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How to Invite People to a Party

Last Updated: July 30, 2022

This article was co-authored by Stefanie Chu-Leong . Stefanie Chu-Leong is the Owner and Senior Event Planner for Stellify Events, an event management business based in the San Francisco Bay Area and California Central Valley. Stefanie has over 15 years of event planning experience and specializes in large-scale events and special occasions. She has a BA in Marketing from San Francisco State University. This article has been viewed 305,663 times.

Planning, hosting, and enjoying a good party is a great way to build and strengthen friendships and community! An important but sometimes undervalued element in the success of a party is the invitation. This article will have you writing and sending out excellent invitations - and welcoming in happy guests - in no time!

Social Media Invites

Step 1 Choose a social media platform that most of your friends and acquaintances use.

  • For more information on how to create such events, check out How to Create an Event on Facebook

Step 2 Include all the necessary information.

  • For a casual party, say something like, "I'm throwing a party this Friday at 7! Feel free to stop by."
  • For a formal party, you could say something like, "We'd be honored if you would attend our anniversary party at Ramset Park on the 17th at 12PM. Let us know if you can make it!"
  • Be creative here! Saying, "Hey guys, having a party at 7 on Friday!" won't get them jazzed.

Step 3 If you can, start up a conversation in the event panel.

  • Usually, fewer people show up than RSVP "yes," but the discrepancy can trend in either direction. Especially if it's open and people bring friends.

Stefanie Chu-Leong

Phone Invites

Step 1 If you don’t have them, obtain the phone numbers of those you wish to invite.

  • Before or after dinner is usually a safe bet. People are generally less busy between 5 and 6pm, or after 7pm. Gauge what time they eat dinner (different cultures, different times) and work around that. Earlier in the week is best, too.
  • Don't call too late! Call before 9:30 or 10:00pm. You don't want to wake anyone up with what should be a warm and welcome invitation.

Step 3 Make use of the personal nature of a phone call.

  • Try starting out with the usual pleasantries. "How are you?", "How is work going?", and "How's the family?" are often good starting points. Choose a natural pause in conversation or termination of a subject to bring up that you are having a party.
  • After you have alerted them to the party, you can answer any immediate questions the guest might have, and even gauge interest through tone of voice.

Step 4 Make sure your guest remembers the important party information.

  • Make sure they know what's expected of them. Sometimes getting involved (like bringing a dish) can get them remembering and even looking forward to it.

Step 5 If your guest cannot give an immediate yes or no, set up a time to call them back.

  • If they can't give you a yes or no on the second go-round, it's best to discount them. If they show up, fine, but if they don't, it's no skin of your nose. The party will still go on and it'll be great.

In-Person Invites

Step 1 Approach your guests at a convenient time.

  • For example, instead of saying "You're coming to my party next weekend, right?", say something like "Hey *guest's name*, I'm having a party next weekend. I'd love it if you could come!"

Step 3 Make sure to give them all the necessary information.

  • To avoid guests forgetting information, you can hand out a physical invitation as well. This doesn't have to be a tried-and-true invite so much as a reminder.
  • Short of that, you can offer to write information down or text it to their phone, etc.

Step 4 Chat up your guests.

  • Describe what your party will be like, and how excited you are. You can say something like "I'm really looking forward to it; it's going to be great!" You can also use tone and body language in a personal conversation for added effect.
  • If you don’t have the party’s details nailed down, open them up for suggestions by your guests. Guests are much more likely to come if they had a hand in the creation of your party.

Step 5 Be aware that you may offend people you didn’t invite who overhear your invitations to others.

  • If it's an issue, tell them that you can only have so many people at the party. Because of that, you need them to keep word on the down-low. They'll feel special for making the VIP list!

Email Invites

Step 1 Create an E-card.

  • E-Cards are sent to email addresses just like a normal message, but they include images, sound, and sometimes short animations. E-cards can also be acceptable for semi-formal parties if themed correctly.
  • If you prefer to send a normal email, just include the necessary information, any additional message, and an image if desired. For more information, check out How to Write an Email to a Friend

Step 2 Go to a website that offers free email invitations.

  • There are a dozens of invitation websites out there. If the one your one isn't doing it for you, just go to another one!

Step 3 Enter in basic required information, such as location, date, time, etc.

  • Also consider adding end time, costume specifics, meal details, etc. Anything you think may give your guests a better picture of what the plan is can be useful.

Step 4 Type the email addresses of the people you’d like to invite.

Mailed Invites

Step 1 Make sure to send out written invitations at least two or three weeks before the event.

  • A time before that and people may write it off thinking, "I don't know what I'm doing for breakfast, much less next month!" Too soon and people already have plans. Around 2 weeks out is your best bet.

Step 2 Make sure you have the current and correct addresses of your guests.

  • Have something on the envelope that clearly indicates your invitation is something to be intrigued by. Yours isn't just another piece of junk mail!

General Tips

Step 1 Design your invitation to resemble the party theme.

  • If your party doesn't have a theme, have the invitation mirror the formality of the party. If you're throwing a black tie soiree, keep it simple with a plain border, a fancy font, and to-the-point text. If you're throwing a rave, make your invitation as wild as you'd like.
  • You can also send a mail to your friends and relatives to give an invitation for a party.

Step 2 Include all important information guests will need to know.

  • You may want to include a few selling points if applicable. Will you be having awards for best dressed? Provide beer and wine? Will there be 50 varieties of European cheeses? Give your guests a slight clue as to what you have planned for the evening to whet their appetite.

Step 3 Respect the level of formality of your party.

  • Formal events generally require a bit of advanced notice -- preferably around 2 weeks.

Step 4 Decide how many people total you want at your party.

  • Is it okay for the people you invite to bring friends? How many friends?
  • Do you have a say over who those friends are?
  • How many people can you feed and have drinks for at your party? Does this include friends of friends?
  • If you're having your party at a club, bar, hotel, rented room, etc., does the owner have limits on the number of people that can be there?

Expert Q&A

Stefanie Chu-Leong

  • If you're really looking to impress guests or garner their affirmative RSVP, consider including a small gift or token of appreciation with an invitation. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0

write an invitation to a party

  • If your party is very big or very rowdy, consider putting your valuables in a safe place and moving/protecting meaningful or expensive furniture. Thanks Helpful 21 Not Helpful 4
  • If you invite many people to your event on Facebook at once, you may get flagged as a Spammer. Thanks Helpful 8 Not Helpful 5
  • Emails, messages, and texts are easily forwarded. Consider adding "Do not forward" to the top and bottom. This will help you avoid running short of food, drinks, and other party supplies. Thanks Helpful 1 Not Helpful 2

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  • ↑ Stefanie Chu-Leong. Professional Event Planner. Expert Interview. 24 January 2020.

About This Article

Stefanie Chu-Leong

To invite people to a party in person, schedule a meet-up if you don't already have a regular time you see each other. This will give you time to chat about the event. Invite guests in a way that makes them feel like welcome but not pressured. For example, you could say “I’m having a party next weekend. I’d love it if you could come.” Since it’s easy to forget the details during a conversation, it’s a good idea to use an invitation, note, or text to remind your guest where and when the party will be. For tips on how many people to invite, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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Are you going to have a party for your next birthday? What other types of invitations do you send?

write an invitation to a party

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How to Write a Perfect Party Invitation

Tips on writing party invitations

These days there are tons of ways to customize party invitations, or even design them from scratch. Whether your invite is electronic or printed, adding a personal touch has never been easier.

Related: Catchy Party Names

But what to say ? The tools may have improved, but the art of writing a great invite remains pretty much the same. Read on to learn how to write a party invitation that will have your invitees falling over themselves to RSVP.

Essential Information

Having a snazzy design and clever wording is all well and good, but keep in mind that the main purpose of an invitation is to inform people about an event. The following is a list of things your guests want or need to know if they’re going to attend your party. Unless a piece of info is obvious to all invitees, be sure to include it on the invitation:

Party Purpose/Theme. You probably don’t need to be reminded of this, but it’s important to indicate what kind of party it is ( birthday , Christmas , retirement , etc). If it’s a lesser known theme with special rules/requirements (white elephant gift exchange, costume party), be sure to give invitees the ground rules or at least tell them where they can learn more.

Who’s Hosting. This may be obvious, but somewhere on the invitation it should say who’s hosting the party. Include a phone number and/or email address in case people have questions.

Who’s Invited. In particular, guests want to know if they can bring a date or other family members. For children’s parties, parents want to know if it’s a drop-off event or if they need to be there as well.

Time and Date. The time and date of the event should be prominent. Include the day of the week, and make sure everything is in a familiar format that your guests will have no problem understanding. If the party ends at a certain time, be sure to include that too.

Location. Include the address if it’s a house party, or the building/room number if it’s a work party. If appropriate, you may want to consider including a map as well. That said, with so many people using online maps and smartphone navigation apps, this is definitely optional.

Food and Beverages. You should give potential guests some idea of what you’ll be serving and what, if anything, you expect them to bring. Even if the word “potluck” is right on the invite , it’s best to make it absolutely clear (ex. “Bring a dish to share”).

RSVP Instructions. If you expect people to RSVP, leave instructions at the end of the invitation on how to do so – and what the deadline is. If guests should RSVP by mail, you should also include a phone number or email for those who have questions.

Any Other Pertinent Information. There are so many different types of parties, it’s impossible to create a single checklist that adequately covers all of them. For more detailed tips and wording suggestions, dig a little deeper into this site to see if there’s a page on the specific type of party you’re hosting.

Wording Guidelines

1. Grab Their Attention. A great invitation should generate excitement and have an immediate impact on anyone who receives it. You can do this through a slick design, or through clever wording. The more casual the party, the more playful you can get with the invitation.

2. Make Your Words Match the Images. Ideally, the words should tie in with the look of the invitation. For example, if you’re hosting a Halloween party , you could use the words “I’m feeling thirsty – let’s a have a drink!” next to an image of a vampire.

3. Keep it Short and Clear. If you’re trying to make your invite clever, visually appealing, and chock-full of useful information, you may find that turns into a confusing mess. Don’t let style get in the way of giving your invitees the basic info they need. And if your invite gets loaded down with too much information, consider a followup message with further details – possibly to only those who ask for it or have RSVP’d.

Tips on writing party invitations

Mat Jobe has written for print and online publications for over 25 years. You can read more about him on his Author Bio Page .

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How to Create a Formal Invitation: Word Choice and Design Inspiration

Two formal event invitations with a champagne coup and a pear

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, bridal shower, graduation party, or another celebration for a milestone, words matter. Using the right word choice in an invitation is a great way to set the tone for your event.

Formal invitations show guests what to expect at your event, but they also guide them on what to wear and who’s invited to participate. Using the right words in an invitation imparts an air of elegance and sophistication while setting a high standard for the big day.

So, how do you find the right words to say? Here, we’ll show you exactly how to write a formal invitation. From small details like writing out dates and using formal wording, you’ll discover everything you need to know to craft a beautiful formal invitation that wows your guests.

How to Write a Formal Invitation

Writing a formal invitation is simple once you know what to include and understand a few key concepts. First and foremost, most formal invites have the information completely written out. That means, for these types of invites, you’ll need to ditch the informal abbreviations. Second, formal etiquette involves using proper titles when addressing guests. If you’re inviting someone who is a doctor or in the military, you’ll want to use their correct titles.

Here’s what to include on formal invitations.

Who’s Hosting

One of the key components of a formal invite is the host details. This is particularly important if you’re writing a formal wedding invitation . The host information reflects who’s footing the bill — whether that’s you, your parents, or another family member.

It should be immediately obvious who is hosting the event so put the host details at the top of the invitation. Include the full names of the hosts, including their middle names.

Sometimes, more than one family may be hosting the event. This is particularly common for wedding invitations and graduation parties where divorced parents host a joint celebration. In these cases, list both sets of host names. For formal wedding invites, the names of the bride’s parents should be listed before the groom’s.

In cases where you’re hosting the event with the support of your family, you can precede the host names with the phrase “together with their families.” Here’s an example:

Together with their families

Peter John Smith

Anna Louise Thompson

Invite you to their wedding

To reflect the formality of the event, use phrases like “your presence is requested” and “we request the pleasure of your company” rather than “you’re invited.”

Full Guest Names

Address the invitation  using the full names of all invited guests. Don’t use nicknames or initials and make sure to double-check the spelling for every guest name. For example, if you’re inviting a married couple with the same last name, address the invite to Mr. and Mrs. John Doe. For couples that are not married, write their names on two separate lines making sure to use their full first and last names. For couples that are married but have different last names, put their names on two separate lines using the word “and” to connect them.

If the couple you’re inviting includes two professionals or service members, address them like this: Dr. Julia Smith and Colonel Peter Davis, U.S.N.R. For military members, always make sure to include the agency they work for after their name and title.

Make sure to include all the invitees on the invitation, including all children and plus ones. Formal events typically have a strict guest list so be clear about whether you’re inviting the entire family or just the adults.

Date, time, and location of the event

A proper invite should include all the relevant information for the big day, including the date, time, and location. In contrast to casual invites, you would typically write out this information completely on formal invites. That means you would write the date as “Saturday, the seventeenth of August” rather than “Saturday, August 17th”.

Addresses would also be written out without using abbreviations. Instead of writing 2345 Sunset Dr., you would write 2345 Sunset Drive.

The time of the event should also be spelled out. The time should be followed by phrases such as “in the morning,” “in the afternoon,” or “in the evening.” Use the term morning for events scheduled between midnight and noon, use the term afternoon for events between noon and six p.m., and use the word evening for events between six p.m. and midnight.

Use the word “o’clock” only if the event is on the hour. When the event is scheduled sometime other than on the hour, hyphenate the time. Here are a few examples of proper wording for the time on a formal invite.

  • Six o’clock in the evening
  • Four-thirty in the afternoon
  • Nine forty-five in the morning

Most formal events, including cocktail parties, business events, and weddings, are a time for everyone to get dressed to the nines. If you’re hosting a formal event, you probably have a dress code — after all, you don’t want people showing up in flip flops and a Hawaiian shirt.

Clearly state the desired attire on your formal invitation. State whether the event is a white tie affair — requiring a floor-length dress or full suit — or black tie where guests can wear fancy cocktail dresses or tuxedos. For formal holiday parties, you can ask guests to dress in festive colors.

Most formal invitations include an RSVP card so the hosts know exactly how many guests to prepare for. If you’re sending invitations by mail, you’ll need to include an RSVP card and a pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelope with your return address so guests can return their response card.

The beauty of online invitations  is that you don’t have to organize a bunch of paper cards or deal with the hassle of tracking responses. With digital invitations, you get easy online tracking  for your RSVP  responses and answers to questions about food choices. You don’t have to worry about invitations or responses getting lost in the mail. With Greenvelope, you can see who’s already opened your invitation and who’s responded.

5 Fancy and Formal Invitation Suites

Now that you know the etiquette of formal invitations from wording to what to include, you’re ready to pick out the perfect invite. We’ll show you five stunning ways you can invite guests to your next formal event. If you’d like to see even more invite ideas, check out our full collection of invitations  that offers tons of formal options to choose from.

1. Hydrangeas Invitation

A formal invitation featuring hydrangeas, a dark background, and elegant script

Design: Laura Bolter Design

This elegant invitation  design features delicate hand-lettering and stunning floral blooms to announce a formal event. You can use it to invite guests to a lavish wedding or a formal garden party. The classic typography adds a touch of regal style while the five different accent colors make it easy to match the invitation to your color scheme. The entire suite features coordinating invitations, save the date cards, and thank you cards.

2. Princess Carriage Invitation

A formal invitation for a princess-themed birthday with a carriage and crown

Design: Signature Greenvelope

This sweet birthday party invitation  is the perfect way to throw a fancy soiree for the littlest royal in your home. With whimsical elements and crisp, sophisticated text, it’s a great choice for a formal birthday invitation.

3. Open Floral Wreath Invitation

A formal invitation with a floral wreath border and gold-foil script

Design: Claudia Owen

This delicate invitation  uses scrawling script and understated illustrations to invite guests to a formal party. The open floral wreath creates a touch of sophistication while framing the important event details. It’s a great choice as a bridal shower invitation, baby shower invitation , or formal dinner party invitation.

4. Ombre Laurels Invitation

A formal invitation with a laurel leaf border and modern serif font

Design: Stacey Meacham Design, llc

In this stunning yet simple graduation invitation , watercolor branches gracefully frame modern type to announce a student’s latest accomplishment. It’s a great way to announce a formal graduation party to celebrate hard work and success. Pair it with a graduation announcement  to share the happy news with family near and far.

5. Clean and Elegant Invitation

A formal invitation with modern font and a gold-foil border

Design: WonderWed

This contemporary and elegant invitation  features subtle gold foil accents that add an understated air of sophistication. The envelope liner features marbled veiling and the distinctive, delicate script lends to the fancy design. This wedding invitation wording is a perfect example of how to write a formal invitation.

Fashion a Formal Event with Greenvelope

Whether you’re looking for party invitations for a rehearsal dinner, wedding, birthday party, or graduation, we have you covered. Our collection of event invitations makes it easy to find the perfect match for your formal affair.

From sleek graduation invitation  cards and fancy dinner invitations  to elegant monogram designs , Greenvelope offers a wide range of formal invitations. Choose the perfect design for your event and use the tips above to write the perfect formal invitation for any event.

write an invitation to a party

write an invitation to a party

kids painting at a wedding

How to Word a Party Invitation (with Party Invite Message Examples)

You’re throwing a party! Whatever the occasion is – whether you’re throwing a kid’s birthday party, an anniversary bash, a graduation do or something else – it’s time to celebrate, and you’re planning on sending out party invitations.

Even if your party is casual, sending out paper party invitations is one of the best ways to let people know about the upcoming celebration. A party invite will convey all the important information about when and where to go, as well as what you are celebrating in the first place.

There are various different details that you need to include in your party invitation, and it’s important to word it correctly. This guide will talk you through what you need to include on your party invitation, and give you some wording examples that you can adapt to your own needs.

What Do You Put on a Party Invitation ?

Before you start thinking about how to word your party invites, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the important information that you need to get across.

Who’s Invited?

First and foremost, you need to make it abundantly clear who’s invited to the party. This goes for any party, whether it’s a kid’s birthday party or a grand wedding. The last thing you want is to cater for 20 guests, only for 40 people to turn up because everyone’s brought their partner, or has assumed their child’s siblings are also invited. The best way to do this is to specifically mention the invitee(s) by name on the envelope. For example:

1) “Mr John Smith and Ms Sarah Ellacombe” 2) “Master William Brooks” 3) “Sarah and Nancy McIntyre” 4) “Miss Jade Hewett plus Guest” That way, there can be no confusion.

Why Are You Having a Party?

It’s important that your guests know why you are having the party in the first place. The wording has to be particular when you are trying to communicate a message to your guests. For example, if it’s for a birthday party, make sure that you include the name of the birthday person, and how old they’re going to be (especially if it’s a milestone birthday, or a child’s party). Or for a graduation invitations, include who is graduating and which educational milestone they’ve achieved. For example: “Please join us for Susan’s 8th birthday party!” Or: “You are cordially invited to celebrate Ashleigh’s graduation from Warwick University”.

Who’s Hosting the Party?

Not only is it important to tell your invitees who the party is for, but you should also let them know who’s hosting the party, and at least one way of getting in touch with them. That way, they’ll know who to contact if they have any questions about the party, and they’ll also know who to ask if they need gift recommendations or anything else.

If you don’t mention who’s hosting the party on the invitation, your invitees will contact whoever the party is for (e.g. the person whose birthday it is). This wouldn’t be ideal if it’s supposed to be a surprise party! For example: “If you have any questions, please contact the party host Sharon Mitchell on [phone number]”.

When Will the Party Start and End?

Your guests will need to know what day and time the party will be held. Make sure to be extremely clear, and give an approximate end time as well as a start time (especially for kid’s parties, so that parents will know when to come and pick up their children). You can typically expect guests to turn up between 5 and 10 minutes earlier than the start time you list on your invitation, so keep this in mind. For example, you might write “3:00pm – 5:00pm on Sunday, 28th November 2021”. If there’s no specific end time, you can simply write something like “8pm ‘til late”.

Where Will the Party Be Held?

One of the most important things to include in your party invitation is the location. Whether your party will be held at:

1) The host’s house 2) The birthday person’s house 3) Outside in the local park 4) A booked party hall, such as a town hall 5) A soft play centre, cinema or other venue

It’s vital that you include the full name and address of the venue. Don’t just assume that everyone knows where “Paul’s house” is! For example: “The party will be held at 123 Blackbird Lane, Newtown, NW1 1TN.” If the venue is difficult to find, you can also include directions to guide attendees from the nearest motorway or main road, or even a mini map.

What Will Happen at the Party?

Make sure to tell your recipients what kind of party this is, and what is going to be involved. That way, they’ll know what to wear, whether to eat beforehand, and whether they should drive or get a taxi (if alcohol is going to be served).

You could list the theme, any activities you have planned, and what sorts of refreshments you’ll provide. For example: “Join us for a princess-themed celebration involving a royal buffet, face painting and manicures!”

How to Write a Party Invitation: 6 Top Tips

Now that you know what to include on your invitation and how to word it, it is time to put it all together. Here are our 6 top tips for writing and designing the perfect party invite, whatever the occasion may be.

1. Choose a Themed Invitation

One of the most fun things you can do when you are preparing for a party is picking the theme. Having a theme throughout the entire celebration – dress code, food, gifts, entertainment, decorations – will help the party have a cohesive aesthetic that will make for great photos, and which your guests are sure to remember for years to come.

A great way to tie the party theme together and to help spread the word to guests is to choose a party invitation that also features the same theme. For example, if you’re hosting a child’s birthday party with a clown or circus theme, this Party Clown invitation would be perfect. For a more grown-up girly-themed party with manicures and cocktails, this Fun ‘n Fancy design fits the bill.

2. Use the Right Tone

The tone of voice you use on your party invite will affect how guests are going to view the invitation, and their first impressions of the party itself. That’s why it’s important to use the correct tone when you’re writing the party invitation’s wording.

For example, if your party is going to be a super-formal black tie graduation event or wedding, you’ll want to write the invite in the third person, and avoid using any abbreviations or slang. For example, “Mr and Mrs John Smith invite you to celebrate their sixtieth wedding anniversary.”

For a casual party such as a child’s birthday or a house party, you can use the first person and can use a more informal style of writing that’s closer to normal speech. For example: “Come and join us for little Tom’s 3rd birthday! We hope to see you there!”

3. Address Your Recipients Correctly

When you send out the invitations, it is important to address your guests properly. The envelope should include their titles, along with their first and last names. For example, you can use Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms. You should ensure you spell their first and last names correctly, as well as mentioning if they’re permitted to bring a guest of their own, or bring their child’s siblings along to the party too.

4. Include the 5 Ws

Remember what we discussed previously: who, what, when, where, and why. Don’t forget to include the 5 Ws when you’re writing your invitation! These details are important because they are how your guests are going to know exactly what is going on, what to do, where to go and at what time.

And if there is a certain dress code, if the party is catered, or if your guests need to bring anything extra – let them know. It’s important to keep that line of communication clear for your guests.

There’s nothing worse than forgetting to put vital information on your custom party invitations. Whether it’s a name, date or number, leaving out even a single piece of information can cause invitees to get confused (and then you’ll be inundated with phone calls).

5. Don’t Forget RSVP Instructions

Lastly, remind your invitees that they are going to need to RSVP to your invitation. RSVP stands for “répondez s’il vous plait”, which is French for “please reply” – in other words, “Let me know whether or not you’re coming”. If your guests don’t RSVP, you aren’t going to know who’s coming and who isn’t – and this can have an impact on certain elements of party planning, such as how many guests you need to provide food for.

So, at the end of your invitations you should include either a phone number or an e-mail address that your guests can use to RSVP. Alternatively, you can include a reply card in the envelope with the party invitation. This is a paper slip that invitees can fill out and send back to you to indicate whether or not they’re attending. And don’t forget to include an RSVP deadline! For example: “RSVP by Monday 29th November”.

6. Order More Invitations than You Need

One of the mistakes people make when ordering party invitations is accidentally ordering too few of them. Chances are, you’ve planned out the guest list in advance, and so you’ll know how many people you’re inviting. But it’s always a mistake to order exactly 13 invitations if you’re inviting 13 guests.

Here’s why: 1) If you’ve accidentally forgotten somebody on your guest list, you won’t have a spare invitation to give to them 2) You may lose or misplace one or more invites, or they may get lost in the post, and you won’t have any spares as backups 3) You might make a mistake while addressing an envelope, spill something on an invitation or damage it in some other way

A good rule of thumb is to order 10% more invitations than you think you’ll need, or round up to the nearest 10 (whichever number is more). So if you think you need 16 invitations, round it up to 20, to give you at least a few spares.

Where Can I Order Personalised Party Invitations in the UK?

It’s important to show your guests that you know what you are doing and give them the right information so that everyone has a fun time. If you follow this guide while writing and designing your party invitations , you have no need to worry. You will have included everything that they need to know, and given them contact details just in case they have any more questions.

As to where you can order your party invitations , we suggest a professional stationer such as 123Print . On our website, you can browse through a collection of over 300 party invitation templates – far more than you’d find in any ordinary party shop! You’re bound to find a design that works for your party theme.

Within minutes you can edit your chosen theme online, add all of your party details, and place your order. Your invites will be printed and dispatched within 48 working hours. All that’s left is to address the envelopes! Start your party planning

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15 Birthday Invitation Wording Examples for Every Party

Last Updated: November 2, 2023

All > Birthday > 15 Birthday Invitation Wording Examples for Every Party

Birthdays are hands down the ultimate reason to celebrate! It’s a milestone marking another amazing year of life, whether it’s your own or that of a cherished friend or family member. Whether you’re gearing up for your little one’s epic birthday bash, scheming a surprise party for your best buddy, or planning your very own soiree, sending out invitations is a must.  

Beyond simply requesting the pleasure of someone’s company, invitations are your canvas to convey essential details like the date, venue, and theme of the celebration. So, unleash your creativity and give your invites that personal touch using your favorite colors, fonts, and designs. Go as extravagant or as minimalist as your heart desires, if you ensure those vital party specifics are in there.  

We know that finding the perfect words can be a bit of a puzzle, so we’ve got you covered with a handful of birthday invitation wording examples that balance the informative with the fun. Once all the planning is squared away, you can kick back, relax, and get amped up about all the fantastic birthday gifts that are bound to come your way.  

Birthday Invitation Wording for Kids

If your little one has a birthday coming up and you need help coming up with the perfect invitation, check out these themed kids birthday invitation wording examples for every type of party!

write an invitation to a party

Superhero Birthday Invitation Wording

Attention superheroes, we need your help!

Come save the day at Tristan’s 11th birthday party!

August 19, 2019 | 2:00 PM | 123 Super Road

RSVP to Dad at 123.456.7890 by August 10th

Don’t forget your superpowers and super suits!

write an invitation to a party

Halloween Birthday Invitation Wording

All ghouls and ghosts are invited to

Jamie’s 5th Spooktacular Birthday!

October 31, 2019 | 4:00 PM | 123 Boo! Road

RSVP to Mom at 123.456.7890 by October 20th

Don’t forget your costume!

write an invitation to a party

Royal Birthday Invitation Wording

Here ye, here ye!

By royal decree, you are hereby invited to

Princess/Prince Kendall’s 9th Birthday!

September 20, 2019 | 6:00 PM | 123 Royalty Road

RSVP at 123.456.7890 by September 10th

write an invitation to a party

Animal Birthday Invitation Wording

Calling all party animals!

Join us for a wild time as we celebrate Taylor’s 8th Birthday!

July 7, 2019 | 4:00 PM | 123 Jungle Road

RSVP to Mom at 123.456.7890 by July 1st

write an invitation to a party

Surprise Birthday Invitation Wording


Your next mission is to surprise Agent Jordan on his

12th birthday!

All agents should report to:

123 Secret Road on May 27th at 3:00 PM

Confirm with special agent Mommy at 123.456.7890

Remember, this is a top secret so don’t give away the surprise!

write an invitation to a party

1st Birthday Invitation Wording

He/she is sweet as sugar and so much fun

Come and party because Hayden is 1!

June 26, 2019 | 10:00 AM | 123 Cutie Road

RSVP to Mom at 123.456.7890 by June 20th

write an invitation to a party

Under the Sea Birthday Invitation Wording

Splish Splash at Brandon’s Birthday Bash!

Please join us for a celebration

Sunday October 28 | 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM

RSVP at 123.456.7890 by October 20th

Birthday Invitation Wording for Adults

It is hard to come up with the perfect birthday invitation wording for an adult’s party. Finding that balance between too childish and too crass can be a challenge. Browse through these ideas for every type of party for some inspiration!

write an invitation to a party

50th Birthday Invitation Wording

Aged to perfection

Est. 1969 | 40 years

Please join us for a celebration in honor of John Smith

August 30, 2019 | 7:00 PM | 123 Quality Road

RSVP at 123.456.7890 by August 22nd

write an invitation to a party

40th Birthday Invitation Wording

Let’s Celebrate!

Join us in celebrating Julie’s 10th anniversary of turning 30!

December 12th, 2019 | 4:00 PM | 123 Party Road

RSVP to Mom at 123.456.7890 by December 6th

write an invitation to a party

General Birthday Invitation Wording

Jaden is turning 35!

Please join us for drinks and desserts on September 13th

9:00 PM | 123 Party Road

RSVP at 123.456.7890 by September 3rd

write an invitation to a party

Shhh…It’s a surprise!

Ryan is turning 25!

Join us for a surprise birthday celebration for the man/woman of the hour!

November 10th, 2019 | 8:00 PM | 123 Gotcha Road

RSVP at 123.456.7890 by November 3rd

Funny Birthday Invitation Wording

If you are planning a party for a goofball, try one of these funny birthday invitation wording ideas. These invites are sure to have your guests laughing!

write an invitation to a party

Funny 30th Birthday Invitation Wording

Stacey is turning 30 and she is wining about it.  

Come join us for wine and desserts as we celebrate

Stacey’s 30th birthday!

June 23, 2019 | 7:30 PM | 123 Merlot Road

RSVP at 123.456.7890 by June 15th

write an invitation to a party

Funny 40th Birthday Invitation Wording

In dog years, I am dead

Come help us celebrate Jack’s 40th birthday

July 11, 2019 | 6:00 PM | 123 Dog Road

RSVP at 123.456.7890 by July 5th

Dinner will be provided.

write an invitation to a party

Funny 50th Birthday Invitation Wording

I am not 50! I am 25 with 25 years of experience.

You are invited to a dinner party on the 5th of September.

4:00 PM | 123 Experience Road

RSVP at 123.456.7890 by August 27th

write an invitation to a party

Funny Adult Birthday Invitation Wording

In the year 1990

Tim Berners-Lee created the first web server • Nelson Mandela was released from prison • launch of the Hubble Space Telescope • “The Simpsons” is aired on Fox for the first time • Home Alone was the Top Grossing movie • Smoking banned on all flights

Best of all, Charlie Smith was born!

Come celebrate with us!

July 30, 2019 | 7:00 PM | 123 Events Road

RSVP at 123.456.7890 by July 22nd

What to Write on a Birthday Invitation

write an invitation to a party

Be as creative as you would like on the birthday invitation wording! Give your guests a taste of the party you are planning with the perfect wording and beautiful design. Make sure you include all the important details by following these tips:

  • Include the name of the honoree.
  • Use colorful language that matches your theme.
  • Mention the date, time and address.
  • List contact information and date to RSVP.
  • Provide extra details (ex: wear a costume or bring a date).
  • Ask for gifts.
  • Forget to mention if it is a surprise party.
  • Be too vague.

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An invitation to a party

An invitation to a party

Listen to some phone messages with directions to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Automated message: You have two new messages. Message number one, received today at 3.45 p.m.

Hi, it's me. How's it going? I guess you're at work and you don't have your phone on, right? First of all, thank you, THANK YOU for the birthday card and message. I received it this morning. That's so nice of you. I'm organising a little party for my birthday. It's nothing very big – only a few of my best and closest friends. That means you too! We're going to have it at my cousin's house. She lives in the countryside in a nice big house with a swimming pool. I'd love to see you there. It's going to be this Friday. I'll send you the instructions on how to get there later, OK? 

Anyway, have fun at work. Don't work too hard, OK? Talk soon.

Automated message: You have two new messages. Message number two, received today at 5.15 p.m.

Aw, you're still not answering your phone! OK, here are the instructions to get to my cousin's house for the party. Are you going to take your car? If you take the car, drive straight on Forest Road until you get to the motorway. Drive past Brownsville and take exit 13A. That's 13A. You drive down the road there and turn left. It's the first big house on the right. OK? If you're taking a bus, you can get the number 80 to Brownsville. Call me when you get there and somebody can pick you up in a car. I can't wait. This is going to be so great!

Is it easy to get lost in your town? Have you ever given directions to a visitor?

Language level

My town’s small, I think unreal get lost there. Also you can see traffic signs and you can ask for help. I never gave directions to visitors, because my town’s small and not much people go there.

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My town is quite big, so for visitors can be easy to get lost. It happens to me to give directions especially in English, and I try and be as much clear as I can. Fortunately, today google maps support me in giving the best directions to them.

Is it easy to get lost in your town? Have you ever given directions to a visitor? Yes, it can be difficult if you don't know the roads very well. I often have to give directions when I'm expecting visitors, and I'm not very good at giving directions. I always confuse people.

Yes ,I have do it but I am not good in description .I prefeer go with him .

Hello everyone.I live in small ukrainian city-Ivano-Frankivsk.I think that my city very comfortable and you have very little chance of getting lost in my city.I often give direction to a visitor.

yes of course, you can get lost in my city, because my city is the capital. There are so many people here and transportation is congested. Someone asked me for directions to a place I didn't know. So I suggest using google map.

Well. I live in small town. It’s called Belgorod. I really don’t often go outside and if it happen i will choose my neighbourhood to walk around and breathe. But sometimes my mom got lost when she was trying to get to somewhere which is not popular place, although she has been living in Belgorod since she was born. Her husband always help her with her road problems.

I live in a smalltown called Crato. I usually give instructions with my phone messeges somebody can until to stay lost lol, but I trying do my best.

I live in Cairo it’s big town so I always lose when I want to go somewhere so I use location or ask somebody people here are so nice and friendly if I ask anybody can give me instruction to go where I want the problem I can’t give instruction to anyone because I’m going to lose him 😄

Yes, it is. I have lived in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. It's so crowded and many small street, so it's easy to be lost. I've gived intrustion for a group of foreigner from Korea go to us hotel on the beach.

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The Best Birthday Invitation Wording Tips, Ideas, and Examples

Written by  Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Birthday Invitations

Personalization is Key

Include essential information, set the tone with wording, inject humor and playfulness, emphasize the importance of attendance, mention special activities.

  • Maintain the Mystery With Surprise Invites
  • Sweet 16 Wording
  • 30th or 40th Wording
  • 50th Wording
  • 70th or 80th Wording

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Maintain the mystery with surprise birthday invitations, birthday invitation wording for every age, sweet 16th birthday invitation wording.

Sweet 16 birthday invitation card with personalized wording

30th or 40th Birthday Invitation Wording

40th birthday party invitation card with sample wording

50th Birthday Invitation Wording

50th birthday invitation template with photo

70th or 80th Birthday Invitation Wording

Birthday party invitation for a 60th, 70th, or 80th birthday

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21 Party Invitation Email Templates to Kickstart Ticket Sales

write an invitation to a party

Your invitation email is an often underrated part of the event planning process. It’s your chance to grab people’s attention and stir up interest in your event. Without the right words, your invitation could go unread in a sea of other emails. That’s why we’re offering tips on crafting the perfect invitation to engage your audience and get them excited about your event. We’ve also included 21 email party invitation free templates for you to customize.

6 important elements for a catchy party invite email

What makes for a good event invitation email ? Below are the basic elements you should cover:

1. Include essential event details

Your email should include basic details about your event, such as the date, time, and location. You should also mention the dress code and what they can expect from your event.

2. Keep it brief

Keeping your invitation brief increases the chances of it getting read. Plus, you want the reader to get key information quickly. What’s a sweet spot? Aim for no more than 100 words.

3. Add personality with images and graphics

Not only are images visually pleasing, but they also help to get your message across. And emails with graphics are more likely to be remembered and shared — increasing your reach and exposure.

4. Remember the call to action

Your call to action is what prompts the reader to respond to your invitation. Simple phrases such as “RSVP now” or “Register today” encourage your invitees to buy tickets for your event.

5. Craft an attention-grabbing subject line

Your email has about three seconds to grab your audience’s attention, so your event email subject line has to be enticing enough to get a click. Also, aim to keep your subject lines between 7-9 words.

6. Create intrigue with email preview text

The event invite subject line captures their attention, but the preview text helps reel them in. It should give a brief overview of the email and entice the reader to want to know more.

Party invitation email templates

From the main event to the after-party, you’ll find an email party invitation template to suit any occasion below.

Dance party

Get people pumped for your dance party with an email that describes your event and instills a little FOMO.

Here’s what you can say:

Subject Line: Join us for a night of nonstop dancing

Preview text: Get your dancing shoes ready

Email body:

We ‘ re thrilled to invite you to our upcoming dance party event! Get ready to let loose and have fun.

Date: [DATE]

Time: [TIME]

Location: [LOCATION]

We have an exciting line-up of music and entertainment, including a live DJ and special guest performances that will keep you dancing all night long.

Come along and make musical memories that will last a lifetime.

RSVP by [DATE] to confirm your attendance.

See you there.

Brunch party

Appeal to people’s appetites with an invite that gives a sneak peek of your brunch menu.

Subject Line: Sip, savor, and socialize at [EVENT NAME]

Preview text: We’ve saved you a seat

Begin your day with breakfast and bubbly at our brunch event.

We’ve planned a brunch experience like no other, with a unique twist to the traditional brunch menu, featuring a variety of delicious dishes and refreshing drinks.

RSVP by [DATE] to reserve your spot.

We can’t wait to see you there.

Take this opportunity to set the scene for your invitees. Be sure to note where your boat will be sailing and where guests are to meet.

Subject Line: We’re making waves at [EVENT NAME]

Preview text: Spaces are filling up fast

Get ready for a day of sun, sea, and good company.

We have chartered a boat for the occasion, complete with all the amenities to make your day on the water comfortable. We’ll be cruising around the [NAME OF LOCATION], taking in the beautiful scenery and enjoying the fresh air.

Sound good? RSVP now to reserve your spot.

We can’t wait to set sail with you.

Event after-party

Encourage event-goers to keep the party going with this invite idea. Remember to add elements that make the event enticing.

Subject Line: After-hours fun and entertainment await

Preview text: The party’s just getting started

The main event may be over, but the party isn’t.

Join us for our after-party event, where the fun and entertainment will keep going long into the night.

You’ll enjoy live music by [MUSICAL GUESTS OR ENTERTAINMENT] and a delectable food and beverage menu curated by [CATERER NAME OR RESTAURANT].

Experience a night to remember. RSVP today.

Screening party

Give invitees the VIP treatment with an invite that makes them feel special.

Subject Line: Your invitation to an exclusive screening of [NAME OF MOVIE]

Preview text: Be one of the first to get a sneak peek

You’re invited to join us at [LOCATION] on [DATE AND TIME] for a special viewing of [NAME OF MOVIE].

After the movie, you’ll enjoy an exclusive Q&A from the cast and other surprises.

For full details, visit [EVENTBRITE LISTING LINK].

Hope to see you there.

Charity party

A charity event email invitation is your chance to let invitees know about your cause and how their attendance will make a difference.

Subject Line: Make a difference with us at [EVENT NAME]

Preview text: Have fun for a worthy cause

Come out for a night of entertainment, laughter, and good food — all for an amazing cause. We invite you to join us for [AFTERNOON/EVENING] of [ACTIVITIES AND EVENT HIGHLIGHTS].



Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit [YOUR CAUSE]. [BRIEFLY EXPLAIN YOUR MISSION].


Learn more here [EVENT LISTING LINK].

If you can’t attend, please consider making a contribution [LINK TO MAKE A DONATION].


Fashion week

This type of email is perfect for any style or fashion-themed event .

Subject Line: Don’t miss the party of the season

Preview text: Here’s your front-row seat to fashion week’s best party

Experience the latest trends and styles during this exclusive event.

Dress in your finest duds and enjoy an [AFTERNOON/EVENING/NIGHT] full of mingling, music, and a good time. We have an exhilarating itinerary lined up — including [DESCRIBE EVENT ACTIVITIES/HIGHLIGHTS].

Want to join us? RSVP by [DATE] / [LINK TO RSVP].

See you soon.

Let invitees know what to expect from your pool party. Be sure to use language that lets them envision the fun.

Subject Line: Dive into a good time at [NAME OF EVENT]

Preview text: Make a splash

Bask in the sun’s rays and take a dip at our [NAME OF EVENT].

Enjoy an [AFTERNOON/EVENING] of good food and laughs. Our mouthwatering menu includes eats from [CATER/RESTAURANT/CHEF] with a delightful selection of craft-brew and summery cocktails.

And we’ve got other fun activities, too. [LIST OTHER ACTIVITIES]

Ready to join us? Great! RSVP by [DATE] [LINK TO RSVP].

Murder mystery

This is your opportunity to instill a bit of intrigue and get invitees interested in your murder mystery event .

Subject Line: Whodunnit? Join [EVENT NAME] to find out.

Preview text: Your invitation to the ultimate mystery

You’re cordially invited to a thrilling night of mystery and intrigue at [NAME OF EVENT].

Channel your inner Clue character and work to solve the crime. A prize awaits whoever can successfully guess whodunnit. You’ll also enjoy an [AFTERNOON/EVENING/NIGHT] of [OTHER EVENT ACTIVITIES/HIGHLIGHTS].

Reserve your spot today [LINK TO RSVP].

P.S.: Costumes are encouraged but not required.

Launch party email templates

A launch party invitation gets people excited about a brand-new product, service, or business. It’s typically sent to potential stakeholders, so ensure that your invitation contains information about what you’re launching.

Product launch party

Create a buzz for your new product with an email party invite that briefly explains what the product is. In addition to your invite, follow these strategies for a successful product launch .

Subject Line: Be the first to know [PRODUCT NAME]

Preview text: Mark your calendar for this special event

Join us for the launch of [PRODUCT NAME].


You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Be among the first to see our new [PRODUCT NAME]
  • Meet the team behind [PRODUCT NAME]
  • Learn more about the features and benefits
  • Test and experience [PRODUCT NAME] firsthand

We are excited to share this moment with you and would love for you to be a part of it.

Venue launch party

Stir up interest in your new venue with an alluring event invitation. This party invitation email sample uses language that creates a sense of exclusivity.

Subject Line: Join us for the grand opening up [VENUE NAME]

Preview text: Be one of the first to experience [VENUE NAME]

Come and celebrate the opening of [VENUE NAME].

It’ll be a night to remember with [EVENT HIGHLIGHTS/ACTIVITIES]. And that’s not all — we have more surprises in store.

Tickets are selling fast, so RSVP [LINK TO RSVP] to reserve your spot for this experience of a lifetime.

Exhibition opening night

Fuel curiosity in eager learners with an intriguing invite to your exhibit.

Subject Line: Experience the unveiling of [EXHIBITION NAME]

Preview text: Be ready to explore the world of [EXHIBITION THEME]

Come and enjoy an immersive walk through [EXHIBITION THEME].

Here’s what you can expect: [EVENT ACTIVITIES/HIGHLIGHTS].


Spaces are limited, so sign up to reserve your spot [LINK TO REGISTER].

Launch party for a retail business

Drum up anticipation for your new retail business with an energetic invitation. This party invitation email template also entices invitees with its one-time-only offer.

Subject Line: Come and discover your new favorite [RETAIL BUSINESS TYPE]

Preview text: We’ve got something amazing in store

Join us on [DATE] at [LOCATION] for the grand opening of [BUSINESS NAME].

You’ll have the opportunity to browse our wide selection of [PRODUCTS OFFERED] and enjoy good eats prepared by [CATERER/CHEF/RESTARAUNT].

Don’t miss out on the [BUSINESS NAME] shopping experience. Get your tickets now [LINK TO EVENT LISTING/CHECKOUT PAGE].

P.S.: We will be offering special discounts for our opening day only, so make sure to come and take advantage of them.

Celebration and holiday party email invite templates

People are always looking for a reason to celebrate, and these invitation email templates will help get them in the mood to party.

Awards party

For an awards event invite, briefly explain the purpose of the awards and why the recipients are being honored.

Subject Line: We’re honoring excellence at [EVENT NAME]

Preview text: Your invite to an evening of celebration and recognition.

Join us at [LOCATION] on [DATE AND TIME] to celebrate the [NAME OF AWARDS].

This year’s event will feature [EVENT ACTIVITY OR ATTRACTION] to mark the occasion.

The [NAME OF AWARD] honors [PURPOSE OF AWARD]. This year’s honorees include:


For further details, visit our listing [LINK TO EVENTBRITE LISTING].

Business anniversary

A business anniversary is a big deal, so your invitation should express how grand the occasion is.

Subject Line: Celebrate with us — we’re turning [AGE OF BUSINESS]

Preview text: It’ll be a night you won’t forget

It’s our birthday. Join us at [LOCATION] on [DATE] from [START TIME] to [FINISH TIME] for a special celebration.

It has been an exciting [NUMBER OF YEARS] years since we opened our doors, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of valued customers like you.


It’ll be a night to remember, so don’t forget to RSVP [LINK TO RSVP].

We look forward to celebrating with you.

Holiday party

When crafting a holiday event invitation, always go for a convivial vibe. This invitation email for party guests creates a sense of community.

Subject Line: You’re on our nice list: join us at [EVENT NAME]

Preview text: Get ready to jingle and mingle

Don your finest festive attire and come along to [LOCATION/DATE/TIME] for some holiday fun.

You’ll enjoy:


We also encourage you to bring your family and friends — the more, the merrier.

Get your tickets before they sell out [LINK TO BUY TICKETS].

We look forward to celebrating the holiday season with you.

New Year’s Eve event

Stir up anticipation for your New Year’s Eve party by letting invitees know what’s in store.

Subject Line: Ring in the new year at [EVENT NAME]

Preview text: Start the new year off with a bang

We’re excited to invite you to our annual New Year’s Eve celebration. As we welcome the new year, we want you to join us for a night of fun, music, and entertainment.

Here’s what you can expect:

Last year, we had a ton of fun with [EVENT HIGHLIGHT]. This year, we’re taking it up a notch with [NEW EVENT ACTIVITY].

You don’t want to miss this, so RSVP today (tickets are selling fast) [LINK TO RSVP].

Halloween party

The holiday is all about spooky good fun, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your wording. This invite is sure to get people excited for your Halloween event .

Subject Line: [NAME OF HALLOWEEN EVENT] — Join us if you dare

Preview text: A ghoulishly good time awaits you

Get ready for a spooky night of fun and frights at [NAME OF EVENT].

This year’s event is going to be bigger and better than ever with [LIST EVENT ACTIVITIES/HIGHLIGHTS].

We encourage you to come in your best costumes for a chance at one of our great prizes.

It’s going to be a night you won’t want to miss, so mark your calendars and RSVP by [DATE] [LINK TO RSVP].

We look forward to celebrating Halloween with you.

Firework display

Spark interest (pun intended) with an invitation that promises a night of stunning entertainment.

Subject Line: You’re invited to our fireworks spectacular

Preview text: Celebrate [OCCASION] with a jaw-dropping display

Let the sparks fly at our [EVENT NAME] as we [CELEBRATION TYPE]. The festivities will take place [DATE/TIME] at [LOCATION].

Here’s what we have in store:

Reserve your seat now [LINK TO REGISTER].

Virtual party email invitation templates

Attract party-goers to your virtual event with these enticing email invitation templates.

Virtual dance party

Hype up your virtual dance party with an invitation that lets guests know that a good time is waiting.

Subject Line: Move and groove at [EVENT NAME]

Preview text: It’s time to get the virtual party started

Dance like nobody’s watching at our [EVENT NAME].

Join us [DATE] from [START TIME] to [END TIME] for a night full of dancing and nonstop fun.

No matter where you are, you can enjoy [EVENT ACTIVITY/HIGHLIGHT]. All you need is a strong internet connection and boundless energy.

You’ll receive a [VIRTUAL PLATFORM] link after you register.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today [LINK TO CHECKOUT PAGE].

Virtual listening party

When creating a listening party invite, mention if it’s a premiere or otherwise exclusive event. This type of invitation suits a music listening party or podcast launch event .

Subject Line: Hear that? It’s the sound of [BAND/MUSIC ARTIST/PODCAST]

Preview text: Be the first to hear new [CONTENT] from [BAND/MUSIC ARTIST/PODCAST]

Come and discover new sounds from [BAND/MUSIC ARTIST].

This once-in-a-lifetime event will take place on [DATE] at [TIME] via [VIRTUAL PLATFORM]. All you’ll need is a device with an internet connection to join us.

Here’s what you expect:


You’ll also have the chance to ask questions and chat with [BAND/MUSIC ARTIST/PODCASTER].

Check out further details on our Eventbrite page [LINK TO EVENTBRITE LISTING].

Amp up attendance with engaging email templates

The next time you craft an email invite to party enthusiasts, refer to these templates. From sending invites to advertising the big day, Eventbrite has everything you need to create the perfect experience.

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Wedding , Etiquette

How to write an engagement party invitation

An engagement party invitation with an arch-shaped text box and an ornate frame with a gold champagne glass. The invitation is paired with a pink and gold envelope and is surrounded by greenery, a gold pen, and a small box.

December 26, 2023

First things first, congratulations are in order for the engaged couple. And since so many friends and family members want to help congratulate the couple, why not throw an engagement party? After all, getting engaged really deserves its own celebration, and the engagement party deserves its own invitation.

They decided to put a ring on it, so now you have to decide what to write in your  engagement party invitations . Whether you’re sending out invitations for your engagement party or planning one for a daughter, son, or loved one, we’ll help you nail down the specifics and get a little creative with your engagement invitation wording.

Table of Contents

What should be on an engagement party invitation?

As with the rehearsal dinner or the wedding shower, the engagement party invitation wording should include all the important details to make sure guests know what to expect. Being thorough with your invitation wording will make the planning process much smoother for you and your guests. Plus, it will save you from last minute calls if all the FAQs are on the invite.

Date and time

Of course, you’ll want to include the engagement party’s date so guests can mark their calendars. You’ll also want to let guests know what time to arrive, and include an end time if you’ve booked your venue for a specific window or simply don’t want the party to go too late.

Venue location and address

Make sure to include your engagement celebration location, whether it’s your home or local event space. Include the full address as well for guests who might now be familiar with the venue. Including the location makes it easy for guests to reference the invitation when planning their commute, drive, or hotel stay for out-of-town guests.

“ Pompas Bouquet ” by Paperless Post.

The names of the happy couple 

Because you might be inviting guests (such as colleagues and close friends of the couple) who don’t know you personally, make sure to include the bride’s name and the groom’s name so they know who’s party they’re attending. 

Who is hosting the party

It’s always nice to let guests know who is hosting the party. Especially if you are sending the invitation, but joint hosting with someone else. For example, if the bride’s parents are hosting with the groom’s parents, make sure everyone’s names are listed on the invitation as a courtesy. This also lets guests know who to reach out to if they have any questions surrounding the engagement party directly.

RSVP details

Make sure guests know how and when to RSVP. If you’re sending printed invitations, let them know who to call to RSVP, or if you are requesting regrets only. If you are sending online invitations through Paperless Post, the RSVP button is included with each invitation. For both online and print invitations, make sure also to set an RSVP deadline to ensure you have the final headcount in time for the party.

Parking information

If you’re hosting in a car-friendly city, it’s a kind gesture to include a line about parking so guests can plan. For example, “free parking available” or “complimentary valet parking.”

How do you address an engagement party invitation?

With engagement invites , you don’t have to follow the strict formal wedding invitations etiquette. Instead, address all the guests you’re inviting to the engagement party as you would for another celebration like a dinner party, housewarming party, or a bridal shower.

You can also let the formality of your party dictate the formalness of your invitation. If you’re hosting a more formal cocktail party, use full titles with first and last names. For example, “Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Jane Smith.” If you’re hosting a more casual get-together, use just first and last names. For example, “Tom and Jane Smith.”

“ Bubbly Photo ” by Paperless Post.

Engagement invitation wording tips.

Unlike a formal wedding invite, you’re allowed to have a little fun with your engagement invitation card wording. Don’t stress over the perfect invitation. Instead of formal phrases you’d typically find on wedding stationery, use copy that plays up your theme or design. For example, “We’re tying the knot” for a nautical themed or beach party, or “Pop the Champagne” to tie together a gold theme. 

Don’t be afraid to acknowledge gifts on your engagement party invitation wording. Though other pre-wedding parties like bridal showers often include registry information, gifts aren’t traditionally given at an engagement party. You may want to add a simple phrase such as “no gifts please” to your invitation.

“ Smash Cut ” by Paperless Post.

If you’re at a loss for words, consider choosing a photo invitation with minimal wording and using these  templates  from Paperless Post. You can upload a photo of the engaged couple, and the picture will take up most of the real estate on the invitation, leaving you with very little wording to edit or fill out yourself.

Engagement invitation wording examples

The tone of your invitation will vary dramatically depending on what kind of party you’re throwing. The wording you use for a formal cocktail party will be very different from the wording for a backyard barbecue. You can use the engagement invitation ideas   themselves to spark wording as well.  Keep that in mind, as you read some of our favorite engagement party invitation wording examples to get your wheels turning:

If you’re hosting your own engagement party

It’s your party; you can send the invitation if you want to! Feel free to get a little more personal or sappy with your wording, than someone hosting for you could. 

We’re engaged!

She said yes

He said yes 

We’re getting married

We’re tying the knot

Cheers to our forever

Our greatest adventure yet

Celebrate with us!

Joining hands, joining hearts

We’re going to the chapel

“ Opulent ” by Schumacher for Paperless Post.

If you’re hosting in honor of the engaged couple

When in doubt, keep it short and sweet. If the couple didn’t send an engagement announcement , some guests might be finding out the couple is engaged with this invitation—so use a celebratory tone! 

They’re engaged

Let’s celebrate

It’s time for a celebration

Join us to celebrate [Name] and [Name]

It’s official! [Name] and [Name] are engaged

[Name] and [Name] are getting married

[Name] and [Name] are tying the knot

The best is yet to come

[Name] asked, [Name] said yes

Wedding bells will soon be ringing

First comes love

Formal engagement party invitation wording

If you’re hosting a formal affair, make sure the tone of your invitation wording reflects that.

Please join us to celebrate the engagement of [Name] and [Name]

Join us for an engagement party celebrating [Name] and [Name]

With love and much joy [Name] and [Name] invite you to celebrate their engagement

Join us to celebrate the future Mr. and Mrs. [Last Name]

“ Uncorked ” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio for Paperless Post.

Cocktail engagement party invitation wording

If you’re hosting a boozy soiree or cocktail hour, give guests a hint with these drink-themed phrases. 

It’s time for a toast

Raise your glass 

This calls for Champagne 

Pop, Fizz, Clink!

Cheers to [Name] and [Name]

Cheers to the hoppy couple

He popped the question, let’s pop the cork

Themed engagement party invitation wording

Get guests excited about your party theme with unique and creative wording.

Join us for an “I Do” barbecue 

Brunch and bubbly for the happy couple

Let’s taco ‘bout love

Taco ‘bout an engagement party

Let’s fall in love 

You’re my lobster 

Funny engagement party invitation wording

Marriage is all about making each other laugh, right? Kick-off their engagement with a bang and a line that’s sure to make your guests smile.

Yes, there will be an open bar 

We’re doing the damn thing 

This just got real 

She said yaaas

He said yaaas

Cheers to the love birds

He put a ring on it 

She put a ring on it

We’re getting hitched

Eat, drink, and soon to be married 

OMG, we’re engaged 

Surprise engagement party invitation wording

Are you hosting an engagement party right after the proposal? Surprising the couple with a party? Make sure your wording is crystal clear, so guests know to keep mum.

It’s a surprise! 

Can you keep a secret?

Shhh! [Name] and [Name] are getting engaged

Shhh! [Name]’s getting engaged 

Once you’ve picked the perfect phrase for your invitations, it’s time to brush up on your engagement party etiquette . The engagement party is the first celebration of the couple’s wedding, so make sure things go smoothly with our master guide.

Browse Engagement Party Invitations

Ready to start on your engagement party invitations ? Paperless Post has a wide selection of customizable invitation designs that you can edit in minutes. Use the example copy, or personalize the template with your own wording if you’re feeling inspired.  Looking for more inspiration on what type of party to throw? Find our guide to engagement party ideas you’ll fall in love with .

Hero image: “ Champagne Frame ” by Paperless Post.

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English Aspirants

Write a Letter to Invite Your Friend to Your Birthday Party [6 Examples]

Invitation letter for birthday party to friend: In this article, you are going to learn how to write a letter to invite your friend to your birthday party. Here, we’ve given 6 sample letters on this topic. These letters will be helpful for students of all the classes (class I to XII). So, Let’s start.

1. Write a Letter to Invite Your Friend to Your Birthday Party

18 Park Street Kolkata 700 016 21st August 2022

My dear Rohit,

You will be glad to know that my birthday comes off on 3rd September. I have arranged a small party at our house in the afternoon at about 5 p.m. on that day. I would earnestly request you to join the party. Nupur, Suchitra, Lila and some other friends have agreed to attend it and I sincerely believe you will also join us.

There will be lots of fun in the party. I am looking forward to seeing you.

Yours truly, Rahul

Write a letter to invite your friend to your birthday party

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2. Write a Letter to Your Friend Inviting Him/Her on Your Birthday

Delhi Pincode: 110002 1st July 2022

Dear Shaan,

I hope you are fine. You already know that my birthday is coming off on 10th July. My parents have decided to hold a party on that day. Being my best friend I had to invite you. All our friends are coming. My parents will be very happy to see you. Without you, my birthday is really incomplete.

Ending my letter here with love. I am looking forward to your company. Give my regards to your parents.

Yours sincerely Siddharth

write a letter to your friend inviting on your birthday party

3. Write a Letter to a Friend Inviting for Birthday Party 

33/862, Nehru Nagar Mumbai Pincode: 400024

1st August 2022

Hope you are doing well. As you know my birthday is coming on 9th August and I have decided to have a grand party on my birthday. I request you to attend my birthday party. All our friends are coming. There will be a program of dance and music. Ajay has agreed to play guitar. Riya will present a dance performance.

I hope you will join the party and make it memorable. Convey my regards to uncle and aunty.

Yours affectionately Rohit

Write a Letter to Your Friend to invite him to Your Birthday Party

4. Invitation Letter for Birthday Party to Friend 

Vikas Marg, Swasthya Vihar Delhi 21st August 2022

Hope you are hale and hearty. You will be delighted to know that my birthday is on the 4th September. My family is organizing a party for all my friends to celebrate the day. your presence will make the occasion memorable. The party starts at 6:00 p.m. at my residence. There will be cake cutting followed by music, dance and finally dinner.

I hope you will come. Nothing more to write.

Your friend Javed

5. Write a Letter to Your Friend Inviting Her on Your Birthday

P-3/2, Lake Gardens Kolkata-700045 13th August 2021

My dear Sumona,

You will be glad to know that next Sunday is my 15th birthday. But you are now far away from me. I have invited all my friends in the evening on that day on the happy occasion. Do please come and join us on that day without fail.

With love and best wishes, Yours ever, Riya

6. Write a Letter to Invite a Friend on Your Birthday Party 

Himayat Nagar Hyderabad 25th August 2022

How are you? I am fine and hope the same for you. You will be glad to know that my birthday falls on 3rd September. I am going to celebrate my birthday at home. I have invited all my friends. I hope you will also come and join my birthday party. I will be waiting for you.

Yours lovingly Ishan

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write an invitation to a party

Keep visiting our website

write an invitation to a party

my name is chitra it really helped me because i can now be able to send invites clearly now happy jhamastami

Thank You Chitra. Keep visiting our website.

write an invitation to a party

Hi I am Vanessa . This helped me a lot . Now I can write letters all by myself. Thank you English aspirants 😊😊

write an invitation to a party

Thank you 💘 It helped me lot 🙂😊

write an invitation to a party

Thanks for writing this letter.

I will always visit this website ❤️

write an invitation to a party

No:19 Aziziya road

Dear senuri I hope you would Come to my party 15vof September after school.

Family Atheekafarwin.

write an invitation to a party

Thanks english aspirants

write an invitation to a party

Your style is unique compared to other people I have read stuff from. Thanks for posting when yoou have the opportunity, Guess I’ll just bookmark this page.

write an invitation to a party

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  14. Dinner Invitation Wording Examples for Any Dinner Party

    How to Write Dinner Party Invitations The most important information to include on party invitations is the location, date, and time of the event.

  15. 100+ Party Invitation Messages and Wording Ideas

    Please honor us with your lovely presence. And take it as a formal invitation. Please do come on time. Having a guest like you at our party will be awesome. Please join us as we all celebrate the evening of [date] with friends and well-wishers! It is time to celebrate life, love, and everything that makes us smile.

  16. Free Invitation Maker

    Invitation card maker: The solution to your every event. Make an invitation that's impossible to decline. With Canva's extensive range of online invitation templates—designed by professionals—you'll be starting your event off on the right note. Canva's invitation creator has a template for every occasion, from birthdays to charity ...

  17. 15 Birthday Invitation Wording Examples for Every Party

    Surprise Birthday Invitation Wording. TOP SECRET! Your next mission is to surprise Agent Jordan on his. 12th birthday! All agents should report to: 123 Secret Road on May 27th at 3:00 PM. Confirm with special agent Mommy at 123.456.7890. Remember, this is a top secret so don't give away the surprise!

  18. An invitation to a party

    Hi, it's me. How's it going? I guess you're at work and you don't have your phone on, right? First of all, thank you, THANK YOU for the birthday card and message. I received it this morning. That's so nice of you. I'm organising a little party for my birthday. It's nothing very big - only a few of my best and closest friends. That means you too!

  19. The Best Birthday Invitation Wording Tips, Ideas, and Examples

    The wording of the invitation sets the tone for the celebration. Whether it's a casual backyard BBQ, an elegant cocktail party, a formal black-tie affair, a costume party, or a surprise birthday party, the language you use should match the mood of the event. Example (Casual): "Help us celebrate Mira's 25th birthday with tacos and ...

  20. 21 Party Invitation Email Templates to Sell More Tickets

    1. Include essential event details Your email should include basic details about your event, such as the date, time, and location. You should also mention the dress code and what they can expect from your event. 2. Keep it brief Keeping your invitation brief increases the chances of it getting read.

  21. 20 Christmas and Holiday Party Invitation Wording Ideas

    Create a guest list: As the host of this holiday party, you have the option to invite naughty and nice guests—if you please. Knowing the number of guests you plan to invite is helpful because it may be a deciding factor in your choice of venue—so make your list and check it twice.

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    Themed engagement party invitation wording. Get guests excited about your party theme with unique and creative wording. Join us for an "I Do" barbecue Brunch and bubbly for the happy couple. Let's taco 'bout love. Taco 'bout an engagement party. Let's fall in love You're my lobster Funny engagement party invitation wording

  23. Write a Letter to Invite Your Friend to Your Birthday Party [6 Examples]

    1st July 2022 Dear Shaan, I hope you are fine. You already know that my birthday is coming off on 10th July. My parents have decided to hold a party on that day. Being my best friend I had to invite you. All our friends are coming. My parents will be very happy to see you. Without you, my birthday is really incomplete.