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Excellent customer service and with a supportive team. Responds quickly and is professional in delivering tasks within the agreed deadline. Rich knowledge and without plagiarism in all assignments. Good job and recommended.

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Case Study Help

Case Study Help, are a very supportive team. They respond promptly and are very professional. They always do a great job and their delivered projects are rich and plagiarism free. I would recommend them to everyone as one can count on their services.

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Education and Writing Tips

Essay Writing Service Review – Sky-High Prices review

If you’re looking for the best case study help from qualified PhD and Master students and teachers that can help you to achieve the grades that you want to achieve, Case Study Help may be the solution that you’ve been looking for.

case study help com

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Table of contents.

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Services – 5/10

Despite the name of the website, also provides a range of services that you might be interested in using. In addition to case studies, you’ll also be able to find services like MBA help, programming help, essay help and even dissertation help.

This may seem like a lot of services on offer but it’s worth remembering that this is still quite limiting compared to leading custom essay writing services that can offer in excess of 50+ services, meaning you may be forced to go there.

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It’s rather difficult to figure out the pricing for your assignment since there is no pricing page to be found anywhere on the website. What’s more, even going through the order form doesn’t provide you with a quote or a price until after you’ve handed over your personal information like your email address and phone number.

This means that the website can, in theory, charge whatever they want to whoever they want without any guidelines to work from, typically meaning that the service will be more expensive than others, possibly charging hundreds of dollars per piece.

Content Quality – 4/10

Unfortunately, there is no review or testimonial page to be found anywhere on the website, leading me to seriously doubt the credibility and legitimacy of the website. This lack of reviews forced me to start searching online for answers.

On trust websites and forums, I discovered a collection of reviews that were rather mixed. Whereas some customers through the service was ‘okay’ and ‘did what was expected’, there are many others (the majority) that claim that the site had simply taken their money and left them in the dark about the status of their order before the very last minute. services

Customer Service – 5/10

Referring to the contact page, you’ll find some extremely pointless flag which claim to be addresses (which they’re not), as well as an email form you can fill out, a single email address and an AUS, UK and USA phone number.

While the dedicated phone numbers are positive, there are no dedicated pre and post sales email addresses, no social media links and no physical addresses, potentially making it extremely difficult to get in touch with the support team.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

To conclude, CaseStudyHelp may excel when it comes to case studies, but the website is not recommended when it comes to anything else. To avoid sky-high prices, poorly consistent content and a lack of comprehensive customer service options, it’s best if you take your tasks to a more reputable and credible custom essay writing service .

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Once you have developed your problem statement and research questions , you should be ready to choose the specific case that you want to focus on. A good case study should have the potential to:

  • Provide new or unexpected insights into the subject
  • Challenge or complicate existing assumptions and theories
  • Propose practical courses of action to resolve a problem
  • Open up new directions for future research

TipIf your research is more practical in nature and aims to simultaneously investigate an issue as you solve it, consider conducting action research instead.

Unlike quantitative or experimental research , a strong case study does not require a random or representative sample. In fact, case studies often deliberately focus on unusual, neglected, or outlying cases which may shed new light on the research problem.

Example of an outlying case studyIn the 1960s the town of Roseto, Pennsylvania was discovered to have extremely low rates of heart disease compared to the US average. It became an important case study for understanding previously neglected causes of heart disease.

However, you can also choose a more common or representative case to exemplify a particular category, experience or phenomenon.

Example of a representative case studyIn the 1920s, two sociologists used Muncie, Indiana as a case study of a typical American city that supposedly exemplified the changing culture of the US at the time.

While case studies focus more on concrete details than general theories, they should usually have some connection with theory in the field. This way the case study is not just an isolated description, but is integrated into existing knowledge about the topic. It might aim to:

  • Exemplify a theory by showing how it explains the case under investigation
  • Expand on a theory by uncovering new concepts and ideas that need to be incorporated
  • Challenge a theory by exploring an outlier case that doesn’t fit with established assumptions

To ensure that your analysis of the case has a solid academic grounding, you should conduct a literature review of sources related to the topic and develop a theoretical framework . This means identifying key concepts and theories to guide your analysis and interpretation.

There are many different research methods you can use to collect data on your subject. Case studies tend to focus on qualitative data using methods such as interviews , observations , and analysis of primary and secondary sources (e.g., newspaper articles, photographs, official records). Sometimes a case study will also collect quantitative data.

Example of a mixed methods case studyFor a case study of a wind farm development in a rural area, you could collect quantitative data on employment rates and business revenue, collect qualitative data on local people’s perceptions and experiences, and analyze local and national media coverage of the development.

The aim is to gain as thorough an understanding as possible of the case and its context.

Receive feedback on language, structure, and formatting

Professional editors proofread and edit your paper by focusing on:

  • Academic style
  • Vague sentences
  • Style consistency

See an example

case study help com

In writing up the case study, you need to bring together all the relevant aspects to give as complete a picture as possible of the subject.

How you report your findings depends on the type of research you are doing. Some case studies are structured like a standard scientific paper or thesis , with separate sections or chapters for the methods , results and discussion .

Others are written in a more narrative style, aiming to explore the case from various angles and analyze its meanings and implications (for example, by using textual analysis or discourse analysis ).

In all cases, though, make sure to give contextual details about the case, connect it back to the literature and theory, and discuss how it fits into wider patterns or debates.

If you want to know more about statistics , methodology , or research bias , make sure to check out some of our other articles with explanations and examples.

  • Normal distribution
  • Degrees of freedom
  • Null hypothesis
  • Discourse analysis
  • Control groups
  • Mixed methods research
  • Non-probability sampling
  • Quantitative research
  • Ecological validity

Research bias

  • Rosenthal effect
  • Implicit bias
  • Cognitive bias
  • Selection bias
  • Negativity bias
  • Status quo bias

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McCombes, S. (2023, June 22). What Is a Case Study? | Definition, Examples & Methods. Scribbr. Retrieved November 3, 2023, from

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Shona McCombes

Shona McCombes

Other students also liked, primary vs. secondary sources | difference & examples, what is a theoretical framework | guide to organizing, what is action research | definition & examples, what is your plagiarism score.

case study help com

All You Wanted to Know About How to Write a Case Study

case study help com

What do you study in your college? If you are a psychology, sociology, or anthropology student, we bet you might be familiar with what a case study is. This research method is used to study a certain person, group, or situation. In this guide from our dissertation writing service , you will learn how to write a case study professionally, from researching to citing sources properly. Also, we will explore different types of case studies and show you examples — so that you won’t have any other questions left.

What Is a Case Study?

A case study is a subcategory of research design which investigates problems and offers solutions. Case studies can range from academic research studies to corporate promotional tools trying to sell an idea—their scope is quite vast.

What Is the Difference Between a Research Paper and a Case Study?

While research papers turn the reader’s attention to a certain problem, case studies go even further. Case study guidelines require students to pay attention to details, examining issues closely and in-depth using different research methods. For example, case studies may be used to examine court cases if you study Law, or a patient's health history if you study Medicine. Case studies are also used in Marketing, which are thorough, empirically supported analysis of a good or service's performance. Well-designed case studies can be valuable for prospective customers as they can identify and solve the potential customers pain point.

Case studies involve a lot of storytelling – they usually examine particular cases for a person or a group of people. This method of research is very helpful, as it is very practical and can give a lot of hands-on information. Most commonly, the length of the case study is about 500-900 words, which is much less than the length of an average research paper.

The structure of a case study is very similar to storytelling. It has a protagonist or main character, which in your case is actually a problem you are trying to solve. You can use the system of 3 Acts to make it a compelling story. It should have an introduction, rising action, a climax where transformation occurs, falling action, and a solution.

Here is a rough formula for you to use in your case study:

Problem (Act I): > Solution (Act II) > Result (Act III) > Conclusion.

Types of Case Studies

The purpose of a case study is to provide detailed reports on an event, an institution, a place, future customers, or pretty much anything. There are a few common types of case study, but the type depends on the topic. The following are the most common domains where case studies are needed:

Types of Case Studies

  • Historical case studies are great to learn from. Historical events have a multitude of source info offering different perspectives. There are always modern parallels where these perspectives can be applied, compared, and thoroughly analyzed.
  • Problem-oriented case studies are usually used for solving problems. These are often assigned as theoretical situations where you need to immerse yourself in the situation to examine it. Imagine you’re working for a startup and you’ve just noticed a significant flaw in your product’s design. Before taking it to the senior manager, you want to do a comprehensive study on the issue and provide solutions. On a greater scale, problem-oriented case studies are a vital part of relevant socio-economic discussions.
  • Cumulative case studies collect information and offer comparisons. In business, case studies are often used to tell people about the value of a product.
  • Critical case studies explore the causes and effects of a certain case.
  • Illustrative case studies describe certain events, investigating outcomes and lessons learned.

Case Study Format

The case study format is typically made up of eight parts:

  • Executive Summary. Explain what you will examine in the case study. Write an overview of the field you’re researching. Make a thesis statement and sum up the results of your observation in a maximum of 2 sentences.
  • Background. Provide background information and the most relevant facts. Isolate the issues.
  • Case Evaluation. Isolate the sections of the study you want to focus on. In it, explain why something is working or is not working.
  • Proposed Solutions. Offer realistic ways to solve what isn’t working or how to improve its current condition. Explain why these solutions work by offering testable evidence.
  • Conclusion. Summarize the main points from the case evaluations and proposed solutions. 6. Recommendations. Talk about the strategy that you should choose. Explain why this choice is the most appropriate.
  • Implementation. Explain how to put the specific strategies into action.
  • References. Provide all the citations.

How to Write a Case Study

Let's discover how to write a case study.

How to Write a Case Study

Setting Up the Research

When writing a case study, remember that research should always come first. Reading many different sources and analyzing other points of view will help you come up with more creative solutions. You can also conduct an actual interview to thoroughly investigate the customer story that you'll need for your case study. Including all of the necessary research, writing a case study may take some time. The research process involves doing the following:

  • Define your objective. Explain the reason why you’re presenting your subject. Figure out where you will feature your case study; whether it is written, on video, shown as an infographic, streamed as a podcast, etc.
  • Determine who will be the right candidate for your case study. Get permission, quotes, and other features that will make your case study effective. Get in touch with your candidate to see if they approve of being part of your work. Study that candidate’s situation and note down what caused it.
  • Identify which various consequences could result from the situation. Follow these guidelines on how to start a case study: surf the net to find some general information you might find useful.
  • Make a list of credible sources and examine them. Seek out important facts and highlight problems. Always write down your ideas and make sure to brainstorm.
  • Focus on several key issues – why they exist, and how they impact your research subject. Think of several unique solutions. Draw from class discussions, readings, and personal experience. When writing a case study, focus on the best solution and explore it in depth. After having all your research in place, writing a case study will be easy. You may first want to check the rubric and criteria of your assignment for the correct case study structure.


Although your instructor might be looking at slightly different criteria, every case study rubric essentially has the same standards. Your professor will want you to exhibit 8 different outcomes:

  • Correctly identify the concepts, theories, and practices in the discipline.
  • Identify the relevant theories and principles associated with the particular study.
  • Evaluate legal and ethical principles and apply them to your decision-making.
  • Recognize the global importance and contribution of your case.
  • Construct a coherent summary and explanation of the study.
  • Demonstrate analytical and critical-thinking skills.
  • Explain the interrelationships between the environment and nature.
  • Integrate theory and practice of the discipline within the analysis.

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Case Study Outline

Let's look at the structure of an outline based on the issue of the alcoholic addiction of 30 people.


  • Statement of the issue: Alcoholism is a disease rather than a weakness of character.
  • Presentation of the problem: Alcoholism is affecting more than 14 million people in the USA, which makes it the third most common mental illness there.
  • Explanation of the terms: In the past, alcoholism was commonly referred to as alcohol dependence or alcohol addiction. Alcoholism is now the more severe stage of this addiction in the disorder spectrum.
  • Hypotheses: Drinking in excess can lead to the use of other drugs.
  • Importance of your story: How the information you present can help people with their addictions.
  • Background of the story: Include an explanation of why you chose this topic.
  • Presentation of analysis and data: Describe the criteria for choosing 30 candidates, the structure of the interview, and the outcomes.
  • Strong argument 1: ex. X% of candidates dealing with anxiety and depression...
  • Strong argument 2: ex. X amount of people started drinking by their mid-teens.
  • Strong argument 3: ex. X% of respondents’ parents had issues with alcohol.
  • Concluding statement: I have researched if alcoholism is a disease and found out that…
  • Recommendations: Ways and actions for preventing alcohol use.

Writing a Case Study Draft

After you’ve done your case study research and written the outline, it’s time to focus on the draft. In a draft, you have to develop and write your case study by using: the data which you collected throughout the research, interviews, and the analysis processes that were undertaken. Follow these rules for the draft:

How to Write a Case Study

  • Your draft should contain at least 4 sections: an introduction; a body where you should include background information, an explanation of why you decided to do this case study, and a presentation of your main findings; a conclusion where you present data; and references.
  • In the introduction, you should set the pace very clearly. You can even raise a question or quote someone you interviewed in the research phase. It must provide adequate background information on the topic. The background may include analyses of previous studies on your topic. Include the aim of your case here as well. Think of it as a thesis statement. The aim must describe the purpose of your work—presenting the issues that you want to tackle. Include background information, such as photos or videos you used when doing the research.
  • Describe your unique research process, whether it was through interviews, observations, academic journals, etc. The next point includes providing the results of your research. Tell the audience what you found out. Why is this important, and what could be learned from it? Discuss the real implications of the problem and its significance in the world.
  • Include quotes and data (such as findings, percentages, and awards). This will add a personal touch and better credibility to the case you present. Explain what results you find during your interviews in regards to the problem and how it developed. Also, write about solutions which have already been proposed by other people who have already written about this case.
  • At the end of your case study, you should offer possible solutions, but don’t worry about solving them yourself.

Use Data to Illustrate Key Points in Your Case Study

Even though your case study is a story, it should be based on evidence. Use as much data as possible to illustrate your point. Without the right data, your case study may appear weak and the readers may not be able to relate to your issue as much as they should. Let's see the examples from essay writing service :

‍ With data: Alcoholism is affecting more than 14 million people in the USA, which makes it the third most common mental illness there. Without data: A lot of people suffer from alcoholism in the United States.

Try to include as many credible sources as possible. You may have terms or sources that could be hard for other cultures to understand. If this is the case, you should include them in the appendix or Notes for the Instructor or Professor.

Finalizing the Draft: Checklist

After you finish drafting your case study, polish it up by answering these ‘ask yourself’ questions and think about how to end your case study:

  • Check that you follow the correct case study format, also in regards to text formatting.
  • Check that your work is consistent with its referencing and citation style.
  • Micro-editing — check for grammar and spelling issues.
  • Macro-editing — does ‘the big picture’ come across to the reader? Is there enough raw data, such as real-life examples or personal experiences? Have you made your data collection process completely transparent? Does your analysis provide a clear conclusion, allowing for further research and practice?

Problems to avoid:

  • Overgeneralization – Do not go into further research that deviates from the main problem.
  • Failure to Document Limitations – Just as you have to clearly state the limitations of a general research study, you must describe the specific limitations inherent in the subject of analysis.
  • Failure to Extrapolate All Possible Implications – Just as you don't want to over-generalize from your case study findings, you also have to be thorough in the consideration of all possible outcomes or recommendations derived from your findings.

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How to Create a Title Page and Cite a Case Study

Let's see how to create an awesome title page.

Your title page depends on the prescribed citation format. The title page should include:

  • A title that attracts some attention and describes your study
  • The title should have the words “case study” in it
  • The title should range between 5-9 words in length
  • Your name and contact information
  • Your finished paper should be only 500 to 1,500 words in length. With this type of assignment, write effectively and avoid fluff.

Here is a template for the APA and MLA format title page:

There are some cases when you need to cite someone else's study in your own one – therefore, you need to master how to cite a case study. A case study is like a research paper when it comes to citations. You can cite it like you cite a book, depending on what style you need.

Citation Example in MLA ‍ Hill, Linda, Tarun Khanna, and Emily A. Stecker. HCL Technologies. Boston: Harvard Business Publishing, 2008. Print.
Citation Example in APA ‍ Hill, L., Khanna, T., & Stecker, E. A. (2008). HCL Technologies. Boston: Harvard Business Publishing.
Citation Example in Chicago Hill, Linda, Tarun Khanna, and Emily A. Stecker. HCL Technologies.

Case Study Examples

To give you an idea of a professional case study example, we gathered and linked some below.

Eastman Kodak Case Study

Case Study Example: Audi Trains Mexican Autoworkers in Germany

To conclude, a case study is one of the best methods of getting an overview of what happened to a person, a group, or a situation in practice. It allows you to have an in-depth glance at the real-life problems that businesses, healthcare industry, criminal justice, etc. may face. This insight helps us look at such situations in a different light. This is because we see scenarios that we otherwise would not, without necessarily being there. If you need custom essays , try our research paper writing services .

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Crafting a case study is not easy. You might want to write one of high quality, but you don’t have the time or expertise. Request essay writing, editing, or proofreading assistance from our writing service.

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What Is a Case Study?

An in-depth study of one person, group, or event

Kendra Cherry, MS, is a psychosocial rehabilitation specialist, psychology educator, and author of the "Everything Psychology Book."

case study help com

Cara Lustik is a fact-checker and copywriter.

case study help com

Verywell / Colleen Tighe

Benefits and Limitations

Types of case studies, how to write a case study.

A case study is an in-depth study of one person, group, or event. In a case study, nearly every aspect of the subject's life and history is analyzed to seek patterns and causes of behavior. Case studies can be used in various fields, including psychology, medicine, education, anthropology, political science, and social work.

The purpose of a case study is to learn as much as possible about an individual or group so that the information can be generalized to many others. Unfortunately, case studies tend to be highly subjective, and it is sometimes difficult to generalize results to a larger population.

While case studies focus on a single individual or group, they follow a format similar to other types of psychology writing. If you are writing a case study, it is important to follow the rules of APA format .  

A case study can have both strengths and weaknesses. Researchers must consider these pros and cons before deciding if this type of study is appropriate for their needs.

One of the greatest advantages of a case study is that it allows researchers to investigate things that are often difficult to impossible to replicate in a lab. Some other benefits of a case study:

  • Allows researchers to collect a great deal of information
  • Give researchers the chance to collect information on rare or unusual cases
  • Permits researchers to develop hypotheses that can be explored in experimental research

On the negative side, a case study:

  • Cannot necessarily be generalized to the larger population
  • Cannot demonstrate cause and effect
  • May not be scientifically rigorous
  • Can lead to bias

Researchers may choose to perform a case study if they are interested in exploring a unique or recently discovered phenomenon. The insights gained from such research can help the researchers develop additional ideas and study questions that might be explored in future studies.

However, it is important to remember that the insights gained from case studies cannot be used to determine cause and effect relationships between variables. However, case studies may be used to develop hypotheses that can then be addressed in experimental research.

Case Study Examples

There have been a number of notable case studies in the history of psychology. Much of  Freud's work and theories were developed through the use of individual case studies. Some great examples of case studies in psychology include:

  • Anna O : Anna O. was a pseudonym of a woman named Bertha Pappenheim, a patient of a physician named Josef Breuer. While she was never a patient of Freud's, Freud and Breuer discussed her case extensively. The woman was experiencing symptoms of a condition that was then known as hysteria and found that talking about her problems helped relieve her symptoms. Her case played an important part in the development of talk therapy as an approach to mental health treatment.
  • Phineas Gage : Phineas Gage was a railroad employee who experienced a terrible accident in which an explosion sent a metal rod through his skull, damaging important portions of his brain. Gage recovered from his accident but was left with serious changes in both personality and behavior.
  • Genie : Genie was a young girl subjected to horrific abuse and isolation. The case study of Genie allowed researchers to study whether language could be taught even after critical periods for language development had been missed. Her case also served as an example of how scientific research may interfere with treatment and lead to further abuse of vulnerable individuals.

Such cases demonstrate how case research can be used to study things that researchers could not replicate in experimental settings. In Genie's case, her horrific abuse had denied her the opportunity to learn language at critical points in her development.

This is clearly not something that researchers could ethically replicate, but conducting a case study on Genie allowed researchers the chance to study phenomena that are otherwise impossible to reproduce.

There are a few different types of case studies that psychologists and other researchers might utilize:

  • Collective case studies : These involve studying a group of individuals. Researchers might study a group of people in a certain setting or look at an entire community. For example, psychologists might explore how access to resources in a community has affected the collective mental well-being of those living there.
  • Descriptive case studies : These involve starting with a descriptive theory. The subjects are then observed, and the information gathered is compared to the pre-existing theory.
  • Explanatory case studies : These   are often used to do causal investigations. In other words, researchers are interested in looking at factors that may have caused certain things to occur.
  • Exploratory case studies : These are sometimes used as a prelude to further, more in-depth research. This allows researchers to gather more information before developing their research questions and hypotheses .
  • Instrumental case studies : These occur when the individual or group allows researchers to understand more than what is initially obvious to observers.
  • Intrinsic case studies : This type of case study is when the researcher has a personal interest in the case. Jean Piaget's observations of his own children are good examples of how an intrinsic cast study can contribute to the development of a psychological theory.

The three main case study types often used are intrinsic, instrumental, and collective. Intrinsic case studies are useful for learning about unique cases. Instrumental case studies help look at an individual to learn more about a broader issue. A collective case study can be useful for looking at several cases simultaneously.

The type of case study that psychology researchers utilize depends on the unique characteristics of the situation as well as the case itself.

There are also different methods that can be used to conduct a case study, including prospective and retrospective case study methods.

Prospective case study methods are those in which an individual or group of people is observed in order to determine outcomes. For example, a group of individuals might be watched over an extended period of time to observe the progression of a particular disease.

Retrospective case study methods involve looking at historical information. For example, researchers might start with an outcome, such as a disease, and then work their way backward to look at information about the individual's life to determine risk factors that may have contributed to the onset of the illness.

Where to Find Data

There are a number of different sources and methods that researchers can use to gather information about an individual or group. Six major sources that have been identified by researchers are:

  • Archival records : Census records, survey records, and name lists are examples of archival records.
  • Direct observation : This strategy involves observing the subject, often in a natural setting . While an individual observer is sometimes used, it is more common to utilize a group of observers.
  • Documents : Letters, newspaper articles, administrative records, etc., are the types of documents often used as sources.
  • Interviews : Interviews are one of the most important methods for gathering information in case studies. An interview can involve structured survey questions or more open-ended questions.
  • Participant observation : When the researcher serves as a participant in events and observes the actions and outcomes, it is called participant observation.
  • Physical artifacts : Tools, objects, instruments, and other artifacts are often observed during a direct observation of the subject.

Section 1: A Case History

This section will have the following structure and content:

Background information : The first section of your paper will present your client's background. Include factors such as age, gender, work, health status, family mental health history, family and social relationships, drug and alcohol history, life difficulties, goals, and coping skills and weaknesses.

Description of the presenting problem : In the next section of your case study, you will describe the problem or symptoms that the client presented with.

Describe any physical, emotional, or sensory symptoms reported by the client. Thoughts, feelings, and perceptions related to the symptoms should also be noted. Any screening or diagnostic assessments that are used should also be described in detail and all scores reported.

Your diagnosis : Provide your diagnosis and give the appropriate Diagnostic and Statistical Manual code. Explain how you reached your diagnosis, how the client's symptoms fit the diagnostic criteria for the disorder(s), or any possible difficulties in reaching a diagnosis.

Section 2: Treatment Plan

This portion of the paper will address the chosen treatment for the condition. This might also include the theoretical basis for the chosen treatment or any other evidence that might exist to support why this approach was chosen.

  • Cognitive behavioral approach : Explain how a cognitive behavioral therapist would approach treatment. Offer background information on cognitive behavioral therapy and describe the treatment sessions, client response, and outcome of this type of treatment. Make note of any difficulties or successes encountered by your client during treatment.
  • Humanistic approach : Describe a humanistic approach that could be used to treat your client, such as client-centered therapy . Provide information on the type of treatment you chose, the client's reaction to the treatment, and the end result of this approach. Explain why the treatment was successful or unsuccessful.
  • Psychoanalytic approach : Describe how a psychoanalytic therapist would view the client's problem. Provide some background on the psychoanalytic approach and cite relevant references. Explain how psychoanalytic therapy would be used to treat the client, how the client would respond to therapy, and the effectiveness of this treatment approach.
  • Pharmacological approach : If treatment primarily involves the use of medications, explain which medications were used and why. Provide background on the effectiveness of these medications and how monotherapy may compare with an approach that combines medications with therapy or other treatments.

This section of a case study should also include information about the treatment goals, process, and outcomes.

When you are writing a case study, you should also include a section where you discuss the case study itself, including the strengths and limitiations of the study. You should note how the findings of your case study might support previous research. 

In your discussion section, you should also describe some of the implications of your case study. What ideas or findings might require further exploration? How might researchers go about exploring some of these questions in additional studies?

Here are a few additional pointers to keep in mind when formatting your case study:

  • Never refer to the subject of your case study as "the client." Instead, their name or a pseudonym.
  • Read examples of case studies to gain an idea about the style and format.
  • Remember to use APA format when citing references .

A Word From Verywell

Case studies can be a useful research tool, but they need to be used wisely. In many cases, they are best utilized in situations where conducting an experiment would be difficult or impossible. They are helpful for looking at unique situations and allow researchers to gather a great deal of information about a specific individual or group of people.

If you have been directed to write a case study for a psychology course, be sure to check with your instructor for any specific guidelines that you are required to follow. If you are writing your case study for professional publication, be sure to check with the publisher for their specific guidelines for submitting a case study.

Simply Psychology. Case Study Method .

Crowe S, Cresswell K, Robertson A, Huby G, Avery A, Sheikh A. The case study approach . BMC Med Res Methodol . 2011 Jun 27;11:100. doi:10.1186/1471-2288-11-100

Gagnon, Yves-Chantal.  The Case Study as Research Method: A Practical Handbook . Canada, Chicago Review Press Incorporated DBA Independent Pub Group, 2010.

Yin, Robert K. Case Study Research and Applications: Design and Methods . United States, SAGE Publications, 2017.

By Kendra Cherry, MSEd Kendra Cherry, MS, is a psychosocial rehabilitation specialist, psychology educator, and author of the "Everything Psychology Book."

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What the Case Study Method Really Teaches

  • Nitin Nohria

case study help com

Seven meta-skills that stick even if the cases fade from memory.

It’s been 100 years since Harvard Business School began using the case study method. Beyond teaching specific subject matter, the case study method excels in instilling meta-skills in students. This article explains the importance of seven such skills: preparation, discernment, bias recognition, judgement, collaboration, curiosity, and self-confidence.

During my decade as dean of Harvard Business School, I spent hundreds of hours talking with our alumni. To enliven these conversations, I relied on a favorite question: “What was the most important thing you learned from your time in our MBA program?”

  • Nitin Nohria is a professor and former dean at Harvard Business School and the chairman of Thrive Capital, a venture capital firm based in New York.

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Case Study Help | Hire Someone to Solve Case Studies

Case study help checklist.

Case Study Help Checklist

The use of a  case study solution  is crucial to finding the  best solutions  for a business. Using case studies to analyze the results of some of the industry trends you are facing can help you come up with the right approach for you to take as a business owner.

Harvard Business Case Study

This  Harvard Business  case study is one of the best  Case Study Solution  because they help to define the most successful business practices and give the examples of those techniques. Using the “ Business Case Study ” course allows you to see how they work and how it can benefit your business.

The  Harvard Business Case Study  was designed to answer the question of whether the business can be profitable in a “winner take all” business environment. It looks at all of the features of successful businesses in the  marketplace  to determine whether or not they can be applied to your business.

The solution is designed with a “ case study help ” format that allows you to learn from actual problems and take a hands on approach to resolving them. That means you’ll be able to learn through taking action rather than watching other people take action. An example of a business  Case Solution  would be if you were interested in increasing sales. If you take a business plan and put it into a case study format, you can learn more about how to increase sales and make it happen faster.

The  Harvard Business Case Study  has provided some of the most successful business strategies and programs for many years. If you are looking for a solution to the problems that your business is facing, this course is a great option. As soon as you finish reading the  HBR Case Study Solution .

HBR Case Study Solution  would be a great choice if you are interested in hiring a case study because it does not come with a price tag. Most of the companies have one less thing to spend in order to hire a fresh case study. When you get to the part of searching for a  case study .

Case Study Assignment Help

Case Study Assignment Help

For example, if they have done an assignment in a class, they can tell you about the importance of getting the instructor to give you the lesson plan of the lesson so that you can revise the case based on this. If they have done an assignment about a certain  medical case , they can tell you what you have done wrong in this situation so that you can learn from it. They should also help you understand the entire process of conducting a case based on a certain case. They can also provide you with the right kind of case and its analysis.

You can even ask them to explain in detail about the types of people that may have attended the lecture, where the subject is taught, the length of the lesson, and what the professor does during the lecture. These tips will make you know how you can properly write a  case  based on your own expertise.

Professional Case Study Help

Professional Case Study Help

If you are not able to find that website on your own, you might have to ask some people to recommend you to those that can provide you with the right kind of  Case Study Assistance . This is one way of finding the right kind of help and you will also be getting the right kind of professional help as well.

Professional  Case Study Helps Online  is the only website that is recognized by the American Academy of Professional Investigators (A.P.I) and is used by thousands of students every year for all kinds of needs related to case studies. So, get all the information that you need from this site today and get the help that you need for your needs.

University Case Study Writing

University Case Study Writing

After the analysis has been carried out, it is time for you to compile all the facts and figures you have gathered in your case study, which you will use in your report. These should include details on the study, its methodology,  data collection techniques , and data gathering methods, the results, and conclusions of the study. You should include the details of your sources in your  case study , and any supporting references.

Writing a  case study  is a long process, and you need to be sure that you do not leave any important details out of your case study. It is therefore essential that you consider every aspect of your study and ensure that it is as thorough and detailed as possible.

Case Study Writing Service

Case Study Writing Service

A good  case study  is basically a comprehensive analysis of something interesting, noteworthy, unique or different about any related entities, organizations, corporations, processes, cities and even activities. When writing a  case study , you should be clear about what you want to learn from the document and how you are going to discover it. A well-written research paper will help you capture the meaning behind an event, presenting the reason for its occurrence in a concise manner.

Case Study Solution

Writing a research paper may seem very daunting. However, with the help of a proven  Harvard Case Study Solution , you can easily complete your assignment without much stress. The following are some of the reasons why you need this  Harvard case study solution :

  • o You will learn what the  case study  means when you read it. A good research paper will always contain some keywords, subcategories, main topic, and subtopic, but you have to learn what those keywords mean to you first. If you know what these keywords mean, you will know exactly what to do with them to write a good case study.
  • o  Case study writing  is a very effective way to write an assignment. When you use this research paper writing service, you will not only get to use keywords, but also the correct sentence structure and spelling, and even grammar. These tips are very useful when you are just starting out in  Case Studies .
  • o By using a Harvard  Case study Solution , you will learn the importance of getting feedback from other people who are involved in the same business or industry as you. This will help you improve your writing and make it more accurate. In case studies, the writer will be using several case studies, but some are likely to be much easier than others. Therefore, it is always best to be sure that the writing is right before you publish it to the Internet.
  • o  Writing a case  is not something that can be done alone. Using a good research paper writing service will be able to ensure that you have all the necessary help you need. There are various experts who will be able to give you all the help you need so that you can avoid errors while writing the document. These writers know their job and they will not only check the content but also the grammar and spelling of the document.
  • o Since  case studies  are short term projects, they require a lot of writing and editing. By having this Harvard case study solution, you will have all the help you need to edit your work and have a finished document in less time.
  • o Writing a case can be difficult because it requires a lot of research on the subject. However, by having an expert who is used to writing these documents, you will have a lot more chances to write a  good case .
  • o Because this is very creative writing service, you will be given lots of different styles of writing. These include the following:

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to using a case study writing service. When you are planning to use this service, you have a lot of options and you can choose from among those solutions to help you create a high quality research paper.

Case Study Homework Help

Case Study Homework Help

Knowing the theory of marketing  Case study Assignments Helps  understanding the practice of writing such assignments. In case study assignments, there are five main parts that you must include in your study paper examples of Marketing cases that will help you in the case study assignment aid online. How to get your  Case study essay help  done quickly?

Case study Assignments Helps

First, create a study guide for your research papers. This should be a good guideline for you and your team. It should contain a summary on the topic; the key benefits of the topic and its benefits, the research questions that you have to answer, and the strategies and methods that you will use.

Second, you must include in your research papers a detailed description of the case you are going to write. You should include how the scenario will turn out for the person who takes the proposed action. For instance, you may describe how the person will be benefited by taking a certain decision, how the benefits will help the person, and how he or she can make the best decision. You can include these in the first paragraph of the research paper, the bibliography, and the conclusion section.

Third, include  Case Studies  that is linked to the topics. You must include at least three  Case Studies  within your research papers. You need to make sure that these Case Studies will help you answer your research questions and give you some insights on the topic.

Another important thing that you must do is to have a list of your study guides ready so that you will not have any difficulty in referencing. When you have your lists ready, you should divide them in half and then cross them off when they are finished. This way, you will be able to refer to all of them in  case  you forget where you left off.

Fourth, you should also check if your research papers have all the necessary supporting documents. That means, they should contain the needed resources as well as references.

Fifth, you need to make sure that your  Case Study Assignment Homework Help  includes the full name of the company that is providing you with the case studies. If you are using an old textbook, you must read over the whole chapter that is related to your topic to make sure that you are not missing any reference to the case that you are using.

Business Management Assignment

Business Management Assignment

For this reason, one needs to be in a position to complete  business administration course  on time because it is considered as a prerequisite for the  MBA   Program.  In order to make sure that he is able to do this, there are many ways to be able to do so. The student needs to have an idea on how to complete the assignment without having any delay. He should have a certain discipline and also an ability to finish the work on time. Here is one way to achieve this.

One main point to consider is the type of paper that he would like to create. There are some  Assignments  that are based on a certain topic and then some are based on different topics and subjects. Therefore, there are different types of business courses that you can choose from depending on the kind of papers that you would like to make.

Case Study Writing

If you want to come up with an assignment that is based on a topic, you will need to find out such thing that will guide you as to which one would fit into your needs. Then you need to start looking at various types of papers on how they are made. The best thing to do here is to ask guidance from those who have been already involved with a similar assignment before.

You may also ask your friends or acquaintances for recommendations in regards to what kind of paper they need to produce. This may give you a lot of ideas and information that may help you  complete the assignment . Of course, you need to do a little research to verify whether these ideas were actually true or not.

When it comes to the different formats of papers, there are actually many that you can choose from. However, you need to remember that some are more difficult to complete than others. To ensure that the business course is completed on time, you need to use one format that is the easiest to complete.

Of course, having to complete assignments is an important task and you will have to manage the deadlines. For this reason, you need to find out the deadlines that your assignment is based on. After you have researched on this matter, you should try to stick to the deadline that you have set for yourself.

MBA Assignment Help

MBA Assignment Help

You might think that getting  MBA Assignment Help  will be very easy if you know who to ask or consult. There are some people that you can rely on. But there are others who may not be the best choice to ask. For example, if you want to get help with the management side, then it would be wise to ask the  MBA  professors that you have.

MBA Assignment

There are many people who claim to be experts on the  MBA Industry . But it is better to seek the opinions of those who have already gone through this process. This will give you the ability to judge the value and expertise of the person that you have chosen to work with.

The best way to find out how experienced they are in the  business world  is by talking to some of their former clients. If they have worked for some big firms and know some of the things that they know about the business world, then they can give you some insight into how you can get some answers to your questions.

They will also be able to give you some recommendations regarding where you can find an organization that can provide you the  MBA Assignment Help  that you need. It is worth looking for and you will be able to get a good source for the same if you keep an eye open for them.

What Should be Covered in a Case Study?

What Should be Covered in a Case Study

The next type of  MBA Case Study  example that is commonly included in a student’s assignment is a description of some type. This is often done using a  case study  form that can be found online, in law textbooks, and at some law offices. This form is usually very simple and can only contain information relating to the case in which the sample was conducted. Students may want to use the form in order to gather some information about the case, such as who was represented, how long the case was pending, how much time had passed during the course of the  case , and so on. They may also wish to take note of any other information that can be related to the case. However, they will want to keep this information under wraps until they receive the assignment. Once the assignments have been given out, students will find that this information can be helpful.

Students should note that there are many different types of cases that they can use in order to write a  case study . However, they should be aware that not all of these types of cases will be used, as some will require that the student do some research on their own to determine the case’s history and circumstances. A good MBA  Case Study Writing Help  guide is an invaluable asset for those who are in search of such a guide. This is because most writing guides will give students a brief overview of what is needed to write an effective case study and how it can be prepared for submission. Therefore, when seeking a guide for this type of writing help, ensure that you choose one that will provide this type of overview.

What Are Advantages of a Case Study?

What Are Advantages of a Case Study

It is not just the possibility of having an actual product on sale that can come from a  case study  however. You will be able to gain a great deal of information through the use of this type of study and this includes, but is not limited to, understanding the customer’s purchasing habits and how they react when buying the product. You can also find out how they shop around online. This will give you an idea of which product you should focus your efforts on, because there is no point in trying to sell to people who are not interested in the product at all. If you want to benefit from this then it is important to target your  case study  towards the people who have the most interest in your products and services. This is why it is so important to research your market thoroughly before you begin selling to them.

Another great thing about using a case study as part of your marketing campaigns is that it will help to make sure that you have a good handle on how your product should look and feel. It will also give you an idea of what the best way to market your product is and what the best strategies are in order to get the  best results  from it. It is always important to understand that  case studies  will often be a result of the consumer testing of a particular product and if you want to see what this is all about then it is essential to have one. This is not only beneficial to you but also to the other parties you are dealing with and this means you will have a better handle on what you should be doing.

How Do You Solve A Case Study?

How Do You Solve A Case Study

There are many different types of case studies that can be used. Some examples of these are  financial cases , customer service cases, health cases, law cases, or case studies in science. You can also use  case studies  for writing an oral lecture or a report. This can be used in a classroom or in an oral exam. The key point with any of these cases is that the student uses the situation to explain the solution to a specific problem or challenge in an interesting and compelling way. In addition, the assignment should be researched thoroughly and properly explained and presented, and then it should be written so that it is interesting to the reader and that there is no room for misinterpretation. The last thing is that the essay should be original and should not include plagiarism.

How Do You Answer A Case Study Assignment?

When students want to learn  how to write a case study  they often ask themselves “How do I answer a  case study assignment ?”. It’s easy to get caught up in the details of the assignment and lose sight of what is actually being asked of you. In fact, this can be the most important part. As an MA student you’re working as an independent observer, trying to assess a real-world situation that will apply to you in the future. The only way you’ll learn how to write a case study is by having a good experience, and that means you have to do your best and deliver a well-written assignment. Below are some tips on how to write a  case study report , so you can do that.

When it comes to how to write a case study report, it’s important to have clear objectives and the ability to outline specific details for your audience to consider. Your MA case study help can give you these tools and more. Take advantage of what you can learn today, so you can have the answers you need to get ready for a job interview or to get started writing your own  case study .

Harvard Case Study Solutions

case study help com

The first thing that you should do is to pick out the person who has gone through  Harvard Case Study Solutions  and get in touch with them. There are different people in the world who you can get in touch with, but these are the ones who go through this case study. You can find contact details of such experts at the website of  Harvard Business  Review.

Business Administration

The person who has gone through the  Harvard Case Study Solutions  can advise you on what to do with an individual’s work-life balance. They can tell you which of these methods can help you improve your company’s profitability.

The  Case Study Solutions  also provides you with their opinions about the management style and system employed by the companies and firms that have been selected for the Harvard Case Study. The specific skills which these companies and firms should include in their organizational structure are discussed. This will help you to adopt some of the best  corporate management practices.

You can also have a look at the Case Study Solutions to get a better understanding of the Case Study Solutions themselves. The Harvard Case Study Solutions are as follows. These are the kind of  Case Study Solutions  that will help you understand about the hot button issues. These include how  an organization  can best work within the  business rules . Some of the tips that the experts in the case study Solutions share with you include; how you can track the case history of the companies and how you can figure out if the performance reviews are right or not.

Corporate Finance

They will also advise you on the best use of the  financial case study . They will also provide you with advice on how you can increase the value of the firm. This helps you understand the measures which will be useful for improving the company’s operations.

The  Case Study Solutions  is very helpful in understanding about the Corporate Control Unit. The organization will also guide you on how to improve the governance systems. The  Harvard Case Study Solutions  is an easy source of information.

Supply Chain Management Case Solution

case study help com

Last year, I participated in a Trade Shows in my area, I thought it would be fun to see how companies did the different things they did during the presentation. It was the  Case Study Solution  that we utilized in those Case Studies that made them work so well, which is why we felt comfortable discussing these kinds of things during the Trade Shows. So, let’s take a look at a couple of the Case Study Solutions I used, starting with U.S. Information Technology (I.T.)  Supply Chain Management .

In this  case study , we got data from all the leading IT Equipment Dealers and just stated the basic information and asked them to describe their businesses. The results of the Case Study were that they could best describe the way they did business as a business that was built around the use of Internet Technology. From there, we used a Case Study Solution like the  HBR Case Study Solution  from Harvard Business Review. What’s great about the HBR Case Study Solution is that it provides us with examples of how various industry sectors or niches can solve similar problems using the same techniques.

HRM Case Studies

case study help com

In order to find out what the participants did on a certain day or given as an example, the  IVEY Case Study Solution  may be used. This is because they are given a template and they are asked to apply what they have learned from it. There are two   Case Study Solutions  available in the market. The first one is the Instant Presentation Solution. They give the participants of the project a checklist in which the participants are asked to add their solutions into. They are asked to go through this checklist and see if they got the results that they want.

The second IVEY  Case Study Solution  is the Thematic  H. J. HEINZ Case Study Help . This is available only in the online version. They give you an article which includes all the components that you need in order to conduct a case study and the strategies that you will use to conduct it. They also include a table to organize the aspects which will be included in your report. With this you will be able to easily create a report which you will use to make a decision and to create feedback which will be positive.

Economics Case Study Solution

case study help com

With the help of economists in the international community, you will become an important player in the global financial market. You will be able to hold a solid position in the  international markets  because of your improved quality of production and customer service. These factors make your firm an international player. Since business has evolved from local to global markets, it has become a race to get a foothold in the worldwide arena. As an entrepreneur, you have to invest on the highest quality service to gain market share in the market. All the more if your competition does not have such quality of service as well.

By employing the analytical  case studies , you will have a better understanding of how an organization functions. You will also learn how an organization can solve the problems with more efficiency. You will be able to formulate policies that will affect your business to perform at its optimum level. The economists in the world of business will give you a clear picture of how you can control the  rules and regulations  in order to perform your job more efficiently. It is necessary for you to analyse how your financial needs are being met, who is using the resources and where to cut down expenses and increase efficiency in order to make your company soar.

Professional Case Study

When you start a case study analysis, you need to do a good job. Without doing a good job you are not likely to get anywhere. This means that you must try to understand how  case studies  work and what methods you should use when you are analyzing them.

The best way to do a  case study analysis  is to find a number of related cases that you are interested in. You could even look at other examples of the same subject, or other types of case studies. In fact, many people even like to compare a number of different cases in order to see which ones they think are the best. This is where you want to spend the most time, because if you spend too much time looking at one type of  case study , you are likely to get bored.

If you are familiar with how to solve a case study, this will be a simple task for you. If you are not familiar with how to solve a case study, however, you need to spend a lot of time studying the  case study .

The best way to do a  case study analysis  is to go out there and do it. Take your time, spend some time analyzing the materials, and do it the right way. and you will see the success you deserve.

Finance Case Study Analysis

case study help com

When we talk about  Finance Case Studies  we are not talking about an explanation by an expert of how you should be making money in your own business. We are talking about something that actually works and can provide the very strong results that you need to be successful. Whether you are looking for the many areas of expertise that you need to build your own finance-based business, you need to know how to find the solution. This can be done in a number of ways including by using some of the free  HBR Case Study Solutions  that is available on the internet. These types of solutions will provide you with the best possible solution for you as well as the easiest method of completing the full potential of your business.

There are a large number of good free  HBR Case Study Solutions  that you can use as long as you take the time to learn how to find them. Take your time to find one that works for you and that will provide you with the knowledge and solutions that you need. Take the time to study the different examples that are available to see which one is going to work best for you.

Hire Someone to  Solve Your Case Study  is one of the most important techniques that has evolved since its emergence in the market. The best thing about Hire Someone to Solve Your  Case Study  is that it does not have any scientific or  technological basis . It is definitely a useful technique that can help you a lot if you are looking for an appropriate option to solve your particular problem. One of the best things about this technique is that it will certainly help you with the resolution of your problem and will even help you solve other more complex issues.

HBR Case Study

In HBR, you would be able to solve different kinds of issues through the use of their case study. If you would like to learn more about HBR, you can consult with the experts and you can get more information from the website that is linked with the  HBR company .

The experts will also provide you with hints and tips that you can use in your  HBR case study . You can also try to find out the experts in other sectors. It is always a good idea to communicate with them and ask them if they would be willing to recommend you to other consultants.

If you find a consultant who would be willing to give you their experience in solving problems in the field, then it would be a good idea to take your  HBR case study  seriously. Be aware that it may take some time before you will be able to get their recommendations.

There is always a possibility that the company’s version might not be that accurate as their standard account. It is always important to take the expert’s advice seriously and try to get some comments and suggestions from them.

The experts are the ones who are actually responsible for providing the exact information about HBR. In the case of this kind of consultant, they can also provide some information about their main  strengths and weaknesses . If you would like to hire the experts for your  HBR case study , you can simply go to the website and choose the best consultant for you. Hire Someone to Solve Your  Case Study  will definitely help you a lot and you can definitely rely on it.

Accounting Case Studies

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HBR Case Study  is a cost-effective approach that helps you attain an inside perspective on the work culture of the company. It helps to get a peek of the events that will take place in the near future. This approach can provide valuable information on how an organization works. This knowledge can help to make better decision. The Case Study, because of its long process, provides a degree of transparency to the individual. Since it involves so many steps, this model is the most suitable one for people who are into  data collection .

To get a more detailed insight,  HBS Case Solution  is the most preferred model. It has been used extensively to understand the management work of a company. Here an individual will be asked to collect information about an organization. The process is very important, since it involves a lot of data. This model includes several steps and hence it makes the case study very much interesting. It is considered as one of the best models by all the accounting departments because of its relevance.

To make your case solution more effective, you can use one of the templates that are included in the  HBR Software . HBR  Case Study  creates a unique solution for every customer. Using templates allow you to save time and create a solution that is specific to the requirements and market you are in. A  case study  can be the start of a solution to a complex problem. They are an excellent way to hone your skills and increase your knowledge. Cases give you a realistic understanding of how others see the situation you are dealing with. For example, you may decide that a particular customer will only commit to your product once you have developed a prototype that is built to meet the needs of this customer.

In an  HBS Case Solution , you may also include the ability to discuss the nuances of the solution with the company you are working with. For example, you may want to ask questions such as whether they like or dislike your solution, what they like or dislike about it, and if they would use it. Using an  HBS Case Solution  is a great way to receive feedback from your customer and other professionals.

One of the greatest benefits of using a case solution is that you can practice whenever the need arises. No matter if it is in sales, customer service, or operations, you can always get a fresh perspective on the situation. It is important to find the best solution that meets the situation at hand. Ttips and tricks for writing a case solution  HBR Case Solution  is not a blueprint, but it provides an outstanding platform for your resume. It will help you develop a foundation upon which to build. build a stronger foundation.

HBR Business Case Solution

case study help com

In most cases,  HBR case studies  are done by consulting the company who are making a thorough assessment of the operation of a certain product. After knowing what the most effective approach is, the HR consultant works to implement it and get it operational. The HR professional is tasked with monitoring the progress and is accountable for the growth of the product in the market. The benefits include an increase in the revenue and also retention of the employees. It does not matter how large or small your company is, these studies will help you achieve both.

That’s a great thing, but don’t let it stop you. Instead, once you’ve found this eye-catching stuff, focus on the  HBR case solution  title itself and the actual content.

Write about the things you need to know for your HBR  Case Solution research . You need to think about the things that you need to do and the process you need to go through to learn more about those things. You also need to research the  case solution . In order to be the best at what you do, you need to know the best ways to approach a problem. If you know your solution, you can maximize its potential to meet your clients’ needs.

This is a good place to learn how to write a case study. Your goal is to provide a detailed description of your research and provide your client with all the information they need to make an informed decision. The best HBR Case Solution consultant is one who researches and provides you with the most accurate knowledge that you’ll ever find. So before you start writing a case study, think about what exactly you’re researching and how you’ll organize the information you provide.  HBR Case Solution  can teach you how to do this.

You can also learn how to write a  case study for HBR  Case Solution by getting the right research tools. By using these tools, you’ll get the best results possible and write more like an HR consultant than a writer.

Now, I have two tools for you to use: a calendar and a spread sheet. You can use them to map out your research and how you’re going to get the best results from your  case solution .

You might want to learn how to write a case study for HBR Case Solution. But before you learn how to write a case study, you need to first get the right tools and understand the process that you need to follow. This is the best way to learn how to write a case study for  HBR Case Solution . Don’t get stuck looking for solutions and never get the job you really want to do.

Examples of Case Study

Here are some examples of  case study

Example #1: Forex Exchange Hedging at GM

In this the fluctuation in the exchange rates has lots of impacts and for the General Motors this risk is as high as its procedures remain in numerous parts of the world in various currencies and any type of fluctuation in these operative money would certainly influence its liquidity to repay the settlement amounts with respect to the each deal. Nevertheless, the purchase risk emerges from the actual transactions that involves financial debt increased and account receivables developed in money aside from the base currency of the parent business. General Motors is subjected to the danger arising from the purchases in Canadian bucks that brings about certain inflows of C$ 11,613/- and outflows of C$ 13,294/- as shown in exhibition 9, for this reason, General Motors is exposed to a net purchase exposure that calls for an outflow of C$ 1,682/-.

Here is Excel Solution of   Forex Exchange Hedging at GM Case Study

Example #2: Carlton Polish Report Case Study

Carlton Polish Company is very renowned in several areas, having a fantastic image of their items on the market, however in the current pattern it faces some issues relating to finance structure which is showing high gearing ratio. Now Mr. Charlie has to determine whether to select sharing its own ownership or go with the choice of utilize buy out with Mr. Jim Miller; Mr. Miller isthe employee of the enterprise.

This concern will be resolved through the analysis of the enterprise value in both  cases ; they relocate to offer their risk or buyout choice. With “offering the risk” choice the outcome is showing possible value of $1,628,000. On the other hand showing the outcome of $875,000 for “acquistion option”, later on being not a far better choice. All the matters with connect to finance are considered in reviewing both methods which get on sensible market technique.

Here is Excel Solution of  Carlton Polish Report Case Study

Example #3: Ruth’s Chris Case Study

Our report outlines most suitable country for Ruth’s Chris Steak House to establish itself into, as it will enable the company to achieve its plans regarding the accelerated growth and to become a multi-national brand.

Implementing the penetration strategy using Ansoff matrix the company has achieved significant presence in U.S.A, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico and Taiwan. This success is attributed to the company on four factors identified by Micheal Potter in the Potter DiamondMatrix these 4 factors are, Factor conditions, Demand conditions, Related & Supporting industry and Strategy, structure and rivalry.

This report comprises of 6 factors that identify the most potential target markets for Ruth’s which are, Per capita Beef consumption, Population (1,000s), Urbanization Rate (%), Per Capita GDP, Top meat importers and finally Affinity of US brands.

Here is Excel Solution of  Ruth’s Chris Case Study

Here is PDF Solution of  Ruth’s Chris Case Study

Example #4: Snowy Ridge Ski Resort Case Study

The  case study  evaluation discuss the partnership between the reasonable worth measurements and impairment screening of the operating properties of the Snowy Ridges Ski hotel in accordance with the audit requirements. The Snowy Ridges Ski resort is situated in San Juan Hills of Southwest Colorado that attracts the site visitors from  various areas . This business is the venture of the Recreational Feature Business as well as runs as a different organisation system. The company presented two methods for gauging the fair worth of the properties that includes Market technique and Revenue approach. The assets that are made use of in order to determine the reasonable worth and disability are valuable protections, mountain department, lodge department and also the property department. The poor snowfall as well as the recession in the real estate market had actually substantially influenced the initial estimates of the Snowy Ridges Ski hotel for success. The  examination  of the possessions for the expected problems is the main purpose of the firm.

Here is Excel Solution of  Snowy Ridge Ski Resort Case Study

Example #5: Hola Kola Case Study

The study evaluation talks about the relationship in between the reasonable value dimensions as well as problems screening of the operating possessions of the Snowy Ridges Ski hotel according to the bookkeeping requirements. The Snowy Ridges Ski hotel is positioned in San Juan Hills of Southwest Colorado that attracts the visitors from various areas. This business is the endeavor of the  Recreational Properties Business  and also runs as a separate service system. The firm introduced two approaches for determining the reasonable worth of the properties that consists of Market technique and also Earnings strategy. The assets that are used in order to gauge the fair value as well as problems are valuable securities, mountain department, lodge division and also the property division. The second-rate snowfall in addition to the recession in the real estate market had actually significantly affected the first projections of the Snowy Ridges Ski resort for success. The assessment of the assets for the anticipated disability is the primary purpose of the company.

Here is Excel Solution of  Hola Kola Case Study

Example #6: Harlan Foundation Case Study

Harlan Foundation was developed in the 1953 by the Martin Harlan that was the richest person in the Minneapolis city. He was the reputable social worker who linked his life for the advancement of the Minneapolis city. He develops the trust fund for growth and also this count on developed varied services such as infant facilities, academic centers for unique kids, household therapy facilities, a program for druggie, and recovery center.

Harlan Structure was likewise associated with the other social company those were acknowledged across the country. The Foundation was operated on the basis of breakeven where there was no profit as well as no loss. The income of the foundation was originating from earnings that was made through Harlan’s legacy. The ravens had the significant resources such as charges charged for customers, Customers contributions, and also gives those were collectedon city, state, and federal level.

For the next year foundation wanted to start two tasks for the disable youngsters as well as these activities were summer camp and also a seminar. The summertime camp was just for the impaired kids to ensure their mental development and also workshop was for the supervisors to help them setting up the social services.

Here is Excel Solution of  Harlan Foundation Case Study

Example #7:

Carded Graphics LLC Case Study Help

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Generally, a case study format includes – an information table, Executive summary, headings, and subheadings. Dates, Time, facts, figures, and crucial data key: What were the causes and focal problems? What were the effects or impacts and recommendations? Outline Other interesting information.

You can ask us to use any format according to your own academic guidelines.

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In the case of the scientific case study, the purpose is to carry out an experiment between theories to invent or come up with new theories. In those cases, scientists can design a hypothetical objective and go into detail analysis through their research and analysis when proceeding through the case study type of their choice. I think it’s clear now what is case study?

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Case studies are carried out using in-depth investigation by a single person about various events and to examine the causes of a certain event specifically. Case study writing may also be considered as an elaborate analysis of a person, or a group of persons or an event. We at MycasestudyHelp have a strong team comprising qualified and experienced experts to write a case study topics for the needy people. We have a big list of clients; hence enjoy a good client perception.

case study analysis may also be related to the analysis of persons, events, group, periods, decisions, and policies, or other systems that are studied extensively by single or multiple methods.


We write a case study to grab the number of details related to the initial challenge and the applied solution, and we can present it in different forms like a video, white paper, blog post, etc.

The purpose of the case study is to obtain an in-depth and multi-faceted appreciation of a complex issue, event, or phenomenon of interest in its natural, real-life context.

The case study can be divided into four categories that are:

  • Illustrative case study
  • Exploratory or pilot case study
  • Cumulative case study
  • Critical instance case study

Following are the qualities of a good case study:

  • Develop a good story
  • Have a logic flow and realistic scenario
  • Resolve problems
  • Present inspiring actions
  • Avoid jargon
  • Stick to the fact

The strength of the case study is that it helps the researchers understand a complex issue through detailed contextual analysis. They can apply various methodologies and rely on multiple sources to investigate a research problem.

Example: A case study was held to explore the use of a formative assessment system. It lasted 18 months. The authors wanted to understand better how teachers seek and obtain assessment tools. The result was focused on three key findings: the reasons a school district might want an assessment system, types of the assessment system, and how formative assessment systems were used.

Following are the characteristics of the case study:

  • Case study research is not sampling research. Selecting cases should be done so as to maximize what can be learned during the time available for study.
  • The case study must always have boundaries.
  • It is qualitative as well as quantitative.
  • The case study focuses on multi-perspective analysis.
  • A case study has continuity in nature.

A case study presents a kind of report where sections within the body of the report deal with specific aspects of the report. A case study must have the following:

  • Examine the case thoroughly
  • Focus on your analysis
  • Reveal possible solutions
  • Select the best solution

A case study analysis focuses on analyzing a situation, determining what problems exist, examining the alternative solutions, and developing the best possible strategy to achieve the desired outcome.

A case study report describes the actual life situation that requires you to analyze the main issues involved. It not only illustrates what you have learned and retained but also gives you valuable hands-on experience.

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Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Assignments

  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Analyzing a Scholarly Journal Article
  • Group Presentations
  • Dealing with Nervousness
  • Using Visual Aids
  • Grading Someone Else's Paper
  • Types of Structured Group Activities
  • Group Project Survival Skills
  • Leading a Class Discussion
  • Multiple Book Review Essay
  • Reviewing Collected Works
  • Writing a Case Analysis Paper
  • Writing a Case Study
  • About Informed Consent
  • Writing Field Notes
  • Writing a Policy Memo
  • Writing a Reflective Paper
  • Writing a Research Proposal
  • Generative AI and Writing
  • Acknowledgments

A case study research paper examines a person, place, event, condition, phenomenon, or other type of subject of analysis in order to extrapolate  key themes and results that help predict future trends, illuminate previously hidden issues that can be applied to practice, and/or provide a means for understanding an important research problem with greater clarity. A case study research paper usually examines a single subject of analysis, but case study papers can also be designed as a comparative investigation that shows relationships between two or more subjects. The methods used to study a case can rest within a quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-method investigative paradigm.

Case Studies. Writing@CSU. Colorado State University; Mills, Albert J. , Gabrielle Durepos, and Eiden Wiebe, editors. Encyclopedia of Case Study Research . Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, 2010 ; “What is a Case Study?” In Swanborn, Peter G. Case Study Research: What, Why and How? London: SAGE, 2010.

How to Approach Writing a Case Study Research Paper

General information about how to choose a topic to investigate can be found under the " Choosing a Research Problem " tab in the Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper writing guide. Review this page because it may help you identify a subject of analysis that can be investigated using a case study design.

However, identifying a case to investigate involves more than choosing the research problem . A case study encompasses a problem contextualized around the application of in-depth analysis, interpretation, and discussion, often resulting in specific recommendations for action or for improving existing conditions. As Seawright and Gerring note, practical considerations such as time and access to information can influence case selection, but these issues should not be the sole factors used in describing the methodological justification for identifying a particular case to study. Given this, selecting a case includes considering the following:

  • The case represents an unusual or atypical example of a research problem that requires more in-depth analysis? Cases often represent a topic that rests on the fringes of prior investigations because the case may provide new ways of understanding the research problem. For example, if the research problem is to identify strategies to improve policies that support girl's access to secondary education in predominantly Muslim nations, you could consider using Azerbaijan as a case study rather than selecting a more obvious nation in the Middle East. Doing so may reveal important new insights into recommending how governments in other predominantly Muslim nations can formulate policies that support improved access to education for girls.
  • The case provides important insight or illuminate a previously hidden problem? In-depth analysis of a case can be based on the hypothesis that the case study will reveal trends or issues that have not been exposed in prior research or will reveal new and important implications for practice. For example, anecdotal evidence may suggest drug use among homeless veterans is related to their patterns of travel throughout the day. Assuming prior studies have not looked at individual travel choices as a way to study access to illicit drug use, a case study that observes a homeless veteran could reveal how issues of personal mobility choices facilitate regular access to illicit drugs. Note that it is important to conduct a thorough literature review to ensure that your assumption about the need to reveal new insights or previously hidden problems is valid and evidence-based.
  • The case challenges and offers a counter-point to prevailing assumptions? Over time, research on any given topic can fall into a trap of developing assumptions based on outdated studies that are still applied to new or changing conditions or the idea that something should simply be accepted as "common sense," even though the issue has not been thoroughly tested in current practice. A case study analysis may offer an opportunity to gather evidence that challenges prevailing assumptions about a research problem and provide a new set of recommendations applied to practice that have not been tested previously. For example, perhaps there has been a long practice among scholars to apply a particular theory in explaining the relationship between two subjects of analysis. Your case could challenge this assumption by applying an innovative theoretical framework [perhaps borrowed from another discipline] to explore whether this approach offers new ways of understanding the research problem. Taking a contrarian stance is one of the most important ways that new knowledge and understanding develops from existing literature.
  • The case provides an opportunity to pursue action leading to the resolution of a problem? Another way to think about choosing a case to study is to consider how the results from investigating a particular case may result in findings that reveal ways in which to resolve an existing or emerging problem. For example, studying the case of an unforeseen incident, such as a fatal accident at a railroad crossing, can reveal hidden issues that could be applied to preventative measures that contribute to reducing the chance of accidents in the future. In this example, a case study investigating the accident could lead to a better understanding of where to strategically locate additional signals at other railroad crossings so as to better warn drivers of an approaching train, particularly when visibility is hindered by heavy rain, fog, or at night.
  • The case offers a new direction in future research? A case study can be used as a tool for an exploratory investigation that highlights the need for further research about the problem. A case can be used when there are few studies that help predict an outcome or that establish a clear understanding about how best to proceed in addressing a problem. For example, after conducting a thorough literature review [very important!], you discover that little research exists showing the ways in which women contribute to promoting water conservation in rural communities of east central Africa. A case study of how women contribute to saving water in a rural village of Uganda can lay the foundation for understanding the need for more thorough research that documents how women in their roles as cooks and family caregivers think about water as a valuable resource within their community. This example of a case study could also point to the need for scholars to build new theoretical frameworks around the topic [e.g., applying feminist theories of work and family to the issue of water conservation].

Eisenhardt, Kathleen M. “Building Theories from Case Study Research.” Academy of Management Review 14 (October 1989): 532-550; Emmel, Nick. Sampling and Choosing Cases in Qualitative Research: A Realist Approach . Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, 2013; Gerring, John. “What Is a Case Study and What Is It Good for?” American Political Science Review 98 (May 2004): 341-354; Mills, Albert J. , Gabrielle Durepos, and Eiden Wiebe, editors. Encyclopedia of Case Study Research . Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, 2010; Seawright, Jason and John Gerring. "Case Selection Techniques in Case Study Research." Political Research Quarterly 61 (June 2008): 294-308.

Structure and Writing Style

The purpose of a paper in the social sciences designed around a case study is to thoroughly investigate a subject of analysis in order to reveal a new understanding about the research problem and, in so doing, contributing new knowledge to what is already known from previous studies. In applied social sciences disciplines [e.g., education, social work, public administration, etc.], case studies may also be used to reveal best practices, highlight key programs, or investigate interesting aspects of professional work.

In general, the structure of a case study research paper is not all that different from a standard college-level research paper. However, there are subtle differences you should be aware of. Here are the key elements to organizing and writing a case study research paper.

I.  Introduction

As with any research paper, your introduction should serve as a roadmap for your readers to ascertain the scope and purpose of your study . The introduction to a case study research paper, however, should not only describe the research problem and its significance, but you should also succinctly describe why the case is being used and how it relates to addressing the problem. The two elements should be linked. With this in mind, a good introduction answers these four questions:

  • What is being studied? Describe the research problem and describe the subject of analysis [the case] you have chosen to address the problem. Explain how they are linked and what elements of the case will help to expand knowledge and understanding about the problem.
  • Why is this topic important to investigate? Describe the significance of the research problem and state why a case study design and the subject of analysis that the paper is designed around is appropriate in addressing the problem.
  • What did we know about this topic before I did this study? Provide background that helps lead the reader into the more in-depth literature review to follow. If applicable, summarize prior case study research applied to the research problem and why it fails to adequately address the problem. Describe why your case will be useful. If no prior case studies have been used to address the research problem, explain why you have selected this subject of analysis.
  • How will this study advance new knowledge or new ways of understanding? Explain why your case study will be suitable in helping to expand knowledge and understanding about the research problem.

Each of these questions should be addressed in no more than a few paragraphs. Exceptions to this can be when you are addressing a complex research problem or subject of analysis that requires more in-depth background information.

II.  Literature Review

The literature review for a case study research paper is generally structured the same as it is for any college-level research paper. The difference, however, is that the literature review is focused on providing background information and  enabling historical interpretation of the subject of analysis in relation to the research problem the case is intended to address . This includes synthesizing studies that help to:

  • Place relevant works in the context of their contribution to understanding the case study being investigated . This would involve summarizing studies that have used a similar subject of analysis to investigate the research problem. If there is literature using the same or a very similar case to study, you need to explain why duplicating past research is important [e.g., conditions have changed; prior studies were conducted long ago, etc.].
  • Describe the relationship each work has to the others under consideration that informs the reader why this case is applicable . Your literature review should include a description of any works that support using the case to investigate the research problem and the underlying research questions.
  • Identify new ways to interpret prior research using the case study . If applicable, review any research that has examined the research problem using a different research design. Explain how your use of a case study design may reveal new knowledge or a new perspective or that can redirect research in an important new direction.
  • Resolve conflicts amongst seemingly contradictory previous studies . This refers to synthesizing any literature that points to unresolved issues of concern about the research problem and describing how the subject of analysis that forms the case study can help resolve these existing contradictions.
  • Point the way in fulfilling a need for additional research . Your review should examine any literature that lays a foundation for understanding why your case study design and the subject of analysis around which you have designed your study may reveal a new way of approaching the research problem or offer a perspective that points to the need for additional research.
  • Expose any gaps that exist in the literature that the case study could help to fill . Summarize any literature that not only shows how your subject of analysis contributes to understanding the research problem, but how your case contributes to a new way of understanding the problem that prior research has failed to do.
  • Locate your own research within the context of existing literature [very important!] . Collectively, your literature review should always place your case study within the larger domain of prior research about the problem. The overarching purpose of reviewing pertinent literature in a case study paper is to demonstrate that you have thoroughly identified and synthesized prior studies in relation to explaining the relevance of the case in addressing the research problem.

III.  Method

In this section, you explain why you selected a particular case [i.e., subject of analysis] and the strategy you used to identify and ultimately decide that your case was appropriate in addressing the research problem. The way you describe the methods used varies depending on the type of subject of analysis that constitutes your case study.

If your subject of analysis is an incident or event . In the social and behavioral sciences, the event or incident that represents the case to be studied is usually bounded by time and place, with a clear beginning and end and with an identifiable location or position relative to its surroundings. The subject of analysis can be a rare or critical event or it can focus on a typical or regular event. The purpose of studying a rare event is to illuminate new ways of thinking about the broader research problem or to test a hypothesis. Critical incident case studies must describe the method by which you identified the event and explain the process by which you determined the validity of this case to inform broader perspectives about the research problem or to reveal new findings. However, the event does not have to be a rare or uniquely significant to support new thinking about the research problem or to challenge an existing hypothesis. For example, Walo, Bull, and Breen conducted a case study to identify and evaluate the direct and indirect economic benefits and costs of a local sports event in the City of Lismore, New South Wales, Australia. The purpose of their study was to provide new insights from measuring the impact of a typical local sports event that prior studies could not measure well because they focused on large "mega-events." Whether the event is rare or not, the methods section should include an explanation of the following characteristics of the event: a) when did it take place; b) what were the underlying circumstances leading to the event; and, c) what were the consequences of the event in relation to the research problem.

If your subject of analysis is a person. Explain why you selected this particular individual to be studied and describe what experiences they have had that provide an opportunity to advance new understandings about the research problem. Mention any background about this person which might help the reader understand the significance of their experiences that make them worthy of study. This includes describing the relationships this person has had with other people, institutions, and/or events that support using them as the subject for a case study research paper. It is particularly important to differentiate the person as the subject of analysis from others and to succinctly explain how the person relates to examining the research problem [e.g., why is one politician in a particular local election used to show an increase in voter turnout from any other candidate running in the election]. Note that these issues apply to a specific group of people used as a case study unit of analysis [e.g., a classroom of students].

If your subject of analysis is a place. In general, a case study that investigates a place suggests a subject of analysis that is unique or special in some way and that this uniqueness can be used to build new understanding or knowledge about the research problem. A case study of a place must not only describe its various attributes relevant to the research problem [e.g., physical, social, historical, cultural, economic, political], but you must state the method by which you determined that this place will illuminate new understandings about the research problem. It is also important to articulate why a particular place as the case for study is being used if similar places also exist [i.e., if you are studying patterns of homeless encampments of veterans in open spaces, explain why you are studying Echo Park in Los Angeles rather than Griffith Park?]. If applicable, describe what type of human activity involving this place makes it a good choice to study [e.g., prior research suggests Echo Park has more homeless veterans].

If your subject of analysis is a phenomenon. A phenomenon refers to a fact, occurrence, or circumstance that can be studied or observed but with the cause or explanation to be in question. In this sense, a phenomenon that forms your subject of analysis can encompass anything that can be observed or presumed to exist but is not fully understood. In the social and behavioral sciences, the case usually focuses on human interaction within a complex physical, social, economic, cultural, or political system. For example, the phenomenon could be the observation that many vehicles used by ISIS fighters are small trucks with English language advertisements on them. The research problem could be that ISIS fighters are difficult to combat because they are highly mobile. The research questions could be how and by what means are these vehicles used by ISIS being supplied to the militants and how might supply lines to these vehicles be cut off? How might knowing the suppliers of these trucks reveal larger networks of collaborators and financial support? A case study of a phenomenon most often encompasses an in-depth analysis of a cause and effect that is grounded in an interactive relationship between people and their environment in some way.

NOTE:   The choice of the case or set of cases to study cannot appear random. Evidence that supports the method by which you identified and chose your subject of analysis should clearly support investigation of the research problem and linked to key findings from your literature review. Be sure to cite any studies that helped you determine that the case you chose was appropriate for examining the problem.

IV.  Discussion

The main elements of your discussion section are generally the same as any research paper, but centered around interpreting and drawing conclusions about the key findings from your analysis of the case study. Note that a general social sciences research paper may contain a separate section to report findings. However, in a paper designed around a case study, it is common to combine a description of the results with the discussion about their implications. The objectives of your discussion section should include the following:

Reiterate the Research Problem/State the Major Findings Briefly reiterate the research problem you are investigating and explain why the subject of analysis around which you designed the case study were used. You should then describe the findings revealed from your study of the case using direct, declarative, and succinct proclamation of the study results. Highlight any findings that were unexpected or especially profound.

Explain the Meaning of the Findings and Why They are Important Systematically explain the meaning of your case study findings and why you believe they are important. Begin this part of the section by repeating what you consider to be your most important or surprising finding first, then systematically review each finding. Be sure to thoroughly extrapolate what your analysis of the case can tell the reader about situations or conditions beyond the actual case that was studied while, at the same time, being careful not to misconstrue or conflate a finding that undermines the external validity of your conclusions.

Relate the Findings to Similar Studies No study in the social sciences is so novel or possesses such a restricted focus that it has absolutely no relation to previously published research. The discussion section should relate your case study results to those found in other studies, particularly if questions raised from prior studies served as the motivation for choosing your subject of analysis. This is important because comparing and contrasting the findings of other studies helps support the overall importance of your results and it highlights how and in what ways your case study design and the subject of analysis differs from prior research about the topic.

Consider Alternative Explanations of the Findings Remember that the purpose of social science research is to discover and not to prove. When writing the discussion section, you should carefully consider all possible explanations revealed by the case study results, rather than just those that fit your hypothesis or prior assumptions and biases. Be alert to what the in-depth analysis of the case may reveal about the research problem, including offering a contrarian perspective to what scholars have stated in prior research if that is how the findings can be interpreted from your case.

Acknowledge the Study's Limitations You can state the study's limitations in the conclusion section of your paper but describing the limitations of your subject of analysis in the discussion section provides an opportunity to identify the limitations and explain why they are not significant. This part of the discussion section should also note any unanswered questions or issues your case study could not address. More detailed information about how to document any limitations to your research can be found here .

Suggest Areas for Further Research Although your case study may offer important insights about the research problem, there are likely additional questions related to the problem that remain unanswered or findings that unexpectedly revealed themselves as a result of your in-depth analysis of the case. Be sure that the recommendations for further research are linked to the research problem and that you explain why your recommendations are valid in other contexts and based on the original assumptions of your study.

V.  Conclusion

As with any research paper, you should summarize your conclusion in clear, simple language; emphasize how the findings from your case study differs from or supports prior research and why. Do not simply reiterate the discussion section. Provide a synthesis of key findings presented in the paper to show how these converge to address the research problem. If you haven't already done so in the discussion section, be sure to document the limitations of your case study and any need for further research.

The function of your paper's conclusion is to: 1) reiterate the main argument supported by the findings from your case study; 2) state clearly the context, background, and necessity of pursuing the research problem using a case study design in relation to an issue, controversy, or a gap found from reviewing the literature; and, 3) provide a place to persuasively and succinctly restate the significance of your research problem, given that the reader has now been presented with in-depth information about the topic.

Consider the following points to help ensure your conclusion is appropriate:

  • If the argument or purpose of your paper is complex, you may need to summarize these points for your reader.
  • If prior to your conclusion, you have not yet explained the significance of your findings or if you are proceeding inductively, use the conclusion of your paper to describe your main points and explain their significance.
  • Move from a detailed to a general level of consideration of the case study's findings that returns the topic to the context provided by the introduction or within a new context that emerges from your case study findings.

Note that, depending on the discipline you are writing in or the preferences of your professor, the concluding paragraph may contain your final reflections on the evidence presented as it applies to practice or on the essay's central research problem. However, the nature of being introspective about the subject of analysis you have investigated will depend on whether you are explicitly asked to express your observations in this way.

Problems to Avoid

Overgeneralization One of the goals of a case study is to lay a foundation for understanding broader trends and issues applied to similar circumstances. However, be careful when drawing conclusions from your case study. They must be evidence-based and grounded in the results of the study; otherwise, it is merely speculation. Looking at a prior example, it would be incorrect to state that a factor in improving girls access to education in Azerbaijan and the policy implications this may have for improving access in other Muslim nations is due to girls access to social media if there is no documentary evidence from your case study to indicate this. There may be anecdotal evidence that retention rates were better for girls who were engaged with social media, but this observation would only point to the need for further research and would not be a definitive finding if this was not a part of your original research agenda.

Failure to Document Limitations No case is going to reveal all that needs to be understood about a research problem. Therefore, just as you have to clearly state the limitations of a general research study , you must describe the specific limitations inherent in the subject of analysis. For example, the case of studying how women conceptualize the need for water conservation in a village in Uganda could have limited application in other cultural contexts or in areas where fresh water from rivers or lakes is plentiful and, therefore, conservation is understood more in terms of managing access rather than preserving access to a scarce resource.

Failure to Extrapolate All Possible Implications Just as you don't want to over-generalize from your case study findings, you also have to be thorough in the consideration of all possible outcomes or recommendations derived from your findings. If you do not, your reader may question the validity of your analysis, particularly if you failed to document an obvious outcome from your case study research. For example, in the case of studying the accident at the railroad crossing to evaluate where and what types of warning signals should be located, you failed to take into consideration speed limit signage as well as warning signals. When designing your case study, be sure you have thoroughly addressed all aspects of the problem and do not leave gaps in your analysis that leave the reader questioning the results.

Case Studies. Writing@CSU. Colorado State University; Gerring, John. Case Study Research: Principles and Practices . New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007; Merriam, Sharan B. Qualitative Research and Case Study Applications in Education . Rev. ed. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 1998; Miller, Lisa L. “The Use of Case Studies in Law and Social Science Research.” Annual Review of Law and Social Science 14 (2018): TBD; Mills, Albert J., Gabrielle Durepos, and Eiden Wiebe, editors. Encyclopedia of Case Study Research . Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, 2010; Putney, LeAnn Grogan. "Case Study." In Encyclopedia of Research Design , Neil J. Salkind, editor. (Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, 2010), pp. 116-120; Simons, Helen. Case Study Research in Practice . London: SAGE Publications, 2009;  Kratochwill,  Thomas R. and Joel R. Levin, editors. Single-Case Research Design and Analysis: New Development for Psychology and Education .  Hilldsale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1992; Swanborn, Peter G. Case Study Research: What, Why and How? London : SAGE, 2010; Yin, Robert K. Case Study Research: Design and Methods . 6th edition. Los Angeles, CA, SAGE Publications, 2014; Walo, Maree, Adrian Bull, and Helen Breen. “Achieving Economic Benefits at Local Events: A Case Study of a Local Sports Event.” Festival Management and Event Tourism 4 (1996): 95-106.

Writing Tip

At Least Five Misconceptions about Case Study Research

Social science case studies are often perceived as limited in their ability to create new knowledge because they are not randomly selected and findings cannot be generalized to larger populations. Flyvbjerg examines five misunderstandings about case study research and systematically "corrects" each one. To quote, these are:

Misunderstanding 1 :  General, theoretical [context-independent] knowledge is more valuable than concrete, practical [context-dependent] knowledge. Misunderstanding 2 :  One cannot generalize on the basis of an individual case; therefore, the case study cannot contribute to scientific development. Misunderstanding 3 :  The case study is most useful for generating hypotheses; that is, in the first stage of a total research process, whereas other methods are more suitable for hypotheses testing and theory building. Misunderstanding 4 :  The case study contains a bias toward verification, that is, a tendency to confirm the researcher’s preconceived notions. Misunderstanding 5 :  It is often difficult to summarize and develop general propositions and theories on the basis of specific case studies [p. 221].

While writing your paper, think introspectively about how you addressed these misconceptions because to do so can help you strengthen the validity and reliability of your research by clarifying issues of case selection, the testing and challenging of existing assumptions, the interpretation of key findings, and the summation of case outcomes. Think of a case study research paper as a complete, in-depth narrative about the specific properties and key characteristics of your subject of analysis applied to the research problem.

Flyvbjerg, Bent. “Five Misunderstandings About Case-Study Research.” Qualitative Inquiry 12 (April 2006): 219-245.

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Case study, a term which some of you may know from the "Case Study of Vanitas" anime and manga, is a thorough examination of a particular subject, such as a person, group, location, occasion, establishment, phenomena, etc. They are most frequently utilized in research of business, medicine, education and social behaviour. There are a different types of case studies that researchers might use:

• Collective case studies

• Descriptive case studies

• Explanatory case studies

• Exploratory case studies

• Instrumental case studies

• Intrinsic case studies

Case studies are usually much more sophisticated and professional than regular essays and courseworks, as they require a lot of verified data, are research-oriented and not necessarily designed to be read by the general public.

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• Your case scenario should be precisely defined in terms of your unique assessment criteria.

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• Indicate the best solution(s) and how they should be implemented. Make sure your suggestions are grounded in pertinent theories and useful resources, as well as being realistic, practical, and attainable.

• Carefully proofread your case study. Keep in mind these four principles when editing: clarity, honesty, reality and relevance.

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Please, help me out with this case study for nursing class, those 3...

Please, help me out with this case study for nursing class, those 3 questions should be answered. 

Answer & Explanation

1. Based on the patient's presentation, several differential diagnoses should be considered, including:

  • Stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA)
  • Vestibular neuritis or labyrinthitis
  • Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)
  • Vertebrobasilar insufficiency
  • Migraine with aura
  • Inner ear disorders
  • Meniere's disease
  • Cerebellar or brainstem lesions

2. To narrow down the diagnosis, the following diagnostic tests and evaluations may be ordered:

  • CT scan or MRI of the brain to rule out structural abnormalities or strokes
  • Audiometry and vestibular function tests to assess inner ear function
  • Carotid ultrasound to evaluate blood flow in the carotid arteries
  • ECG to assess cardiac rhythm and rule out arrhythmias
  • Blood tests, including a complete blood count (CBC), comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP), and coagulation studies
  • Neurological consult for a detailed examination, including cranial nerve assessment

3. The patient's symptoms, including sudden onset dizziness, left head and neck discomfort, nystagmus, and tilting to the left when standing, suggest a possible diagnosis of a stroke, specifically in the posterior circulation of the brain. The involvement of the brainstem or cerebellum is likely due to the presence of nystagmus and ataxia (tilting to the left).

The most likely area involved in the brain could be the brainstem, particularly the posterior circulation, because of the sudden and severe neurological symptoms. An MRI or CT scan would be necessary to confirm this and identify the specific location and cause of the symptoms, such as an ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke. The patient's past medical history of hypertension and CAD increases the risk of vascular issues contributing to these symptoms. Immediate evaluation and intervention are crucial in this case to determine the precise diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment.

Hello Student. Hope it help answer your question. Thank you. 

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  • googletag.cmd.push(function () { googletag.display('footerCliffsnotesAd'); }); CliffsNotes study guides are written by real teachers and professors, so no matter what you're studying, CliffsNotes can ease your homework headaches and help you score high on exams. About CliffsNotes

Dinosaurs might have been more cannibalistic than previously thought, study finds

A virtual simulation strengthens the case that dinosaurs like t. rex feasted on dead sauropods, by nicole karlis.

From The Silence of the Lambs to Yellowjackets , when it comes to the human species, cannibalism is fodder for horror films. Yet outside of the human world, cannibalism — which is the act of consuming another individual of the same species as food — is a bit more common, and less taboo.

To date, cannibalism in dinosaurs has been thought to be rare and has only been previously seen in theropods like T. rex and Majungasaurus . According to a new study published in the journal PLOS ONE , some carnivorous dinosaurs might have evolved to feast on the giant carcasses of dead dinosaurs, strengthening a theory supported by many paleontologists that sauropod corpses were a major source of food for large carnivorous dinosaurs like the allosaurus.

“We wanted to know what would be better for these big dinosaurs for carnivores, whether it's better for them to hunt or scavenge in an environment where there were big, big sauropods everywhere,” Cameron Pahl, a research associate at Portland State University, told Salon. “Some of these dinosaurs were the largest dinosaurs that ever lived. Just based on the calories alone, one dead sauropod would have enough calories to feed 20 or 30 allosauruses for several months.”

To test their hypothesis, Pahl created a computational model to virtually simulate the dinosaur ecosystem. In this virtual simulation, carnivore dinosaurs were given traits to improve their hunting capabilities while simultaneously receiving energy from protein sources, like living prey. Despite having widely available living prey, it was actually more beneficial to the carnivores to scavenge off the carcasses of sauropod carrion than hunt new prey. Pahl determined this by measuring the reproductive fitness of the carnivores.

"Just based on the calories alone, one dead sauropod would have enough calories to feed 20 or 30 allosauruses for several months.”

“The ones that found the big dead sauropod and ate them for several weeks, survived long enough to have babies,” Pahl said. “Whereas dinosaurs that were hunters, they struggled to stay alive, they struggled to reproduce — there's an evolutionary fitness cost to hunting environment.”

Want more health and science stories in your inbox? Subscribe to Salon's weekly newsletter Lab Notes .

Those who scavenged off the carcasses of sauropod carrion were twice as likely to have reproductive success. Getting into more detail, the researchers theorized that the carnivores waited until a bunch of sauropods died in the dry season. Their deaths were usually caused by dehydration, exhaustion and starvation.

“The​​y just had to wait around until the die off happened and then they could eat as much as they wanted, store the fat in their tails, and wait for the next cycle,” he said.

In the study, the authors emphasized that virtual models are “oversimplified abstractions of complex systems.” But their study further supports their theory that sauropod carrion played a significant role in feeding the dinosaur kingdom, and that allosaurus were in fact cannibals.

“Recent papers about allosaurus cannibalism are pretty interesting because it means, I think, they did not care if they were scavenging sauropods or anything, even other allosauruses, they were fine with it,” he said.

We need your help to stay independent

Pahl said this is another example of how some of the biggest questions about dinosaurs remain unanswered. For example, how did they get most of their food? How did they get so big? What were their lives really like?

“Obviously, sauropods aren’t alive today and we can’t directly observe them,” Pahl said. “But there were so many sauropods in that environment, just one drought probably produced enough dead bodies that it was better to be a vulture than it was to be a lion; my research is pretty strong and the support for the hypothesis is also pretty strong.”

about dinosaurs

  • Missing link? A newly-discovered fossil looks like the halfway point between birds and dinosaurs
  • A second asteroid may have struck Earth after the one that killed the dinosaurs
  • A jurassic mix between flamingo and whale: Never-before-seen pterosaur with over 400 teeth unearthed

Nicole Karlis is a senior writer at Salon, specializing in health and science. Tweet her @nicolekarlis .

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  19. How to Write an Effective Case Study: Examples & Templates

    Case study examples. Case studies are proven marketing strategies in a wide variety of B2B industries. Here are just a few examples of a case study: Amazon Web Services, Inc. provides companies with cloud computing platforms and APIs on a metered, pay-as-you-go basis.

  20. Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Assignments

    The purpose of a paper in the social sciences designed around a case study is to thoroughly investigate a subject of analysis in order to reveal a new understanding about the research problem and, in so doing, contributing new knowledge to what is already known from previous studies. In applied social sciences disciplines [e.g., education, social work, public administration, etc.], case ...

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  23. Best Case Study Writing Service

    Case study, a term which some of you may know from the "Case Study of Vanitas" anime and manga, is a thorough examination of a particular subject, such as a person, group, location, occasion, establishment, phenomena, etc. They are most frequently utilized in research of business, medicine, education and social behaviour.

  24. Please, help me out with this case study for nursing class, those 3

    1. Based on the patient's presentation, several differential diagnoses should be considered, including: 2. To narrow down the diagnosis, the following diagnostic tests and evaluations may be ordered: Blood tests, including a complete blood count (CBC), comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP), and coagulation studies. 3.

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