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Design spectacular and creative biographies for free. engage your students in this activity to discover the power of synthesis and learn about the lives of famous authors..

Customize  Biography templates online . Use Edit.org to customize your biographies for schools, bookstores, and libraries. Create biographies about characters from a novel quickly and in a structured way.

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Customize professional Bio examples online

At Edit.org, we have created a collection of editable biography templates that can be used by students, writers, journalists, and anyone who needs to create a biography of famous people, whether they are scientists, athletes, politicians, or singers. They contain predefined sections and fields that you can fill in as easily as in a Word document, including:

  • Date and place of birth
  • Place of residence
  • Friends and acquaintances
  • Hobbies and interests
  • People of reference
  • And many more

Get spectacular designs for your biography! Use it in a school, magazine, or website . You can also use it in your bookstore, library, or cultural center .

Using our template library will save you time since you won't have to start from scratch as you will have a predefined structure. Create didactic activities in your classroom and organize biographical information in a clearer and more coherent way. Just select one of the templates we offer in this article or the final cascade, customize it with your educational proposals, and print it in high resolution.

Our biographies can be adapted to your needs . You can also use them as a page for a memory book or a resume .

Customizable Bio template for children

How to edit free personal Bio examples on Edit.org?

See how easy it is to edit short or long professional biography examples:

  • Click on a design you like from this article or choose the template that best suits your activity from the editor's search engine.
  • Customize the template with just a few clicks. Edit it to your liking, including colors, typography, and more.
  • Save your work in our free cloud in case you want to make changes later (so you won't have to start from scratch).
  • Download your biography in JPG, PNG, or PDF format for high-quality printing or digital sharing.

That's it, you're done!

Create Bio examples for kids to customize

Why is it a good idea to make a Biography as a school activity?

There are many reasons, but here are the 4 main ones:

  • Researching someone's life and gathering information about their accomplishments, personal and professional challenges, as well as their contributions, will help students develop research skills and curiosity .
  • Working on a biography improves writing skills, organization of ideas, and structuring information in a clear and coherent manner.
  • Promotes critical thinking : students will learn to analyze different aspects of a public figure's life and develop their objective thinking about that person, history, and society in general. It also promotes empathy.
  • Learn about the lives of influential people in different fields , such as science, politics, or art, and understand how their contributions have affected the world at large.

In short, doing a biography as a school activity is a great idea! It encourages research and understanding towards different life experiences and perspectives.

Examples of Biography templates online to edit

Download a Biography template for school students in minutes

Using Edit.org's online editor is easy! You don't need any design skills to create the best biographies for chronological, topical, or historical figures .

In just a few seconds, you can have your perfect template ready to share with your students or to help you write your bestseller and create new characters for your crime novel. Each template's visual result is designed to be professional, clear, and, above all, useful .

Create the best biographies with our free and intuitive editor in an easy, fast, and structured way. Use the best editable biography templates to gather information for your journalistic, literary, or research projects.

Enter our online editor now and download your personalized biography template in seconds!

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Edit a Bio template

Your Life is a Story, Let Us Help You Tell It!

What is the biography timeliner .

This 24/7 on-line tool helps you organize and record all your life experiences – loves, losses, triumphs, tragedies – using a simple, step-by-step process.

Write anywhere – on your home computer, tablet, or phone. Write anytime – for five minutes or a few hours. Writing your own unique story has never been this convenient, affordable, and easy. No longer are life stories only for the ‘Rich and Famous’.

Join the Memoir Movement with the Biography Timeliner and have the ‘times’ of your life.

Why should I write my story?

But I can’t write!

Write how you talk! There are no rules.

Just like your life, you see things how you see them as you tap into your memories, as you ignite your imagination, using your own unique style of writing as you express all that is within. There is no other you, therefore no one else in the world writes like you!

So, relax - rules and barriers don’t exist here. The Biography Timeliner opens the door to your inner voice, the ‘real’ you, and magically, before you know it, the most important story you'll ever read will start to unfold!

What does the Biography Timeliner ultimately give me?

The Biography Timeliner creates a reader-friendly, printable, illustrated script of your life story through the My Bio page. Share your personal My Bio page by posting it on your favourite social media, or printing it out.

Although the Biography Timeliner does not ‘publish’ your story, it does provide coaching on how to proofread and publish.

Whether you share your story online, print it, or even publish it ─ it is totally up to you.

Can I use the Biography Timeliner to write for someone else?

Yes you can! The Biography Timeliner coaches you on how to ghostwrite and it’s compelling questions and prompts enable you to write for yourself, or others.

Is there someone you know who’s not able write their story; a parent, a friend, a lonely soul?

That fact that you are thinking of someone right now shows that their life has a profound meaning and you want them to live on in time. Capture their story now, before it's lost forever.

Count me in! Where do I start?

Click here to give the Biography Timeliner a free, limited test drive. See for yourself how easy it is to bring your incredible, one-of-a-kind story to life.

What does the Biography Timeliner cost?

Hiring a writing coach could cost you thousands, but for just $39.99 , you can have all the tools you'll need to start writing your autobiography — a priceless gift to the world!

What People Are Saying About the Biography Timeliner

“The Biography Timeliner is addictive! I love it! Once I started following the questions and prompts I couldn’t believe what I remembered about my life — not so boring after all” “It was so therapeutic for me and my Dad. His windows of memory are starting to close and the time we spent together doing this was a gift in itself”
“I liked the way the My Bio page placed all the entries in order under the appropriate question. This allowed me to answer the questions quickly and then later add interesting details.” “I look forward to continuing to write my story for my children.”
“There are some things I did not want to tell – but that’s Ok . . . it’s my story. And it helped me remember a lot of wonderful things, and that felt really good” “The timeline events feature allowed me to add a little humour about what was happening in the world around me.”

Writing Center

The Writing Center is the heart of the Biography Timeliner . Here is where the fun happens. You can navigate through all the questions and your answers, upload images, make notes with the Scratchpad , respond to events in the Timeline .

You can also view helpful articles and prompts that will ignite your creativity and enhance the writing process.

Anyone can write with the Biography Timeliner .

My Bio is a summary of all your work – in other words, your biography. Here you will see, in chronological order, the questions and answers you have worked on, the images you have uploaded, and any Scratchpad notes, including responses to the Timeline , that you have created.

Beautifully laid out and ready for printing, you can also share a link, or create a text version. It is your choice. People love periodically clicking on the My Bio page to see their story come together before their eyes; in sequence, in honesty, and in pride.

This feature allows you to respond to significant events over the last century. Where were you on 20 July 1969 when man landed on the moon? When the Jets beat the Colts? When gas was 34c/gal. When pant suits hit the shelves? On the fatal morning of 9/11?

We’ve all lived through a profound era: quantum physics, wall building and demolition, the Beatles, computers, world wars, tie-dye, shoulder pads, space travel, civil rights, antibiotics, the world wide web . . .

Any Timeline event that you respond to will appear chronologically in your story on the My Bio page.

In-depth Coaching

The Biography Timeliner , designed by a professional writing coach, is your guide, taking you by the hand as it leads you through the entire story writing process, tugging you along when you get stuck.

With thought-provoking questions, prompts, memory triggers, writing tips, word lists, creative activities and how-to articles to guide you, the Biography Timeliner is your personal coach in your journey to sharing your own unique story.

The Biography Timeliner supports you every sentence along the way.

Why I Created the Biography Timeliner ?

create a biography online free

Adrift at Sea

My family moved house every four months on average. I have no idea why. Mom was terrified of the sea. I have no idea why. And I have no idea why she ended her life by calmly walking into the sea one morning at sunrise. That day, my family’s legacy was washed away forever.

I never had the chance to learn about my family’s lives – their history, adventures, triumphs, talents, loves and losses. And so I began writing; to discover my roots, to recover from pain, and to connect to the love of my lineage. And mostly, to leave a priceless legacy for my children. After ghostwriting life stories, one client at a time, for many years, I created the Biography Timeliner to help everyone, everywhere to write theirs too.

Life stories are the invisible strands that hold our DNA together. Without our stories, we drift. With them, we anchor; connected forever to ourselves and to each other.

Give it a go!

See for yourself how easy it is to write your own biography!

Personal Biography Generator

Start generating personal biography for free below.

If you need help, please refer to the detailed step-by-step instructions entitled below.

Write about

Generate personal biography in these simple steps.

Enter reequired details

Select language, tone and word count

Click on the Generate button

Introducing WriteCream’s Instant Personal Biography Generator: Crafting Biographies with a Single Click

Unlock the power of instant storytelling with our Personal Biography Generator. No more staring at a blank page, grappling with writer’s block, or feeling uncertain about how to present yourself effectively. WriteCream’s AI Personal Biography Generator takes the stress out of self-introduction, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—building connections and sharing your story with others.

How It Works:

Whether you’re a professional looking for a concise bio for your website, a job seeker aiming to impress recruiters, or an entrepreneur wanting to enhance your online presence, WriteCream’s AI Personal Biography Generator is the ultimate tool for you. It’s perfect for social media profiles, online portfolios, resumes, and any other platform where a captivating personal biography is imperative.

1. Input Information: Users provide basic details such as their name, birthdate, education, career history, achievements, hobbies, and any other relevant information.

2. Select a writing tone and style: Depending on the capabilities of the platform, you might be able to choose a writing style or tone for your biography. You might pick a formal tone, a relaxed tone, or a creative style, for instance.

3. Click ‘Generate’: Once you’ve filled in the necessary information and selected your preferences, click the ‘Generate’ or ‘Create Biography’ button.

4. Review and Edit: Take the time to review the generated content. Ensure that the biography appropriately depicts your story and preferences by making any necessary updates or revisions.

Key Features:

– User-Friendly Interface: An easy-to-use interface that makes it simple for users to enter their information and move through the biography creation process.

– Input Forms: Forms or templates where users can enter their personal details, including name, birthdate, education, work experience, accomplishments, hobbies, and more.

– Seasoned Pro or Newbie Friendly: Whether you’re an experienced writer or a beginner, our tool simplifies the process of writing and generates high-quality content for you, hassle-free.

– Customization at Your Fingertips: Tailor your biography to perfection with our easy editing interface, allowing you to add your own touch, emphasize crucial achievements, or highlight what makes you truly exceptional.

Experience the power of WriteCream’s AI Personal Biography Generator now and unlock the potential of your story. Let your biography speak volumes about your achievements, aspirations, and the remarkable individual that you are. Say goodbye to writer’s block and hours of self-reflection.

Create content in minutes, not weeks.

© Copyright 2023 Writecream | All Rights Reserved

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Create Beautiful Custom Professional Bio in Minutes with Easily Editable Ready-Made Professional Bio Templates. No Design Skills Required. 100% FREE.

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FREE Templates and Designs. Create a Professional Bio in Minutes.

Every Professional Bio Template on our tool is 100% FREE. We don’t have Pro templates. Choose freely from hundreds of Free Templates.

Short Professional Bio Maker

How to Make a Professional Bio Online?

  • Search "Free Professional Bio Template" or Go to the Professional Bio Categories
  • Choose from Hundreds of Free Professional Bio Templates
  • Customize Your Professional Bio Design by Replacing Your Text, Logo, Brand Colors, Fonts, Images, and Backgrounds; OR
  • Create a Free Professional Bio with Millions of Free Background Images, Text, Vectors, Icons, and Animations
  • Download for Free in PNG, PDF and JPEG Image
  • Share Digitally Via a Link or Publish Directly on Social Media

Professional Bio Maker with Images and Backgrounds

Free Professional Bio Fonts, Images, Backgrounds, Icons, Vectors, Illustrations, and Animations.

Professional Bio Design Creator App

Generate a Professional Bio Online with Free Design App Features

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Download Your Free Custom Professional Bio as a High Quality Image (JPEG), PNG and PDF.

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The Best Professional Bio Maker to Post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Whatsapp, or Email

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Make, Download, Publish, and Share your Professional Bio Design Without a Watermark

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Request a Custom Professional Bio Through Our 24/7 Email, Chat, and Phone Support.

Other free design makers, ready to create professional bio.



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Preserve a lifetime of memories.


  • Free to Make & Publish Biography Books Online
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Make Your Own Book Online for Free!

Bookemon makes it possible for anyone to make their own top-quality biography books quickly and easily. These custom-created, 100% personalized books are perfect for preserving memories, photos, drawings, family recipes, and stories to share with family, friends, and future generations.


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The Bookemon Process is simple! You can start with a blank template, use one of our pre-designed layouts, or upload a document you've already created. We provide you with ample free design tools and libraries of clipart, backgrounds and frames to make your book, your way.

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"End result was a book that could rival any in a store"

"One of the best creative tools for gifted students"

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What People Said about Bookemon

Excellent, based on 968 reviews on trustpilot, excellent, based on 477 reviews on google customer reviews.


This is my second time using Bookemon. I’m beyond impressed again! The quality is always great! The speed of processing is above and beyond! I highly recommend!

The ease of the platform to write the books I want The ease of the platform to write the books I care about and the rapid response from the customer service when issues arise.

Angela Bryson

The quality of the paper, hardcover and binding is wonderful. I am proud of my work and is reflected in the quality of the book your company produced.

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Free AI Bio Generator

Generate a captivating Bio for social media in Seconds with Simplified's bio generator.

No credit card required

AI Bio Generator

Compelling Bio Generated with Minimal Effort

Finding the right words to describe yourself and all your accomplishments can be difficult. But with our AI-powered tool, you can take the guesswork out of writing an impressive bio. With just a few simple inputs about your background, skills, and accomplishments, our AI biography generator goes to work, analyzing the data and generating a personalized and unique bio.

AI Biography Generator Features

Unique and Captivating Bios

Quick Results

Supports writing for various platforms

Tailored for multiple platforms

AI Bio Generator

Tailor-Made Bios for Every Platform

Your online presence is multi-faceted, and each platform has its own unique requirements. With our free bio generator, you can create bios that are perfectly suited for the platforms you choose. From g LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and more, simply select the platform you're targeting, and our generator will create a bio that aligns with the character limits, tone, and style of that specific platform.

Do More, Learn More With Simplified AI Bio Generator

Expand a sentence effortlessly

How To expand a Sentence Effortlessly [+Examples, Tips & Free tool]

free AI copywriting tool

Free AI Copywriting Tool for All Your Content

write a blog post using ai writer

How To Write a Blog Post Using the AI Writer

AI sentence Rewriter

Simplified's AI Sentence Rewriter: How To to Reword and Paraphrase Effortlessly

AI Bio Generator FAQs

What is an ai bio generator, is the ai bio generator suitable for different industries and professions, how much time can the bio creator save me, unlock your best professional story.

Save time and Effort with the AI Biography Generator

What our 2 million+ users are saying about Simplified

michele rose

Michele Ross

simplified g2 review

Easy to use & consistently quality AI writer!

While Simplified has many other features besides its AI writer which I hope to explore in the future, as the owner of multiple health websites, I love how it handles writing technical and health content with ease. While other sites spit out content that doesn't quite make sense, might have a rude tone, or actually contains incorrect information, Simplified is always professional in tone and spot on.


Jonathan Polese

Surprisingly coherent AI writing

When writing short children's stories Simplified is surprisingly coherent when it comes to sentence structure and stories have actual flow. I would not know they weren't written by a real person.

Jalissa Durham

High quality writing!

Okay firstly, this app is amazing! It is great way to save time by brainstorming or even helping you get started on writing an entire blog. I've used blog title ideas, outines, and introductions using this app. 5/5


Marshall B.

"Excellent writer, cuts down on working hours"

High-quality AI writer, and it is excellent that it is free. I love to type, but in these cold winters, my hands start to freeze up and become stiff. Having an AI writer lets me keep my brain occupied with work tasks, without having to get the creative writing part of my brain involved. Would definitely recommend this to a coworker.


Morghan Countryman

The best ai program i have found thus far.

Simplified is one of the many AI tools I have tried and is my favorite so far. I appreciate the rewrite tool (it is the one I use the most). Sometimes I can't get my thoughts together, but this tool perfectly organizes and cleans up those thoughts for me. I can rely on it to provide me with a professional and clean rewrite copy which I have used to update my resume. This is just one of the few things it does other than being able to continue your writing or (pun intended) simplify it.


Shaliena Lee

Everyone Should Use Simplified.com!

The AI writer is fantastic; you cannot go wrong. It does the job superbly for blogging, social media content, or product descriptions. The content is never dramatized too much, and it doesn't sound like a computer wrote it at all.


sharnia phillips

Quick and easy to use Ai writer generator

It was very helpful that it gave multiple choices for you to decide on which why you wanted to deliver your information. It is very competitive with other Ai writer's software!


"A pleasant surprise. Much more than I expected."

Simplified was recommended as a place to collaborate with clients, but I found the AI writer to be the best I've tried. As I begin a refire and rebranding of my small business after some years, I have sampled many apps promising to help or streamline my work. Simplified is one of only a few that have come through with the promise. Glad I found them.

David Kurtz

simplified g2 review

I am so happy I found Simplified

I have always been better at expressing things verbally than through the written word but with simplified I am able to generate texts which gives me a framework to expand on and get my message across. Simplified has given me the opportunity to produce more content at a faster rate.

Kamika Morris

Best Thing I Have Ever Came Across

I love being able to have great help with my copy writing. As a business owner and just a team of 1, this has made my business to be able to run smoother. My content creation for my business is so much easier


"Simplified Really Simplifies My Marketing Workflow"

The AI writer is the real hero of the platform for my business needs. The flexibility of the writer and the ability to create content in many forms is impressive.


"Super Easy and Really Fun to Use"

What I like the best is how easy Simplified is to use. It has multiple selections for multiple areas, content, blogging, and other areas. The templates are highly professional looking. I have just started using Simplified, and though I know, there are numerous platforms out there and more coming up for AI writing. A beginner like me needs help with content and learning how to generate innovative and dynamic products online, and Simplified does that. It works for a one-person shop (at least the moment) and teams and collaborations. I also like that videos are provided on how to do things like writing blogs and how the system works; very cool. I plan on using Simplified for a long time; it's fun, easy to use, and well-designed.


"AI writer"

The AI writer and scheduler is literally a streamline for social media content

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  • Weekly Paragraph-Narrative My Summer Break
  • Weekly Paragraph-Narrative The Dog Washing Business
  • Weekly Paragraph-Narrative The Time Machine
  • Weekly Paragraph-Informative My Morning Routine
  • Weekly Paragraph-Informative Recycling: What can Kids Do?
  • Weekly Paragraph-Informative My Favorite Game: How to Play to Win
  • Weekly Paragraph-Informative How to Learn to Draw Better Pictures
  • Weekly Paragraph-Informative How to Be a Team Player
  • Weekly Paragraph-Informative How to Be a Good Friend
  • Weekly Paragraph-Informative How to Babysit a Puppy
  • Weekly Paragraph-Informative Fire Alarms: What to Do
  • Weekly Paragraph-Informative How to Get Ready for a Test
  • Back To School-Open House Flipbook
  • State Research Flipbook Template
  • Full Page Flipbook Template - 5 tabs
  • Biography Research Graphic Organizer
  • Animal Research Graphic Organizer
  • Insect Research Graphic Organizer
  • Tri-Fold Brochure Template
  • My Life Timeline Template 10 Yrs
  • Newspaper Template - Blue
  • Family Tree Template
  • OREO Opinion Template
  • My Opinion Graphic Organizer
  • Friendly Letter Graphic Organizer
  • First, Then, Next, Last Graphic Organizer
  • Sentence Stretcher Graphic Organizer
  • My Vacation - Narrative Writing Graphic Organizer - Black
  • My Vacation - Narrative Writing Graphic Organizer - Blue
  • Grades 2-5 Simple Spreadsheets & Charts
  • Simple Pie Chart - Fruits
  • Simple Bar Chart - Ice Cream
  • M&M Chart
  • Favorite Pets Chart
  • School Supplies Expense Chart
  • Movie Expenses Chart
  • Camping Trip Expenses Chart
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Comparison
  • Clothes Shopping Budget
  • iPad iWork Numbers Your First Chart
  • iPad iWork Budgeting Basics for Kids
  • QR Codes - for Quick iPad File Sharing
  • QR Codes 32 Would You Rather..Questions
  • QR Codes 36 More Would You Rather..Questions
  • 3 Ways Teachers Can Use iPads in the Classroom Infographic
  • iPad - Earth Science - Drawing Seasons
  • iPad - Life Science - Labeling Anatomy Parts
  • iPad - All About Me - Pic Collage
  • iPad - All About Me - Balloon Stickies
  • iPad All About Me Acrostic
  • iPad - Personal Timeline - Popplet
  • iPad Character Analysis Mind Map - Popplet
  • iPad Spelling Words Comic Strip
  • iPad Biography Summary Comic Strip
  • QR Codes - iPad Butterfly Lifecycle Mini Poster
  • iPad Technology Leader Presentation
  • iPad My Life -Timeline Template
  • iPad Family Tree Template
  • iPad Friendly Letter Graphic Organizer
  • iPad Tri-Fold Brochure Template
  • iPad Newspaper Template
  • Grades 3 - 5 - iPad Main Idea Graphic Organizer
  • Grades 1 -2 - iPad Graphic Organizer - Ask Questions
  • Grades 1 -2 - iPad Graphic Organizer - Answer Questions
  • Grades 1 -2 - iPad Graphic Organizer - Story Detective
  • Grade 1 - iPad Graphic Organizer - Story Elements Grade 1 - iPad Graphic Organizer - Feeling and Sensing Words
  • Grade 1 - iPad Graphic Organizer - Explain the Difference
  • Grade 1 - iPad Graphic Organizer - Who is Telling the Story?
  • Grades 1 -3 -iPad Graphic Organizer - Central Message
  • Grades 2 -3 - iPad Graphic Organizer - Moral of the Story
  • Grades 3 - 5 - iPad Graphic Organizer - Fable Summary
  • Grades 3 -5 iPad Graphic Organizer - Story Summary
  • Grade 1 - iPad Graphic Organizer - Summarize a Story
  • Grades 3 -4 - iPad Graphic Organizer - Character Analysis
  • Grades 3 - 5 - iPad Graphic Organizer - Character Comparison
  • Writing: Opinion
  • Grades 1 - 3 - iPad Graphic Organizer - I Think ..
  • Grades 1 -3 - iPad Graphic Organizer - My Opinion
  • Grades 1 -3 - iPad Graphic Organizer - OREO Opinion
  • Grades 1 -3 - iPad Graphic Organizer - Opinion - The Best Pet for Me
  • Grades 1 -3 - iPad Graphic Organizer - Opinion - My Movie Review
  • Grades 1 - 3 - iPad Graphic Organizer - Opinion - My Book Review
  • Writing: Informative
  • Grades 1 - 2 - iPad Graphic Organizer - Informative - First, Next, Then, Last
  • Grades 1 -2 - iPad Graphic Organizer - Informative - All About Me
  • Grades 1 - 2 - iPad Graphic Organizer - Informative - Can, Have, Are
  • Grades 2-5 Basic Charts
  • Excel First Chart - Party Supplies
  • Excel Bar Chart - Fruit Stand
  • Excel How We Get to School
  • Excel What is Your Favorite Subject
  • Excel Bake Sale Chart
  • Excel What is Your Favorite Pet
  • Excel What is Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
  • Excel M & M Chart
  • Excel Zoo Animals Chart
  • Halloween Excel Chart
  • Excel World's Fastest Animals
  • Back to School Supplies Expense Chart
  • Excel Clothes Expense Chart
  • Excel Munch Box Expenses
  • Excel Movie Expenses
  • Excel Sports Equipment Expenses
  • Excel Camping Trip Supplies Expenses
  • Excel Lemonade Stand Expenses
  • Excel Thanksgiving Dinner Expenses
  • Excel Mini Video-Course in 4 minutes
  • Excel Clothes Shopping Budget
  • Excel Party for 5 Budget
  • Excel Pet Adoption Budget
  • Excel School Supplies Budget
  • Excel Birthday Party Budget
  • Excel Fast Food Nutrition Facts
  • Lemonade Stand Profit or Loss
  • Kinder / First Word Processing
  • Copy and Paste Animals
  • Copy and Paste Fractions
  • Copy and Paste Lady Bug Math
  • Copy and Paste Living Things
  • Copy and Paste - Combo
  • Copy and Paste Push and Pull
  • Copy and Paste Time - Hours
  • Copy and Paste Halloween
  • Copy and Paste Thanksgiving
  • Copy and Paste Solids, Liquids, Gases
  • Cut and Paste Animal Vocabulary
  • Cut and Paste Computer Parts
  • Cut and Paste Positional Words
  • Copy and Paste Bee
  • Cut and Paste Weather Words
  • Cut and Paste with Numbers
  • Cut and Paste Opposites
  • First Grade Common Core Writing Practice
  • Informative Writing - Lesson #1 What Can Birds Do?
  • Informative Writing - Lesson #2 How do Cats Grow?
  • Informative - Lesson #3 Party Invitation
  • Opinion Writing - Lesson #4 Dogs are Great
  • Opinion Writing - Lesson #5 School is Fun
  • Opinion Writing - Lesson #6 Reading is Fun
  • Narrative Writing - Lesson #7 Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Narrative Writing Lesson #8 Clouds and Rain
  • Narrative Writing - Lesson #9 Fox and the Grapes
  • Writing Assignment Series - Sequencing
  • First, Next, Then, Last, Graphic Organizer Template
  • Punctuation Practice
  • Common Core Opinion Writing Template
  • First Grade Narrative Writing Lesson - My Friend
  • First Grade Writing Prompt If I Had Three Wishes
  • First Grade Narrative Writing Prompt - How I Lost My Tooth
  • Opinion My Favorite Food Template
  • Opinion Writing Prompt - The Best Subject
  • Head Shoulders Knees Toes
  • Labeling Skeleton Bones
  • Fall Acrostic
  • Story About a Pumpkin
  • Happy Holidays Greeting
  • Happy-Mother's Father's Day
  • Happy Mother's Day Acrostic
  • Happy Father's Day Acrostic
  • Happy Spring Break Acrostic
  • Happy Spring Break Letter
  • Happy Thanksgiving Letter
  • Happy Valentine's Day
  • I Have a Dream Activity
  • Time line Template
  • Cesar Chavez Timeline
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Timeline Template
  • Time Line - New World Exploration
  • My Life - Time line - 9 Yrs
  • My Life - Time line - 10 Yrs
  • Common Core Graphic Organizers
  • All About Me Graphic Organizer
  • Book Review Graphic Organizer
  • Central Message Graphic Organizer
  • Main Idea and Details Graphic Organizer
  • Ask and Answer Questions Graphic Organizer
  • OREO Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer
  • Grades 2 -5 - Narrative - My Vacation
  • Grades 3 -5 - Personal Narrative
  • Grades 3 -5 - Informative Writing - "How To"
  • Grades 2 -3 -Animal Research Graphic Organizer
  • Grades 1-3 -Friendly Letter Graphic Organizer
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  • Respiratory System Diagram
  • Explorer Hernando Cortes Poster
  • Explorers Wanted Poster Template
  • Amazing Animals PowerPoint
  • Animal Homes
  • Biography Lesson Plan
  • Brochure Template - Tri-Fold
  • Butterfly Life Cycle PowerPoint
  • California Chumash Indians
  • California Missions Powerpoint
  • Camouflage PowerPoint
  • Community Helpers PowerPoint
  • Community Heroes PowerPoint
  • Desert Ecosystems
  • Dinosaurs PowerPoint
  • Ecosystems PowerPoint
  • Energy PowerPoint
  • Extinct, Endangered, Threatened
  • Food Chain PowerPoint
  • Food Web Energy Pyramid
  • Fossils PowerPoint
  • Insect Life Cycle Presentation
  • Inventors PowerPoint
  • Kindness Powerpoint
  • Life Cycle of a Frog Powerpoint
  • Mammals-Herbivores, Carnivores, Omnivores
  • Martin Luther King PowerPoint
  • Needs and Wants PowerPoint
  • Newspaper Templates
  • Parts of a Plant PowerPoint
  • Rocks and Minerals Powerpoint
  • Solar System Powerpoint
  • Temperate Forest Ecosystem PowerPoint
  • Then and Now - How is Life Different Today?
  • Westward Expansion Powerpoint
  • How to Put a Head on a Different Body using Paint.NET (Windows)
  • How to Put a Head on a Different Body - using Pixlr (Online)
  • Anatomy - Skeletal System
  • Butterfly Life Cycle Pictures
  • Camouflage Activity
  • Create a Wanted Poster
  • Frog Life Cycle Pictures
  • Green Screen Tutorial
  • How to Make a Comic
  • How to Make a Blinkie
  • Stick Figure Animation
  • Labeling Plant Parts
  • Label The Thirteen Colonies
  • Label The World Map
  • Common Core Animal Research Graphic Organizer
  • Common Core Insect Research Graphic Organizer
  • Common Core State Research Graphic Organizer
  • Common Core Biography Research Graphic Organizer
  • 3rd Grade Facts about Money
  • California Regions Brochure
  • California Regions Research Help
  • Martin Luther King Research
  • My Life -Timeline Template
  • iWork Family Tree Template
  • iWork Tri-Fold Brochure Template
  • Numbers First Chart
  • iWork Numbers 3D Bar Chart
  • iWork Numbers M & M Chart
  • iWork Numbers Lemonade Stand
  • Anatomy Skeleton Labeling
  • Label Parts of Plants
  • Your Face on Money
  • Scratch - Easy Animal Pong
  • Scratch - Froggy Bug Eater
  • Scratch - Play Fetch
  • Scratch - Shootin' Hoops
  • QR Code Generator
  • K5 Computer Lab Rules
  • Rubric for Presentation / Poster
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"Biography" Generator

Write your own "biography" by filling in the text boxes..

When you are finished, click the button at the bottom of the form to generate your poem. Copy and paste the results into a word processing program, format it with the size and font style of your choice. Print.

Short Biography Generator

  • My biography is about (give the name of the person)
  • This Person was born in: (name this person's date of birth and where they were born)
  • Parents were (put their parents' names)
  • This person studied (what and where did they study for their education?)
  • Overcame (what obstacles did this person overcome?)
  • Worked (what kinds of work did this person do?)
  • Challenged (what did this person stand up for?)
  • Personal traits (what were some of their personal traits and qualities?)
  • Always (what did this person always do?)
  • Never (what did this person never do?)
  • Best known for (what was this person best known for?)

Short Biography Finished Example

Students copy and paste the finished biography into a word processor. Students format text add their name, and add an image of their person.

Short Biography Finished Example - Biography Generator

Short Biography Research Graphic Organizer

A graphic organizer to guide and assist students' biography research.

Download: short-biography-research-graphic-organizer.docx

Biography Research Graphic Organizer

Create Professional Biography Timeline In Minutes

Stand out from the crowd with a professional biography timeline. Free to personalize to suit your brand and campaign.

create a biography online free

All in One Graphic Design Tool

100,000 Free Icons and Photos

100,000 Free Icons and Photos

Create whatever you've imagined. A wide range of full icons, cliparts and illustrations are available. No design experience required.

Design Biography Timeline with Drag-and-Drop

Easily build your biography timeline with drag and drop. You can add text, icons, shapes and other artworks to your biography timeline - all with drag and drop.

Format Graphic Elements

Update the color of icons, shapes and graphic elements through the smart color swapping function. It also features a wide collection of different fonts that are available for free.

Drag to Replace Icons and Artworks

No matter you want to replace a default avatar with your photo or to update their other artwork, you can easily replace graphic content through drag-and-drop. The position of elements will remain unchanged. No deletion and re-creation is needed.

Layout Components

It is so important for a biography timeline to look professional. Visual Paradigm Online features a rich set of layout components that help you partition your content nicely. When you place a graphical resource into a layout region, it will be auto resized to fit the region. And when you resize a region, the content within will be resized accordingly. All these helps you create a professionally biography timeline in minutes.

Start With a Template

90% of the work is done for you!

A versatile online graphical design software that helps you create beautiful biography timelines, perfect for all industries and businesses. Get started with one of these biography timeline templates.

Start With a Template

Create beautiful designs on-the-fly

No credit card required. No contracts to cancel. No downloads. No hidden costs.

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Let your AI writing assistant create your about me page

Write creative and engaging bios for your social media handles including linkedin, instagram, twitter, facebook, and more.

Free forever, upgrade as you scale!

Generate content in just 4 easy steps

Step 1 — select language.

Next step is to choose a language of output. Pick one from 30 + language types in the dropdown.

Step 2 — Select tone

Next step is to choose a tone of voice for your content type. From casual to convincing, pick one from 20 + tones in the dropdown.

Step 3 — Choose your use case

Just open the app and choose Profile Bio from the dropdown. We support 40 + use cases and content types in 30 + languages.

Write introduction & about me bios for your profile

Step 4 — Add input

Finally, provide some keywords, phrases, or titles as input and click Ryte for me.

And voila, you'll get the AI generated output instantly!

That's it! You can keep generating more variants till you're happy.

Product Description (bullet points)

Question & answer, stop wasting time & money on content and copy writing, words you write per month: 25,000, to save over 50 hours & $ 1,000 per month, start using rytr now →.

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Free Bio Generator

Why use the free bio generator, a social media bio that stands out.

With Free Bio Generator, you'll get an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind bio for your social media profiles. Our tool takes care of the creative heavy lifting, so you don't have to stress about sounding clever or witty.

In just seconds, you can generate a new bio that grabs attention and perfectly represents you and your brand. No more writer's block or settling for a boring, generic bio. Let Free Bio Generator craft you a social media introduction that makes people want to connect.

A Perfectly Tailored Bio That Reflects The Real You

Our bio generator takes the time to understand who you truly are and what you want to share with the world. It asks thoughtful questions to get at your core values, interests, and personality traits.

Then it expertly crafts a bio that presents an authentic representation of you. Your bio will capture your essence in a way that feels natural and unforced. People who come across your profile will get a genuine sense of your character.

Who's it for?

Social media manager.

As a Social Media Manager who constantly needs to update social media profiles, the Free Bio Generator would be an invaluable tool to easily and quickly generate creative new bios without having to rack my brain trying to come up with something clever and unique every time.

Content Creator

As a content creator looking to frequently update my social media bios with creative new blurbs, the Free Bio Generator would be invaluable by instantly generating fresh, clever bios I can easily swap in whenever I want to refresh my profile.

Digital Marketing Specialist

The Digital Marketing Specialist is always looking for ways to improve their social media presence and connect with more potential clients online, so they would use the Free Bio Generator to effortlessly craft engaging new bios that highlight their skills and expertise.

Try our other AI tools

Reliable uptime, guaranteed.

At Copy.ai, we're committed to keeping our platform up and running. That's why we offer a uptime commitment to our Enterprise customers, so you can trust that our platform will be available when you need it.

create a biography online free

This free AI powered Instagram caption generator will create the perfect caption for your photo and help you get more likes, followers and comments.

Email is a powerful marketing tool. Copy.ai’s marketing email generator helps you write more effective marketing emails in minutes.

This free Sentence Rewriter tool will re-write an entire sentence according to the instructions provided by you, so that you can get a unique version of the sentence.

Try this free Product Description Generator that enables you to create beautiful and effective product descriptions that sell.

This free Paragraph Generator will generate complete paragraphs according to the instructions provided by you, so that you can quickly build unique content.

This free Paragraph Rewriter tool will re-write your paragraphs according to the instructions provided by you, so that you can get a unique version of your content.

Dealing with writer's block? Our free outline generator will take you from a blank page to full blog posts in under 5 minutes.

Try this free cold email generator to create unique personalized cold emails from any LinkedIn URL. Enter any LinkedIn URL and a few details about your company, and you'll have a personalized email ready to send in seconds.

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Make your email subject lines stand out! This free email subject line generator is the best tool that will help you craft the perfect subject line for your newsletter, blog post, and other promotions.

Free Content Idea Generator - Use our exclusive content idea generator to come up with your next blog or social media post!

Need a slogan for your company? Our free slogan generator will help you create a slogan that your customers won't be able to forget!

Need help writing meta descriptions? Use our free SEO meta description generator for your website and get higher rankings and click through rates. Absolutely free!

Want to start a blog but have no ideas what to write? Use our blog post idea generator you can get free blog post ideas for all types of blogs including health, fitness, travel, food, relationships and more…

Our free paraphrasing tool will help you rephrase any sentence quickly and easily!

Have to come up with a business name? Our free AI powered business name generator can help you find your perfect business name in seconds!

“Copy.ai has enabled me to free up time to focus more on where we want to be in say three months from now, six months from now, instead of just deep in the weeds.”

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Meet Workflows

Ecommerce workflows.

create a biography online free

Social media workflows

create a biography online free

SEO workflows

create a biography online free

Sales workflows

create a biography online free

Built to make you efficient

Long-form articles.

Beat the blank page and create high-quality, SEO-friendly blog posts in a fraction of the time it currently takes. Then, use your expertise to polish the draft to create articles that truly resonate with your target audience.

Social media

Leave your mark on social media by improving your brand’s presence and engaging with your audience directly. For any product, any business, and any social media channel, Copy.ai has the words you need to grow at scale.

Product descriptions

Generate high-converting and SEO-friendly product descriptions for your online store in seconds. Finally, your brand can break free from generic product pages and write personalized copy that sells!

Content briefs

Build rank-worthy content that matches your keyword’s search intent with Copy.ai. Set your writers up for success with every brief you create.

Increase conversions with short-form copy at the click of a button. Then, optimize all of your paid campaigns through targeted A/B testing. With Copy.ai, you have access to an unlimited well of copy to tap into!

Generate high-converting sales copy that’s on-brand, at scale. You can generate copy that follows specific frameworks, like Pain-Agitate-Solution, or create content by channel, like LinkedIn InMail.

“By partnering with Copy.ai , we're able to leverage Generative AI to offer personalized outreach emails at scale. This results in increased engagement and conversions for our customers, at a fraction of the effort.”

create a biography online free

Discover new possibilities with Chat to Workflow

For enterprise.

Chat to Workflow is the ideal solution for enterprise businesses looking to streamline content creation and break executional barriers. Whether you're generating warm leads, winning deals, or nurturing customers into lifelong ambassadors, Copy.ai has the content or workflow you need. And it’s all just a click away.

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For marketers

Whether you're creating social media posts, blog content, or email campaigns, we can help you generate high-quality content in no time. Every part of your marketing team, from bloggers to copywriters, can leverage Chat → Workflow to experience content production at scale. With our tech at your fingertips, your imagination becomes the only limit. 

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For Ecommerce

Automate compelling product descriptions, ad copy, and more in 25+ languages. Save editorial guidelines and company information in Infobase, and standardize your brand voice across all your product pages. Then, with Workflows, generate everything in bulk, saving you time and money while creating high-impact product descriptions.

create a biography online free

For sales teams

Chat to Workflow is the perfect enterprise solution for sales teams that want to optimize their pipeline and win more customers. Generate high-quality sales emails, proposals, and presentations in a fraction of the time it would take to create them manually. This allows your teams to focus on what they do best - building relationships and winning opportunities.

create a biography online free

SOC 2 Type II Compliance

We take data security seriously, and that's exactly why we're SOC 2 Type II compliant. With Copy.ai, you can rest easy knowing that your information is always safe and protected. No ifs, ands, or hacks about it.

create a biography online free

Store and access frequently used content directly in your dashboard, such as product descriptions, brand messaging, and more. This allows you to standardize your brand’s voice and tone across multiple writers, so messaging stays consistent across your entire organization.

Ready to supercharge your workflow? Copy.ai's open APIs make it easy to integrate your output into the tech stack you’re currently working with. No more jumping between platforms or wasting time on manual tasks. Just seamless integrations with more time to focus on the things that matter most.

AI Translations

Got a global audience? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Generate high-quality translations for a variety of languages so you can speak to your audience in their native language. That way, you can build deeper relationships with your customers and give them a more enjoyable experience with your brand.

Get Started For Free

Create a social media bio in seconds. No more trying to be clever and witty. We do the hard work for you so that every time you update your social media page, you have an awesome new bio!

Want more copy?

More articles, lead scoring with jason kelley: a guide with copy.ai, interview with kanako: revops in an ai-driven world, interview with shyam ravishankar: getting the most from generative ai, writing templates, more free tools.

create a biography online free

Free Business Name Generator

create a biography online free

Paragraph Rewriter

create a biography online free

Blog Title Generator

Our free Blog Title Generator allows you to create catchy, SEO optimized blog post titles in seconds.

create a biography online free

Cover Letter Templates: How To Write & Examples

create a biography online free

Resignation Letter Templates: How To Write & Examples

create a biography online free

Business Plan Templates: How To Write & Examples

create a biography online free

Letter Of Recommendation Templates: How To Write & Examples

create a biography online free

Follow Up Email After Interview Templates: How To Write & Examples

create a biography online free

Summary For A Resume Templates: How To Write & Examples

create a biography online free

Follow Up Email Templates: How To Write & Examples

create a biography online free

Press Release Templates: How To Write & Examples

create a biography online free

General Email Templates: How To Write & Examples

create a biography online free

Character Reference Letter Templates: How To Write & Examples

create a biography online free

Reference Letter Templates: How To Write & Examples

create a biography online free

Performance Review Templates: How To Write & Examples

create a biography online free

Action Plan Templates: How To Write & Examples

create a biography online free

Job Description Templates: How To Write & Examples

create a biography online free

Real Estate Listing Templates: How To Write & Examples

create a biography online free

Business Memo Templates: How To Write & Examples

create a biography online free

Cashier Job Description Templates: How To Write & Examples

create a biography online free

Executive Assistant Job Description Templates: How To Write & Examples

create a biography online free

Personal Mission Statement Templates: How To Write & Examples

create a biography online free

Office Manager Job Description Templates: How To Write & Examples

Ready to level-up.

Write 10x faster, engage your audience, & never struggle with the blank page again.


  1. What Is the Difference Between Autobiography and Biography?

    A biography is the story of a person’s life in the words of another person, while an autobiography is the story of a person’s life in his own words. A biography is typically written in third person, while an autobiography is typically writt...

  2. What Are the Characteristics of a Biography?

    A biography must cover the accounts of a person’s life in the third-person. The biography can cover the subject’s entire life or a distinct portion.

  3. What Are the Elements of a Biography?

    Elements of a biography include the person’s date of birth, major accomplishments, career summary and an overview of why the person is interesting or important. The length of the biography is also an important element, as it affects the typ...

  4. Free Editable Biography Templates

    Customize professional Bio examples online. At Edit.org, we have created a collection of editable biography templates that can be used by students, writers

  5. Biography Timeliner

    Click here to give the Biography Timeliner a free, limited test drive. See

  6. AI Personal Biography Generator [100% Free, No Login]

    ... online presence, WriteCream's AI Personal Biography Generator is the ultimate tool for you. ... Create Biography' button. 4. Review and Edit: Take

  7. Professional Bio Maker

    How to Make a Professional Bio Online? · Search "Free Professional Bio Template" or Go to the Professional Bio Categories · Choose from Hundreds of Free

  8. Free Professional Bio Templates

    Choose from dozens of online professional bio template ideas from Adobe Express to help you easily create your own free professional bio.

  9. Make your own Biography and Memoir Online

    Free to Make & Publish Biography Books Online; Bookstore Quality Books, Buy One or Many; No Software, Easy Book Builder, 100% Online; Works with Old photos

  10. Free AI Bio Generator: Write captive bio in seconds

    online, and Simplified does that. It works for a one

  11. Short Biography Generator

    Write your own "Biography" by filling in the text boxes. When you are

  12. Online Biography Timeline Maker

    Free to personalize to suit your brand and campaign. Create My Biography Timelines. All in One Graphic Design Tool

  13. Profile Bio Generator

    Write creative and engaging bios for your social media handles including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more! Start Ryting. Free forever, upgrade

  14. Free Social Media Bio Generator

    Try this free cold email generator to create unique personalized cold emails from any LinkedIn URL.