limelight Word Resume Template

A modern limelight Word resume template

  • Your Modern resume works best if you’re applying to work at a startup. Exciting, bold ideas thrive in these environments, and your lime-colored resume fits the bill. 
  • Students, don’t be afraid to use the work experience section for projects or even to showcase relevant hobbies and interests that help pitch why you should be hired. 

Remember,  if you’re having trouble customizing your resume template , make sure you check out our  job-specific resume samples . We also get that working with templates in Word can be tricky, so you can try one of our Google Docs resume templates or build a resume with us instead. How about this one here?

Experienced Medical Assistant Resume

or download as PDF

Experienced medical assistant resume example with 12 years of experience

How to Make a Resume in Word ?

Job seeker types on blue laptop and questions how to make a resume in Microsoft Word

The best thing about building a resume in Word is that Microsoft Word comes with many resume templates you can find within the program. If none of these preloaded formats do the trick, you can search for alternate templates on the internet (probably how you found these here).

Between the templates included in Word, the options available online, our free resume templates for Google Docs , or the templates you can use in our easy resume builder , you should have no trouble finding a design that works for you.

resume format in word free download

Find free Word resume templates

Accessing resume templates on Microsoft Word is a quick, easy way to structure your document. All you have to do is take the following steps:

  • Click “File,” then “New.”
  • Type “Resume” into the search box at the top of the window.
  • Browse the templates and double-click the one you want.
  • Delete the sample text and add your personal information.

resume format in word free download

Upload your outside templates into Word

While Microsoft Word offers some excellent resume templates within the program, you can find even more options on the internet, including our  professional resume examples .

Here’s how to find online templates and upload them into Word:

  • Search Google for “resume templates,” or take advantage of our  free resume templates .
  • Download the resume that fits your needs.
  • Open a new Word document.
  • Click on “Insert” at the top of the page.
  • Select “Object” from the drop-down menu.
  • Find the file for the resume template in the box that appears. It’s most likely under “Downloads.”
  • Click on the file for the resume template.
  • Click “Insert” at the bottom-right corner of the box.

*Note: This process will upload your template, but it may be distorted, requiring you to spend some time manipulating boxes, lines, and font, which is why we recommend uploading your resumes with our  free resume tool .

Two job seekers discuss how to make a resume with a Word resume template

When it comes to creating a fantastic resume on Word, downloading the right template is only half the battle. From there, you need to do what it takes to fill the template with the right information.

There are two keys to making the most of your Word resume template: taking advantage of Word’s available features and practicing patience as you tweak and perfect the document.

resume format in word free download

Use Word’s available features

There’s a reason Word is so popular. It comes fully loaded with useful features, many of which will be a major help as you work on your next resume. Here are six features you should consider taking advantage of if you want your document to look its best:

  • Word’s editor tool will check your resume for spelling and grammar. Don’t let recruiters doubt your professionalism.
  • The Track Changes feature puts a red line through deleted text rather than eliminating it. Play around with the wording on your resume to weigh your options until you get it just right.
  • Word’s Resume Assistant feature is specially designed for creating a new resume. Use this feature to see how others in your field have described their work experience, giving you the inspiration to overcome pesky writer’s block.
  • Word’s line spacing feature lets you tighten up text, so there’s less blank space between lines. Say more on a single page.
  • The margins adjustor on Word lets you cover more of the page with text. When you’re struggling to squeeze in important information, this extra space can prove vital.
  • Word lets you convert your final resume to a PDF. This makes it easy to save your resume as a file you can send digitally.

resume format in word free download

Set aside ample time to build your Word resume

A resume on Word isn’t something you can polish off in five minutes even if you’ve uploaded a template. You need the document to come out looking fantastic, and that requires meticulous attention to detail.

While you work on your Word resume, consider the following:

  • How to customize your filler text
  • How to set the font size and color
  • Which line spacing to use
  • How to make an inflexible layout work for the information you need to include
  • How to  format your resume  for ATS scanners

If all this sounds like too much of a hassle, just use our simple resume builder . By typing in your details and letting our tool take care of the rest, you’ll take the guesswork and stress out of the resume creation process.

Job seeker selects best resume template on blue laptop

There are countless resume templates in Word, and it’s up to you to find the option that best suits your industry and personality. No matter which template you choose, the most important thing is to represent yourself well. When it comes to  writing resumes , content wins over style every time.

While a  resume outline  and template will give your document the basic structure it needs, save yourself time and frustration by opting for a complete resume builder experience instead.

Whether you want to upload and  check a resume  with our AI-powered tips or start from scratch, our tools are convenient and effective. If you’ve got your information handy, then a stylish, professional resume is just a few clicks away.

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