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Service Quality Dimensions: An analysis of Netflix and their sustainability in India's online video streaming platform

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Netflix, an online video streaming platform, broke the traditions for the last 20 years and has been changing the way world watches anything today. India is a land where humanity presents itself in the most creative burst of culture and religions, races and tongues. It is indeed a challenging platform for Netflix to sustain in the Indian markets. The study provides an integrative and analytical review of, what will be the tactics Netflix will follow in order to please Indian consumers, can subtitles play a role? Can they get the pricing, right? Can they fix on the bandwidth across the country? and so on. This conceptual paper will help in validating the strategies Netflix would follow in future and will they be phenomenal where India says "Lets Netflix this weekend?" Objectives 1. To understand the marketing strategies that can help Netflix to dominate the Over-The-Top online video streaming services in India. 2. To determine the challenges faced by Netflix in the growing Indian video streaming platform. 3. To determine the major competitors of Netflix and their strategies in getting customer attraction.

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