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Full coverage of all your favorite thriller authors, and their characters, unlike anywhere else on the web , simply lies: david baldacci to release new novel in april 2023.

latest book david baldacci

On April 18th, 2023, Simply Lies , an all-new novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci is set to hit bookstores.

Baldacci, one of the most celebrated and recognizable authors in the genre today, has sold more than 150 million copies of his books to date. From the Cammel Club to Amos Decker to Will Robie to John Puller to Atlee Pine to the more recent Aloysius Archer, Baldacci has no shortage of series protagonists—all capable of anchoring their own franchises—to revisit from year to year. Still, it looks as though he’ll be introducing another character in 2023, named Mickey Gibson, who might also go on to star in multiple books down the road.

To kick things off, Gibson, a former detective and single mother of two, is now working for an investigation company to “track down assets of the wealthy who have tried to avoid their creditors” when readers first meet her in Simply Lies. But when a favor leads to her inadvertently uncovering a dead body, Mickey will quickly learn that nothing around her is quite what it seems, kicking off the kind of electrifying chain of events that Baldacci’s readers have come to love and expect.

Check out the plot details below.

(Note: Official cover art coming soon!)

latest book david baldacci

Former Jersey City detective and single mother of two, Mickey Gibson, now works for global investigation company, ProEye, to track down assets of the wealthy who have tried to avoid their creditors. One day she gets a call from a colleague, Arlene Robinson, asking her to visit the home of a notorious arms dealer who has cheated some of ProEye’s clients in the past. Mickey arrives at the mansion to discover the body of a man hidden in a secret room.

It turns out that nothing is as it seems. The arms dealer did not exist, and nobody at ProEye knew of Arlene Robinson. Mickey had been tricked and now the cops were involved. The body was that of Thomas Lancaster who’d been in Witness Protection having had links with the mob.

Now begins a cat-and-mouse showdown between hardened ex-cop, Mickey, and a woman with sociopathic tendencies who has no name and a mysterious past. She intends to get what she wants and people who get in her way will die. For Mickey to stop her, she must first discover her true identity and what damaged her all those years ago. And the truth behind why she selected Micky to become her nemesis.

D AVID BALDACCI is a global #1 bestselling author, and one of the world’s favorite storytellers. His books are published in over forty-five languages and in more than eighty countries, with 150 million copies sold worldwide. His works have been adapted for both feature film and television. David Baldacci is also the cofounder, along with his wife, of the Wish You Well Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting literacy efforts across America. Still a resident of his native Virginia, he invites you to visit him at and his foundation at

Readers can now pre-order Simply Lies ahead of its April release wherever books are sold.

Praised as “One of the hardest working, most thoughtful, and fairest reviewers out there” by #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Scottoline, Ryan Steck has “quickly established himself as the authority on mysteries and thrillers” (Author A.J. Tata). Steck also works full-time as a freelance editor and is building a growing community on Twitch . His debut thriller, FIELDS OF FIRE , which #1 New York Times bestselling author Jack Carr says “ will leave you speechless and begging for more,” is now available. For more information, be sure to follow him on Twitter and Facebook . And to take part in free, exclusive BOOK CLUBS each month, join The Real Book Spy on Discord .

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David Baldacci Books in Order | Complete List 2023 Updated

David Baldacci Books In Order of Publication

David Baldacci Books in Order | David Baldacci Bestselling Books – Here we are talking about one of the New York Times bestselling authors who have written some of the best-in-class novels that are worldwide famous! Guess who? You guessed it right! It’s David Baldacci  

Talking about novels David Baldacci’s books in order are twenty-six in number and in around the world there are millions of copies sold!

The thing to consider is that David Baldacci’s books are so special that his books have been translated into many different languages and he has a fan following in many parts of the world 

He is the hall of fame in the year 2011 for international crime writing ! Born in the year 1960 in Virginia he is one of the best writers in the world ! Done his schooling at Henrico high school and then he went to commonwealth international form where he got his graduation

What's in this post?

About the Writer- David Baldacci

David Baldacci is a bestselling American author who has written numerous novels, including thrillers, mysteries, and young adult fiction. Here are ten amazing facts about him:

  • Baldacci’s first novel, Absolute Power, was published in 1996 and was later adapted into a movie starring Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman.
  • Before becoming a full-time writer, Baldacci worked as a lawyer for nine years in Washington, D.C.
  • Baldacci has written over 40 novels and has sold over 130 million copies of his books worldwide.
  • In addition to writing fiction, Baldacci is also a philanthropist and has donated millions of dollars to various charities and causes, including literacy programs and childhood hunger initiatives.
  • Baldacci is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Virginia School of Law.
  • He is known for his meticulous research, often traveling to locations featured in his books to ensure accuracy.
  • Baldacci is a two-time recipient of the International Thriller Writers’ “Thriller Master” award, the highest honor given by the organization.
  • His books have been translated into more than 45 languages and have been adapted for both film and television.
  • Baldacci is a regular supporter of independent bookstores and has often participated in events and signings at local shops.
  • In 2020, Baldacci launched his own podcast, “David Baldacci’s Power of Story,” where he interviews fellow authors and discusses the craft of writing.

David Baldacci Books in Order of Publication

His college life was the time in which he took part in various short stories and many screenplays which derived his interest in the writing stories field! 

He started his career by writing his very first novel absolute power which was made to the public in the year 1996! The thing to consider about him is that he loves animals a lot! And that is the reason in his house which is in northern Virginia he has two dogs! 

In the David Baldacci books in order ! His first book was absolute power! Baldacci has worked hard in his profession and his first book was his turning time! The book becomes a bestseller and millions of copies were sold for the book! and changed Baldacci’s life

In all the David Baldacci books in the order , he has written two blockbuster series : Sean king and Maxine Maxwell. When he started his series of books he started with split-second which is also one of the world-famous books! 

Either you can go for David Baldacci books or you want to go for David Baldacci books in order series! All his books are a masterpiece! and some of the must-read books the world has ever got!  

Will Robie books in order of Publication

Vega jane books in order of publication, vega jane children’s books in publication order, amos decker books in order of publication | memory man series, david baldacci standalone novels list, sean king & michelle maxwell’s books in publication order, john puller’s books in order of publication, camel club books in order of publication, publication order of freddy and the french fries books, publication order of shaw books, publication order of atlee pine books, publication order of aloysius archer books, publication order of short stories/novellas, publication order of non-fiction books, publication order of the 39 clues: cahills vs. vespers books, publication order of anthologies, important faq about david baldacci, who is david baldacci.

David Baldacci is a bestselling author who has written some of the best-in-class novels that are famous globally.

Which is the first novel by David Baldacci?

David Baldacci’s first novel is “Absolute Power” which was made to the public in the year 1996.

When is David Baldacci’s date of birth?

David Baldacci was born in Virginia in the Year 1960.

Which is the best series by David Baldacci?

He has written two blockbuster series which are Sean king and Maxine Maxwell .

Which are the latest books by David Baldacci?

“Simply Lies” is the latest book by David Baldacci which was released in April 2023.

David Baldacci Upcoming Releases 2023

Find all  David Baldacci’s  new and upcoming releases . We have a growing list of new  David Baldacci  books and novels for you to enjoy in 2022, 2023 and beyond.

Keep up to date with  upcoming David Baldacci releases in 2023 . Many readers are wondering, are there new  David Baldacci  books releasing in 2023? Here at , we have the official list of new and upcoming  David Baldacci  releases.

You never have the miss another new David Baldacci book ! We update this archive daily to ensure we have all the  David Baldacci 2022 books to explore and add to your reading lists.

Don’t miss  David Baldacci’s  release dates and the  newest David Baldacci books ! We will add the list below once we have the updates on this.

Simply Lies – Launching April 2023

Mickey Gibson, single mother, and former detective lead a hectic life similar to that of many moms: juggling the demands of her two small children with the tasks of her job working remotely for ProEye, a global investigation company that hunts down wealthy tax and credit cheats.

Simply Lies by David Baldacci

When Mickey gets a call from a colleague named Arlene Robinson, she thinks nothing of Arlene’s unusual request for her to go inventory the vacant home of an arms dealer who cheated ProEye’s clients and fled. That is until she arrives at the mansion to discover a dead body in a secret room—and that nothing is as it seems.

Not only does the arms dealer not exist but the murder victim turns out to be Harry Langhorne, a man with mob ties who used to be in Witness Protection. What’s more, no one named Arlene Robinson works at ProEye.

In the blink of an eye, Gibson has become a prime suspect in a murder investigation—and now her job is also on the line until she proves that she was set up. Before long, Gibson is locked in a battle of wits with a brilliant woman with no name, a hidden past, and unknown motives—whose end game is as mysterious as it is deadly.

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Have you read David Baldacci’s books and novels ? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

22 thoughts on “David Baldacci Books in Order | Complete List 2023 Updated”

' src=

I have read most all your books and I must say W Daylight is the worst. Way too many people involved and Mercy is the main reason for reading the book and at the end you just drop to hang in the wind, no finallity

' src=

Thank You for your concerns.

' src=

What about Mercy by Baldacci?


Yes, he did. We have updated the full list. You can find Mercy in the list now.

It is added under Atlee Pine Series. Please revisit the Baldacci books list. Thank you

' src=

I’m always waiting for the next book……:)

Great, thank you

' src=

I’m waiting for more John Puller I’m an old Armybrat and it makes me feel like home. Atlee Pine and her connection to Andersonville National Cemetery as all my family are there.

' src=

I read a lot and I always know that David Baldacci is an author I enjoy. I have enjoyed reading the 6:20 Man and am surprised it’s on a stand-alone list. I thought for sure Travis had more adventures ahead. But then again there are many characters that could be moving along from the other series and they all take time.

Thank you for continuing to write and share stories with all of us. I can’t imagine keeping up with the whole family all the time. I have difficulty with my own. I feel a love for storytelling and am glad authors can support themselves and family with this work. I am grateful that David is there for me.

Hi Barbara,

Thank You for your lovely feedback. Keep Reading!

' src=

I have read mostly all of David Baldacci’s books. I am 83 and still reading them. My favorite series is The Camel Club.

Thank you for your lovely feedback on David Baldacci.

' src=

You are truly a gifted writer. Your descriptions are perfect in every form. You deserve all the praise you are bestowed with. Thanks for sharing your talent.

Thank you for this lovely feedback on David Baldacci’s books.

' src=

Thank you for countless hours of enjoyable, top-class reading. (UK TV has really gone to pot, sport excepted) Each of the series your characters is involved in is excellent, keep up the supply if you can!

' src=

I have been reading Mr.Bsldacci’sbooks since the early 2000. I’m curious about how to correctly pronounce his last name. Can you help me?

' src=

I picked up “Hour Game” at a local Costco here in town and wow! I can’t put it down. I haven’t read a book in about 10 years now and decided to pick up reading again and I’m glad that I found this author and also this site that lets me know in what order to read each series! Looks like I’ve skipped one in the King and Maxwell series so I’ll have to go back to the first one after I finish the second. Soooo good!

Hi Steve, Thank You for your lovely feedback. Keep reading

' src=

Dream Town was my favorite. I enjoy LA stories from the 1950s. It was a interesting time and the main character in the book was so far my favorite.

Thank You for your lovely feedback.

' src=

I have read both the John Puller and Amos Decker series as well as The “Camel Club”. I must say I am surprised that more of David Baldacci’s novels have not been adapted by major Hollywood production studios. Many would make great films.

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David Baldacci’s latest is best book in his King and Maxwell series

“This is the best book yet in the series,” says the Associated Press about KING AND MAXWELL. Read the full review here .

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9 Quick Questions for David Baldacci

Lawyer-turned-novelist pens latest thriller, ‘the edge’.

Gayle Jo Carter,

david baldacci in blue suit against green background

Best-selling author David Baldacci, 63, has penned another thriller in his popular “6:20 Man” (a.k.a. Travis Devine) series. In The Edge , Devine is hired to solve a CIA operative’s murder and recover classified information before it falls into the wrong hands and compromises national security. Baldacci shares how he finds his writing inspiration, who he’s reading these days and how he loves to spend his time off. 

You’ve written more than 60 books. Do you still enjoy the process, and has it gotten any easier?

I enjoy it just as much as I’ve always enjoyed it, which is a good sign. I don’t think it gets easier. I think it gets harder. And it probably should, because the more books you write, you realize how good a book can be if you just try a little harder — if you work a little bit harder on the plot, develop the characters better, work on the prose better. You know the potential that’s there with each book, and so you work a little bit harder. When I was first starting out, my first book [ Absolute Power ] was turned into a movie, and [Academy award–winning screenwriter] William Goldman wrote the screenplay, and he gave me some really great advice. He said, “The moment you think you know you’ve figured out what it is to be a writer, you’ve lost the edge.” It actually allows you to be a good writer — it’s that sense of wonderment that you have no idea what the hell you’re doing. You just jump in the boat and see what happens. … I’ve always found that fear is a great antidote to complacency.

book cover that says david baldacci, #1 new york times bestselling author, the edge, a 6:20 man thriller

Where do you get the inspiration for your stories?

I’ve always been very curious about the world. I like to see what makes people tick, what makes the world tick. So I get up out of bed every day and I walk out the door and I just see what’s out there. I observe, I listen, and I think about things. And I write about things that fascinate me, that make me curious. I write books to answer questions that I have in real life about certain things. I try to answer them in a fictional sense. So that’s really where the stories come from — it’s just that curiosity that’s driven me my entire life.

What was the first book you ever read and loved?

It was The Magic Squirrel. It’s a Russian parable. I read it when I was like 6. And that was the first moment where I actually ached — painfully ached — when I was away from a book. All I wanted to do was get back to it, keep reading. I think that was the book that really inspired my lifelong love of reading and my just wonderment of books. And it led to me becoming a writer sometime later. I actually went back and bought that book — first edition — online many years ago, and I have it at my home. I pick it up every now and then because I’m a very nostalgic person. It just brings back memories, good memories.




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Do you have any favorite authors?

In high school and college, probably my favorite author was John Irving; Anne Tyler being a close second. I just loved how they told their stories — multigenerational stories taking on serious subjects with wit and humor and cleverness. I still enjoy their works; they’re both incredible writers. Obviously, they had an influence on me. I don’t write anything like they do, but I try to bring to it the same sense of professionalism.

What books are on your reading pile?

I’m going back. I’m doing some Pat Conroy. I’m reading The Lords of Discipline again. I’ve got my James Baldwin —  The Price of the Ticket — which is a terrific grouping of essays Baldwin wrote. I’m sort of in my James Baldwin phase. I love biographies. I’m a big Jon Meacham fan. When David McCullough was around, I loved his stuff. Every day I want to learn something I didn’t know. 

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Have you made any lifestyle changes in your 60s?

A couple years ago, I cut out alcohol entirely. I don’t drink anymore. I would just drink red wine, [but] it got to the point where I felt it was impairing my health. So I decided no more of that. I just stopped. And not that I was ever overweight, but I lost [around] 16 pounds in probably a month. I work out every day. I stretch a lot more than I used to when I was younger. I’m limber, and I feel good physically. … I’ve also come to terms with the fact I’m not in my 20s or 30s anymore. … It’s just being smart about who you are at this point. There are certain things that I’m just not going to be able to do as well as I used to.

What’s your daily workout routine?

It’s all different. I run some days. I bike some days. I do weights some days. I stretch every day — 35 minutes a day. And I don’t sit anymore for eight hours in a chair writing, because that’s impossible. It just destroys you, so I get up. I have a timer on my phone, [and every] 30 minutes, I get up and walk around, I stretch, and I go back and sit back down. Everybody tells you, you keep moving [and] good things happen.

What movies or TV shows are you enjoying recently?

I watched Barbie, which I loved. I watched Oppenheimer, which blew me away. I want to see the new Scorsese film [ Killers of the Flower Moon ] very much. TV-wise, I like Only Murders in the Building. I like Stranger Things . I like historical pieces, British mysteries. I’m a big Britbox [streaming platform] guy. I’ve watched every Poirot and Marple [episode]. I can quote dialogue from the episodes — it’s that ridiculous, I’ve watched so many times. I like to see how people put things together, whether the story’s going to be on a page or on a screen.

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What does a perfect day off look like to you?

I love water. We have a lake house in Southern Virginia we’ve owned for over 20 years. That’s where I learned to sail and ski and do all sorts of water sports, and I taught my kids to do those as well. I love being out on the water, whether it’s kayaking or paddleboarding or slalom. I don’t slalom as much as I used to because you heal a lot slower. You just have to be smart about these things, so I am.

Gayle Jo Carter is a former entertainment editor at USA WEEKEND , who during her 30-year reporting and editing career, has worked at USA TODAY, Voice of America and Feature Story News. When not interviewing high-profile people, she’s teaching reformer Pilates classes and doing her best to raise two empathetic, curious, healthy young people to adulthood.

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David Baldacci

David baldacci book releases 2023/2024.

As of November 23rd, 2023 , David Baldacci has 6 new or upcoming book releases .

Check out David Baldacci’s next book below as it could be your favorite yet. Be sure to bookmark this page to be the first to discover new books by David Baldacci!

David Baldacci New Books In Order

The Edge (Travis Devine #2)

Travis Devine #2

The 6:20 Man (Travis Devine #1)

Simply Lies

 Dream Town (Archer #3)

Long Shadows (Amos Decker #7)

Looking for more new books? Check out all 2023 book releases

David Baldacci Triva

Curious fan facts & trivia:

  • Before he became a full-time writer, David Baldacci worked as a trial lawyer for several years. He has said that his experience as a lawyer has helped him to write legal thrillers that are both accurate and compelling.
  • Baldacci’s first novel, Absolute Power , was published in 1996 and became an instant bestseller. The book was later adapted into a movie starring Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman.
  • Baldacci is a prolific writer who has published more than 40 novels, many of which have topped bestseller lists around the world. He has sold more than 130 million copies of his books worldwide.
  • Baldacci is known for his meticulous research and attention to detail when writing his books. He has been known to spend months researching a single topic before starting to write a novel.
  • In addition to his adult novels, Baldacci has also written several children’s books, including the Freddy and the French Fries! series and The Finisher , the first book in a YA fantasy series.
  • Baldacci is an advocate for literacy and education and has been involved in several charitable organizations that promote these causes. He and his wife have also established a foundation that supports several educational programs in Virginia, including scholarships for students.  
  • Baldacci’s new upcoming book releasing Fall 2023.

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David Baldacci

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  • Crime & Thrillers

David Baldacci's books in order: a complete guide

David baldacci is the bestselling author of some of the world's favourite crime and thriller books, from the gripping amos decker series to the unforgettable characters of the camel club series. here we share all of david baldacci's books in order..

latest book david baldacci

David Baldacci has become one of the world’s favourite thriller writers, with his first novel  Absolute Power , being adapted into the film of the same name starring and directed by Clint Eastwood.​ He is the author of many standalone  crime and thriller books  as well as several much-loved series, including the Amos Decker series featuring the eponymous FBI agent and the Atlee Pine series. 

Whether you’re already a fan and want to make sure you haven’t missed David’s latest book, or you’re new to his work and aren’t sure where to start, here are all of David Baldacci’s books in order.

  • Travis Devine
  • Amos Decker
  • Aloysius Archer
  • John Puller
  • King & Maxwell
  • Shaw & Katie James

The Camel Club

  • Standalone novels

What is David Baldacci's latest standalone novel?

Simply lies, by david baldacci.

Book cover for Simply Lies

Simply Lies  is the latest thriller from David Baldacci, featuring Mickey Gibson, a former New Jersey detective and single mother of two. She also works for global investigation company, ProEye, to track down assets of the wealthy who have tried to avoid their creditors. One day she gets a call from a colleague, asking her to visit the home of a notorious arms dealer who has cheated some of ProEye’s clients in the past. Mickey arrives at the mansion to discover the body of a man hidden in a secret room and soon discovers that nothing is at it seems . . . 

The Travis Devine series books in order

The latest series from David Baldacci features Travis Devine, an ex-army man now working in the cut-throat world of high finance. 

The 6:20 Man

Book cover for The 6:20 Man

A bestselling Richard & Judy book club book , this heart-racing thriller set in the world of high finance is the latest book from David Baldacci. Travis Devine leaves the Army under a cloud of suspicion and turns instead to New York's financial district where greed, jealousy and ambition result in the financial abuse of the masses and the enrichment of an elite few. But on his daily commute on the 6:20 a.m. train, he passes a house where he sees something that sounds alarm signals. His close friend and colleague is the first victim, and as the deaths pile up and the major players show their hands, he must question who he can trust and who he must fight.

Book cover for The Edge

The Edge is the hotly anticipated follow-up to David Baldacci's The 6:20 Man , featuring Travis Devine: ex-special ops, now an elite Homeland Security member. When Jennifer Silkwell, a high-ranking CIA analyst with dangerous knowledge, is found dead in Maine, Devine is drawn into a complex investigation. Her past connections and an unspoken bond between her senator father and agent Emerson Campbell deepen the case's intrigue. As Devine prods into the quiet town of Putnam, a killer lurks in the shadows, and he soon discovers that small-town silence can mask deadly secrets.

The Amos Decker series books in order

Following a devastating sporting accident which left him with an incredible skillset which includes synesthesia and a photographic memory, Amos Decker's new appointment as a special agent for the FBI sets him on the path of a series of life-changing cases that will test him to his very limit. 

Book cover for Memory Man

When ex-detective Amos Decker returned home eighteen months ago to find the bodies of his wife and only daughter, he didn't think he could carry on living. Overwhelmed with grief, his life spirals out of control, losing his job, his house and his self-respect. But when his former partner in the police, Mary Lancaster, visits to tell him that someone has confessed to the murder of his family, he knows he owes it to his wife and child to seek justice for them. As Decker comes to terms with the news, tragedy strikes at the local school. Thirteen teenagers are gunned down, and the killer is at large. When new evidence links the murders, Decker is left with only one option.

The Last Mile

Book cover for The Last Mile

Melvin Mars awaits his fate on Death Row. He was one of America's most promising football stars until, aged twenty years old, he was convicted for the murder of his parents. When Decker, newly appointed special agent with the FBI, hears the news that Melvin was saved in the final seconds before his execution because someone has confessed to the killings, he persuades his boss to allow him to carry out an investigation. As Decker goes deeper, he and his team uncover layer upon layer of lies and deception which are rooted at a time in American history which most would rather forget, but some seem keen to remember.

Book cover for The Fix

Walter Dabney is a family man. A loving husband and the father of four grown daughters, he’s built a life many would be proud of. But then the unthinkable happens. Standing outside the FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C, Dabney shoots school teacher Anne Berkshire in cold blood before turning the gun on himself. One of the many witnesses is Amos Decker; a man who forgets nothing and sees what most miss. Baffled by what appears to be a seemingly senseless and random killing, Decker is thrust into the investigation to determine what drove this family man to pull the trigger.

Book cover for The Fallen

The mysterious events in Baronville, Pennsylvania, are raising the highly-tuned antennae of agent Amos Decker and his FBI partner, Alex Jamison. What was supposed to be a relaxing vacation turns into a murder investigation when two bodies are found in a nearby deserted house. With the body count rising, Decker and Jamison dig deep to uncover a sinister truth in Baronville. But even the duo’s skills and Amos Decker’s infallible memory may not be enough to save this town, or them, from becoming the next victims.

Book cover for Redemption

Four years on from the brutal murders of his beloved wife and daughter, FBI consultant Amos Decker is finally ready to return to his hometown and tackle his grief. The last thing he was expecting was to be confronted by a man from his past, Meryl Hawkins, his first-ever homicide arrest. Recently released from a life sentence, due to a terminal illness diagnosis, Hawkins is determined to prove that he was innocent all along. Suddenly, Decker finds himself questioning the case – did he help put an innocent man behind bars? Was Hawkins truly innocent? And is the real killer still out there?

Walk the Wire

Book cover for Walk the Wire

Amos Decker and Alex Jamison are called to the remote North Dakota Badlands when the remains of a woman are discovered on the Great Plains. The woman was a teacher at a school managed by a mysterious male-run sect, and no one seems to know who she is or where she came from. As they seek information from London, the local town at the centre of the fracking industry, they find that jealousy and deep rivalries exist between its richest investors. But it is the highly classified Air Force facility nearby that may really hold the answers. 

Long Shadows

Book cover for Long Shadows

In the latest instalment in the Amos decker series, Decker is in crisis following the suicide of a close friend. In this action-packed thriller he must investigate case of a federal judge who seemingly had no enemies and yet was found brutally murdered in her home. Together with the prospect of working with a new partner, Frederica White, Amos knows that this case will take all of his special skills to solve.

The Aloysius Archer series books in order

A private investigator and WWII veteran, Aloysius Archer has recently been released from prison for a crime he didn't commit. 

One Good Deed

Book cover for One Good Deed

Murder, secrets, revenge, and just a touch of romance combine with the twist of all twists in this noir-inspired thriller which is sure to keep you gripped until the very end. Aloysius Archer is looking to start a new, peaceful life after serving a prison sentence for a crime he didn’t commit. But Archer takes on more than he bargained for when he starts work as a debt collector for local business tycoon Hank Pittleman . . .

A Gambling Man

Book cover for A Gambling Man

Evoking the golden age of crime writing with its 1940s California-setting, this is the second book in Baldacci's Aloysius Archer series. It's 1949 and Aloysius Archer is on his way to start a new job as a private investigator when he meets aspiring actress, Liberty Callaghan in a casino, and together they head west. Arriving in Bay Town, Archer discovers that the appointment of a top official is in jeopardy, and when two seemingly unrelated people are murdered at a burlesque club Archer must try to find out the truth from a tight-lipped community. 

Book cover for Dream Town

1952, Los Angeles. It is New Year’s Eve and Archer is approached by Eleanor Lamb, a screenwriter who would like to hire him as she suspects someone is trying to kill her. Archer’s investigation takes him from the rich, glamorous and glitzy LA to the seedy, dark side of the city, and onward to the gambling mecca of Las Vegas; a place where cops and crooks work hand in hand. In this must-read thriller, Archer will risk everything and leave no stone unturned in order to bring justice to killers who would love nothing better than to plant him six feet under.

The Atlee Pine series books in order

Atlee Pine is an FBI agent with special skills and a dark past, assigned to the remote wilds of the United States. Devastated by the disappearance of her twin sister when they were young children, she has spent her life hunting down those who hurt others. 

Long Road to Mercy

Book cover for Long Road to Mercy

It is thirty years since FBI special agent Atlee Pine’s twin sister, Mercy, was taken from the room they shared as young children. Notorious serial killer Daniel James Tor was caught and convicted of other murders, and while there’s no proof, Atlee believes he knows what happened to Mercy. Now, assigned to the remote wilds of the western United States, Atlee is called in to investigate a case in the Grand Canyon. She knows about killers and perhaps understands them better than any profiler in the FBI, but it soon becomes clear that she will need to put her skills to the ultimate test in this investigation.

A Minute to Midnight

Book cover for A Minute to Midnight

In A Minute to Midnight Atlee Pine continues her search for the truth as she returns to the town where her sister disappeared all those years ago. When she’s given a leave of absence after she oversteps the mark during the arrest of a dangerous criminal, it’s the perfect chance to finally find some answers. But the return to the past brings murder, long-buried secrets and lies, and a revelation so shocking that Atlee feels everything she believed slipping away.

Book cover for Daylight

The third book in the Atlee Pine series from bestselling thriller writer David Baldacci sees Atlee teaming up with her old friend, military investigator John Puller. As they work together to investigate Ito Vincenzo, the man responsible for kidnapping Atlee’s sister, they uncover the lies and deceit that strike at the very heart of democracy. And the truth of what happened to Atlee’s sister will shock her to her core.  

Book cover for Mercy

FBI agent Atlee Pine and her assistant Carol Blum come to the end of a long and painful journey, discovering what happened to Pine's twin sister Mercy, who was abducted when they were just six years old. This incident broke Pine's family apart, and untangling the strands of deception and revenge that followed is more dangerous than she could ever have anticipated.

In this video, David introduces his Atlee Pine series:

The will robie series books in order.

Will Robie is the US government's most professional, disciplined, and lethal assassin. With global threats to US national security a constant danger it falls to Robie to infiltrate the most hostile countries in the world to eliminate threats before they ever reach US shores.

The Innocent

Book cover for The Innocent

Back in DC after successful missions in Edinburgh and Tangier, assassin Will Robie sees his latest assignment, to eliminate a US government employee, go badly wrong. What had she done, or what did she know? Robie is now a wanted man. But it seems that he's not the only one on the run. Young teenager Julie Getty is devastated by the inexplicable murder of her parents in their home, but is smart enough to believe that their killer will come after her too . . .

Book cover for The Hit

When government hit man Will Robie is given his next target he knows he's about to embark on his toughest mission yet. He is tasked with killing one of their own, following evidence to suggest that fellow assassin Jessica Reel has been turned. She's leaving a trail of death in her wake including her handler. The trap is set. To send a killer to catch a killer. But what happens when you can't trust those who have access to the nation's most secret intelligence?

Book cover for The Target

Chung-Cha is a young woman who was raised in the infamous Yodok concentration camp. It's a place where honour, emotion and compassion don't exist. Cold, calculating and highly skilled, Chung-Cha has been trained to kill. And the task she has been given is to destroy the enemy at all costs. A dangerous and deadly operation of cat and mouse plays out between East and West. But who will be the hunter and who will be the hunted when the true target is finally revealed?

Book cover for The Guilty

When Will gets the call to make his first visit home since he was a teenager, it's because his father, the local judge, has been arrested for murdering a man who came before him in court. Robie and his father, Dan, are estranged, and his mother left years ago. When he visits Dan in jail, he finds that time hasn't healed old wounds. But then another murder changes everything, and stone-cold killer Robie will finally have to come to grips with his toughest assignment of all. His family.

Book cover for End Game

London is on red alert. Robie, as the US government’s most lethal assassin, is called in to foil a terrorist attack on the London Underground. An attack serving as a test run for a much larger plot to take place on US soil. But then reports come in that Robie's own mentor, Walton, has gone missing while visiting his hometown in Colorado. This tight-knit community close to the Rocky Mountains holds many secrets and people there are more than willing to take the law into their own hands at the first sign of trouble. To them, Robie is just that.

The John Puller series books in order

A combat veteran and special agent with the U.S. Army, John Puller is the man they call to investigate the toughest crimes facing the nation, often with the help of intelligence operative Veronica Knox. 

Book cover for Zero Day

In the first book of this series, Puller is called to a remote area in West Viginia to investigate the brutal murders of a family. Teaming up with local homicide detective Samantha Cole, it soon becomes clear that the case is part of a complex web of deceit as the body count rises, and Puller discovers that in this investigation, nothing is as it seems and nothing can be taken at face value.

The Forgotten

Book cover for The Forgotten

Criminal investigator John Puller is drawn closer to home when his aunt is found dead in her house in Paradise, Florida. The local police have ruled the death as an accident, but Puller finds evidence to suggest that she may well have been murdered. On the surface the town lives up to its name, but as Puller digs deeper he realises that this town and its inhabitants are more akin to Hell than Paradise. And when Puller learns the truth about what is happening in this once sleepy town, he knows that his discoveries will have an impact far wider than Paradise.

Book cover for The Escape

Puller, has returned from his latest case in Florida to learn that his brother, Bobby, on death row at Leavenworth Prison for national security crimes, has escaped. Now he's on the run in disguise, and he's the US government's number one target. Puller has a dilemma. Which comes first, loyalty to his country or to his brother? 

No Man's Land

Book cover for No Man's Land

Puller might be the US Army's most tenacious investigator, but he is not equipped to face the truth about his mother's disappearance thirty years ago, when new evidence suggests that Puller's father - a highly decorated army veteran - may have murdered his wife. When Puller's friend, intelligence operative Veronica Knox, arrives on the scene, he realizes that there is far more to this case than he first thought. He knows that nothing will prevent him from discovering what really happened.

The King & Maxwell series books in order

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are former Secret Service agents turned private investigators in Washington D.C., and Virginia. They must save the world from national threats, dark secrets, and dangerous killers. 

Split Second

Book cover for Split Second

When something distracts Secret Agent Sean King for a split second, it costs him his career and presidential candidate, Clyde Ritter, his life. But what stole his attention? And why was Ritter shot? Eight years later Michelle Maxwell is on the fast track through the ranks of the Secret Service when her career is stopped short: presidential candidate John Bruno is abducted from a funeral home while under her protection. The similarity between the two cases drives Michelle to re-open investigations into the Ritter fiasco and join forces with attractive ex-agent King.

Book cover for Hour Game

Ex-Secret Service agents Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are investigating the robbery of some secret documents at the residence of the incredibly wealthy Battle family. It seems like a straightforward case of domestic burglary, but soon they begin to suspect links to larger, more terrifying events now shaking the prosperous town of Writghtsburg. The unidentified corpse of an attractive young woman turns up in the woods; two high school kids are found dead in their car; a successful lawyer is discovered stabbed to death in her own home. A serial killer is on the loose and the body count is rising.

Simple Genius

Book cover for Simple Genius

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are both haunted by their last case. Realizing that Michelle is teetering on the brink of self-destruction from long-buried demons, Sean arranges therapy for his reluctant partner. But instead of focusing on her recovery, Michelle unearths disturbing secrets in the hospital. Meanwhile, Sean accepts a much-needed job. A physicist has died in mysterious circumstances near Babbage Town – a secretive establishment populated by an eccentric group of scientists and cryptographers and funded by an anonymous but powerful group. Can Sean discover the truth? And will he be in time to save Michelle from herself?

First Family

Book cover for First Family

Camp David, USA. A birthday party turns into a nightmare when a child is snatched after the celebrations. The First Lady enlists the services of Sean King and Michelle Maxwell to bring the child home safely. But she and King share a past. Years ago he saved her then-senator husband from political disaster. And this may not be all that passed between them. With Michelle still battling her own demons, the two are pushed to the limit, with forces aligned on all sides against them.

The Sixth Man

Book cover for The Sixth Man

When alleged serial killer Edgar Roy is locked away in a psychiatric unit, Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are called in by Roy's lawyer, Ted Bergin, to examine the case further. But the investigation is derailed before it begins when Bergin is found murdered in his car on the highway. A sinister trail of terrifying events begins to unfold as King and Maxwell attempt to determine Roy's guilt or innocence. When the FBI becomes involved, it fast becomes apparent that there's much more to this case than meets the eye. 

King and Maxwell

Book cover for King and Maxwell

King and Maxwell encounter teenager Tyler Wingo when he has just received the tragic news that his soldier father has been killed in Afghanistan. But then Tyler receives an email from his father . . . after his supposed death. Sean and Michelle are hired to solve the mystery, and their investigation leads to deeper, even more troubling questions. Could Tyler's father really still be alive? Was his mission all that it seemed? Has Tyler's life been a lie, and could he be the next target?

The Shaw and Katie James series books in order

A secret government-endorsed band of highly trained, highly motivated agents spends its days hunting down some of the world’s most notorious criminals.

The Whole Truth

Book cover for The Whole Truth

Nicolas Creel, a super-rich arms dealer, decides that the best way to boost his business is to start a new cold war - and he won't let anything or anyone get in his way. As international tensions rise and the superpowers line up against each other, the lives of three very different people will never be the same again. As intelligence agent Shaw, academic Anna Fischer and ambitious journalist Katie James are all drawn into Creel's games, can anything stop the world from spiraling out of control?

Deliver Us From Evil

Book cover for Deliver Us From Evil

Evan Waller is a monster. He has built a fortune from his willingness to buy and sell anything . . . and anyone. In search of new opportunities, Waller has just begun a new business venture: one that could lead to millions of deaths all over the globe. On Waller's trail is Shaw, the mysterious operative from The Whole Truth, who must prevent Waller from closing his latest deal. But Waller's depravity and ruthlessness go deeper than Shaw knows. And now, there is someone else pursuing Waller in Provence - Reggie Campion, an agent for a secret vigilante group headquartered in a musty old English estate - and she has an agenda of her own.

The Camel Club series books in order

Four unlikely partners who seek the truth, an often elusive goal in their hometown of Washington D.C. comprise The Camel Club. In their quest to unearth corruption they are assisted by an unusual array of friends. 

Book cover for The Camel Club

Oliver Stone spends most days camped opposite the White House, hoping to expose corruption wherever he finds it. But the stakes are raised when he and his friends, a group of conspiracy theorist misfits known as The Camel Club, accidentally witness the murder of an intelligence analyst. While The Camel Club is poised to expose a conspiracy that reaches into the heart of Washington's highly secretive corridors of power, agent Alex Ford finds out that his worst nightmare is about to happen. 

The Collectors

Book cover for The Collectors

Annabelle is a beautiful stranger with a mysterious past, planning the heist of the century. Jonathan DeHaven, the shy head of the Rare Books Division at the Library of Congress, is planning nothing more than an uneventful day amongst his cherished collection. But when Jonathan is found dead by Caleb Shaw, a member of the Camel Club, two conspiracies are destined to meet as the Club determines to track down the dead man’s long-lost wife – and Annabelle decides to avenge the death of her beloved ex-husband.

Book cover for Stone Cold

Casino king Jerry Bagger from The Collectors is hunting Annabelle Conroy, the beautiful woman who conned him out of millions. Stone and his colleagues Reuben, Milton, and Caleb marshal all their resources to protect Annabelle. Yet all their skills may not be enough when a deadly new opponent rips off the veneer of Stone's own mysterious past: Bagger's menace pales next to newcomer Harry Finn's lethality. Passing as a normal family man, Finn has already killed three men, with more targets to come.

Divine Justice

Book cover for Divine Justice

Known by his alias, 'Oliver Stone', John Carr is the most wanted man in America. With two pulls of the trigger, the men who hid the truth of Stone's past and kept him in the shadows were finally silenced. But Stone's freedom has come at a steep price; the assassinations he carried out have prompted the highest levels of the United States Government to unleash a massive manhunt. Joe Knox is leading the charge, but his superiors aren't telling him everything there is to know about his quarry, and their hidden agendas are just as dangerous as the killer he's trying to catch.

Hell's Corner

Book cover for Hell's Corner

On the night of the State Dinner honouring the British Prime Minister, Oliver Stone witnesses an explosion as the motorcade leaves the White House. A bomb has been detonated in what looks like a terrorist plot directed at the President and the Prime Minister. Stone, together with Harry Finn, Alex Ford and the rest of the Camel Club, is drawn into the inquiry. But everything is not what it seems, and what happened in the park may not have been the actual plan. It seems the mysterious attackers had another target in their sights, and it's up to the Camel Club to stop them.

The Vega Jane series books in order

Vega Jane was always told no one could leave the town of Wormwood. And she always believed it – until the night she saw Quentin Herms run away. This is Baldacci's thrilling YA adventure series. 

Vega Jane and the Secrets of Sorcery

Book cover for Vega Jane and the Secrets of Sorcery

Full of monsters, magic, danger and mystery,  Vega Jane and the Secrets of Sorcery  (previously published as  The Finisher)  is the first title in the thrilling Vega Jane children's fantasy adventure series. Welcome to Wormwood: a place where curiosity is discouraged and no one has ever left. Until one girl, Vega Jane, discovers a map that suggests a mysterious world beyond the walls. A world with possibilities and creatures beyond her imagining. But she will be forced to fight for her freedom. And unravelling the truth may cost Vega her life.

Vega Jane and the Maze of Monsters

Book cover for Vega Jane and the Maze of Monsters

In the second book of the series, Vega and her best friend Delph must find a way to make it across this terrifying land of bloodthirsty creatures and sinister magic. But the Quag is worse than Vega Jane's darkest imagining. It's a living, breathing prison designed to keep enemies out and the villagers of Wormwood in. The Quag will throw everything at Vega. It will try to break her. It will try to kill her. And survival might come at a price not even Vega is willing to pay.

Vega Jane and the Rebels' Revolt

Book cover for Vega Jane and the Rebels' Revolt

This is it. Vega Jane's time. She has broken away from Wormwood, the only home she's ever known, and headed off into the Quag in search of the truth. She battles horrors to fight her way through it, with her best friend, Delph, and her mysterious canine, Harry Two, alongside her. Against all odds, they survive - but arrive into a place that's even worse. Not because deadly beasts roam the streets, but because the people there are enslaved and don't even know it. It's up to Vega, Delph, Harry Two and their new comrade, Petra, to take up the fight against a savage and cunning new foe.

Vega Jane and the End of Time

Book cover for Vega Jane and the End of Time

Vega Jane has tried to outrun, outsmart, and outlast her enemy, but the showdown she has dreaded is finally here. Now her ragtag crew must face a fully trained army, knowing this could be the end. But when evil comes, heroes stand to meet it. And Vega Jane is a hero. The Stars Below is the epic conclusion to David’s Vega Jane series.

Standalone novels by David Baldacci

Book cover for One Summer

When thirty-four-year-old army veteran Jack Armstrong is told he has only weeks to live, he is devastated at the thought of leaving his wife Lizzie and their three children behind. Then on Christmas Eve, while Jack prepares to say goodbye to his family, tragedy strikes again and Lizzie is killed in a car accident. The future looks bleak, but then the family inherits Lizzie's beautiful oceanfront childhood home, and during one unforgettable summer Jack and the children begin to rebuild their lives.

Book cover for True Blue

Mace Perry, maverick cop on the DC police force, lost everything when she was framed for a crime she didn’t commit. Now she’s out of prison and trying to rebuild her life, but first, she needs to find the people who set her up. When a female lawyer is found murdered, her death seems entwined with Mace’s story, and her investigation deepens.

The Christmas Train

Book cover for The Christmas Train

Forced to take the train from Washington to LA after a slight 'misunderstanding' at airport security, disillusioned journalist Tom Langdon has no idea that the locomotives pulling him across America will actually take him into the rugged terrain of his own heart. A journey of self-discovery and rude awakenings, mysterious goings-on and thrilling adventures, screwball escapades and holiday magic.

Last Man Standing

Book cover for Last Man Standing

Web London has lost everything – his friends, his team, his reputation as a part of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team – in a high-tech ambush that left him the last man standing. Now he must uncover the reason he was the only man left alive, and where the killer will strike next.

Wish You Well

Book cover for Wish You Well

When the Cardinal family are involved in a terrible car crash, twelve-year-old Lou and seven-year-old Oz lose their father, while their mother is left in a coma. Their world seems to be falling apart, until their great-grandmother agrees to raise the boys on her mountain farm. But when their idylic home is threatened by the discovery of natural gas on the mountain, the Cardinal family face a battle to keep the only place they know as home.

Saving Faith

Book cover for Saving Faith

Danny Buchanan once earned a fortune serving the interests of giant corporations. But, appalled by the poverty he witnessed on his travels, he now works as a lobbyist in Washington, using his political genius to help the world’s poor. But when ruthless CIA operative Robert Thornhill discovers the secret of Danny’s influence, he is determined to destroy him.

The Simple Truth

Book cover for The Simple Truth

This tense courtroom drama sees a young soldier, Rufus Harms, hailed for the brutal murder of a young girl. But twenty-five years later, new facts come to light about the night of the murder, and an evil secret shared by some of Washington’s most powerful men. Fearing for his life, Harms seizes his one chance to escape.

Book cover for The Winner

When LuAnn Taylor, poverty-stricken single parent, is offered a once in a lifetime opportunity – a guaranteed $100 million lottery win – it seems like an offer that no one could refuse. But she does. Less than a day later she’s on the run and fighting for her life.

Total Control

Book cover for Total Control

Jason Archer, rising star at Triton Global, the world’s leading technology company, id determined to give his family the very best. But he’s unknowingly entered into a deadly game that will lead to his disappearance, and his wife Sidney being plunged into a sinister and violent plot involving the country’s most powerful individual.

Absolute Power

Book cover for Absolute Power

Adapted into a film directed by, and starring, Clint Eastwood, Absolute Power is a gripping story set at the heart of Washington DC’s political power. When professional burglar Luther Whitney gets trapped on the job, he witnesses something that destroys his faith in justice. Can he uncover a political conspiracy to goes all the way to the President of the United States?

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David Baldacci is a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and popular writer of twenty-six novels as well as three children’s books. He has sold over a 100 million copies worldwide in print of his novels and over 3 million ebooks. His books have been translated into over forty-five languages and his books are sold worldwide in eighty-eight countries. Baldacci’s novels deal with scandals and compromising situations, cover ups and pursuits, romance and the search for the truth.

In addition to being a bestseller, Baldacci entered into the International Crime Writing Hall of Fame in 2011. He is also a contributing editor for Parade Magazine. David Baldacci was born and grew up in Richmond, Virginia in 1960. He would write stories as a child but later went into law, graduating from Henrico High School. He later attended college at Virginia Commonwealth University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in political science.

He then graduated from the University of Virginia with a law degree. He then went to Washington, D.C., where he practiced trial and corporate law for nine years. While living in Alexandria, Baldacci continued to write, penning short stories and screenplays, without much success. It was then that he decided to try his hand at novels. He sat down and wrote his first novel Absolute Power, which was published in 1996. Today he lives in North Virginia with his wife and their two children and two dogs.

He also supports and runs a family charity, the Wish You Well Foundation, supporting adult literacy by helping support programs that promote literacy and education. He also works with multiple charities including the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy and the American Cancer Society. Baldacci is also a National Ambassador for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. David Baldacci’s first novel Absolute Power was a bestseller in 1996 that in 1997 was made into a movie directed by and starring Clint Eastwood.

It begins with Luther Whitney breaking into a home, something he does often and for a living. Baldacci explains that Whitney doesn’t carry a weapon, but rather prefers to rely on his skills to do the job. One night Whitney is witness to an unexpected tryst in the bedroom, trapped in the closet and unable to leave without revealing himself and possibly getting injured. As the lovemaking between the man and woman turns violent, Whitney unintentionally is the sole witness to murder.

The man in this instance turns out to be the President of the United States with the Secret Service trying to pin the homicide on Luther. In the adaptation, Clint Eastwood plays jewel thief Luther Whitney with Gene Hackman as Alan Richmond, the President of the United States. The film also stars Ed Harris and Laura Linney. The Sean King and Maxine Maxwell series are comprised of six books and have inspired a 2013 television show airing on TNT, called “King & Maxwell”, starring Rebecca Romijn and Jon Tenney.

The series is about two Secret Service agents who have fallen from grace after the political candidate King is guarding gets assassinated and the person Maxine Maxwell is guarding gets kidnapped. Split Second is the first book in the series published in 2003. In it, Maxwell is drawn to King’s case which is a good thing since a string of murders have him under suspicion. The action and pressure heat up as they get deeper into a series of coincidence that may have more to do with the past than the present.

In the second book, Hour Game, Maxwell and King are back when their burglary investigations continually lead them to a murder investigation of a mocking, exhibitionist serial killer and a series of twists and turns. There are four more books in the series: Simple Genius, First Family, The Sixth Man, and finally, King and Maxwell(2013). The Camel Club series is about a club of four men led by the mysterious Oliver Stone who study the workings of the country and have informal, unusual conversations.

The group eventually witnesses a murder and decide to go after the party themselves rather than risk not being believed. Joining with Veteran Secret Service Agent Alex Ford, the group gets caught up in a complicated game of intrigue and conspiracy that goes all the way to the top. The books go deeper into the real identity of Oliver Stone and his history as a legendary assassin. In the follow up book The Collectors, the Camel Club once again must go to work when the Speaker of the House is assassinated.

The Club discovers a spy is selling secrets, and with the help of an unexpected ally, they may just be able to triumph. The Shaw and Katie James series consist of two books, The Whole Truth and Deliver Us From Evil. James is a journalist about to get her breakout story and Shaw is a mysterious man with a past and a plan. In Zero Day and Forgotten, John Puller is a combat veteran and a military investigator, searching for the truth in cases and in the sequel investigating the death of his own aunt.

Additionally there are the Will Robie series consisting of The Innocent and The Hit. A highly skilled assassin on par with Jason Bourne, Robie is contacted to bring in another assassin who has gone off course. Robie finds out that the assassin he is pursuing and the motives for her going rogue are not everything that they seem.

In addition to Absolute Power being made into a movie, Wish You Well. The film stars Ellen Burstyn and Josh Lucas, finished shooting in 2012. David Baldacci has been featured on real-life crime show “Murder By The Book”. “Hardcover Mysteries” aired on the Investigation Discovery network in which he hosted an episode revolving around the death of Mary Meyer, who was alleged to have been having an affair with President Kennedy.

The show featured crime writers who had fiction inspired by real life crimes. King & Maxwell airs their pilot June 10th, 2013, on TNT. Baldacci continues to write novels and appear in shows while producing and writing television shows based on his works.

Feedback on David Baldacci:

Bill W wrote: I just read my first Baldacci Book..The Hit. Hope we see more of the Jessica Reel girlfriend said ..”don’t kill her off” . Agreed, Reel was great. Baldacci’s standalone novels are my favourites FYI – you should try “The Winner” next that’s one of my favourites – actually probably my favourite Baldacci book. You might also like the novels by Daniel Silva. His Michael Osbourne series is the first ones to read and they have a strong character like Jessica Reel too.

36 Responses to “David Baldacci”


me,too~ we’ve waited a long time for the 7th book!


I agree. After his most recent, Mercy< there has to be a conclusive episode or two.

I agree, More Atlee Pine please!!!

Thank you for sharing your genius storytelling.

Agree with so much above: 4 Atlee Pine is not enough. a great character.

My sister introduced me to DB several years back. The Winner is definitely the WINNER but then there’s the Camel Club and all the other characters I’m head of heels in love with. I don’t have room in my library for any other authors, luckily I don’t need any others. David, you’re a legend in Australia too. Thanks for your craft and keep them coming.

My fave story is ‘Gambling Man’. Creating the mood, and capturing the language and style of a time three generations ago, so perfectly, sets Baldacci apart from the field.

I am in the process of reading The Camel Club series. It’s great! I read the two “Shaw” series and loved them..would like to read more of Shaw and Katie James. I’m glad I found David Baldacci!

David Baldacci, one of the best! Ready to catch up for 2021 and 22 reads! NEVER dissatisfied!

I absolutely love all of Baldacci’s books. My two daughters also can’t get enough of them. Soo happy I found him.

I love Baldacci’s writing. I started decades ago with Saving Faith and The Winner and have been addicted since the 90s. Atlee Pine, Amos Decker, and Will Robie are all cool, but if you really want to enjoy Baldacci’s best thrillers, read the Camel Club. I couldn’t put the series down – or wait for the next book to come out. My saddest reading disappointment in the past 30 years was the end of the Camel Club. Oliver Stone FOREVER!!!!

I love all of these books, but Amos Decker, memory man is my absolute favorite. I cannot wait for the next one!!

Started ‘The winner’ 2 days ago, my 22nd Baldacci, halfway through already, absolutely gripping but your making me late for work.

That’s probably my favourite Baldacci book 🙂

I started reading Baldacci about 3 months ago. Have read about a dozen now. All of the Camel Club, Will Robie and Atlee Pine. Can’t get enough. What a treat.

I would like to read more of Will Robbie and the Camel Club. I have read all of your books. All your characters are good I just finished Mercy.

Me too. I wonder if there will be another in the series.

Mr B, I have read many of your books and always enjoy them, I needed book, always have to have one or I will have withdrawal. I grabbed Split Second. Wow! That was a really fun read. I’ sure I have read other King n Maxwell books. Now I know where they all began. Thanks for entertaining me during this pandemic. Stay healthy and safe.

Phil Seroczynski Sr

I see a book “Bullseye” under the Camel Club and Will Robie Series. I cannot find this book for sale. I have read all of David Baldacci books up to date except this one. Can I order from you or please tell me where I can find this book. On Amazon there is a book “Bullseye” but not by Baldacci.

Hi Bama – I had a look on Amazon and saw Bullseye by Baldacci no problem using the above link. It is ebook / audible only though.

Is the novel “Long Road to Mercy” and “The end of Mercy” the same book.

David hasn’t written any novels with the title “The End of Mercy”. A couple of other authors have but they are different books.

To date I have read 53 of Baldacci book, he did issue a book called Mercy, it was some time ago. I only commenced to read his books five years ago I had been very poorly and my wife brought me “The Winner” and that was my fixation with his book every time I went into Charlestown in Australia, I would come out with four or five of his books, Once I started to read them I could not put them down until i had finished .I have kept up to date with his release and have a regular order for his latest novel. My favourite author.

Only one problem with Baldacci…I read them faster than he writes them.

Just started reading these books and can not put them down. Great plot from the start to the end. Hopefully plan to get his whole series of each character. Thank you for well written books.

David Baldacci is a national treasure. There,I said it!😊

During the Covid lockdown I had the pleasure of reading all David Baldacci books great plots, characters, and stories also the crossover of characters with Decker and Robie and Pine and Pullers adds more dimension and imagination would love to see more of this with Reel Pine and Maxwellcoming together keep the ink flowing DB

The man is truly gifted.

I have had the pleasure of having read all of David Baldacci’s book…….and each is equally good! Such an amazing writer! Plus working in a library, I snatch up the new books as soon as we receive them!

recently finished reading The Collectors…..will the re be a sequel reference Annabelle Conroy concluding the Jerry Bagger scam??? Thanks

I appreciated when you pointed out that will Robbie appeared in a book in the Amos decker series and was intrigued that John puller is a significant character in the latest Atlee pine novel, “ daylight”. Thought some of your other readers might be interested in this additional crossover.

Wonderful books. My only disappointment is that because of cuts, our library does not have all of this author’s audiobooks. We do get a new one almost every year and sometimes wait a year to read it. Thank you sir for sharing your marvellous talent with the world. Sounds like a plea for your books. No, it’s not. Just explaining.

I was recouping and just listing to CD of Baldacci! That was a WOW!!! I was blown away Memory Man! series and I am on second series with Zero Day! What a writer!

Vince Flynn’s were the books I read most, til’ his death. It was then I “stumbled across Baldacci’s work and now realize Mr. Flynn was no where close to the prolific works of Mr. Baldacci, but a excellent contender; it was a shame we lost Flynn, but Mr. Baldacci’s work is breath taking and I wonder just where I have been not recognizing him earlier.

I loved Flynn’s books, except for the last few. Kyle Mills picked up that franchise, and is actually doing a better job than Flynn did on his own books towards (definitely towards the end)

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latest book david baldacci

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latest book david baldacci

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    This is the latest action packed thriller from the prolific author, David Baldacci, set in the high finance world of New York. 32 year old Travis Devine is a former Army Ranger Captain who had distinguished himself with tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, but having quit, he is now a far from happy entry level grunt analyst, crunching numbers in the dog eat dog world of the powerful investment bank ...

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    DAVID BALDACCI is a global #1 bestselling author, and one of the world's favorite storytellers. His books are published in over forty-five languages and in more than eighty countries, with 150 million copies sold worldwide. His works have been adapted for both feature film and television.

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  12. SIMPLY LIES: David Baldacci to Release New Novel in April 2023

    SIMPLY LIES: David Baldacci to Release New Novel in April 2023 On April 18th, 2023, Simply Lies, an all-new novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci is set to hit bookstores. Baldacci, one of the most celebrated and recognizable authors in the genre today, has sold more than 150 million copies of his books to date.

  13. New Releases by David Baldacci

    by: David Baldacci. release date: Nov 14, 2023. Find in Library. Check on Amazon. Google Books. Add to Bookshelf. The hotly anticipated follow-up to David Baldacci's runaway #1 New York Times bestselling thriller, The 6:20 Man, again featuring Travis Devine.

  14. David Baldacci Books In Order

    Baldacci's first novel, Absolute Power, was published in 1996 and was later adapted into a movie starring Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman. Before becoming a full-time writer, Baldacci worked as a lawyer for nine years in Washington, D.C. Baldacci has written over 40 novels and has sold over 130 million copies of his books worldwide.

  15. David Baldacci's latest is best book in his King and Maxwell series

    David Baldacci's latest is best book in his King and Maxwell series | David Baldacci "This is the best book yet in the series," says the Associated Press about KING AND MAXWELL. Read the full review here.

  16. David Baldacci Pens Latest Thriller, 'The Edge'

    Best-selling author David Baldacci, 63, has penned another thriller in his popular "6:20 Man" (a.k.a. Travis Devine) series. In The Edge, Devine is hired to solve a CIA operative's murder and recover classified information before it falls into the wrong hands and compromises national security.Baldacci shares how he finds his writing inspiration, who he's reading these days and how he ...

  17. David Baldacci New Releases

    David Baldacci Book Releases 2023/2024 As of November 22nd, 2023, David Baldacci has 6 new or upcoming book releases. Check out David Baldacci's next book below as it could be your favorite yet. Be sure to bookmark this page to be the first to discover new books by David Baldacci! David Baldacci New Books In Order The Edge (Travis Devine #2)

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  19. David Baldacci

    David Baldacci attended law school at the University of Virginia, and went on to work as a trial lawyer, and later as a corporate lawyer, in Washington, D.C. ... New Books. November 2023 The Edge (Travis Devine, book 2) Series. King and Maxwell 1. Split Second (2003) 2. Hour Game (2004) 3.

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    Simply Lies is the latest thriller from David Baldacci, featuring Mickey Gibson, a former New Jersey detective and single mother of two. She also works for global investigation company, ProEye, to track down assets of the wealthy who have tried to avoid their creditors.

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    David Baldacci has been writing since childhood, when his mother gave him a lined notebook in which to write down his stories. (Much later, when David thanked her for being the spark that ignited his writing career, she revealed that she'd given him the notebook to keep him quiet, "because every mom needs a break now and then.") David ...

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    Publication Order of The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers Books Publication Order of Anthologies David Baldacci Biography: David Baldacci is a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and popular writer of twenty-six novels as well as three children's books. He has sold over a 100 million copies worldwide in print of his novels and over 3 million ebooks.

  23. The Edge (6:20 Man Book 2) by David Baldacci 2023

    Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for The Edge (6:20 Man Book 2) by David Baldacci 2023 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!