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Do you know that glowing feeling you get after you finish the last couple pages of a really inspirational book?

You know, that sense of wonder, the goosebumps, the moment when your creativity seems to know no limits and you imagine yourself facing all of your challenges – and succeeding.

I think you should have that feeling more often.

Recently, when I was scouring the web for motivational books, none of the lists I found really made me want to pick up one of their books, mostly because:

  • I knew all the books already,
  • the books were only for a specific demographic (entrepreneurs, women, etc.), or
  • they didn’t even tell me why the book was going to motivate me in the first place.

What’s more, every single list I found was limited to either fiction or non-fiction books only. So I thought: “Why not create one with both?”

To keep it fair and square, I limited myself to include only books I either have read, or am currently reading . This way I make sure I only present you with books I have a solid understanding of, and, which are, to my best, 25 year old knowledge, utterly motivating.

After digging deep (and I mean  really deep, I even called my Mum), I’ve come up with a list of what I believe to be the 31 best motivational books ever written , that’ll unleash your inner greatness.

For every book I’ve included:

  • year of publication
  • an image of the cover (with a link to the book on Amazon)
  • number of copies sold
  • a curious fact
  • the best quote from the book
  • a shareable image with the quote
  • why it’s so motivational
  • two ways to share the book, depending on whether you’ve already read it, or not

…and of course a link to read its summary right here on Four Minute Books. For the fiction books I’ve included Amazon links, since I only read non-fiction for this site.

Note: Don’t be surprised to see quite a few children’s books and books for teenagers. Since I’m only 25 years old, I still remember a lot of those. Plus, kids are the most motivated human beings on this planet. As adults, we’ve lost most of that lighthearted, curious, motivational mojo, and these books are a great way to get it back.

Now, without further ado, enjoy what I think are the top 31 motivational books of all time!

To make navigating this post super easy, you can jump right to any book that sparks your interest from the table of contents below. Below the box containing each book, you’ll find a “back to top” link to come back up here and pick the next one 🙂

Fiction books:

Non-fiction books:, hidden bonus:.

#31: Secret Bonus Book

Best Motivational Books 1 - The Alchemist

Author: Paulo Coelho

Type: Fiction

Published in: 1988

Number of copies sold:  ~150 million

Best quote from the book: 

Summary: A young shepherd boy in Southern Spain has the same dream about a hidden treasure in Egypt, over and over again, which eventually leads him to investigate it. He learns that one day, everyone finds out what their destiny is and that it requires passion and desire to make your destiny become a reality. Along the journey to find the treasure he meets new and strange people, some of which become his friends and touch his heart. The combined teachings of his companions finally lead him to a realization that is much bigger than even the treasure itself.

Top Motivational Books Quote 1 - The Alchemist

Why is it such a motivational book? 

The book’s core theme is destiny . This is combined with many mysterious characters and deep, thoughtful lessons, often in the form of riddles and puzzles. Yet, the book uses such plain language, that anyone can understand it. That’s how this book constantly speaks to your curiosity, without making you feel overwhelmed. It’s impossible to put down, leaves you with a sense of wonder and gratitude about the world and gives you an incredible drive to explore your own destiny .

I remember finishing it in very few sittings, over the course of which I started going to bed at 9 pm (even though I was studying abroad in the US at the time, with 5 party animals as roommates), waking up at 5, watching the sunset, walking around in the nearby forest a lot, and beginning to think about what I really want out of life. That’s the power the book has: it makes you think . A lot.

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Best Motivational Books 2 - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Author:  Joanne K. Rowling

Published in:  2000

Number of copies sold:  ~55 million

Curious fact: J.K. Rowling changed her mind about the title – twice. Until 12 days before it was published, the already publicized working title was “Harry Potter and the Doomspell Tournament”. 2 Source:  http://www.ew.com/article/2000/08/04/harry-potter-and-goblet-fire

Best quote from the book:

Summary:  In his fourth year at Hogwarts, the school hosts the legendary Triwizard Tournament, for the first time in 202 years, where three wizards from three schools compete in grueling trials for fame and glory. Technically too young to compete, Harry mysteriously ends up as the fourth participant, and soon has to face challenges he doesn’t feel remotely ready for. With luck, friends, bravery and skill he perseveres until the end, only to find he finally has to take responsibility not only for who he is, but also for the entire wizarding world.

Top Motivational Books Quote 2 - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Why is it such a motivational book?

First, I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd, so sue me. That said, the reason this book stands out to me among the series, is that it lets Harry go through a pivotal transformation. In the first three books, he sort of stumbles into things, and, by looking out for himself, somehow ends up saving the day. While he’s thrown into cold water in this book once again, he makes the decision to stop trying to be normal, and instead takes responsibility . This is a crucial part of seeing him succeed in all the tournament challenges, which, by the way, are much tougher than all of the things he faced in the three previous books combined.

This is a book about the things in life worth fighting for , not only because Harry finds love for the first time, but also because things become (deadly) serious. For teens, this is an identity-shaping books, but I’ve re-read it multiple times over the years, because it teaches you that there’s always a choice between what is right, and what is easy, and makes you want to take responsibility for taking the path you feel is right.

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Best Motivational Books 3 - Pippi Longstocking

Author:  Astrid Lindgren

Published in:  1945

Number of copies sold:  ~80 million (series total for 3 books + 3 picture books)

Curious fact:  The main character in Stieg Larsson’s 3-book series of Millennium novels is based on what he believed to be an adult version of Pippi Longstocking. The series has sold 80 million copies – just as many as the Pippi Longstocking books. 3 Source:  http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/the-mystery-of-the-dragon-tattoo-stieg-larsson-the-worlds-bestselling-and-most-enigmatic-author-20110105?page=5

Summary: Pippi Longstocking is an estimated 9 years old (though no one knows for sure), has superhuman strength, and lives in a rainbow-colored house with her monkey, Mr. Nilsson, and her horse Old Man. She takes care of herself entirely, as her father, a famous seafarer, has been lost at sea for a few years, after dropping her off in the village, because he thought life at sea was too dangerous for her. Although Pippi has no manners, can’t do math and neither read, nor write, she lives an extraordinary life, filled with adventures, mostly involving the neighbors’ kids and shows that living by the world’s rules is hopelessly overrated. She never ceases to shock adults, but is living proof that you can make the world what you want it to be, without fitting any template the world would call normal.

Top Motivational Books Quote 3 - Pippi Longstocking

This is a Swedish book and much more widely known in Europe than overseas, so you might never have heard of Pippi and her stories. I especially loved the TV movies and series (1969 version) as a kid, because it made me believe that anything is possible . Even the intro song suggests it, among its lyrics are the words “two times three is four widewidewid and three makes nine.” The constant conflict between the adults, who try to get Pippi to conform to what they think is normal, and Pippi’s sheer intolerance for anything that doesn’t match her idea of fun, happiness and adventure, in which Pippi always comes out on top, really makes you question a lot of the ideas we grow up with .

Pippi refuses to grow up, and when you start to look at all the things you’ve slowly let go of and given up on over the years, you’ll see that maybe it might be time to bring a little bit  a lot of that childish, inexperienced, unbiased, bold, let’s-do-it attitude back to your own life.

Best Motivational Books 4 - Artemis Fowl

Author: Eoin Colfer

Published in: 2001

Number of copies sold:  ~21 million (across all 8 books in the series)

Curious fact:  When asked to describe his own book series, Colfer needed only four words to hit the nail on the head, saying Artemis Fowl was “Die Hard with fairies.” 4 Source:  http://www.eoincolfer.com/artemis-fowl

Summary:  Artemis Fowl is just 12-year old, but is already following in his father’s footsteps as a notorious, underground crime lord. Driven mostly by greed, he kidnaps a fairy police officer, in order to blackmail the fairies into giving him their gold. But as he gets to know his prisoner, it is slowly revealed that there is a deeper meaning behind his seemingly evil plan. The battle between good and evil is not as black and white, as it seems, and starts to transcend the borders of fairies vs. humans.

Top Motivational Books Quote 4 - Artemis Fowl

Some people called this “the new Harry Potter”, but that’s not what this is. To me it feels like mixing Wall Street, the 1980s movie, with Lord of the Rings. First, this book is motivating because of Artemis’s  vast accomplishments and genius thought patterns , especially given he’s just 12 years old. Second, it grounds you , because above all, the book shows that Artemis is human, and therefore makes human mistakes. Greed and being torn between good and evil is something we’re all prone to, and even child prodigies are no exception.

Most importantly though, this book gives you one thing: hope . It makes you believe that there’s good in all of us, and that there’s something you can speak to in others, which is incredibly comforting. Especially when you’re trying, against all odds, to turn your dream into reality.

Best Motivational Books 5 - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Author: Mark Twain

Published in:  1876

Number of copies sold:  ~20 million (an estimate, since book sales weren’t tracked before 1895)

Summary:  The book begins with the legendary white picket fence painting punishment, which Tom turns into a fun afternoon of hustling his friends out of their little treasures and belongings, in order to let them paint the fence for him. He then courts his classmate Becky, witnesses a murder with his best friend Huck, becomes a lonely pirate on an island, returns to start a treasure hunt and gets himself and his crush into serious danger. Though he faces social and moral issues and crises all through his adventures, he’s still led to the conclusion that his way of approaching things might not be so bad at all.

Top Motivational Books Quote 5 - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

This book is another exercise in creative thinking . The fence story is worth the price of the book alone, but this goes deeper. In contrast to Pippi Longstocking , Tom doesn’t break or disregard the rules of society – he bends them. Being raised rather comfortably, compared to his best friend Huck, he tries to adhere to society’s rules, but finds this increasingly difficult to unite with his own values. He learns that most of what our society suggests is actually hypocritical, and that there can be freedom in social isolation (=not giving a damn).

Therefore, this book not only gets your imagination juices flowing, it also makes you more effective, because you’ll want to start to take an 80/20 approach to life , follow conventions only, if they make sense, and thus become happier and likely better at what you do.

Best Motivational Books 6 - The Little Prince

Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Published in:  1943

Number of copies sold:  ~140 million, making it the third best-selling book of all time (in 250 languages)

Summary: After a short introduction the narrator ends up stranded in the desert, because his airplane crashes. He meets a strange little boy, who came to earth after traveling around the universe and exploring several asteroids. As the days go by and the narrator tries to fix his plane, the prince recounts stories from his travels and his former life on his own asteroid, which highlight and critique lots of elements of society, all the while showing the identity crisis many of us go through at some point, exactly because of those less-than-good parts of society.

Top Motivational Books Quote 6 - The Little Prince

Much like The Alchemist , due to the philosophical and poetic nature of this book, many things won’t seem to make sense as you read along – at first – and then miraculously fall into place later on . The gift of inspiration hides in so many places here, like the hand-drawn illustrations from the author, or simple, yet deeply profound sentences, which will almost stand out visually.

The beginning and end of this book make one key point:  you need to listen to your heart, in order to see the world clearly . Everything in-between fuels this message, while giving you many other insights along the way.

Best Motivational Books 7 - Measuring the World

Author: Daniel Kehlmann

Published in: 2005

Number of copies sold: ~6 million

Summary:  This incredibly funny and ironic novel re-invents the lives of Carl Friedrich Gauß, famous German mathematician, and Alexander von Humboldt, biologist, adventurer, scientist and explorer. It does away with boring facts and figures, and quickly tells the stories of their discoveries, most of which with humorous (and made up) twists. The narrative perspective switches between the two, eventually having them meet and become long-term pen pals.

Top Motivational Books Quote 7 - Measuring the World

I’m 95% sure you’ve never heard of it before, because it’s a German book and was only later translated and published internationally. Yet, there are several things that make this book inspiring and one of my favorites, which is what makes it all the more worth sharing with you.

One, much like Artemis Fowl , this shows you that even the greatest minds of our time make mistakes and have their quirks, so your own become less of an obstacle on your journey. Second, it teaches you to always question your actions and that finding the best way is a constant process, which makes you fret less about adjusting and changing your mind. Third, it shows you that there’s no wrong approach when trying to get what you want . Some of us are introverts, like Gauß, and would prefer a quiet life at home with deep thinking, while others are happy to follow in Humboldt’s footsteps and travel the world, meet people, and learn everything from experience.

Nevertheless, both of them share a huge urge to figure out the world and make it a better place. Some of that spirit is bound to rub off on you.

Best Motivational Books 8 - The Da Vinci Code

Author: Dan Brown

Published in: 2003

Number of copies sold: ~80 million

Summary:  When the curator of the famous Louvre in Paris is murdered, Harvard professor and expert in symbolism and cryptography Robert Langdon is called to help. Against the French police’s efforts, who suspect Langdon to be the murderer, and thanks to the help of local police cryptographer Sophie Neveu, the two are soon lead to a safety deposit box at a bank, which contains a cryptex, yet another mysterious item containing more riddles and codes to crack. The chase after the seemingly religious killer, who seeks to find the Holy Grail for his master, leads them to Britain, Scotland and the point where friend can’t be told from foe. They finally discover that there’s a much bigger plot in progress, which might erase the world’s most powerful church, and, as it comes full circle, brings them right back to the beginning.

Top Motivational Books Quote 8 - The Da Vinci Code

First of all, don’t watch the movie and then read the book. That’s bad. Do it the other way around. Like Measuring the World , this book speaks to the explorer in you. So many elements and figures are shrouded in mystery, that it not only sparks your curiosity , but also makes you think hard about the skill level one needs to figure out such mysteries.

I can’t think of any other author’s novels, which have more plot twists, sudden story turns and baffling endings, which are likely to leave you with an open mouth, but also get you to believe that fate’s paths are inexplicable and that the goals we fight for often require us to take a leap of faith .

Best Motivational Books 9 - A Christmas Carol

Author: Charles Dickens

Published in: 1843

Number of copies sold: 6,000 copies in the first 5 days (which was huge, back then), by now millions of copies in thousands of variants and adapted forms, including thousands of movies, theater plays, public readings, radio programs, recordings and operas.

Summary: Ebenezer Scrooge is rich beyond measure. Sadly, the only thing the old man is preoccupied with is turning money into more money, which leaves him roaming the streets alone, clenching his fists, yelling at workers, children and the less fortunate. That night, the ghost of his former business partner appears, warning him of the terrible (same) fate he is about to suffer, if his habits of greed and selfishness don’t change. He tells him that he’ll be visited by the three ghosts of Christmas (past, present and future), which then take him on a tour of various Christmas scenarios. The grief and horror he witnesses transform him over night, and he decides not to waste another second and right his wrongs, feeling blissful at having been granted another shot at life.

Top Motivational Books Quote 9 - A Christmas Carol

I am exactly as sure that you’ve heard this story in one form or the other, as I am that you don’t know Measuring the World . This never gets old. The one thing, above all, that this book’ll give you is  hope.  Hope, that it’s not too late to chase your dreams. Hope, that the best days of your life haven’t even happened yet. Hope, that there’s good in everyone.

Here’s a good thinking exercise: After you read the book, imagine what the ghosts would tell and show you, if they arrived at your doorstep this Christmas. Would they congratulate you? Or show you a future just as bleak as Scrooge’s? This book is a wonderful way to measure how virtuous the life you live actually is and at the same time a great reminder that it’s never too late to struggle to get there .

Best Motivational Books 10 - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Author: Suzanne Collins

Published in:  2009

Number of copies sold:  ~19 million just for this second book in the trilogy, total sales of the series are 65 million for the US alone.

Summary: After both Katniss and Peeta make it out of the 74th Hunger Games alive, they’re supposed to visit all the districts of Panem on a victory tour. This instantly turns dark, as people seem to take inspiration in how Katniss broke the rules to make it possible for two people to win, instead of just one, and a rebellion dwells underneath the surface. To nip this in the bud, the Capitol comes up with a terrible twist: All participants for the next year’s Hunger Games are to be drawn from a pool of previous victors, dragging Katniss and Peeta right back into the arena. Deadlier and trickier than ever before, the struggle for survival forces the tributes to join forces, and once again the grand scheme only unfolds to Katniss (and the reader) in the final pages of the book.

Top Motivational Books Quote 10 - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

If anything, these books show you that life is short . Death is ever-present in them, lurking behind every corner. Katniss and Peeta must fight for the ones they love, including each other, all the time. There’s a sense of urgency in this book, that you can’t really shake, which makes you want to get off your butt and do stuff .

The reason I picked this book over the first one is that it’s pivotal, similar to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire . Before, Katniss landed in the games by chance and had plenty of luck to help her get through. But fate sometimes throws more than one terrible blow, so when she ends up as a participant again, the stakes and her approach change. Even when it seems there’s no possible way to go on, Katniss always finds a way to persevere, and if what you do matters, then so should you .

Best Motivational Books 11 - Inkheart

Author: Cornelia Funke

Number of copies sold:  ~3 million worldwide

Summary: When Meggie spots a stranger in front of her father Mo’s house, who’s a bookbinder, weird things begin to happen. Dustfinger, as the stranger and apparently old friend of Mo is called, seems to be a troublemaker, whom aunt Elinor isn’t happy to see, when the three arrive at her house full of books, where Mo has some work to do. Soon Meggie discovers that the perpetual presence of books in her life is no coincidence, as her father can make them come to life when reading out aloud.

His past mistakes with this incredible ability slowly start to catch up with the family when the evil Capricorn Mo once freed resurfaces, bringing everyone into great danger. As the story unfolds, Meggie learns she has inherited her Dad’s ability, and must master it, if she wants to save everyone, all while discovering her family’s history, including why her mother’s been gone for 9 years…

Top Motivational Books Quote 11 - Inkheart

A book about books. Perfect! I’m a strong believer that the answer to any question is always in a book. Therefore, anything that’ll make you pick up more books makes me happy. If anything, that’s what this book does. It’s not only an against-all-odds display of astonishing perseverance , but also reignites your spark of consistent learning .

If I had to describe this book in just two words, I’d say it’s both magically human, while also humanly magical, truly a tribute to readers all over the world . You have to read it, to grasp it. Plus, I’m pretty sure since it’s another book of German origin, you won’t have heard of this before.

Best Motivational Books 12 - The Great Gatsby

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Published in: 1925

Number of copies sold:  ~25 million

Summary: In 1922, Nick Carraway takes a new job and moves to West Egg, a fictional village on Long Island. When he visits his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom, he meets the attractive, but cynical Jordan Baker, and soon finds out that the lavish lifestyle they all lead comes at many a terrible price, including infidelity, depression, alcoholism and identity crises. The mysterious millionaire owner of the mansion next door, Jay Gatsby, soon invites Nick to one of his extravagant parties, which Jay himself never attends. When Nick discovers they all have a shared history of romance, including his cousin Daisy and Jay, he tries to help reunite two estranged lovers, which ends in disaster.

Top Motivational Books Quote 12 - The Great Gatsby

When I picked this book to read it for a school project, I had entirely different expectations, and didn’t understand many aspects of it as I read it the first time. Only when I started researching the book’s themes, did I slowly get what it’s about.

First and foremost, it’s an enormous warning sign . You might get everything you’ve ever dreamed of in life, only to find it wasn’t what you’re looking for and doesn’t make your life easier in the slightest. It shows you that there’s plenty to be happy about right now and that you really have all you need. Plus, it’ll help keep your feet on the ground once you reach whatever you define to be success for you.

Second, this is contrasted by the insane wealth the characters have amassed, though some un-earned or attained with illegal measures. The 2013 movie with Leonardo DiCaprio  will give you a good visual grasp of it. Feeling like Artemis Fowl  for adults, this book will inspire you to view life as a balancing act of human achievement and virtue.  Its motivational capacities are very subtle and not as obvious as in some of the other books on this list, but it still makes you want to do the right thing.

Best Motivational Books 13 - Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet

Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Published in: 1887

Number of copies sold:  ~60 million for the most popular book of the series ‘ The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ‘, which contains 12 short stories, which puts this one (the first of only four full-length novels featuring Holmes) easily into the millions of copies sold as well.

Summary:  This book introduces Sherlock Holmes and his companion and biographer Dr. John Watson, starting off with them meeting via a mutual friend and deciding to share the flat at 221B Baker Street, in order to save money. Next to Holmes obvious quirks, like experimenting with drugs and playing the violin in the middle of the night, Watson notices many guests come and go, who turn out to be Holmes’s clients.

When a Scotland Yard messenger arrives and requests help with a new murder case, Watson eventually persuades Holmes to investigate the crime scene and Holmes invites him to tag along. As the two analyze and interpret the odds and ends of the murder, the plot thickens and a second murder takes place. The hunt finds a sudden end in Holmes’s apartment, with the second part of the novel explaining the entire story leading up to the murderer’s malicious actions and capture, including how Holmes deciphered minute details and thus identified the suspect.

Top Motivational Books Quote 13 - Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet

Really? Do I need to explain this? How can you not be inspired by Sherlock Holmes? This is the ultimate piece of fiction writing to show you the value of deliberate practice , which combines effort with thorough feedback analysis to make you world-class at what you do. Yes, at first Sherlock’s genius seems like something you can only marvel at from a distance, but the more you read, the clearer it becomes that you can, and must, cultivate an intense focus to detail in your work yourself .

If you’re looking for a book to make you stop fretting and complaining about your work, so you can become a true craftsman on your journey to 10,000 hours of skill training , this is it. Also, Holmes’s great sense of humor and irony shows you that you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously, in spite of being an absolute professional.

Best Motivational Books 14 - The Richest Man in Babylon

Author: George Samuel Clason

Published in: 1926

Number of copies sold:  ~2 milllion

Summary:  Since the book is a collection of short stories, it’s divided into 9 major parts, many of which have sub-chapters, the first and foremost being the story giving the book its title. It reveals how Arkad, the richest man in Babylon, owes much of his wealth to simply saving 10% of his income each year. This is followed by the “Seven Cures for a Lean Purse”, a series of seven lessons on how to save money and “The Five Laws of Gold”, which lay out a simple philosophy for investing.

Then, “The Clay Tablets from Babylon” draws lessons from the fictional translation of five ancient, Babylonian tablets by an English archeology professor. It turns out he used them to pay off his debts and save for his own retirement, a story he shares in a fictional letter. The other five parables are more singular in their nature and each hold one or two more lessons to be learned about building wealth.

Top Motivational Books Quote 14 - The Richest Man in Babylon

This is probably one of the most compelling personal finance books of all time, due to the power of storytelling . Setting the lessons in this ancient context and disguising them as life lessons from an old, rich man, makes them really seep into your brain. Most of the ideas repeat themselves, and since they’re simple to begin with, they stick .

This is a book about the power of habits , showing you that  incremental progress compounds . So even if all you can do right now is take baby steps, by all means, take them. We often don’t really feel in control of our finances, but actually we are (or at the very least, we can get it back). This is the book to put you back in the driver’s seat.

Best Motivational Books 15 - Around the World in 80 Days

Author: Jules Verne

Published in: 1873

Number of copies sold:  ~millions (?), sadly I could not find any source of how many copies this book has sold to date, but seeing there are hundreds of thousands of ratings and reviews online alone, I’m confident that sales numbers lie in the millions, especially given that the book has been translated into

Summary: Phileas Fogg is a rich English gentleman of the old school, with discipline like clockwork and few pleasures, one of which is engaging with his friends at the Reform Club. When his friends discuss an article in The Daily Telegraph, stating it is now possible to travel around the world in 80 days, thanks to a new railway line in India, he takes a £20,000 (£1.6 million today) wager and sets off with his newly hired valet, Jean Passepartout (whose last name translates to “passport”). Using mostly trains and steamboats, the two make new friends, face lots of setbacks, get lost, find each other again, and even gain an entire day (which eventually helps them win the bet), returning to London at the same time, exactly 80 days later.

Top Motivational Books Quote 15 - Around the World in 80 Days

This is a book about possibility . Until Roger Bannister broke the four minute mark for running a mile in 1954 , people thought it was impossible for more than a decade. Anything is impossible, until one man or woman does it. All of a sudden what’s possible is redefined (someone else ran a mile in less than four minutes a month after Bannister). Sometimes we just need someone to step up, take charge and say: “Alright, this is worth failing at, so I’ll do it.” This book makes you want to be that person.

Also, this book shows you the power of stakes. This depends on your personality, but if the risk of losing something, like a big sum of money, gets your butt in gear, then maybe taking a bet up front might be what motivates you. For example, sites like Go Fucking Do It  make it easy to put some money on the line in order to get yourself to make something happen.

Best Motivational Books 16 - Managing Oneself

Author: Peter Drucker

Type: Non-fiction

Published in: 1999

Number of copies sold:  ~in the millions, since it was initially published in Harvard Business Review, which reaches a global audience

Summary:  This might be the most concise book of all time. Peter Drucker has kept it so short and to the point that you can read it in less than an hour. It asks you a whole bunch of questions and gives you examples, so you can become self-aware about how you learn and work, and then directly apply that in your career. Some sections of the book are “What are my strengths?”, “How do I perform?”, “Where do I belong?”, “What is my contribution?” and “The Second Half of Your Life.”

Top Motivational Books Quote 16 - Managing Oneself

You can read this in 45 minutes and take notes as you go along, which makes it one of the most actionable books of all time . I highly recommend listening to the audiobook, which is also 45 minutes long. I’ve listened to it multiple times on various car drives, and find I always learn something new. It’s so motivational because it’s very simple, even just by thinking about some of the questions from the book you become a lot smarter and aware of how you tick.

This book feels like a fog is lifted, and your entire communication and thinking become clearer , and you’ll likely want to march into work the next day with some of the ideas from the book in hand, ready to improve the crap out of your career.

Best Motivational Books 17 - Choose Yourself

Author:  James Altucher

Published in:  2013

Number of copies sold:  ~350,000 as of May 2015

Summary: The world as we know it is about to fade. Simple jobs are outsourced, automated, or filled with cheap temp staffers. A college degree no longer guarantees a safe career. Work, retirement, politics, it’s all unstable now, because the middlemen are disappearing left and right. People can publish their own books, make their own TV shows and release their own music. Gigantic industries disappear over night – and all of this is great news. Now you can choose yourself. You don’t need to be picked. You can pick yourself. James shows you how, both on the outside, and the inside.

Top Motivational Books Quote 17 - Choose Yourself

James is one of the most openly vulnerable human beings ever, and it makes you relate to him instantly. Not only will you be able to identify yourself with the book , but also laugh a lot – James is funny. If you feel out of control, this book will show you that the wheel of your life is in your hand. James explains his simple daily practice, a few basic habits that’ll make sure you’re healthy and emotionally well. Then he lines up many practical ways to choose yourself, most of which you’ll instantly want to try for yourself.

Read on 4MB >>

Best Motivational Books 18 - The War of Art

Author:  Steven Pressfield

Published in:  2002

Number of copies sold:  I’m assuming well over a million copies, based on all the ratings, reviews, and the time passed since publishing, but this is nothing more than an educated guess, since I couldn’t find actual sales numbers.

Summary:  If you’ve ever tried to create anything ever, you have faced it. Writer’s block, painter’s block, talker’s block, or whichever other creative block people face when they create what you were making. Steven Pressfield has written this with some tough love, and makes it a wake-up-call for artists. He introduces the universal concept of  Resistance , which is mostly based on fear, and then helps you identify your biggest sources of procrastination, so you can cut them off at the source.

Top Motivational Books Quote 18 - The War of Art

I like to think of Steven Pressfield as a friendly Spartan. Just as disciplined, but not out to kill you in any way. The anecdotes from his own struggles with writing make this book a must-read for aspiring writers, but even if arranging words isn’t your craft, this’ll give you a solid kick in the butt . You’ll become less anxious about all those future problems and learn to focus on the process and creating every day. Before you know it, your small, daily habits will lead you to realize you’re standing on a tall mountain of accomplishments.

Best Motivational Books 19 - Start With Why

Author:  Simon Sinek

Published in:  2009

Number of copies sold:  Based on his Amazon rank, number of reviews for the book (>1,000) and his TED talk views, I expect this to have sold at least 100,000 copies (a very conservative estimate).

Summary: The book first explains the status quo and how we currently live in a world that just assumes you know why anyone’s doing anything and therefore instantly jumps to the carrots and sticks approach. Then Sinek introduces his idea of the golden circle and how we should communicate it from the inside out, in order to appeal to the way we’re biologically trimmed to make decisions. Lastly, the book explains how you can start a movement to find those, who believe what you believe, and, through communicating your why clearly, figure out the how and the what of how you’ll bring change to the world.

Top Motivational Books Quote 19 - Start With Why

This book doesn’t speak to your mind. It speaks to your heart . It’s a business book, but it doesn’t feel like one for even a second. It turns your view inward and makes you feel like you’ve been wandering the world upside down, talking to it through a megaphone you’re holding backwards – and then sets you straight while showing you how to hold the megaphone .

This book is full of aha-moments  and the many examples help cement those, so you’ll intuitively start approaching things from a purpose perspective a lot more often. This is a much more sustainable way to find motivation in your work, which is what makes this book so helpful in finding motivation that lasts.

Best Motivational Books 20 - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Author:  Stephen R. Covey

Published in: 1989

Number of copies sold: ~25 million

Summary:  You might have guessed it, but the book describes 7 habits, which will make you a very effective person. However, there is a progression in the book, starting with the status quo, where your life  depends on others. By acquiring the first three habits, you switch to an independent mindset and take control of your life. The second three habits then take it one step further and help you thrive in a world of  interdependence , by improving the way you interact with others. The last habit stands alone, serving to renew your energy so you can improve at the other six. The 7 habits are:

  • Be proactive
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Put first things first
  • Think Win/Win
  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood
  • Sharpen the saw

Top Motivational Books Quote 20 - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Much like Start With Why , this book views success as something that is developed from the inside out. Most self-help books focus on principles, which Covey says only determine what happens  if  you behave in a certain way (like a law of nature). The problem is that knowing the consequences doesn’t get you to change your behavior, because your behavior is determined by your values. That’s why this book focuses on aligning your own , unique values with some of the universally valid principles, which means it has the potential to actually change your behavior .

It’s focused on the ethics of character, so it’s super adaptable to you, no matter what your values are . This book focuses on you as an individual, and speaks directly to your deepest beliefs , giving it an incredible power to motivate.

Best Motivational Books 21 - When I Stop Talking, You'll Know I'm Dead

Author: Jerry Weintraub

Published in:  2011

Number of copies sold:  Tens of thousands of copies.

Summary:  The book starts with Jerry’s childhood adventures in New York City, his fathers talent for selling, running away from home, and his time in the army, when his cunningness and sense for business already started to shine. Determined to break into the entertainment industry, Jerry jumps from one job to the next (and you won’t believe how he gets some of them), but his quick rise is followed by a steep fall. Starting again from zero, he bothers Elvis’s manager long enough (365 days in a row, to be exact) until he agrees to let Jerry take the king on tour, and that’s when things start to get really crazy…

Top Motivational Books Quote 21 - When I Stop Talking, You'll Know I'm Dead

When I read this book I was constantly laughing, nodding, shaking my head in disbelief and my jar dropped in awe more than once. This is a book that elicits real feelings , I can still remember lying in bed reading it, and it’s these kinds of books that we remember. I’ll never forget the most memorable sentence from the book, which is the quote I picked.

Jerry’s incredible hunger for life shows you that we must make every minute count , since we’re all just given this short time on earth. Even if you’re the complete opposite of Jerry and, like me, an introvert, maybe especially then, you can learn a lot. Jerry’s life was an unforgettable tribute to fun, passion and persistence, which makes the lessons from this book  impossible to forget. They’ll ring in your ears long after you’ve put down the book and thus have everyday motivation power.

Best Motivational Books 22 - The Happiness of Pursuit

Author: Chris Guillebeau

Published in:  2014

Number of copies sold: ~100,000+, according to Chris’s LinkedIn profile.

Summary:  The book is divided into three parts: the beginnings of your quest, the journey, and arriving at the destination. The first explains where quests originate from, and how they often result from discontent with the status quo and answering a calling. If you then have the courage to pursue your quest, your journey will force you to become self-reliant and cultivate a sense of everyday adventure. Chris shows you how you can adjust time and money to make any quest practical and shines a light on some of the people he encountered in his own quest, so you can see that the long road is worth traveling. The last part explains the transformative powers of a quest and how to get through the common post-quest funk by, well, setting a new one!

Top Motivational Books Quote 22 - The Happiness of Pursuit

This book has such a fun and upbeat spirit, it’s just contagious. Riddled with examples, it shows you that no dream of yours is unfeasible , and that, with some adjusting, any quest can be made a reality. Chris is a craftsman, he’s much more about the process than about basking in the sun of his own success, and his “let’s go get it” attitude rubs off on you .

The best part about this book is that you can pick it up again, and again, and again. Every time you complete a quest, you just leaf through it again, and will find yourself scribbling down the next rough draft or sketch of your next adventure.

Best Motivational Books 23 - Rich Dad Poor Dad

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki

Published in: 1997

Number of copies sold: ~26 million

Summary:  The book starts with Kiyosaki re-telling the story of his childhood. His real dad, whom he considers to be his “poor dad” was an academic, who earned a decent living, but, according to him, never really understood some of the most important principles of money. He explains how the father of a friend took the two kids under his wings and taught them how businesses and money work, by having them work in one of his stores for next to nothing, but educating them about money in his spare time. The book then takes a turn and explains what “financial literacy” looks like, how you should approach your personal finances and work, what you can do to leverage taxes and laws to your advantage, before it ends with a few very practical first steps you can take.

Top Motivational Books Quote 23 - Rich Dad Poor Dad

Some people love this book, others hate it. I love it. The story of Robert’s childhood (invented or not) is super inspiring, making the book worth a read regardless of the financial advice. Yet, the way it approaches personal finance is very simplistic, which gives you a sense of relief . Yes, his definitions of assets and liabilities might not be 100% accurate, but if you’ve never even understood them before, this’ll help.

It’s more of a beginner’s book for sure, but it gets you in the right mindset for financial success , and shows you what you can do  right now to start building wealth. For example, I used the book’s “pay yourself first” principle to instantly put away 10% of my income, and that alone felt pretty good.

Best Motivational Books 24 - The Dip

Author:  Seth Godin

Published in:  2007

Number of copies sold: ~100,000+ copies

Summary:  This is a book about choices. Two choices, really. It’s about the decision between quitting, or trying to be the best in the world. It starts with introducing you to the idea that being the best in the world is very underrated. On any top 10 list, number one gets far more than just its fair share of 10% (for example, the top result in Google gets ~40% of all clicks).

But isn’t it almost impossible to become the best in the world today? No, because according to Seth, both “the world” and “best” are two very flexible terms and highly depend on what you do. He uses a few graphs and curves to explain when it’s time to make one of the two choices, and underlines them with several examples so you can get a better grip of which one to make when it’s your turn (and it’s always your turn). The book ends with a series of questions to help you figure out which dip to pursue, and which dead ends it’s time to quit.

Top Motivational Books Quote 24 - The Dip

This book has had the biggest impact on me all year. It tells you that it’s okay to quit, that it’s actually important to do so, which makes this an unbelievably liberating book . All of a sudden, you won’t feel compelled to keep up with the digital and physical Joneses in your life, whether it’s that extra Twitter account that pulls at your attention, or the vain chase for the next promotion at a company you’ll never lead.

The Dip is a call to greatness in a world of mediocrity . But greatness always entails sacrifice. Luckily, this book also gives you the courage and confidence to happily make those sacrifices, figure out your true mission, smile and return to work that matters.

Best Motivational Books 25 - Sam Walton: Made in America

Author:  Sam Walton

Published in: 1992

Number of copies sold: ~100,000+ copies, based on the number of reviews and the age of the book.

Summary:  Since it’s a biography, the book begins with Sam’s childhood and where he got his sense of entrepreneurship from initially. After an 18-month stunt at J.C. Penney, Walton’s only “job” and a brief intermezzo with the army, Sam took a loan from his father-in-law to start his own retail store in Arkansas. Having missed a clause in the rental contract, the owner of the building didn’t renew Sam’s lease in year three, forcing him to start all over again.

Sam then explains how he built out a chain of 16 stores (all but one under the Ben Franklin franchise), integrated family and business, started the first Walmart in 1962 (due to Ben Franklin franchise disapproving of his discount policy) and slowly grew the team, until eventually taking the company public in 1970 and using the money from the IPO to grow it further. He then explains various aspects of growing the company into the largest retailer of the world, including employee policy, his basic principles, and handing over the reigns. The book concludes with his idea of giving back and his 10 rules for building a successful business.

Top Motivational Books Quote 25 - Sam Walton: Made in America

Hate Walmart or not, you can’t help but admire this man. Since this book covers a long history, it gives you a good sense of  what a privileged world we live in today . The adversities Sam had to go against to make his dream become real would seem insurmountable today, where all we need is a laptop and a domain name to get started. It makes you feel humbled, and  cuts right through the excuses you might have about not starting to chase your dreams just yet.

Sam didn’t know that his company would become the biggest retailer in the world, and he never let the money go to his head, which goes to show all you need to be successful is a humble attitude and an itch for adventure . I highly recommend keeping his 10 rules for building a successful business around and looking at them every once in a while.

Best Motivational Books 26 - The 4-Hour Workweek

Author: Tim Ferriss

Number of copies sold: ~1.8 million copies

Summary:  Tim uses an acronym to describe his 4-step process of removing himself from his own company without having it collapse, and how you can apply the same tactics to your own job, business and career. DEAL stands for definition, elimination, automation and liberation.

The first section explores how you can kill the fears that will inevitably creep up in your mind about applying all of this, for example by visualizing your worst-case scenario. It also shows you that nobody needs a million dollars to live a luxurious life and how you can crunch the numbers in your favor. Elimination highlights some ancient, minimalistic, almost Stoic principles of productivity, like a low-information diet and how to deal with interruptions at work. Automation is where the rubber hits the road. This part shows you how to outsource most of your life and create a “muse” that’ll finance your future ventures. Liberation is the next logical step to take so you don’t end up spending all your precious time managing your muse, and can spend your newly found time in a meaningful way, for example with mini-retirements.

Top Motivational Books Quote 26 - The 4-Hour Workweek

If you’re looking for an IKEA style manual for your entire life, this is as close as you’re gonna get. It feels liberating to just turn off your head and follow Tim’s instructions. This isn’t a thinking book. It’s a doing book . On my first read I instantly downloaded all templates, spreadsheets, and filled them in right after reading each chapter. Planning your life goals and calculating how much money you actually need to drive a fancy BMW (I’m coming for you, 2013 335is convertible) is progress you can feel see .

The productivity section is one of the most helpful I’ve read to this day, because it’s rock solid and there’s hardly anything more motivating than the feeling of having enough time . Yes, you’ll likely get stuck at the automation part, because the rules of the passive income game have changed a lot, but you’ll already know which book to turn to 10 years later, when the cash is flowing while you sleep, but you somehow still don’t spend as much time in bed as you then should.

Best Motivational Books 27 - So Good They Can't Ignore You

Author: Cal Newport

Published in:  2012

Number of copies sold: ~100,000+ copies, estimated from the fact that his previous three books have sold a combined number of 125,000+ copies, but this being his most popular one by far and has one a bunch of awards the year it was published, which has surely driven sales a lot.

Summary: This book is broken into four rules. The first rule says don’t follow your passion and breaks down why letting your passion guide you into a job is a bad idea. It uses Steve Job as the most prevalent among many examples of how, contrary to what we’re often told, passion is something you acquire as you get better, and not a pre-existing condition that’ll show you what type of work you’re meant to do.

The three following rules then outline what it  actually takes to end up doing work you love, based on Daniel Pink’s assertions from “Drive” that describe motivation as the result of autonomy, mastery and purpose. Rule two addresses mastery by showing you how to cultivate a craftsman mindset, with which you acquire career capital (=valuable skills). You can then leverage this career capital into autonomy, by gaining more control over your work, for example by turning down promotions and avoiding other control-sapping traps, which Cal describes in rule three. He finally concludes with how you can find purpose in your work, thanks to your new skills and by going on new missions, which you can test with experiments and little bets.

Top Motivational Books Quote 27 - So Good They Can't Ignore You

This is a book about where motivation comes from , so, need I really say more? Okay, I’ll say a bit more. If you’ve fallen for the passion presumption (haven’t we all?), you might have an initial knee-jerk reaction to this book. If you do, keep reading . It’s nothing short of a liberation once the gears click and the message falls into place. It shows you that  you can bring motivation to whatever work you’re already doing , and that you’re not a lost cause if you haven’t found your passion at age 42.

So Good They Can’t Ignore You takes all the pressure off choosing a career, and puts it on how you decide to approach it instead – which makes you feel a lot more in control . It doesn’t make finding meaningful work easy, but less mystical and moves it a lot closer within reach.

Best Motivational Books 28 - The Miracle Morning

Author: Hal Elrod

Published in:  2012

Number of copies sold: ~300,000+, which is an estimate based on the book’s number of ratings, Hal’s bestseller rank, the book’s bestseller status and size of his platform, and the time it’s been out, but I could easily understand if this had sold north of 500,000 copies or even a million by now.

Summary:  The book starts with Hal’s story of the accident and the events leading up to his depression and discovery of the morning ritual, including a tip on how you can stop hitting the snooze button (which might be your biggest problem at first). Then he breaks down the six steps of the Miracle Morning in detail, with several options and tips on how to practice each in the best way. The six steps are:

  • Affirmations
  • Visualization
  • Scribing (=Writing)

If you read the first letter of each step in a downward row, you can discover the acronym Hal created to remember his practice better: SAVERS. Hal suggests taking around 60 minutes each morning for your Miracle Morning, but he then also presents a 6-minute version for time-strapped people (like Four Minute Books readers). He gives a few customizing ideas and options and then transitions into how you can make your new morning routine a proper habit by joining his 30-day transformation challenge.

Top Motivational Books Quote 28 - The Miracle Morning

Hal writes like he talks, and if you’ve ever heard him talk, you’ll know that in itself is motivating. His optimism seems to know no boundaries, and it spills over, right into your heart . You can feel that he really believes in you and that life has a lot more in store for you. It’s one of the few books that makes you feel like you’re having a conversation with a friend . I confirmed a lot of his questions or answered them in my head as I was reading. Plus, you can immediately put his practice to the test, there’s no delay between learning and trying.

This book is simple, light, highly practical, not in the slightest overwhelming and instantly actionable. It could help you improve your own motivation tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after that, and everyday henceforth (as opposed to just motivating you once). Thus, it puts the power to motivate in your own hands , which is what makes it one of my favorites.

Best Motivational Books 29 - Zero to One

Author: Peter Thiel

Number of copies sold: ~1.25 million as of January 31st, 2016, according to a tweet by Blake Masters.

Summary:  In short, this book answers the question: “If Peter Thiel were to start another startup, how would he start?” and then digs deeper from there. Peter Thiel isn’t concerned with good businesses, he only cares about great businesses. But great businesses always start out as insane ideas – visions which no one but the founders can see.

That’s why Thiel kicks off finding an idea with the question posted above (and below), before establishing that we can’t rely on the past to tell us what the future should look like. Then he picks apart the economics of competition, arguing that monopoly is not only good for business, it’s actually crucial for great business. He continues by discussing a variety of topics startup founders have to deal with, including mindset, money, ideas, marketing and relationships, before ending with a call to sustainability and vision.

Top Motivational Books Quote 29 - Zero to One

Similar to some of the other books on this list, this feels both limiting and liberating at the same time . If you pay close attention while reading, you’ll probably realize that you neither want, nor need to found a startup – at least that’s what I hope most people learn, because they’re not meant to. However, whether you join a startup, that’s a whole other conversation. If you  are  cut out for the startup world, this book is even more important. But really, it’s not the career advice that makes this book great.

It’s that it makes you feel hopeful . Hopeful, that the world is in better hands than you think it is. That we can rise to the challenges ahead of us. And that many of the best things in your life haven’t happened yet. That alone makes it a winner for me.

Best Motivational Books 30 - The Power of Less

Author: Leo Babauta

Published in:  2008

Number of copies sold: ~10,000+ copies, an estimate based on his Amazon rank, number of reviews of the book and ratings on Goodreads.

Summary: This book is divided into two parts: the principles and what they look like in practice. In the first part, Leo walks you through why less is better in the first place and how you can internalize the principle of setting limits in everything you do. After this little mindset upgrade, he then helps you pick the essential things to focus on, and shows you how to cultivate that focus by changing your habits – with very small steps and in very small increments. Part two then details how to bring this new attitude of simplicity to a variety of things, such as goals, projects, tasks, time management, email, internet, your daily routine, your commitments, your home and even your health and fitness. The book concludes with a chapter about motivation.

Top Motivational Books Quote 30 - The Power of Less

Now, before you think this is another book that’ll make you feel free and lighthearted by simply cutting back on the things you’re doing (which it totally is), let me make another point: This book accounts for your sense of accomplishment. By doing 3 projects instead of 7 your chances of finishing all 3 of those successfully and in time go way up, meaning you  do more, relatively speaking . A project 80% done doesn’t make you feel proud. It makes you feel bad. But a project shipped out the door does, giving you more confidence to take on the next one.

That’s what this book is great at. More accomplishments, which you can draw motivational fuel from for bigger challenges. Plus the liberating part of course.

Best Motivational Books 31 - Your Favorite Book

Published in:  ?

Number of copies sold:  at least 1 🙂

Curious fact:  This book motivates you more than any other book in the world, for one simple reason: it’s  your favorite. Nobody else might know it, it might have sold only 17 copies, or you might even have written it yourself. But none of that matters, because it’s your favorite story in the world. Nobody can take that away from you, and whether you read it for the first or 50th time, every time you close it you feel inspired, confident, and ready to work on the goals that matter the most to you.

Summary:  I bet your gears are already spinning. “Hm, what  is my favorite book?” Here are some indicators to help you figure it out and “sum up” the book.

It’s the book you’ve read at least three times. You know the blurb on the back and the flap text by heart and can somehow find a quote from it to fit any life situation. If there’s a movie for this book, you’ve seen it not only in your own language, but also in English and potentially Korean with English subtitles, just because. You’ve raved about this book to at least 50 people, some of whom have already gotten annoyed at how obsessed you’re with it. You’ve given this book as a gift at least once, or your copy is all weathered and wrinkled, because you’ve passed it around so much.

Most importantly, even after years and years, you never feel like a second of time is wasted when you open it again. Like Oscar Wilde said:  “If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.”

Top Motivational Books Quote 31 - Your Favorite Book

The answer is simple: because  you picked it . The biggest power to motivate you comes from within yourself, and by picking this book as your all time favorite you’ve bestowed an infinite capacity to motivate you upon it. How we respond to different stories is very subjective. Therefore, there are as many motivating books as there are people, because every book’s power to motivate a person is unique to them. Your favorite book speaks more to you than anyone else because of when you read it, how many similarities you discovered between yourself and the hero of the story, what you were going through at the time, how others perceived you while you read it, and so on. Millions of little factors come together in a single experience, the sum of which makes it your favorite book of all time.

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Inspirational Book Review: God Will Make a Way

It's always encouraging to come across an inspirational book that discusses human relationships in relation to biblical perspectives. God Will Make a Way is one of the rare books that combine biblical wisdom, psychology, and practical suggestions on how to develop and improve relationships.

Chosen as the March/April reading selection for the Inspirational Book Group at the Westport Branch,   God Will Make a Way: What to do When You Don't Know What to Do recommends eight principles for dealing with persistent life problems that might at first appear hopeless. The eight principles are included in Part I of the book. Part II reveals the principles at work in areas of life such as dating, marriage, parenting, addictions, and depression.

Authors Henry Cloud and John Townsend have worked as clinical psychologists, motivational speakers, and radio hosts of the nationally broadcast program, New Life Live! Their book is packed with real-life stories drawn from their extensive experience in the field of psychology and counseling. The book also includes interesting anecdotes from the authors' own personal lives.

As we face life difficulties, the authors suggest, having faith in ourselves is not enough. We try to solve problems as best we can (usually employing the same method), but we kept failing. We lack strength, knowledge, and resources. Most of the time, we don't have all the answers. We need something greater than ourselves to help us. Since God is limitless, Cloud and Townsend explain, God can show us the ways to live life.

The eight principles suggested in this book are unique and remarkable. “Place High Value On Wisdom,” “Own Your Faults and Weaknesses,” and “Embrace Problems as Gifts” are especially well-conceived. “[Problems] are part of life. But how we solve our problems divides us into two groups: those who end at the problem and those who go beyond the problem. [...] Problems give us an opportunity to look beyond our small world.”

In “Take Life As It Comes,” we are reminded to be patient, to slow down, and take time and pray before taking an action: “If a goal is meaningful, it will require time [...] [T]hose things that have immediate payoffs and results tend not to be as important in the larger view of life.”

I personally found the chapter on “Marriage and Relationships” useful for my life. The authors emphasized relying on God in building up a good, strong marriage and developing empathy for your spouse. “Empathy requires the ability to put your own perspective and viewpoint aside for a time in order to take on your spouse's,” Cloud and Townsend write. And “Without empathy, none of us will grow, for no one can grow without feeling understood.”

Even though this book is self-help-oriented and academic, Cloud and Townsend write with compassion and humor. Not all parts of the book are serious. In one such instance, Dr. Cloud had a conversation with a lady who asked whether she should get back together with an old boyfriend since she ran into him in a supermarket and assumed that it was a “sign” from God. He gave her an answer that varied depending on the aisle of the supermarket where the couple met!

God Will Make A Way is an inspiring, refreshing, and hopeful book recommended for anyone who confronts challenging life problems and desires to have a satisfying relationship.

About the Author

book review of any motivational book

Sukalaya Kenworthy is a senior library assistant at the Westport Branch. To join the Inspirational Book Group, e-mail her at [email protected] or call 816.701.3488 for more information. The group meets the third Wednesday of the month at 4:30 p.m. Its selection for January and February is How People Grow: What the Bible Reveals about Personal Growth by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend.

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inspirational book reviews

How to talk with god by joyce meyer.

November 8, 2023 by Joi Leave a Comment

How to Talk With God by Joyce Meyer

How to Talk With God by Joyce Meyer (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Throughout my life, I have  joyfully carried many titles in my life… Christian, wife, mother, daughter, friend, niece, granddaughter, and “ MiMi ” (just typing the name makes my heart sing with joy!). I’ve also considered myself a Prayer Warrior for many, many years. I approach prayer as a warrior would battle – ready to do every bit of my part to battle for the lost, the lonely, the sick, the suffering, children, senior citizens, strangers in the supermarket, etc.

If someone matters to Jesus, they matter to me quite frankly. I keep a running prayer list on a prayer app on my phone as well as prayer cards, and a prayer journal. Praying is one of the most important pieces of my life – as vital as breathing.

As you may imagine, I collect books on prayer from a wide variety of favorite authors – after all, can we ever really learn all we need to know about talking with God? Can we ever receive too much inspiration or motivation to seek God’s face?

Of course not!

How to Talk With God by Joyce Meyer (Amazon Affiliate Link) is the newest prayer book to my personal library and it was such a joy to read, I immediately began re-reading it after the last page!

This is a wonderful little book that I know you’ll love as much as I do. While I’d love to see you add it to your own personal library, I think you’ll find that it also makes an IDEA stocking stuffer for anyone who could use a little extra inspiration in their life.

It’d also be perfect as part of an inspirational and/or Spiritual gift set. I absolutely love it and think that, quite frankly, the world would be a much better, safer, and happier place if more of us spent time talking TO God rather than ABOUT the craziness we see around us.

(Book Review Continued Below…)

How to Talk With God by Joyce Meyer

Perfect Stocking Stuffer!

As I do with all of my books, I underline along the way, make notations in the margins… making it more of an adventure and experience than just reading.

How to Talk With God by Joyce Meyer

I hope you’ll grab a copy of this extraordinary little book asap. Joyce Meyer is one of the authors who most resonates with me and I know she’ll have a very beautiful and similar effect on you. I’ll be adding a lot more Joyce Meyer book reviews – as well as other Spiritual and Christian book reviews very soon, so please watch for them! We could all use a little inspiration in our lives, especially these days.

~ Joi (“Joy”)

Book Review: Before Amen by Max Lucado (Love it!)

June 30, 2022 by Joi Leave a Comment

Before Amen by Max Lucado

Before Amen: The Power of a Simple Prayer (Amazon affiliate link)

One of my GREAT passions is books… in fact, it’d be safe to say I’m obsessed with them. Joyfully so. I collect my favorite authors and genres and consider my book collections to be among my valued possessions.

Max Lucado is one of my favorite authors and absolutely one of the ones I collect. He’s a brilliant writer and his books are unspeakably inspiring, encouraging, informative. I read and reread them. One of the most recent books I added to my collection is pictured here, Before Amen: The Power of a Simple Prayer and it is one of my all-time favorites.

While recently reading another Christian book review about yet another Max Lucado book, I read something I have often thought myself the past few years – Max Lucado, while always an extraordinary author, seems to be getting even better. He has always had a wonderful sense of humor but, somewhere along the way, he has gone from making me smile ear to ear to making me laugh out loud ( something that always makes my cats stare – they’re used to most of my shenanigans but laughing out loud at a book is where they draw the line ).

Max Lucado’s humor, love for God, and unique way of reaching out to his readers come through every single word he writes. I love how informal his books always feel . They’re like sitting and talking to a fellow Christian about the wonders of God, the beauty of all He does for us , and the unmeasurable love He has for us .

In spite of us.

While there are many wonderful Christian authors, Max Lucado in unique (in my opinion) in the way he draws the reader IN and makes you feel like you’re part of the conversation. He doesn’t simply tell you how to enrich your Spiritual life, for example, he prods your brain and awakens your heart and, in essence, guides you to the answer yourself.

I also love how “fast” his books read. They’re written in deliciously short chapters, meaning you will always finish one before closing the book. No searching for where you left off with the bookmark that looks as clueless as you. His books are always so concise – there’s never any extra chapters or wasted words.

To be honest, he has an absolute genius for this and, as an avid book reader, I wish more shared his gift.

Before Amen Review Continued Below…

Before Amen by Max Lucado

Before Amen by Max Lucado

While I am far from perfect, I do manage to get this right: I spend a great, great deal of time in prayer. In fact, I keep a running conversation with God like one I keep with my girls. My three daughters and I are always talking through DMs on Instagram or Twitter when we aren’t physically together. One of us will pop up and either pick up where we left off or we’ll start a whole new avenue of conversation or nonsense (we’re all outrageous when it comes to gifs and memes, so one never knows what we’ll get into).

We love one another’s company and “visit” continually.

When I whispered a prayer to God a few months ago about a young man I saw in Starbucks, it occurred to me…. I keep a continual, “running” conversation going with God. Somewhere along the way, in my walk as a Christian, I allowed the words, “Pray continually” to become part of my identity and it’s one of the smartest things I’ve ever done.

As a Prayer Warrior, I often seek out books to encourage, inspire, and inform me about the WONDERFUL privilege of prayer. As soon as I saw that Max Lucado had a new book titled “Before Amen: The Power of a Simple Prayer,” I ordered it immediately.

Book Description from Amazon:

We all pray. . . some . But wouldn’t we like to pray better? Stronger? With more fire, faith and fervency?

We aren’t the first to struggle with prayer. The first followers of Jesus needed prayer guidance too. In fact, prayer is the only tutorial they ever requested. In  Before Amen , New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado helps readers discover the very heart of biblical prayer, offering hope for doubters and confidence for both prayer beginners and experts.

In this book, Max will help you:

  • Distill prayers in the Bible down to one pocket-sized prayer.
  • Remember that the Good Shepherd has authority over your life.
  • Learn that prayer is simply a heartfelt conversation between God and his child.

Don’t be bogged down by crafting elegant words or apologizing for incoherent sentences. Climb into God’s lap and tell him everything on your heart. Today is the day to let the conversation begin.

“If you’ve never read one of Max’s books, read this one. I promise, you will be inspired.” ~ George Strait

I hope you’ll grab a copy of Before Amen: The Power of a Simple Prayer (Amazon affiliate link) right away, if not sooner.  Like all of Max Lucado’s books, it is exceptional – in fact, it stands out as being one of my absolute favorites. The world needs more Christians on their knees in prayer than ever – people with great, great needs are all around us and they need God more than ever. I hope you’ll take the first step in making your prayer life the best it can be. ~ Joi (“Joy”)

The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson (One of my All-Time Favorite Books)

November 20, 2021 by Joi Leave a Comment

The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson

One of my favorite authors is Mark Batterson (Amazon affiliate link to his Amazon profile page where you can find all of his wonderful books.. you can also find them all on my bookshelves, but that’s another story ). As a prayer warrior and as someone who proactively seeks to walk and talk daily with God, his books have been absolutely invaluable to me, so it’s my honor to share book reviews of his extraordinary books with you, my extraordinary reader friends.

This particular book, The Circle Maker (Amazon affiliate link) was actually the first Mark Batterson book I ever read. Before I was even halfway through the book, I had already gone to Amazon to by my NEXT Mark Batterson book (as well as the prayer journal available for this one… Amazon affiliate link ).

This fascinating book is full of inspiration and information ( impossible to beat a book like that ) and, best of all, it will help you take your prayer life to the next level. In a world where we see people with needs all around us, it has never in our lifetimes been more important to pray meaningful, effective, and life-changing prayers. Obviously, we have our own needs we want to be able to pray for effectively as well.

From the Back Cover of The Circle Maker:

Back Cover of The Circle Maker

From the Back Cover of The Circle Maker

If you aren’t familiar with Mark Batterson’s writing, you will not believe just how humorous and fun his writing is. It’s like sitting down for coffee with the funniest, most energetic, and optimistic friend in your life.

This is the type of author you want to read and re-read because (like a favorite old movie) it seems to be EVEN better each time.

I hope you’ll grab a copy of this amazing book and begin your amazing, revived prayer journey right away. With Christmas right around the corner, it would also make an excellent Christmas gift for anyone in your life… the best kind of gift – the one that could benefit your loved one for the rest of their lifel

Find The Circle Maker (Amazon affiliate link) on Amazon.

About the Author,  Mark Batterson:

Mark Batterson is the lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington, DC. One church with multiple locations, NCC owns and operates Ebenezers Coffeehouse, the Miracle Theatre, and the DC Dream Center. NCC is currently developing a city block into the Capital Turnaround; the 100,000-square-foot space will include an event venue, a child development center, a mixed-use marketplace, and a coworking space. Mark holds a doctor of ministry degree from Regent University and is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty books including The Circle Maker , In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day , Wild Goose Chase , Play the Man , Whisper , and recently released Win the Day . Mark and his wife, Lora, have three children and live on Capitol Hill.

The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson

Inspirational Book Review: The Essential Guide to Prayer by Dutch Sheets

September 6, 2017 by Joi Leave a Comment

What can  I say, I’m all over the place .

Inspirational books have a special place in my heart, for obvious reasons. I mean, can we ever get enough inspiration. I’ll go ahead and answer that… heck no.

The most recent Inspirational book I read was by a favorite author, Dutch Sheets  (Amazon affiliate link). Is that a great name or what? He was born to be either a movie star, author, politician, or baseball player. I’m not sure about his other skill sets, but I’m going out on a limb and saying he chose wisely.  While I’ve read several of this author’s books, I’d count him among my favorite authors if this particular book,  The Essential Guide to Prayer (Amazon affiliate link), was the only one I’d read.

It’s that special.

“Your prayers and mine can make a difference. We must become convinced of this. Our prayers can be irresistible to God and indefensible to Satan. That’s pretty strong language, isn’t it? Do I believe it? Yes, and so can you.” – Page 39

If you were to observe me as I read a book (not exactly must-see entertainment, mind you), you’d be able to tell how special a particular book is by my behavior. When a book is extra special, I take notes that’d impress any college professor. When the book is extra extra special, I will also frequently close the book and just sit and think about what I’ve just read.

With this particular book, I discovered a third level of special… the extra extra extra special level. On this level, I photograph passages to send to my daughters along with heart and praying hand emojis.  All the while knowing I’ll be passing the book along to them to read as well. At least they get the emojis this way and, trust me, my emoji game is strong.

From the Back Cover:

Life-Changing Teaching On the Simplicity of Having A Powerful Prayer Life

A prayer life with God isn’t complex, but sometimes not knowing how to start can be enough to make a person turn away altogether. In  The Essential Guide to Prayer (Amazon affiliate link) you’ll discover that the starting point is to find your motivation for prayer in the power of love by forming a solid relationship with God as Father and Friend. As Dutch Sheets lays the foundation for your motivation to pray, he challenges you to reflect with “Did you understand?” questions at the end of each chapter. Dig deeper into the core of your prayer life by learning to pray effectively both alone and in groups, and by persisting in prayer until you see God’s answers.

The Essential Guide to Prayer (Amazon affiliate link) is a must read for anyone who is interested in improving their prayer life. This beautiful (and very, very funny) book will make you fall in love with prayer again. You’ll be more excited and anxious to pray than you probably have been in years.

Whether, like me, you’ve been praying for nearly as long as you’ve been walking or you’re relatively new to prayer, this beautiful book will do more than just inspire and inform you… it will ignite a fire within you to pray bolder, larger, and further-reaching prayers than you’ve ever dared to pray before.

Although I had been praying faithfully for too many years to count, about three years ago, I read a story on Guideposts.com about a woman who was a “prayer warrior.” The image of her sitting at her kitchen table praying squeezed my heart and I decided, then and there, that I wanted to be a prayer warrior, too. I studied Bible verses about prayer, read great Christian authors, and armed myself with as much information and inspiration as possible.

When you have the compassion and heart for the task, it’s always best to arm yourself with all the information and inspiration you can find.

I wish I had this book years ago – the information would have right there in one beautiful place!

If you’re already a prayer warrior or simply want to improve your own prayer life,  I simply cannot recommend this book enough. It is a fast-reading, fascinating, eye-opening, and heart-stirring book and you will cherish every single word.  This book can take your prayer life to the next level and, as you can imagine, that can make a world of difference – not just in your own life but in the lives of countless others.

You’ll probably even take pictures of passages and text them to everyone you know.  Just don’t forget the emojis.

About the Author:

Doug Sheets is an internationally recognized author, teacher, and speaker. Based in Colorado, he travels extensively, empowering believers for passionate prayer and societal transformation. He has pastored, taught, and served on the board of directors of numerous organizations.

Find  The Essential Guide to Prayer (Amazon affiliate link) by Dutch Sheets on Amazon. This book is one you are going to love.

Review: Life After Heaven by Steven R. Musick with Paul J. Pastor

April 10, 2017 by Joi 1 Comment

Life After Heaven

If (like me) you’re an avid reader, you know the feeling: You’ve read an absolutely wonderful book  – one that has moved and stirred you greatly that you feel like you’ve taken a spin in the blender. You want to tell everyone in your world to read the book… but you recommend books so regularly, you’re afraid they won’t know just HOW much you want them to read this one.

So the challenge is afoot. How do you convey to them that they simply must read this book – if they’ve ever loved or trusted you before?!

Okay, maybe it’s not that dramatic – but it’s close.

I recommend books frequently to my daughters. And, by recommend, I mean I hand them the books and say, “ Oh, girl, you have to r ead this… ” as though they’re still 10 years old, still sitting at the kitchen table, still in our home-school, and still under my “assigned reading” control.

They’re not still any of those things, but I still want them to read the best books. Problem is, with all the reading I do, I’m always coming across great books – so, when I come across one that goes beyond being a “great” book and enters the “blender” zone, I’m met with the challenge of getting my point across… you know, short of sitting on them and reading the book aloud to them.

Kind of like I had to do with Shakespeare with a few of them…

Life After Heaven is an amazing, amazing book. Wherever you happen to be in your Spiritual life, I whole-heartedly recommend this book because it will lead you to the next level. As a Christian, I found this book to be a beautiful accompaniment to my morning Bible reading and Bible study. It opened up my eyes to many Heavenly things I had not considered or thought about.

I am one of those people who (for better or worse) lives VERY much in the moment. I think about my relationship with God as it stands today. I think about my family as they are today. I think about the world (we won’t get into that one right now) as it stands today.

If Life After Heaven only did one thing for me and that thing was open my eyes to the importance of tomorrow, it would have been more than enough. I do find myself more frequently thinking of eternity after reading this remarkable book.

While I know where I will spend eternity, I now think more frequently about others and where they will spend eternity.

After a deadly medical mistake sent a navy sailor to the presence of Jesus, he returned from his near-death experience with new eyes to see the kingdom of heaven in this life. Now he wants to help you experience heaven on earth today. For years Steve Musick kept his amazing story to himself, afraid no one would believe or understand it. A major allergic reaction had stopped his heart, hurling him into a five-week coma and a powerful experience of heaven. After returning to life, he couldn’t forget the memory of that vibrant place—and, most of all, the loving words and touch of Jesus. But that was only the beginning. An amazing series of miracles, dreams, and other supernatural events had been set in motion, showing Steve that heaven was close, even in this life. God was calling him to discover echoes of heaven in the here and now—echoes that can happen at any moment, to anyone—that bring overwhelming joy. At last Steve is ready to tell the story of his journey of a lifetime— two lifetimes. In it you’ll learn the secret of bringing heaven to earth in your everyday world, and how to nurture a relationship with God so real and intimate that you’ll feel his nearness as strongly as Steven did. Experience one man’s incredible vision of heaven—and learn how you can live in God’s presence and power today. 

About the Author

STEVEN R. MUSICK is founder and CEO of Destiny Capital, a respected financial advisory firm. With three master’s degrees in management, financial services, and international economics, Musick has taught at the University of Denver Daniels College of Business. Steve and his wife, Elaine, have three grown sons, three daughters by marriage, and three grandchildren.

PAUL J. PASTOR is a writer, editor, and journalist who loves telling stories of God at work in our world.

 I Cannot Recommend This Book Enough

Note: I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review. The opinions are entirely my own.

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A Study Bible I Use Daily….

book review of any motivational book

The GORGEOUS Dr. Tony Evans Study Bible (Amazon affiliate link) is exactly what you need if you want to get more from your Bible reading. He makes the Bible come even more alive and, in a way uniquely his own, makes each chapter easy to understand… even Revelations!

  • Overcoming Empty Nest Syndrome
  • Coping With Empty Nest Syndrome
  • Don't Just Cope in an Empty Nest, Thrive!
  • How to Be Happy in an Empty Nest

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Regardless of how high you rate your writing abilities, it's always a good idea to check out a competently written Book Review example, especially when you're dealing with a sophisticated Motivation topic. This is precisely the case when WowEssays.com catalog of sample Book Reviews on Motivation will prove useful. Whether you need to come up with an original and meaningful Motivation Book Review topic or survey the paper's structure or formatting peculiarities, our samples will provide you with the required data.

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Free Transformational Leadership Book Review Example

Example of book review on effects of motivation, free book review about publisher: harper perennial, book review: the happiness project by gretchen rubin.

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Drive Book Review Examples

Introduction, example of book review on leadership, good example of cotton mather book review, book review on qualifications: bachelor of arts and phd, civil war historian, pulitzer prize winner, for cause and comrades, the wilding of america and this changes everything book review examples, judgment in managerial decision making book review example, judgment in managerial decision making, example of succeed: how we can reach our goals. a book review book review, an assignment submitted by, leadership for quality book review examples.

This paper has analyzed the problem of what impact does leadership have on quality. The scope of this work involves the specific work in the book called Leadership for quality by an author Juran J.M. It has reviewed various concepts by the author.

The approach to this problem has involved analyzing three functions of businesses, planning control and improvement in quality. Also, an analysis has been made in the work force part in order to get an idea of the factors that will lead to their improvement in quality.

Proper Book Review Example About Contrast Between Old Media And New Media

Institutuion name, free book review on supportive leadership, book review on video review, categories of employees’ complaints.

(What are the specific things the employees are unhappy about? If you were to group their specific complaints together, how might you summarize the kinds of complaints the employees have? You are welcome to create the categories, describe the categories and then list the examples from the video.)

Proper Book Review Example About Affiliate Institution

Book review of “the politics of air pollution” by george gonzalez, example of world war ii- a race war book review, question 2: world war ii- a race war, overcoming the five dysfunctions of a team by p.lencioni book review examples, facilitator name book review examples, executive summary, free professional creativity book review sample, book review on teaching by principles: an interactive approach to language pedagogy, book review, the looming tower book review examples, a coach's influence: beyond the game by grant teaff book review example, a review of the book connected book review sample, publisher: howard books book reviews examples, book review: produced by faith, example of a relatable artistic stance book review, confessions of an economic hitman book review sample, the queen of jhansi book review examples, opinion academic book review, book review on smarthinkings e-structor response form, free unlock behavior, unleash profits: methods for improving cultural integration book review sample, good example of the practice of management by peter drucker book review, most important chapter topic: human intelligence and adolescence book review sample.

Chapter reviews

Chapter 7 Summary: Cognition

Readers can also learn the weaknesses of Piaget’s theory through its critics who look at it as a theory that under-estimates the development of children which can be beyond the factors examined by him. The chapter reading also shows that other modern constructivist theories look at the causes to different cognitive skills. The sociocultural perspective by Vygotsky's looks at the social and cultural influences as the main causes of cognitive development in children. On the other hand, Fischer's dynamic skills framework looks at skill levels as the main course for development (Sigelman, & Rider, 2014).

Important topic: Aging and cognitive skills

Free challenges to admissions in american community colleges book review example, lead like jesus book review, sample book review on whale done book review, autobiography of benjamin franklin book reviews examples, autobiography of benjamin franklin. by benjamin franklin. ed. frank woodworth pine.( garden city, n.y.: garden city pub. co. , 1916.) 343 pp. reviewed by, free sailing the wine dark sea book review example.

“Sailing the Wine Dark-Sea: why the Greeks Matter” is the fourth volume of exploration by the great author Thomas Cahill. The author uses his unfathomable skill in literature and historical experience to take his readers to another world of both entertainment and extreme coverage of historical knowledge. In this book, he tags a wide range of historical unassailable features of the Greek by clearly holding an in-depth narration of the journey covered through the landmarks of art and intense bloodshed that lay the Greek culture in a historical legacy in an estimated period of nearly three millennia ago.

Fix Then Or Fire Them- Managing, Evaluating, And Terminating Underperforming Employees: Book Review Book Review

Mlk why we couldn't wait book reviews examples, urban sprawl, global warming, and the empire of capital by george a. gonzalez book review examples, good book review about creating innovators by wagner, book review on what other nations are doing.

Analysis - Smartest Kid in the World

The Making Of Young People Who Will Change The World By Tony Wagner Book Review Example

Book review: creating innovators:, good book review about how to win friends & influence people, dale carnegie’s suggestions related to marketing, good book review about disciplined people: lifting up organizations from good to great, good hot button marketing book review example, good example of book review on what is unknown about computer supported collaborative learning, reflection of book chapter, willies way book review example, good book review about japanese attack on pearl harbor, free book review about concepts of politics, history book review sample, the book steel my soldiers hearts, brinkley writing assignment book review samples, free book review on the riverman, the me place book review, example of culture and leadership in new zealand book review, introduction culture and leadership in new zealand, a synopsis of c. behan mccullagh's, "bias in historical description, interpretation book review example, role of emotional intelligence in human resource development book review examples, global development perspectives sustainable justice book review examples, the ego and id book review examples, book review ”the ego and the id“.

Book review “The Ego and The Id”

Travel Etcetera The World On Another Plane Book Review Sample

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20 of the Best Motivational & Inspirational Books

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Atomic Habits James Clear

Want to improve your life with as little effort as possible? Yep, us too! Take some tips from James Clear, whose international bestseller Atomic Habits reveals how making tiny everyday tweaks can create massive change. One of the most searched for and best inspirational books around, this is a great read to kick off your year.

Atlas of the Heart by Brené Brown

Atlas of the Heart Brené Brown

If creating more meaningful connections is on your to-do list, flick through the latest of bestselling author Brené Brown’s many inspirational books. The renowned vulnerability and shame researcher delves into the very human – sometimes very sticky – emotions that define and unite us, and begins to demystify the language of connection, bringing us one step closer to one another.

Dare to Lead by Brené Brown

Dare to Lead Brené Brown

There’s a reason Brené Brown’s books are bestsellers. In Dare to Lead , decades of research have been distilled into another marvellous motivational book, in which she shares ideas around what it takes to be a truly great leader. From staying curious and never hoarding power, to learning how to lean into vulnerability, this read can help you achieve connection in the workplace.

Ikigai by Hector Garcia & Francesca Miralles

Ikigai Hector Garcia & Francesca Miralles

On the Japanese island of Okinawa, you’ll find the world’s longest-living people. The secret to their longevity? They say it’s a concept known as ‘ikigai’ – a life purpose, a raison d’être . Having a reason to get up and go in the morning is the key to living a more fulfilled existence, they believe – and in this, one of the gentler inspirational books on the market, the authors help you uncover your own ‘ikigai’ for a more passionate, purposeful life.

Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins

Can't Hurt Me David Goggins

If you love stories of tragedy to triumph, it doesn’t get much better than this. Once depressed, overweight and seemingly with no future, David Goggins used what he now calls ‘The 40% Rule’ to escape his poverty-stricken, underprivileged upbringing, master his mind and become one of the world’s top endurance athletes. Flick through the pages of one of the best motivational books around to learn his method – and maybe even change your life.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist Paulo Coelho

Some of the very best inspirational books don’t fall into the ‘self-help’ category at all and Coelho’s The Alchemist is one such work. On the surface, it’s the sweet tale of a young shepherd going out into the world to find treasure – but the beautifully interwoven messages about following dreams, listening to the heart’s desires, and paying attention to the universe’s often subtle signs are what have made this a modern-day inspirational classic.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic Elizabeth Gilbert

Who better to pen self-motivational books on creativity than those who are thriving in the space? Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the wildly successful novel Eat, Pray, Love , spills her secrets to accessing the creative magic we all have within – and, surprisingly, it’s not as hard as you may think! Dive deep to learn her tips and tricks to write your own bestseller, or simply find more joy in the everyday.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz

Could four simple tenants based on ancient Toltec wisdom really change your life? Don Miguel Ruiz sure thinks so, and with his hit book hanging around on bestseller lists for more than seven years, he might just be onto something. Hands-down one of the best motivational books for anyone looking for simple enlightenment hacks.

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

You Are a Badass Jen Sincero

Need a confidence boost with a side of belly laughs? You Are a Badass is the non-self-help motivational book you need in your life! Written in a fun, light-hearted (and occasionally expletive-laden) way, this book teaches you how to put a new mindset in place so you can do away with limiting beliefs and cultivate a life you love.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Untamed Glennon Doyle

“Who were you before the world told you who to be?” This question is at the very heart of Glennon Doyle’s memoir-turned-life-guide. Hands-down one of the best inspiring books you’ll lay your eyes on this year, it’s a must for anyone in need of liberation from the world’s expectations and lessons in listening to and trusting your soul’s calling.

Make Your Bed by William H McRaven

Make Your Bed William H McRaven

They say small things can lead to the biggest change and author William H McRaven believes it’s true after watching it work in his own life. He shares the 10 principles that got him through not only his hardcore Navy Seal training but also various tough times throughout his life, and reveals how you, too, can use these simple ideas to turn your own life around.

Grit by Angela Duckworth

Grit Angela Duckworth

If ‘success’ is your word of the year, get stuck straight in with one of the most inspiring inspirational books on succeeding. Psychologist Angela Duckworth discovers that reaching our goals is far less about talent or luck than it is about determination, perseverance and passion – aka grit.

Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

Tiny Beautiful Things Cheryl Strayed

Prepare the tissues because this one will make you cry while you soak in all of the beautifully blunt, painfully honest, unbelievably poignant life advice offered up by the author of Wild . This collection of letters and Strayed’s heartfelt responses from her time spent as an Agony Aunt is something truly special.

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

A New Earth Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle has dominated the new-age self-improvement space for decades, changing lives with his best selling motivational books. In this follow-up to his wildly successful The Power of Now , the spiritual teacher shifts the focus from the self to the world around us, offering up ideas around making the world a better, more spiritually evolved place.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse Charlie Mackesy

Whether you’re eight, 18 or 80, there’s something within the pages of this stunningly illustrated picture book for you – just one of the reasons The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse has become one of the best inspirational books on shelves in recent years. There is uplifting beauty in the sweet simplicity of the four titular characters’ discovery of love, hope, vulnerability, friendship, courage and kindness.

Congratulations, By the Way by George Saunders

Congratulations, By the Way George Saunders

In the market for a short, sharp inspiration hit? Add this book to your cart – it’s a speech George Saunders gave to the graduation class of Syracuse University that quickly went viral after being posted on YouTube. Bonus if you’re low on time – it’s one of the shorter motivational books on shelves (but no less meaningful, trust us).

Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King

Good Vibes, Good Life Vex King

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but what about its title? Because this one sounds like a guaranteed winner! Luckily, what’s between the pages is just as promising, with author Vex King sharing his own secrets to overcoming adversity, cultivating positivity and learning to love ourselves, completely and unequivocally. One of the great inspirational books for a new generation.

The Resilience Project by Hugh van Cuylenburg

The Resilience Project Hugh van Cuylenburg

Gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. They’ve become buzzwords in today’s culture and their importance is undeniable – something van Cuylenburg began to understand when he noticed these were the three key traits shared by a group of remarkably upbeat kids despite living in an impoverished community. Explore the transformational power of these traits in one of the most inspiring books on the human spirit.

Attached by Amir Levine and Rachel S. F. Heller

Attached Rachel S. F. Heller

This is the year to get love right. Whether you’re searching for a special someone or want to learn how to make your relationship even better, this page-turner explores the science behind romance and how we can foster and strengthen meaningful relationships and long-lasting love.

Destination Simple by Brooke McAlary

Destination Simple Brooke McAlary

Do you ever just long to slow right down and simplify things? Amidst the chaos and busyness of our lives, the prospect of living with less noise and more intention can feel like a lofty goal, but author Brooke McAlary did it. Here she shares how she made space for slowness by building small steps into every day and, in turn, regained a sense of control, energy and passion for life.

Looking for even more inspirational reads to kick off the year? Discover our New Year, New Goals section and pick up some self-help books, titles to help you pick up a new hobby or some gorgeous lifestyle gifts to get you going!!

book review of any motivational book

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Motivational Books

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

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Steve Maraboli

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book review of any motivational book

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How to get comfortable being uncomfortable, how chatgpt killed retail marketing as you know it, why you need to embrace the suck immediately, the untold neuroscience behind emotional intelligence: this is why you should care, kpis for ceos: the essential metrics for success, unpacking the power of thoughts, the psychology of money: how it actually impacts your ability to be happy, the ten-year rule: a decade-by-decade guide to reevaluating your life, by chris dessi.

Nurturing Mind, Body, and Spirit

Book Review: “Never Finished” by David Goggins

Book Review: “Never Finished” by David Goggins

“Never Finished” by David Goggins is a powerful and inspiring book that provides a unique perspective on the importance of perseverance and determination. Written by a highly accomplished endurance athlete and former Navy SEAL, the book is full of practical advice and personal anecdotes that will help readers push through their own mental and physical barriers to achieve their goals.

One of the key themes of the book is the importance of self-discipline and grit. Goggins stresses the importance of setting and achieving challenging goals, and provides a step-by-step guide to developing the mental and physical fortitude needed to do so. Through his own experiences, he illustrates how to push through the pain and discomfort that come with challenging pursuits, and how to find motivation and purpose even in the face of adversity.

Another strength of the book is its honesty. Goggins doesn’t shy away from discussing the difficulties he’s faced in his own life. He documents a troubled childhood and struggles with depression and PTSD. He is open and candid about the challenges he’s faced. He is also open about the lessons he’s learned. For me, this part of Goggins is the most appealing. There is zero sugar coating. He’s direct. He’s honest. He’s refreshing in every way. These personal anecdotes make the book feel relatable and authentic.

book review of any motivational book

The book is also well-structured and easy to read , with clear and concise writing that is easy to follow. It’s a great read for anyone looking for inspiration and guidance on how to push through their own limits and achieve their goals.

Overall, “Never Finished” by David Goggins is a powerful and inspiring book that offers valuable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to achieve their goals.

This book is well-written, relatable, and filled with valuable lessons that can be applied to any area of life. A light read with heavy impact.

Buy it today. You won’t regret it.

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The Economic Times

The Economic Times daily newspaper is available online now.

6 best motivational books: harness your inner motivation and become the best version of yourself.

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Motivational books are an excellent resource for inspiring people to push past their limits and strive for success. They offer valuable guidance and solutions for overcoming obstacles and difficulties. Motivational novels can also help you establish a positive attitude, boost your self-esteem, and stay focused on your goals. So, stop worrying about anything and keep yourself motivated with these 6 motivational books mentioned below.

Best motivational books

1. You Can, by George Matthew Adams

You Can, by George Matthew Adams

You Can, by George Matthew Adams

2. three thousand stitches: ordinary people, extraordinary lives.

Three Thousand Stitches Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives

Three Thousand Stitches Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives

3. life's amazing secrets: how to find bala by gopal das.

Life's Amazing Secrets How to Find Bala by Gopal Das

Life's Amazing Secrets How to Find Bala by Gopal Das

4. the alchemist paperback by paulo coelho.

The Alchemist Paperback by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist Paperback by Paulo Coelho

5. world’s greatest books for personal growth and wealth.

World’s Greatest Books For Personal Growth and Wealth

World’s Greatest Books For Personal Growth and Wealth

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie : This is a timeless classic that provides practical advice on how to interact with and influence people. This book has been a major influence in business, personal relationships, and life in general for nearly a century, and is widely considered to be an essential guide in communication and interpersonal skills.
  • The Power of a Subconscious Mind : This invites readers to harness the limitless power of their own thoughts to achieve their goals. It provides tremendous insights into how to leverage the power of your subconscious mind to change your life for the better and unleash your life's hidden potential.
  • The Richest Man in Babylon : This is a timeless classic that provides timeless wisdom about money management. Written in a parable format, this book offers valuable advice on how to save, invest, and spend money wisely.
  • Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill : This explains that having a positive mental attitude and faith in yourself are key components of achieving success. The book outlines twelve "Principles of Success" that can be applied to any area of life, helping readers create wealth, build meaningful relationships, and reach their full potential.

6. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fck

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fck

Faqs: best motivational books, q1. what are some of the benefits of reading motivational books, q2. what elements make a good motivational book, q3. how often should someone read motivational books, related products.

Explore the Top Ray Dalio Books for Wealth and Wisdom

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