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Getting Started with Reports

Your Mailchimp account contains data about your campaigns, website, audience, and more. Mailchimp compiles this data into various reports that provide powerful insights to help inform your next steps and marketing strategy. Use reports to help you understand who your audience is, what’s working with your marketing, and where your revenue comes from.

In this article, you’ll learn about reports and how to find them in your account.

Campaign reports

A campaign is any distributed content that's created and measured in Mailchimp, including regular emails, automations, landing pages, and ads. All campaign reports can be found in the Campaign Reports section of your account.

Email campaign reports

Email campaign reports contain a summary of the campaign’s performance, including who received the campaign, when they opened it, what links they clicked, and how many successful deliveries were made. You can click through the report to view more detailed stats and to discover deeper insights about your campaign’s performance.

About Email Campaign Reports Create a Regular Email Campaign

Use Comparative Reports to compare stats from multiple email campaigns. Add filter conditions and compare subscriber engagement over time. This advanced reporting tool is included with the Standard plan or higher .

About Comparative Reports

Classic automation reports

Classic automation reports are similar to email campaign reports, except they show complete automation statistics as well as individual statistics for each email within the automation.

About Classic Automation Reports About Classic Automations

Landing page reports

Landing page reports help you measure how your pages perform with metrics like views, clicks, signups, and revenue.

Landing Page Reports About Landing Pages

Ad reports help you measure engagement and audience response for your ad including views, clicks, and return on investment (ROI).

Google Remarketing Ad Reports

Postcard reports

Postcard reports help you track your postcards from order to delivery. If the postcard contains a promo code, the report will track revenue generated from the campaign.

View Postcard Reports About Postcards

Social post reports

Social post reports contain information about how your posts perform including reach, impressions, likes, and shares.

About Social Post Reports Create a Social Post

Survey reports contain information about who responds to your survey as well as details about individual responses.

View Survey Results

Customer Journey reports

Customer Journey data and reports are found throughout the Customer Journey map. You can track your contacts’ progress through the journey, see stats for each journey point, and view individual email reports.

About Customer Journeys View Customer Journey Stats and Queue About Customer Journey Reports

Website reports

Website reports help you monitor traffic and learn how visitors interact with your site. Use the report to view metrics like pageviews, signups, and the conversion rate for email marketing subscriptions.

About Website Reports About Your Website in Mailchimp

Audience data

Use the audience dashboard and stats overview pages to view information such as recent growth, predicted demographics, campaign engagement, and contact location.

About the Audience Dashboard All About Audience Stats

E-commerce data

If you have an e-commerce store connected to your Mailchimp account, you can find data about revenue in various reports.

  • Email campaign , automation , and landing page reports These reports contain information about revenue generated from the campaign.
  • Postcard reports If your postcard includes a promo code, the report will include information about revenue generated from the promotion.
  • Ad reports Reports generated from Google Remarketing Ads include information about return on investment (ROI), first time customers, total revenue, and more.
  • Audience dashboard View predictive insights about your contacts to estimate their Customer Lifetime Value and Purchase Likelihood on your audience dashboard .
  • Website dashboard View orders, total revenue, average order value, and purchase conversion rate in the Business Highlights section of your website dashboard .

Integration data

When you integrate Mailchimp with other tools and apps, your data collection can expand. Some integrations include reports that work alongside your Mailchimp data. These reports might be viewed within Mailchimp or within the integrated tool. Check individual integration descriptions for more information about the available data and reports.

Here are some common integrations to get you started.

View Google Analytics data in Mailchimp View SurveyMonkey survey results

Technical Support

the chimp reports

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About Open and Click Rates

Mailchimp's reports include open and click rates. These rates help you track audience engagement. Use them to learn what subject lines and content perform well.

Download a Campaign Report

Learn how to export and share campaign reports in Mailchimp.

About Campaign Benchmarking

Campaign benchmarking shows you how your email campaign performance compares against that of similar businesses.

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the chimp reports

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    ChimpReports, Uganda News, Uganda, Congo, Rwanda, Sudan Top Stories Swiss Investor Struggles to Import Tigers to Uganda Business E.A Live News Uganda: Leaked Cabinet List Unsettles State House A leaked list of new Cabinet Ministers has caused unease at State House. Sources claimed that the list of new .. E.A Live News

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    February 9, 2024 NARO signs plant variety License with 10 companies to eliminate fake seeds on market The Nation E.A Live News February 8, 2024 DRC WAR: M23 Rebels Defeated in Bloody Battle for Sake The M23 re Banking February 8, 2024 PHOTOS: Inside Bank of Africa Uganda's New Kampala Headquarters Bank of Af

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  7. ChimpReports Uganda: all news articles

    ChimpReports Uganda: a compilation of all recent news articles published by this news source in one place.

  8. Reports

    Landing Page Reports About Classic Automation Reports Share a Campaign Report About Social Post Reports Google Remarketing Ad Reports Technical Support Have a question? Paid users can log in to access email and chat support. Log In Get performance stats for your marketing efforts and e-commerce store.

  9. About Email Reports

    Reports About Email Reports Copy Article URL If tracking is enabled in your email, we'll collect and analyze data on clicks, opens, social activity, purchases, and other interactions after you send. You can view this information in your email report. In this article, you'll learn how to view and understand email reports.

  10. Chimp Reports Breaking News Headlines Today

    We've aggregated 7,924 of Chimp Reports's headlines and news stories over the past 3 months. The Ground News media bias check for Chimp Reports is unknown. Scores are assigned by aggregating bias scores from Ad Fontes Media, Media Bias/Fact Check, and All Sides. We've assigned a rating of unknown factuality to Chimp Reports.

  11. Getting Started with Reports

    Mailchimp compiles this data into various reports that provide powerful insights to help inform your next steps and marketing strategy. Use reports to help you understand who your audience is, what's working with your marketing, and where your revenue comes from. In this article, you'll learn about reports and how to find them in your account.

  12. Judge orders Donald Trump to pay nearly $355 million in NY business

    A New York judge ruled that Donald Trump must pay nearly $355 million in penalties for fraudulently inflating the value of his properties. CNN's Kara Scannell reports.

  13. Latest news on

    Polls have opened in mainland Tanzania and semi-autonomous Zanzibar where more than 29 million voters will this Wednesday, Oct. 28, elect the president, lawmakers and local officials, Chimp Corps report. President John Magufuli, 60, is tussling it out with 15 other candidates on the mainland.

  14. DRC: Kabila Snubs Tshisekedi Inauguration

    The Head of State recalled his 6 major commitments for his new five-year term: more jobs, more purchasing power, more security for all, a more diversified and more competitive economy, more access to health services. base and more efficient public services.

  15. 'God & Country' documentary discusses Christian Nationalism

    Producer Rob Reiner and director Dan Partland discuss their film about Christian Nationalism's affect on the US and Christianity. Rick Damigella reports.

  16. About Us is a news-breaking website incorporated under CHIMP MEDIA LTD, a registered company in Uganda. Located in Kampala it specializes in reporting breaking news, news analysis, politics, entertainment, sports, business, investigations on human-interest stories and people covering Uganda at the Great lakes/East African region.

  17. NATO defense ministers discuss spending, Ukraine

    NATO defense ministers gather in Brussels to dicuss spending and support for Ukraine, in their first meeting since Donald Trump's controversial comments on the alliance, CNN's Melissa Bell ...

  18. Game On: 'The Oregon Trail' revamped

    The edutainment classic remake arrives on PlayStation, plus games where you play as a news reporter, and tidying up are out now. Rick Damigella reports.

  19. new

    ChimpReports is a Registered TradeMark of Chimp Media Ltd. Back to top button. Translate » ...

  20. Rwanda

    Rwanda Army Shoots DRC Soldier Dead in Border Clash. January 11, 2024.

  21. Report: Constitutional Council overturns Senegal's presidential ...

    According to reports, Senegal's Constitutional Council has overturned the delay of the presidential election. Kim Brunhuber speaks with Gilles Yabi, the founder of West Africa Citizen Think Tank ...

  22. PHOTOS: Kagame Meets Tshisekedi in Ethiopia

    ChimpReports understands that President Kagame and Tshisekedi did not shake hands at the summit. Rwandan leader Paul Kagame attended the function. The meeting comes high on the heels of deteriorating relations between Rwanda and DRC over the M23 rebellion in the eastern part of the mineral-rich country.

  23. PHOTOS: 3 Perish as UPDF Chopper Crashes in Western Uganda

    At least three people have died after a Russian-made UPDF Mi-28 attack helicopter dropped from the sky in Ntoroko district, western Uganda on Tuesday before turning into smouldering rubble, Chimp Corps report. Today's incident, which occurred in Nyamisingiri Village in Kichwamba sub-county, comes less than a week after a UPDF reconnaissance plane used to hunt …

  24. Pictures of the week in weather

    Chad Myers reports on weather news for the past week.

  25. Israeli soldier films himself blowing up a mosque

    CNN's Jeremy Diamond reports on an unfolding trend on social media, where IDF soldiers are posting their military offensive in real time.

  26. Bodies of South African Soldiers Killed in DRC Repatriated

    The remains of two South African soldiers who were killed in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have been repatriated. The South African Contingent is part of the SADC Mission in the DRC (SAMIRC) that is deployed to support and assist the government of DRC in its effort to bring peace, security and stability in that region.

  27. DOTA 2 and Aviator Among the Top Strategy Games to ...

    ChimpReports February 15, 2024. 2 minutes read. The two new games are part of the latest in a suite of fresh online experiences launched by MSport Strategy games have emerged as a notable niche in the gaming industry, amassing a global revenue of 16 billion USD according to data by Sensor Tower. The popularity of the genre comes down to their ...