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Secretary Example Cover Letter

Crafting a compelling Secretary cover letter can be a make or break component of your job application process.

The role of a secretary requires meticulous attention to detail, superior organizational abilities, and exemplary interpersonal skills. Your cover letter needs to reflect these qualities and provide a  glimpse into your potential  as an efficient and reliable asset to the prospective organization.

In this article, we’ll dive into some  less-known ingredients  that can make your secretary cover letter a success:

  • Top 3 skills you should absolutely mention in your secretary cover letter
  • 20 secretarial power words recruiters cannot resist
  • 1 proven strategy to land your secretarial dream job if you have no experience

Get started by taking a look at the secretary cover letter example below.

[ Hiring Manager’s name ]

[Company name]

[Company address]

Dear Mr./Ms. [Hiring Manager’s Last Name],

I am excited to apply for the Secretary position at [Company]. With over 6 years of experience in the field and comprehensive knowledge of office management software, I believe I am an ideal candidate for this role.

In my current position at [Current Company], I have consistently demonstrated my exceptional organizational skills by successfully coordinating more than 50 offsite meetings, handling all travel arrangements, and drafting various formal emails, letters, and communications on behalf of the company. Through these responsibilities, I have honed my attention to detail and ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently.

Moreover, I have proactively enhanced company filing procedures to streamline recordkeeping. By implementing improved systems, I was able to reduce document retrieval time by 12%, resulting in increased productivity and smoother workflow.

To provide a comprehensive overview of my qualifications and achievements, I have enclosed my resume for your review. It further emphasizes my career history and accomplishments in detail.

I am greatly interested in discussing how my skills and experience align with the Secretary position at [Company]. I am available for an in-person meeting at your convenience to address any questions you may have.

You may reach me anytime via my personal phone number, [Phone Number], or by email at [Email Address]. I eagerly look forward to the opportunity to further discuss how my abilities can contribute to the success of [Company].

Thank you for considering my application. I anticipate hearing from you soon.

[Your Name]

[Address] [Phone number] [Email address]

Use our  cover letter creation tool  to write your secretary cover letter. Full of expert on-the-go tips, you’ll be done in just a few minutes.

Top 3 Skills Recruiters Look For in Secretaries

When recruiters look for secretaries, they look for those who possess the skills that will help them be successful in their role.

While knowing that abilities like efficient communication, time management, or software proficiency will enhance your cover letter, we have also included a breakdown of the ideal tasks to showcase them.

This way, you’ll be able to  provide details about how you’ve gained these   skills . Don’t forget that you’re telling a story through your application. The more detail, the more interesting it will be for hiring managers.

Here they are:

Skill 1: Efficient Communication and Interpersonal Skills

As a secretary, having excellent communication and interpersonal skills is vital. You will be the face and voice of the company.

This ability allows you to establish a  good relationship with clients, co-workers, and upper management . Efficient communication and interpersonal skills show you can:

  • Greet guests in a polite and friendly manner
  • Listen actively to clients and co-workers
  • Write and speak professionally
  • Handle conflict and complaints
  • Assist managers and co-workers when needed
  • Build trust and rapport between employees and clients

“My ability to multitask effectively and problem-solve on the fly proved invaluable, particularly in situations that required the juggling of multiple conflicting priorities. I maintained meticulous records and consistently updated our internal databases and files, ensuring easy access to vital information at all times.”

Skill 2: Organizational and Time Management Skills

Recruiters also prioritize the proficiency of secretaries in office software. Such proficiency significantly impacts the  efficiency of the workplace , which is why familiarity with these applications can strongly influence the selection process.

Proficiency in office software applications also allows for:

  • Quick document processing and updates (Microsoft Word, Google Docs)
  • Keeping databases up-to-date (Microsoft Access, MySQL, Salesforce)
  • Staying on top of emails and software systems (Microsoft Outlook, Gmail)
  • Efficient task completion (Trello, Asana, Microsoft Teams)
  • Maintaining a professional online presence (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram)

“In my previous role, I effectively used Asana for task management and project tracking, ensuring the team’s deadlines were consistently met. Furthermore, I was responsible for managing office equipment and scheduling regular maintenance, preventing potential disruptions. My proactive approach extended beyond these tasks, impacting overall project management duties and leading to a well-organized and highly efficient work environment.”

20 Power Words to Boost Your Secretary Cover Letter

When crafting your resume as a secretary, it’s important to  choose impactful language  that highlights your skills and accomplishments.

Power words are action verbs that make your cover letter more  dynamic and engaging . They help recruiters envision your contributions and capabilities.

Here is a list specifically tailored to secretaries:

  • Coordinated
  • Streamlined
  • Prioritized

Example: “I meticulously organized and maintained complex calendars for multiple executives, ensuring seamless scheduling and timely coordination of meetings.”

  • Facilitated
  • Corresponded
  • Implemented

Example: “I successfully implemented a new digital filing system that enhanced document retrieval efficiency and reduced paper waste.”

  • Communicated
  • Collaborated

Example: “I executed various administrative tasks with precision, including preparing official correspondence, managing office supplies, and coordinating travel arrangements.”

Using these  power words  strategically throughout your cover letter will give it a boost of energy and make it stand out to recruiters. Remember to  pair them with specific examples  of how you applied these skills to achieve positive results.

Also, tailor your language and examples to your specific experiences and achievements as a secretary. This will make your resume more compelling and help you present yourself as a confident and capable candidate.

Check our  cover letter guide . There you’ll find  detailed advice on the essential elements  of a winning cover letter, such as how to effectively detail your experience.

1 Proven Strategy to Land Your Secretarial Dream Job if You Have No Experience

As a job seeker with no experience, writing a cover letter for a secretary position can feel challenging. It’s important to convey enthusiasm, but saying things like “I am motivated” or “I’ve wanted to be a secretary since I can remember” won’t get you the job.

However, there is one thing you can do to show your motivation to recruiters –  join a professional association  and point it out in your cover letter.

Professional associations can boost a secretary’s profile in the application process. They not only represent a  commitment to the field  but also offer networking opportunities, professional development resources, and industry updates.

Membership in one of these associations can significantly enhance your  credibility  as a secretary and demonstrate your commitment to professional growth and excellence in your field.

Here are three prominent associations you could join:

  • International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)
  • American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP)
  • National Association of Legal Secretaries (NALS)

Take a look at the example in the following section to see how you can include your association membership in your cover letter.

Secretary Cover Letter With No Experience

While the  employment for secretaries is expected to decrease  during the next few years, it’s still a popular career choice for many.

If you’re a career newbie and are asking yourself “how do I write an application letter for a secretary position?”, review the cover letter sample below for further reference:

Dear [Employer’s Name],

I am writing to express my interest in the Secretary position at [Company’s Name] as advertised. Although I do not have formal work experience, I believe my education, volunteer work, and my active membership with the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) have equipped me with a unique set of skills that are valuable for this role.

During my time at [Your College/University Name], I was often praised for my strong organizational skills and attention to detail. I utilized my knowledge of office software to streamline the management of academic projects and volunteered to assist in the organization of numerous school events. Through this, I developed proficiency in task prioritization, time management, and multitasking, skills that are crucial for the efficient functioning of an office environment.

As an active member of the IAAP, I’ve had the opportunity to enhance my communication and interpersonal skills through their various networking events. This exposure has enabled me to establish and maintain professional relationships effectively, a skill I believe is crucial for the role of a Secretary. Moreover, their certification programs and continuous professional development resources have allowed me to stay abreast of industry trends and best practices, further preparing me to thrive in an administrative role.

I am eager to bring my strong work ethic, dedication, and willingness to learn to your team at [Company’s Name]. I am confident that my skills would make me a valuable addition to your company.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of discussing how I can contribute to the efficiency of your administrative operations.

Recap: How to Write a Secretary Cover Letter That Gets You the Job

Writing a cover letter for a secretarial position is easy, if you know what recruiters are looking for.

Let’s review the main points presented in this article:

  • Top skills for secretaries : Communication, interpersonal skills, organization, time management, and office software applications. Provide specific examples of how you used them and consider taking a course if you’re missing any.
  • Power words : Use power words to describe your experience in your cover letter. Your arguments will gain effectiveness through them.
  • Professional associations : Specially advantageous for those with little or no experience, mentioning membership to an association shows commitment and passion for the secretarial world. Recruiters will be impressed.

By applying these tools and advice, you’ll effectively feature your unique set of skills and experience, demonstrating your ability to succeed in the position.

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Cover Letter For Secretary Example

ResumesBot » Administration, Clerical and Office Support Cover Letter Examples » Cover Letter For Secretary Example

Table of Contents


Susan Lintonsmith  

Mobile: +1 317-603-5784

Email: [email protected]

46 Barfield Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46268

Human Resource Manager

Mr. Ken Meeks

September 16, 2019

Dear Mr. Ken,

If our meeting confirms my understanding of your open position for Secretary, I am confident that with my skills in customer and personal service, I can make an immediate and valuable contribution to Shade Tree Holdings.

I’m an efficient Administrative team member with a strong history of providing top-notch clerical support and operational assistance to support staff needs. I’m a diplomatic communicator and self-motivated worker with the decisive nature necessary to manage independent work. I have over 10 years of experience in coordinating documents, supplies and a strong background in professional business writing, bookkeeping and schedule management. I’m an honor graduate of Clatskanie High school and Portland State University. As a student, I graduated top 15 percent of the senior class with honors recognition and an academic GPA of 3.85.

Working in my current office, I am limited in positional advancements and would love the opportunity to work in a place where I could excel. I believe I am qualified for many positions but mainly focused on office/ secretary work due to my professional office experience as well as my social skills that I have developed while working with clients throughout the years.

My responsibilities include all secretarial/clerical functions related to the office: transcribing and typing correspondence, greeting visitors, filing documents.

Achievements in my current job are:

  • Provided a professional, friendly, and welcoming the first impression on the phone and in-person to members, visitors, and vendors while working on other tasks.
  • Created and implemented electronic files, digital forms, charts, event planning and tracking documentation, facilities management documentation, calendars, and communications.
  • Provided administrative support for staff and organization team leaders.
  • Managed directories, balloting, and administration for an online portal for members.
  • Vetted, selected, and managed vendor relationships with over 20 providers.

In my spare time I do painting. I am a strong believer in the Domino Effect. I do my absolute best in creating a positive and respectable environment.I see new tasks as a welcome challenge, which I look forward to. Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards, Susan Lintonsmith   

How to Write Secretary Cover Letter?

If we check a definition of secretary, we’ll see that it’s a person employed to handle correspondence and manage routine and detail work for a superior.

Secretary works in nearly every industry. Other names for the secretary work with similar duties are:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Unit Secretary
  • Office Manager
  • Office Assistant
  • Assistant Manager
  • Executive secretary
  • Legal secretary

If you want to write the perfect cover letter you should follow our next recommendations.

Start your cover letter for secretary position with the contact information on which employer can contact you. Write your email address, phone number and the actual address. Include the company’s address, even if you’re sending it by e-mail.

Indicate position as well as the name of a person to whom you’re writing. It should be a person who will make a decision about your candidacy. Spaddend time to find out who’ll get your letter. The point’s about more pleasant to read a letter addressed to you than the one addressed to the ‘Dear Hiring Team’

Next, indicate what position you are applying for. Try to create the impression that you are not that sort of person who responded to his first job, but who chose the particular company as a future career.

Spend some of your free time to examine what the company is doing, think about the position’s job responsibilities you are applying for. Think about the problems the company may face. Use all your experience and try to indicate that you can analyze, make decisions and implement them to improve effectiveness. The employer should be inspired by the idea that he’ll benefit if he hires you.

Confirm this thought by indicating all your relevant experience. The cover letter for secretary job it’s more informal communication than a resume. Imagine that you are telling about your background to an old buddy as if he is right in front of you. Present yourself in the best possible light. Here are some skills you can include in your cover letter:

  • Experienced in performing procedural and administrative work of an office, such as preparing and editing documents, maintaining files/records, and making and preparing travel arrangements.
  • I have the ability to use various office automation software programs, tools, and techniques to support office operations and produce a variety of documents such as letters, reports, spreadsheets, databases, and graphs.
  • Accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Professional in researching information, compiling statistics, gather and computes various data, preparing scheduled and ad hoc statistical, budget and narrative reports, summarizing or replying to inquiries, selecting relevant data from a variety of sources.
  • Experienced in training to others in activities, processes and responsibilities related to administrative operations of the department.

Proofread your letter several times. Do not hurry. Make sure that there are no stylistic and grammatical errors. Give thanks for a time that was devoted to you.

Secretary Resume Examples

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Secretary Cover Letter Examples & Writing Tips

Use these Secretary cover letter examples and writing tips to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

cover letter to secretary of state sample

Table of Contents

Secretary cover letter example 1, secretary cover letter example 2, secretary cover letter example 3, secretary cover letter example 4, secretary cover letter writing tips.

Secretaries provide administrative support to their organizations. They perform clerical duties like answering phones, typing, filing, and preparing documents.

As a secretary , you’re an important link between upper management and the rest of the organization. You must be able to work independently, while still being able to collaborate with a team.

To show hiring managers you’re the right person for the job, you need to have a well-written cover letter. Check out these examples and tips for writing a secretary cover letter that’s sure to impress hiring managers.

I am actively seeking an opportunity such as your secretary position you have listed. Over twelve years of experience have equipped me with a multitude of skills you’re looking for, and I would like to continue my growth with your organization. As an outgoing person with exceptional interpersonal skills and the hunger to learn and grow professionally, I’d be a great candidate to consider for this position.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated for my employers an exceptional facility for meeting organizational objectives and needs. In addition to my administrative and project support skills, I am an adept writer/proofreader and enjoy using my natural abilities and creativity to create different documents from newsletters to brochures. My computer skills have also been utilized by employers; in addition to being proficient in MS programs and many others, I type 65-70 WPM, do 10-key, and I’m able to learn new programs and customized software quickly to increase efficiency and productivity. I am confident that these skills and others would make me a valuable asset to you and your team.

My resume is attached, detailing my expertise, and I’m looking forward to learning more about this position and what it entails. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity of speaking with you at your earliest convenience, via e-mail or phone. Thank you for your time and consideration.

This letter serves as a formal application for the open secretary position within your organization. I would like to thank you for taking the time to review my attached resume.

Currently, I am employed in the Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) within the IT Division at Thrivent Financial’s corporate office. My career has developed immensely since I started as a secretary at Thrivent 3 years ago. I feel that my career path up to this point has been a progression of experiences that have allowed me to understand where my skills, talents and passions exist. One of my greatest aspirations is to achieve career success in the area of administrative operations in an environment that can utilize my skills and provide an atmosphere that fosters professional and personal growth.

My work experience has provided me with the skills to take charge in all facets of planning and coordinating events, activities and tasks, contract negotiation, accounting and financial procedures, public speaking as well as business & promotional writing. I have many years of administrative expertise that has allowed me to build on my skills in managing multiple tasks at one time and being adaptable to unpredictable scenarios and challenges. I also possess considerable knowledge in working with computer software programs such as Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and FrontPage) as well as Lotus Notes, Corel WordPerfect, CRM, GIFTS, Sametime, Live Meeting, Perseus & Business Objects.

I enjoy a demanding and variable work environment and am open to learning new and challenging tasks to enhance my career. I also appreciate working with people of all cultures and backgrounds and believe that my knowledge could bring a unique perspective and highly qualified approach to your organization.

Your consideration of my qualifications is greatly valued. I look forward to the opportunity to further discuss the skills that I can bring to your department. Feel free to call me, at 651-757-5840, to set up an interview or talk more about the employment possibilities you have to offer.

Having extensive experience in office administration and management in several industries, I want the opportunity to put my talents to work for you. 

As so frequently happens in today’s market place, top-notch employees often find themselves seeking new employment challenges on a corporate timetable, not their own. I find myself in that position now. I relish the opportunity to learn about fresh products, establish rapport with different customers – both internal and external – and parlay an extensive administrative background into increased operational efficiency for my next employer. I respect your time and am confident my resume sufficiently outlines my value and achievements in past assignments as well as indicates the potential for important contributions to your company.

I look forward to discussing with you how my business acumen and creative approach to myriad challenges can support the continued growth and success of your organization and welcome the opportunity to interview at your earliest convenience.

I am actively pursuing an opportunity comparable to the secretary position you have advertised, so it is with great enthusiasm that I respond to your job posting. Thanks to many years of experience, I have been fully equipped with a multitude of skills you are looking for, and I would like to continue my knowledge and advancement with your institution. With exceptional interpersonal skills, and the determination to learn and grow as a professional, I would make an excellent addition to your team.

From the start of my career, I have consistently exhibited a phenomenal ability for meeting organizational needs, objectives and deadlines. In addition to my secretarial skills, I am proficient in preparing a wide range of documents from newsletters to spreadsheets. I am proficient in MS programs, as well as countless others, and I type 55-60 WPM. My ability to learn and understand new programs helps to increase productivity and efficiency.

With my previous employer, I was considered a valuable member of their organizational support team. I was also heavily involved in supporting the needs of our firm’s partners and clients, with responsibilities that included calendar maintenance, travel accommodations, payroll support and general office support where needed.

Other important experience includes:

  • Trained all incoming administrative support staff
  • Maintained client confidentiality of highly sensitive financial and personal documents
  • Prepared reports, took meeting minutes, and distributed documents as needed for weekly partner meetings

I would welcome the opportunity to join your company and contribute to your future success. My resume is attached, which details all of my expertise in full, and I’m looking forward to hearing more about this position and what it involves. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity of speaking with you at your earliest convenience, via e-mail or phone. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Show how you create smooth processes

One of the most important traits that a secretary needs to have is organization. In your cover letter, be sure to highlight this trait by describing how good you are at creating clear and efficient workflows. For example, say something like “At my previous job I created a very organized workflow for applying for new permits from our city government.” This will show that not only do you have experience working in an office but also that you understand what it takes to streamline tasks and improve efficiency in the workplace.

Highlight your administrative skills

When applying for a job as a secretary, you need to show how well you are at running an office. You’ll be performing clerical tasks which require excellent attention to detail and organization skills. So it’s important that you show these traits in your cover letter by highlighting relevant tasks that you have successfully completed in the past. Also include any specific software knowledge (such as Microsoft Office) or systems experience (such as SAP) that the employer might look for when they review your application.

Highlight Your Typing Speed

The more skills you have, the higher your chances are of getting hired for a job. If you’re applying for a secretary position, highlight your typing speed in your cover letter. When writing about why you’re an excellent candidate for the job, be sure to mention that not only do you have experience with basic administrative tasks but also that you can type at least 60 words per minute and use Microsoft Office proficiently. Be sure to provide proof of any claims made in this section by including relevant bullets from accomplishments listed on your resume.

Proofread your cover letter

If you are applying for a secretary position, you must be precise and attentive to detail. A single spelling or grammatical mistake will make it difficult for the hiring manager to take you seriously. Double-check your work before submitting it!

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Secretary Cover Letter Template Sample with Example

A secretary cover letter is a highly significant letter that can back the job application or the resume. This cover letter is generally attested with the resume while making the job application at the post an office secretary. Writing an influencing secretary cover letter can always improve the odds of getting the desired secretarial post for aspiring individuals. Here in the article ahead, we are going to guide our aspiring secretary readers in drafting an impressive secretary cover letter. The article contains some tips and samples of this cover letter as the reference source for writing this specific cover letter.

Secretary Cover Letter

A cover letter is an additional piece of document that can be used in integration with the resume while applying for any job profile. In the corporate world, cover letters are gaining continuous significance as most hiring organizations require these letters. The whole purpose of the cover letter is to provide more information regarding job-seeking candidates to the hiring organization. It includes professional-related information such as the educational background, working experience, workplace achievements, and so on details regarding the candidate.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Secretary?

Well, the efficacy of any cover letter always depends upon how well one drafts it in the terms of imparting the required information through the letter. One should always keep in head that a cover letter is different from the resume as it passes on the other set of information. A cover letter contains only such professional competence information to the hiring organization that is not covered by the resume. Here below are some tips as to how one should draft an impressive secretary cover letter.

  • Start the cover letter as an additional piece of document that continues conveying the professional competence information to the hiring agency for the post of secretary.
  • Start the letter with a formal format and highlight your organizational related skills in the context of soft and hard skills.
  • Your skills should be compatible enough with the management-related requirements of the hiring organization.
  • You can also add some examples of scenarios that practically vouch for these skills.
  • Furthermore, you should also insert your educational background-related information at the beginning or midsection of the letter.
  • It will stand as proof of attesting your educational competency for the job profile.
  • In the end, you need to wrap up the cover letter with a convincing note that shows up your enthusiasm and keen interest to work as a professional secretary with the organization.

Sample Secretary Cover Letter

We always believe that having the practical exposure of the cover letter always counts when it comes to developing this letter on your own. For the same cause, we are here compiling the fine sample of this secretary's cover letter as the reference source.

New Era Technology Private Limited 32 South Avenue New York City, 239802 New York, United States

Dear Sir/Ma'am

I'm thrilled to have come across the latest opening of the company secretary post at the New Era Technology. As an aspiring professional, I have always sought the opportunities to look forward to this emerging giant in the domain of technology. Taking a step closer towards the same I'm applying for the post of secretary in the company that I have adored the most. I'm a professionally qualified company secretary and come with significant working experience in the domain for over 4 years now. I have recently resigned from my previous company to advance my career to the next level.

Further, I believe this is the perfect place from where I can get going since I see myself as the balanced candidate that can fit the position of secretary in the company. I have enclosed my working experience and all the achievements that state my skills and competence as the company secretary. I'm looking forward to having the interview call from the company to prove my worth for the post of the company secretary.

Thanks & regards Taran Holmes

School Secretary Cover Letter

The school secretary job profile more or less is equivalent to the company secretary as both of these posts are related to the managerial profile. Well, to make it more clear we are here attaching a cover letter specifically for the post of school secretary. You can go through the sample letter below to gain some fine exposure to the same.

Gold Elementary & High School 35 Old Street, Los Angeles (California) California 234762, United States

I'm writing this cover letter as an additional piece of document to my resume for the post of administrative secretary at your school. I'm a professionally qualified person for the post of secretary and have working experience of over 10 years. Over some time, I have won several yearly awards for my administrative work from the previous school. I resigned from my earlier school due to the stagnant work culture with no significant growth.

I'm the kind of person who always thinks progressively with perspective and the same is shown in my administrative skills. I find myself as the perfect candidate to fill in the vacancy of administrative secretary at the Gold school. You can find all my working experience and achievements in the enclosure of this cover letter. I'm hopefully looking forward to hearing from you consider me for the interviewing opportunity.

Thanks & regards Adah Washington

So, these are the fine sample cover letters for the post of secretary that an aspiring secretary can draft for him/herself. We believe that these cover letters would work as a fine reference source to guide the individuals in drafting their cover letters for the secretarial posts.

Secretary Cover Letter Template in PDF & Word

School Secretary Cover Letter

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Politics latest: Johnson team 'brutal and useless', COVID inquiry told; why the Tory parliamentary party is dancing to Braverman's tune

Lord Sedwill, the ex-head of the civil service, told the COVID inquiry the Johnson administration was "brutal and useless" during the pandemic. And the home secretary's apparent attempts to pitch herself as a leader of the Tory party is under scrutiny on Politics Hub With Sophy Ridge.

Wednesday 8 November 2023 23:25, UK

Boris Johnson looks on as he meets with British-Israeli soldiers during a visit to Jerusalem, November 5, 2023.

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Thank you for joining us on the Politics Hub for another busy day in Westminster.

Here's what happened:

  • The row over whether the pro-Palestine march planned for Armistice Day on Saturday should go forward reached a head today, with Rishi Sunak calling in the Met Police chief to discuss it;
  • After Sir Mark Rowley said the legal threshold had not been reached to ban the march, the prime minister conceded that it will go ahead;
  • He vowed to hold the police "accountable" should there be any disorder, however;
  • Elsewhere, two more Tory ministers distanced themselves from Suella Braverman's comments labelling the pro-Palestine protests "hate marches" and saying rough sleeping is a "lifestyle choice";
  • The COVID inquiry continued today, with the former head of the Civil Service saying that cabinet governance was "clearly undermined" and Boris Johnson's administration was more like an "opposition party coming into power";
  • Lord Mark Sedwill also said that the "brutal and useless" Johnson team were like "wild animals";
  • And the RMT union said it had reached an agreement with rail operators that it will now put to its members - and if accepted, strikes at Christmas will be called off.

Join us tomorrow from 6am for all the latest political news.

Suella Braverman has accused the police of "double standards" in the way they handle protests - after Rishi Sunak conceded that a pro-Palestine march on Armistice Day will go ahead.

The home secretary has sharply criticised the Metropolitan Police in an op-ed for The Times newspaper - saying there is "a perception that senior police officers play favourites when it comes to protesters".

It comes after Mr Sunak described Saturday's planned march in London as "disrespectful".

Read more of Ms Braverman's comments here:

The experts at Sky's Data and Forensics team have updated our poll tracker with the latest surveys.

The tracker aggregates various surveys to give an indication of how the UK currently feels about different political parties.

Currently, Labour sits on an average of 44.5%, compared with the Tories on 25.5% - a roughly 19-point lead.

While Sir Keir Starmer's lead has shrunk very slightly in recent days, his party still has a very significant gap.

In third are the Lib Dems on 10.6%, followed by Reform on around 7.4% and the Greens on 6.5% - with the SNP on 3.0%.

See the latest update below - and you can read more about the methodology behind the tracker  here .

In tonight's edition of Politics Hub with Sophy Ridge , we examined whether the Conservative parliamentary party is dancing to the tune of Suella Braverman

Sophy spoke to pensions minister Laura Trott  about the home secretary's controversial interventions, the pro-Palestine march set for Armistice Day on Saturday, and the pensions triple lock.

She also spoke to RMT general secretary Mick Lynch  following the news that the rail union had reached an agreement with train operators that could potentially halt Christmas strike action.

On the panel this evening were columnist and broadcaster Owen Jones  and Conservative MP and former cabinet minister Dr Liam Fox  - and there were certainly lively discussions.

Watch in full below:

As we reported a short while ago, the SNP has this evening tabled an amendment to the King's Speech to force a vote in parliament on calling for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war (see previous post).

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has refused calls from within his party to call for a ceasefire, saying that a humanitarian pause should take place because stopping hostilities entirely would allow Hamas to regroup and re-arm.

So how will the party react to the SNP amendment?

The Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, decides which amendments are selected for a debate and a vote in the Commons.

Our  political editor Beth Rigby  says the amendment is likely to be selected because the SNP is the third-largest party.

She says this move increases the pressure on Labour as over 20 frontbenchers have publicly called for an immediate ceasefire, breaking ranks with the party leadership.

Beth Rigby adds: "One senior party figure suggests the leadership could tell MPs to abstain entirely and frame it as the SNP trying to play politics on something not in Labour's control."

The row continues over whether the UK should be calling for a permanent ceasefire or a humanitarian pause in the war between Israel and Hamas - and one party is looking to force the issue.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has this evening tabled an amendment to the King's Speech to force a vote in parliament on the matter.

The amendment, signed by the party's leadership and MPs in the UK parliament, says they "respectfully regret" that the King's Speech "fails to include measures that would require the government to uphold international law and protect all civilians in Israel and Palestine".

It condemns Hamas for killing over 1,400 Israelis and taking over 200 hostages, and calls for "an end to the collective punishment of the Palestinian people".

It also calls for:

  • Hamas to release all the hostages;
  • An end to the "siege of Gaza to allow vital supplies of food, fuel, medicine and water to reach the civilian population";
  • For the UK government to "join with the international community in urgently pressing all parties to agree to an immediate ceasefire".

In a tweet a short while ago, Scotland's first minister and SNP leader Humza Yousaf said: "The prime minister and Keir Starmer don't want parliament to vote on a ceasefire.

"The SNP will force a vote so that MPs can vote with their conscience and do the right thing by backing an immediate ceasefire.

"Too many innocent men, women and children have been killed."

In January this year, Rishi Sunak made five pledges for voters to judge him on.

The prime minister could well be on track to meet at least one of them - halving inflation by the end of the year.

Sky News has developed a tool to track the government's progress in delivering these pledges - and you can see the progress for yourself below:

Last night, Imran Hussain became the first Labour shadow minister to resign from the shadow cabinet over Sir Keir Starmer's insistence on calling for a humanitarian pause in the Israel-Hamas war, rather than a ceasefire ( read more here ).

Harry Cole, political editor of The Sun, tweeted that the departed frontbencher was not exactly a household name, saying: "Seems newsrooms everywhere are googling who is Imran Hussain."

So it got the Politics Hub team thinking about if and when the public is googling to find out more about our panel this evening, comprised of columnist and author Owen Jones  and Conservative MP and former cabinet minister Dr Liam Fox .

Have a look at the results - and their reactions - below:

That concludes this evening's edition of Politics Hub with Sophy Ridge - scroll down for all the key moments and highlights from the interviews and discussion.

Turning to our panel, Sophy Ridge asks how big of a political problem Sir Keir Starmer has within his own party due to the discontent over his position on the Israel-Hamas war.

It comes after Imran Hussain became the first Labour shadow minister to resign from the shadow cabinet over the issue ( read more here ).

Owen Jones, columnist and broadcaster,  says Sir Keir will become prime minister anyway because "the Conservative Party has essentially imploded as a political force".

But he says the issue for the Labour leader is that he is "becoming a hate figure" in parts of his electoral coalition in a way that Tony Blair did while he was PM, not before.

He says the Labour leadership has "panicked" about the negative response to the party's position on the Israel-Hamas war.

"The mistake is to think that that anger about the mass slaughter of thousands of innocent people is concentrated amongst British Muslims."

He says people from a wide variety of backgrounds attend the marches, and many of those are Labour voters.

"That's why you see various Labour MPs getting edgy."

Dr Liam Fox, Conservative MP and former cabinet minister,  says: "Not once have we had a mention of the children being held hostage by Hamas at the present time, goodness knows where in what tunnels in Gaza. It's been utterly neglected by the left.

"I've not heard Labour MPs talking about it, which I think is important because the problem for Keir Starmer is the ghost of Jeremy Corbyn coming back to haunt his party, and the associations that many voters had with him."

Next, Sophy Ridge asks Mick Lynch, general secretary of the RMT union, why he and his union will be attending the pro-Palestine march on Armistice Day on Saturday.

He says the union "will be very respectful" and says they have members serving in the British military in the Mediterranean Sea off Israel and Gaza.

He also says the union will be taking part in memorials across the country this weekend.

Mr Lynch says the pro-Palestine march has been organised away from the Cenotaph and after the two-minute silence, and "I'm confident that it'll be respectful and away from these situations."

He adds that Armistice Day has "never been a day that the country comes to a stop".

Mr Lynch also says that the union's "solidarity is with peace".

"We condemn the murder of the Israeli citizens in early October. We condemn the overreaction and the disproportionate response by the Israeli army onto the people of the Gaza Strip."

He says they want Hamas and the Israeli army to stop fighting to get humanitarian aid into Gaza.

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