10 Best Interactive 3D Presentation Software for Designers

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February 3rd, 2024

make 3d presentation

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Interior Design 3D Presentation

Interior Design is an exciting field of study. This important art form is a means for introducing creativity in any given room design and turn it into the homeowner’s dream house.

Interior designers can use various inspiration boards and design concepts to bring the client’s requirements to life. For new clients, using swatches and templates is a great way to introduce them to your design ideas. You can also use sample boards so they can check out the templates and color schemes you wish to implement.

However, the best means for interior design presentation are 3D models. While all the mood boards and floor plans are easily accessible and displayed on a 2D surface, 3D models take the effects of the architectural visualization to a whole new level.

3D Presentation Software

Image credits: pinterest.com

What is an Interactive 3D Presentation?

Interior designers and architects have an obligation to their clients to deliver the property designs to meet their expectations. It is a little difficult to explain the concepts of scales, floor plans, room design, etc. without a visual aid.

Although Photoshop or PowerPoint presentations can help, the real challenge is visualizing the space from all angles. This is where 3D models take the cake.

With 3D modeling software , you can create a virtual rendering of the home design. An interactive 3D presentation enables you to show the client exactly what you have in mind with accurate visualization.

This is especially useful for new clients as they can share their own design plans with you. With careful brainstorming, you and your client can arrive at a mutual understanding before you create final presentation boards for your interior design project.

Decorators can also use interactive 3D presentations so the client can hover over the plans and inspect the view from every angle as if they are present right in the room. It helps them make up their mind before they give their approval so that there is a minimum to no scope for errors upon completion of the interior design services.

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10 Best Interactive 3D Architectural Presentation Software

There are several interactive 3D presentation software that facilitates multiple presentation techniques for schematic visualization of your design plan. The pricing and styling may differ from one software to another, based on the templates you choose. While AutoCAD and SketchUp are some of the top choices, the following architectural software provides additional means to create attractive presentation boards that can elevate the output of your interior design services.

1. MagikTour

Our first and most favorite choice is MagikTour. This simple software created by Foyr enables you, as interior designers and architects, to connect with your clients directly.

This software is effective in creating 360-degree floor plans and implement design ideas as per the client’s requirement. It is a handy tool, especially if you don’t want to waste money on transportation. The software allows you to share your ideas along with the design process through a link. You can send the link to the client who can evaluate and approve or share their concerns to make an informed decision.

The MagikTour interactive 3D design software is perfect for all projects, whether you have a small or large interior design business .

2. Aurora 3D Software

Another effective 3D presentation software is Aurora 3D. This software is easy to use and it offers a variety of styling and presentation boards. You can employ text, images, data, and even video to communicate the story of the design idea to the client.

Although Aurora does not have all the features necessary to create extensive and powerful 3D models, it gets the job done effectively. It is fairly easy to create a small file and transfer it to any mac or windows device for viewing. The ease of use is especially helpful for amateur designers as Aurora 3D does not require complete knowledge and understanding of the functional aspects of design software.

Aurora 3D is a handy software tool for a quick and easy solution for your architectural or interior design process.

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Interactive 3D Presentation Software

Focusky is a 3D presentation software much like Aurora 3D. You can use this software with ease to create some quick and easy presentation boards.

Focusky is ideal for both amateurs and professionals as the final presentations can be easily transferred to any data storage unit for viewing. You can use this software to create a video of your design ideas which gives the client an accurate visualization. It also allows you to add 3D transition effects to the space planning process.

Interior designers and architects can use this software to create focused renderings of their design concept for client approval.

See also – 3D Visualization Software

Knovio is a unique 3D presentation software that allows you to share your interior design presentations through files over the internet. It has a microphone and webcam in-built in the app so you can share your ideas with the client as they move around the property or you share a 3D model.

Although Knovio does not have all the necessary templates and schematics, the interactive feature is immensely helpful. It does leave a lot to the imagination, but you can always share mood boards and sample boards to share your design ideas.

Knovio can be an easy solution especially if you are interacting with distant clients.

3D Interactive Presentation Software

5. PresentiGo

PresentiGo is an all-inclusive 3D presentation software that enables architects and interior designers to create creative content for visual graphics. This software is particularly helpful because it re-engages previously created presentation boards for new projects.

PresentiGo is a good software for anyone who wants to create some extraordinary content with style. The conversion software allows you to transfer the files and play them as an immersive interactive 3D video model.

It is an ideal software for content creation to impress new clients.

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Visme is a 3D presentation software that is easy to learn and use. It features a multitude of effects and design concepts which enables architects and interior designers to create stunning video presentations.

Visme helps you create interiors not just for home design but also for commercial spaces . You can create an entertaining and engaging video to demonstrate your design ideas to the client. The Visme 3D presentation software is available globally so you can connect to clients from any location. Although this may be a cumbersome task to take on clients who are otherwise located, Visme still offers the facility, should the need arise.

Architectural Software

7. Prezent 3D

Prezent 3D is an idea-based design model. It allows interior designers and architects to drag and drop files in a simple interface where you can combine effects and create note-worthy video presentations.

Prezent 3D is very simple to use which makes it a good choice for amateur decorators and aspiring architects. You can use simple design patterns and still create excellent presentation boards to impress clients.

Prezent 3D also allows auto grouping which simplifies the design process tremendously. It is an ideal software if you want the client to focus closely on your design plans.

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8. Cl3ver Interactive 3D Presentations

This one-click application enables architects and interior designers to quickly sort their presentations into auto grouped categories. The Cl3ver Interactive D presentations software simplifies the initial design process. You can then add voice-over dialogs and explanations to create a story for your presentations. If you need to make any changes to the presentation boards, your story remains unhindered.

This software is easy to use and provides a simple sharing facility so you can interact with your clients about the interior design project details. You can update the 3D models as required and fit the storyboard.

Interactive Design

iCreate is another interactive 3D presentation software that offers the user a wide array of options. With iCreate you can make interactive video presentations with multiple sample boards and present your design ideas to your clients with ease.

iCreate is quite easy to understand and use. Therefore architects and interior designers as well as clients can install it for easy viewing of the variable design plans. You can share your ideas and discuss any modifications or special requirements that the client might have.

iCreate provides a dynamic environment for the creation of 3D models thereby helping you create final presentations with better effects to amaze your clients.

10. Xtensio

Xtensio is an interactive 3D presentation and document-sharing app. It not only facilitates smooth communication between decorators and clients but also provides a forum for interaction between members of your staff. This office operation software helps the members of your team communicate and coordinate with each other so they can work in harmony.

Xtensio allows you to create 3D presentations with a multitude of effects which helps in making a good impression on the clients. You and your staff can readily communicate your design ideas and live documents, as and when required.

This 3D presentation tool is a good choice if you work with a permanent team or with contractors as it eases the mode of communication and collaboration. It makes it easier to complete your interior design project as per the requirement and on time.

The list of design software can be used for all your interior design styling projects. Whether you are creating a house from scratch or just designing a makeover for the living room or kitchen, you can use the software to render realistic 3D models to convey your ideas to the client.

We recommend MagikTour in particular because it is the best design software for interactive 3D presentations. It is highly useful to both architects and interior designers alike. The software is easy to use and enables you to interact directly with the client without much waste of time. Additionally, the 360-degree view enables the client to get an accurate rendering of the space which helps instill confidence in your design skills. You can watch the tutorials to learn the innumerous design concepts and how to implement them in your design process.

These 3D presentations are extremely helpful for marketing purposes as well. You can create various schematics and 3D models and post them on social media to attract new clients. You can also post your design ideas on professional platforms such as LinkedIn to connect with substantial clientele.

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AutoDesk 3D Rendering Alternatives – Best Rendering Software

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make 3d presentation

make 3d presentation

3D animation effects in PowerPoint

You can add animation effects to 3D graphics:

Arrive or Leave

Turntable and Swing

Jump & Turn

Your browser does not support video. Install Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player, or Internet Explorer 9.

Duration: 58 seconds

For detailed instructions about using animation effects, see Animate text or objects .

Insert and position a 3D model as described in Get creative with 3D models .

On the Animations tab of the ribbon, select one of the 3D animation effects.

Select the animation effect you want.

On the ribbon, select Effect Options to open the menu. You can choose properties related to the Direction , Intensity , and Rotation Axis of movement.

To see the effect in action, select Preview on the ribbon.

Requirements for 3D animation effects

On the Animations tab of the ribbon, select one of the categories of effects, such as Emphasis Effects .

The available 3D animations are at the top of the list.

On the ribbon, select Effect Options Property to open the menu. You can choose properties related to the Direction , Intensity , and Rotation Axis of movement.

To see the effect in action, switch to the Slide Show tab of the ribbon and select From Current Slide .

PowerPoint for the web can play a 3D animation that has been inserted in another version of PowerPoint, but it doesn't support the insertion of 3D animation effects itself.

Requirements for playback of 3D animation effects

Get creative with 3D models


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Windows 10 Tip: Add 3D to your PowerPoint presentation in 5 steps

  • Elana Pidgeon

Did you know that with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update , you can now easily add 3D objects in your PowerPoint presentations, Word, and Excel documents?

3D in PowerPoint, Word and Excel, is now broadly available to Windows users with O365 subscriptions and the Fall Creators Update and will completely reinvigorate and make your standard presentations stand out. With the new 3D features, you can quickly and easily create presentations in just 5 easy steps. Today, we’re going to show you how to make your PowerPoint presentation pop!

First, open a presentation in PowerPoint.

You don’t need any fancy extensions or plug-ins, just the latest version of Office 365 will do.

Inserting a 3D model is just as easy as inserting a photo or a video.

On the Insert tab, you’ll find the 3D Models drop-down to either add a model you’ve created in Paint 3D or grab one from Remix3D.com, an online community and catalog of 3D content.

View, resize, and rotate your 3D object.

Drop it into the slide and use the controls to manipulate the model, rotating, sizing and positioning until you like the way it looks. A new contextual tab 3D Model Tools will appear, and you can use the preset 3D Model Views to choose the specific orientation you want your audience to see.

Duplicate your slide and reposition your model to the next view you’d like to highlight.

No need to find different images to identify different perspectives. With 3D, you are in control!

Use a brand-new transition type, Morph, with 3D models to create cinematic transitions between slides.

The final step is to add the Morph transition to automatically have your 3D object animate and shift in perspective seamlessly across all your slides.

To see what else is new and available in the Fall Creators Update, check out this blog !

Choose a star

New feature update to Photos allows you to “Choose a Star”

Annotate your books in Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 Tip: Annotate your books in Microsoft Edge

My People

Windows 10 Tip: Stay in touch with My People

Create custom 3D models for PowerPoint

  • Written by: Ingrid Mengdehl
  • Categories: PowerPoint design , PowerPoint animation
  • Comments: 9

make 3d presentation

When Microsoft brought out 3D models support in PowerPoint, we were all a bit excited. From first experiments rotating objects with Morph to ambitious plans to recreate Star Wars in our favourite presentation software, we were determined to push boundaries. However, there are only so many times you can play around with the animated 3D T-Rex to make it look like he’s about to eat your audience. (I know, I’ve tried). There usually comes a point where you want to create your own 3D models in PowerPoint to add that little pinch of excitement to your presentation. If you don’t know where to begin, fear not. We have just the guide for you!

We decided to start with a cube. It’s easy to achieve, but we can guarantee it will raise your status amongst your friends and colleagues. (If they’re not that impressed, we recommend better friends. No one needs that kind of negativity in their life.) To see what you’ll be able to achieve once you’ve read this article, have a quick look at the video below.

Ready to give a go? Perfect.

For this tutorial, you’ll need two different pieces of software. The first one is PowerPoint, which you should already have. The second is a free Windows app called 3D Builder . You can get it from the Windows Store.

Step 1: Create your cube’s faces

Open PowerPoint and create a new presentation. Add a blank slide.

Insert six squares. Make sure the squares are the same size using BrightSlide’s Match Size tool. BrightSlide is our brilliant, free PowerPoint design and productivity add-in with lots of helpful tools perfect for PowerPoint people! You can download BrightSlide here .

You can style your squares however you want to (colour fill, transparent, with or without outlines,…). Add text or pictures inside. We used a mix of illustrations and text.

Build 3D model faces in PowerPoint

Once you’re happy with how your squares look, save them individually as pictures. Select one square (and all its content), right-click, and select Save as Picture .

Save faces as images

Select the destination and save as PNG . You should end up with six pictures like this:

make 3d presentation

Step 2: Create your 3D cube

Here comes the exciting bit. Once you’ve installed the 3D Builder, open it. On the welcome screen, click on New Scene .

Use 3D Builder to create model

Once the scene is created, go to the top-left and click on Insert > Cube . Congratulations! You now have a 3D model of a cube.

make 3d presentation

The next step is to add the designed faces you’ve already made. To do that, make sure your cube is selected, then go to Paint > Texture .

make 3d presentation

This will open the painting options. From there, click on Selected > Load . It will open a browsing window and you can navigate to the folder where you saved the faces. Select the first one.

Select texture

If you now hover over the cube, your cursor will change to a little airbrush icon. Click on one face to apply it. It should now look like this (though, obviously, with your design instead):

Add images to 3D model

Click in the grey area to rotate around the cube and repeat this process for each face. Remember, you’ll have to load the new surface every time. Once you’re happy with it, click the Apply button in the top left.

Click to apply images

That’s it! Your model is ready. You just need to save it. Click on the Save icon in the top-right corner and select the destination folder. Make sure it is saved as a .3mf file.

Saving 3D model file

There we go. Just one final step left before you create literal magic.

Step 3: Importing and animating 3D models in PowerPoint

Go back to PowerPoint. Either create a new file or use the one in which you created the faces. Go to the Insert tab, then 3D Models > From a File…

Insert 3D model

Find your cube and insert it. This will place your 3D cube on the slide. Arrange it however you want for its starting position:

adding 3D model to Powerpoint

Once you’re happy, select the slide in the panel on the left and hit Ctrl+D (or right-click and Duplicate Slide ). On the new slide, move the model so that it shows a different face. Repeat this process however many times you need.

When this is done, select all slides showing the cube, then go to the Transitions tab and select Morph in the drop down menu.

PowerPoint morph transition

That’s it! You’re done. Hit F5 or go into Show Mode , and watch your 3D model rotating around with each click. You can also go back and forth using the Left and Right arrows on your keyboard.

This technique can be applied to more complex elements, so feel free to have a play around with 3D Builder. It’s probably the least intimidating 3D software out there and is a great starting point (not to mention, free!). To give you an idea of what’s possible, here’s an animated zoetrope that was built in the same way as the cube:

Want to have a play with the cube we created? You can download it here .

If you make a 3D model in PowerPoint that you’re really proud of, let us know on Twitter or by email at [email protected] ! We love seeing what other people get up to in PowerPoint.

make 3d presentation

Ingrid Mengdehl

Managing design consultant; it lead, related articles, how to copy vector graphics from illustrator to powerpoint.

  • PowerPoint design / Presentation technology
  • Comments: 6

Although it has been possible for a long time, using vector files in PowerPoint has recently become significantly easier. Whether you want to copy something from Illustrator or add a swanky SVG element to your slide, it’s all possible and we’re here to share our secret tips with you...

make 3d presentation

Two time-saving tips for advanced PowerPoint animation

  • PowerPoint animation / PowerPoint productivity
  • Comments: 1

At BrightCarbon, we animate a lot in PowerPoint. Sometimes, it’s things as simple as a “Fade In” or “Zoom Out”. The rest of the time, it’s more complicated stuff that makes us look a bit like magicians. As we like to share the magic, here are a couple of tips that might make it easier for you when working with complicated animation sequences...

make 3d presentation

The annoying PowerPoint error: PowerPoint found an error that it can’t correct

  • PowerPoint design / PowerPoint animation / Presentation technology
  • Comments: 46

"PowerPoint found an error that it can't correct. You should save presentations, quit, and then restart PowerPoint." Except, well, you can’t save, because that’s when the error appears. And nobody likes to lose work...

make 3d presentation

This is amazing ! thanks for sharing.

However I’m looking for a tuto that will allow me to make turn an excel graphic like in this video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZHDhmM6KTc at 00:32

If you can help me it will be great

Thanks a lot in advance

This is beautiful

This was great…is there anyway to access the 3d ms models and save them directly to my hard drive to use the models in non microsoft programs? ty also can you make available the zoetrope model file?

Glad to hear you liked it! For saving models, the best way to do that would be to go through 3D builder (New Scene > Insert > Add). From there you can get any 3D model available through Microsoft, then, once it’s loaded in your scene, you can save it wherever you want as a .3mf file.

As for the zoetrope file, we’d rather not share it externally. However, you can use the tutorial above to create your very own (in 3D Builder, go to Insert > Custom > Cylinder, and then you can customise it really easily). Let us know if you have anymore questions!

Excellent. No puffery; just facts and encouragement. Thanks

Thank you ! It helped me a lot.

Many thanks for the simple and straight forward explanation on this topic. Really help me in my current project.

Nice, thank you!

Thank you, great way to explain the process, easily.

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As we were novice and non-marketing professionals, everyone took the time to explain and teach while also doing, which came in handy to feel more comfortable with what we were creating. Marc Chaanine Jamaica Bearings

make 3d presentation

Critical PowerPoint Shortcuts – Claim Your FREE Training Module and Get Your Time Back!

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How to Create 3D Pictures in PowerPoint (Step-by-Step)

  • PowerPoint Tutorials
  • Pictures, Icons, Videos, Etc.
  • October 12, 2017

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to spice up your presentations by creating 3D pictures (also known as out of bounds pictures).

And the cool thing about this technique is you can quickly and easily pull it off in PowerPoint (no Photoshop required).

These background removal and picture cropping techniques work in all versions of PowerPoint 2010 and later.


The overall process for creating 3D pictures in PowerPoint can be broken down into three straightforward steps (all detailed below):

  • Find a good picture to create the 3D effect with
  • Frame your picture in PowerPoint
  • Create the 3D effect

[Watch] Creating a 3D picture in PowerPoint

Part #1: find a good picture.

When creating 3D pictures in PowerPoint, you want to start with good pictures and make sure that the parts that you want to pop-out (the 3D effect) meets two specific criteria.

Picture Criteria #1. High contrast

You want to make sure that your object stands out starkly from its background, as opposed to blending in with its background.

For example, the top of the below apple has good contrast (and is great for the 3D effect), whereas the bottom of the apple with the shadow does not, as it blends in with the desk.


Picture Criteria #2. Completeness

You want to make sure that your object is complete and not cut off.

For example, in the below picture of the couple, the right-side of the photo is good for creating the 3D picture pop-out effect (as everything on that side of the photo is whole and complete) whereas the left-side of the photo is not good for this effect, as the photo is cut off.


Note:  Your picture doesn’t have to be perfect. Keep in mind that only the object within your photo that you want to create the 3D pop-out effect for needs to meet the above criteria. The picture itself doesn’t need to be perfect.

Part #2: Frame your picture

Step #1. duplicate your picture.


Step #2. Add a Border to Your Picture


Step #3. Crop Your Picture into the Shape of a Trapezoid

With the picture frame applied (and the image still selected) open up the bottom portion of the Crop menu, select Crop to Shape and within the Shapes Gallery, select the trapezoid shape.


Step #4. Adjust The Trapezoid Angle

With the picture cut into a trapezoid, adjust the angle of the trapezoid so that you can see the entirety of the shape that you want to have pop-out of your picture (creating the 3D effect).

To adjust the angle of the trapezoid, select the yellow diamond at the top of the shape with your mouse and adjust it manually to fit your picture.


Step #5. Crop Your Picture Down

With the trapezoid angle set, hit the top portion of the Crop command (adds black dashed lines around your picture) and pull down the black lines (the center black line in this case) that frame your photo so that most of your image is cropped out (this will make sense in a moment).

For this image of an apple, I’ve cropped it just below where it will be popping out (in the next step).

For more help cropping your images in PowerPoint, see  how to crop a picture in PowerPoint .


Part #3: Create your 3D effect

With the first picture all set up and cropped, now we’ll use the duplicate image we created in Part 2 Step #1 to create the 3D picture effect.

Step #1. Remove the Background from Your Second Picture

Select the second, duplicated picture (I’ve moved it back into the center of my slide) and from the Picture Tools Format tab, on the far left, select Remove Background.


Next, make adjustments to your photo using Mark Areas to Keep and Mark Areas to Remove commands in your Ribbon, until you have the entirety of your picture framed and the background that you want to remove in pink (see below image).


Removing the background from an image can take some time, depending on your photo and how precise you’d like to be. When you are finished, hit Keep Changes in the Ribbon.


Step #2. Set the Image on Top of Your Cropped Photo

With the background removed from your picture, simply place it over your other cropped picture, aligning the two exactly, and you have created the 3D Pop-Out Effect here in PowerPoint!

If you find that your image is too big at the end, you can reduce your file size by compressing your images.

For help compressing your images in PowerPoint to reduce your file size,  read our guide here .

Note:  You can play around with the background trapezoid image (that we created in Part 2 Step #6) to adjust the 3D Pop-Out Effect


(Optional Step) Moving from the static photo to the 3D pop-out photo in Slideshow Mode :

From here, if you want to create the same 3D pop-out effect that I did in the video tutorial above (transitioning from the 2D image to the 3D image), you can either:

  • Set the 2D image on top of your 3D image and use a PowerPoint animation like the Disappear animation, to transition from the 2D picture to the 3D picture.
  • Set the images up on two separate slides (in exactly the same position) and use one of the PowerPoint transitions (such as Fade or Wipe) to transition from the 2D picture to the 3D picture.


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If you only need something quick and practical, then Aurora 3D Presentation’s templates and styles will provide you with all the resources you need. Easily put together your own 3D business interactive programs , and then export them to standalone EXE, Mac App or Video (only for Windows). You don’t even need mastery over the layout or 3D Design basics! Free Trial offer!

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Record screen and export video

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Aurora 3D Presentation Video output, you can demonstrate your 3D Presentation generate a variety of video files in real time,by installing ffdshow for vfw build *. mpg, *. avi, *. mp4 and other video format.

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3D Model Import

make 3d presentation

Import 3d(*.3ds, *.obj) file format and you use the texture, and use texture effects. In the presentation you can change the color, rotation, scaling and other operations, So people can view your models all-round. This is very exciting, isn’t it?

make 3d presentation

The new way of show your product and ideas, convey messages. Custom image description, and automatically switch the display. Image wall provides a variety of display pictures and information, including the circular array, curved array, etc., and use a special animation mode switching.

Navigation Function

make 3d presentation

This is designed specifically for interactive use navigation, allowing you to freely cross between a number of presentations. You can create a link in the navigation to any one show, web or local files and executable programs. The way to show more flexibility and more convenient.

Dynamic Background

make 3d presentation

You can choose a greater variety of backgrounds, including colors,gradient, images, dynamic, and the skybox model. They can have regular exercise, also can be a virtual reality environment. I believe these will make you feel very special, and you can the flexibility to use at any occasion.

3D Graphics Templates

make 3d presentation

Software provides up to dozens of shapes, and you will use a variety of shapes, like circles, rectangles, triangles, stars, all kinds of arrows, and the cube, cylinder, cone, sphere and so on. These shapes can not only quickly change the style, and they can transform each other! This is a big feature.

3D Text Styles

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Including 2D and 3D text. 2D text has the outline and shadow, 3D text can be set to texture effects, gradients, bevel styles, and all text can have a variety of alignment, spacing, line logo, fonts and so on. In the 3D software we have created the most effective text editing, I believe you will love.

3D Animated Tables

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Data will then dry it? Not. We provide a new way of organizing data using tables,You can import .cvs file format created by excel. You simply select the style, fill in the data is complete. Use of the data and tables with special animation switch, you can achieve multiple tables and data display.

3D Data Graph

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We have a more intuitive, easier to understand the data graph, including bar charts, pie chart, line graph, area and other graph, you can use the 3D way to present your data, reflecting the trend. Update data, graph can be animated in real time to change. It’s impressive!

Particle Effects

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You will have a more splendid scene effects, such as space radiation, rain, snow, fireworks, smoke, etc., with these, you are free to improve the scenes, when you need to attract the eye, when you need to highlight your special features, I think you will use it.

Shapes Styles

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Software has a good mechanism about themes and styles, the first, software includes theme color combinations, in the fast-styles, each a theme color changes from deep to shallow, and with transparency, outline, and bevel combine to produce a rich style of type.

Text Styles

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The Text fast-styles, each a theme color changes from deep to shallow, and with transparency, outline, and bevel combine to produce a rich style of type.

Colors and Textures

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Choose the color matched the color theme. In texture, the software can not only select the built-in texture, but also can choose the texture image mix with color. It support reflection, mirror model, and can set the texture Transform and Animation.

Tooltip Function

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We support tooltip function to let users display product’s function or description directly.

Video Demos

  • Easily create 3D interactive presentations with images, text, video, models, and data.
  • You don’t need to be proficient with the basics of 3D design.
  • Choose a variety of ways to display your content.
  • No need to learn Flash, AE, Photoshop or other 3D Applications to design effective and stunning presentations.
  • Choose and pick many included design elements, such as backgrounds, themes, styles, shapes, effects and so on.
  • Real 3D space, real 3D object.
  • Export to standalone EXE, Mac App or video(only for windows) files, and import other 3D models or textures developed with any 3D design software.
  • Learn interesting 3D effects from any 3D software.
  • Save money using various 3D interactive designs.
  • If time is of the essence, then our software is your TOP choice. You’ll be just amazed by its efficiency and results!

When your goal is to stimulate your prospective clients’ interest in your material, you certainly don’t use mere words to deliver your message! Instead, you want to make sure to use stylish and engaging graphics, charts, and images! Why struggle with a mixed bag of presentation applications when you could consolidate all of your presentation making proficiency and talent into Aurora 3D Presentations ? So, what could you do with Aurora 3D Presentation? To start, how about an interactive menu that automatically launches slideshows, websites, or executable programs ? Or a virtual wall of pictures and information arrayed in a rotating circle, or a flowing and elegant curving animated arc around the viewer?

Liven up those uninteresting spreadsheets by importing CSV files into Aurora 3D Presentation in order to animate your tables and data, or create animated charts and graphs, even 3D models ! Everything that you could ever ask for in a presentation product you’ll find in Aurora 3D Presentation! Import images, create albums, use 2D and 3D text for impact, and play around with special particle effects and backgrounds! The sky’s the limit to your creativity with Aurora 3D Presentation!  No question about it, Aurora 3D Presentation is the best 3D interactive presentation software. 

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How to Create an Interactive 3D Architectural Presentation

3D interactive presentations in the browser with Modelo

If you’ve ever wondered how to create an interactive 3D architectural presentation in only minutes, look no further. Presenting architectural designs is a necessity for both internal and external stakeholders. But, the process of creating 3D architectural presentations before Modelo was time-consuming and frankly outdated. Up until this point, architects have been relying on screenshots, PowerPoint, GoToMeeting and Dropbox to present complex designs to clients or colleagues. It’s arguable that engagement gets lost in this static design process.

make 3d presentation

Naturally, 3D models are a huge part of successfully communicating your vision to others since you are able to immerse people in a realistic view, thus making 2D screenshots not as effective. So the question is, how do you create a 3D architectural presentation and truly engage your audience in a simple way?

Enter Modelo, a presentation platform that seamlessly allows you to create interactive 3D CAD and BIM presentations, while storing your 2D assets and saving invaluable design time. Creating presentations with Modelo is easy since the platform is geared toward AEC professionals and compatible with the file formats you already use like Revit, Rhino, 3ds Max, SketchUp and Vectorworks. 

Here is a breakdown of the 5 steps :

  • Create a Modelo account
  • Upload your 3D design
  • Update the settings (such as lighting or material color, to show different design options to clients)
  • Add 3D comments (these will guide the presentation)
  • Press the present button

Pro tip: learn more about getting started and rendering your 3D design in Modelo here .

Why waste time presenting clunky BIM files? With Modelo, you can drag and drop BIM files and instantly view any part of your model. These large CAD and BIM files become weightless in the web, allowing you to move around quickly and effortlessly explore any area of the model.

The goal is to not only communicate your ideas clearly, but to truly immerse others in your vision and make it a reality with interactive 3D architectural presentations. You can even take this a step further by presenting CAD and BIM designs in VR with just one click. For example, bringing your model from SketchUp to VR takes seconds in Modelo. All you need is a Google cardboard, an Internet connection and a mobile device.

To learn more, watch the tutorial video below and create an account  to start creating your 3D interactive presentation today.

make 3d presentation

AI that moves your ideas forward.

Create polished presentations and docs faster.

Speed, meet quality. Tome helps you express ideas quickly without cutting corners or sacrificing subtlety. It’s more engaging than a deck, and easier to build than a webpage.

Enter any prompt and make a compelling presentation using AI in minutes. It feels good to get work out of your head and into the world.

AI features

Designed to articulate ideas faster.

Stop staring at that blank page. Use Tome’s AI to make a presentation, a one-pager, a microsite, and more. Tome gives you outlines and options to react to every step of the way, so you can find the best expression of your thoughts.

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Use AI to nail the right tone and phrasing for your writing, create the perfect image, and even search for references across the web to bring your story to life the way you imagined it.

Add structure and polish to your work.

Tome can help with quick and easy transformation of the work you’ve already done. Paste in a document and see it gain depth and clarity. Tome’s AI presentation maker automatically builds a narrative from your text and generates matching images to illuminate your point.

Communicate unconstrained.

Use the command bar to make AI presentations, one-pagers, and more.

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Turn static pages into rich, interactive experiences.

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3D models & animations

Give your presentation context with video narration.

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Create with smart themes and responsive layouts that just work.


Go deeper with interactive embeds.

Draw viewers in and encourage participation by embedding interactive product mocks, 3D prototypes, data, web pages, and more.

Spline logo

Immersive viewing

Built to look great on any screen.

make 3d presentation

Dynamic, mobile-responsive presentation layouts adjust your content to fit any device.

Easily share your presentation or microsite in an email, via text message, and even on social media—all with a single link.

Press play and dive into an immersive presentation mode, designed to give your story the attention it deserves.

See who’s viewed your tome, and even more advanced analytics coming soon.

As versatile as you are.

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Best-in-class starting points.

Fundraising Pitch Template – Thumbnail

Fundraising Pitch

Forest Theme Template – Thumbnail

Forest Theme

Product Design Review Template – Thumbnail

Product Design Review

Sales Pitch Template – Thumbnail

Sales Pitch

Product Design Portfolio Template – Thumbnail

Product Design Portfolio

Marketing Site Template – Thumbnail

Marketing Site

Mood Board – Creative Template – Thumbnail

Mood Board – Creative

Clay Theme Template – Thumbnail


Chosen by dreamers, schemers, and big thinkers.

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How to Make a 3D Presentation with Animation

Focusky is powerful and easy-to-use online presentation software that allows you to start with a 3D background,

edit dynamic presentation with SWF and animation effects, go straight to admirable 3D transition effects,

and publish your presentation online to share anywhere. It is very efficient for both individual and business presentation.

Free Presentation Templates

Get started with hundreds of proffessional templates for all topics.

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Stunning Presentation Example

Integrated with 3d background · cloud-based solusion · awesome animation effect.

make 3d presentation

Step 1. Start with a 3D Background

Pick a 3D background template to start your presentation work. A vivid 3D background template is one of secrets to create a high-quality and successful stereoscopic presentation to engage your audiences. Besides, you have more chances for presentation background settings: 3D BG, image Background, Video BG and BG Color. Select the 3D background, then edit and customize your own stylish 3D background template according to your needs.

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Step 2. Custom with SWF and Animation Effects

In addition, you can also apply professional animations to create astonished 3D effect and make people understand you more. Whether you add multiple animations (entrance, emphasis and exit) to only one object or apply a action path on the text, you can easily combine both options to customize a distinct presentation.

Step 3. Create 3D Transition Effects

Make sure to create amazing 3D transition effects to your presentation if you want to enhance it to a professional work. The Great 3D transition effects exactly help to break the traditional slide-to-slide transition effect, and bring your audiences with a 3D movie experience. Take huge advantage of 3D zooming, panning and rotate effects from the Focusky, which will let you deliver your message in a seamless way.

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Step 4. Publish Presentations to the Cloud

It will be better to publish your created 3D presentation online if you want to store the presentation on the free cloud space and make it reachable for more people. After the creation of your presentation, have a click of "Publish", and pick the "Publish to Cloud" type, just in minutes, the presentation will be shown on the Cloud, and your readers will be able to view your work anytime and anywhere.

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mobile powerpoint creator tool

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create a 3D presentation

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Try Focusky free and enjoy a brand new experience of presentation

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Home Blog PowerPoint Tutorials How to Make an Animated 3D Floor Plan Presentation in PowerPoint

How to Make an Animated 3D Floor Plan Presentation in PowerPoint

make 3d presentation

Presentation skills and aesthetics can make or cut business deals and significantly impact other industries like Real Estate, Architecture, Interior Design, or Construction. How do professionals in these industries prepare to share their insights and ideas with prospective buyers? Is it through drawings, real-time 3D imaging, or with presentation slides showcasing images of the said project?

In this article, we want to share an entirely different approach for Architects, Realtors, Interior Designers, and Contractors – we will learn how to create a professional-quality PowerPoint presentation that features an animated 3D floor plan, also known as isometric 3D view or axonometric 3D view, how to craft custom infographics from it, and how to deliver engaging presentations in a refreshing format.

Table of Contents

Why Should Professionals Make a 3D PowerPoint Presentation?

Isometric vs. axonometric view – are they the same thing, potential use case scenarios of animated 3d floor plan presentations in powerpoint, assets required to make a 3d floor plan presentation in powerpoint, preparing your floor plan for powerpoint, exporting the .obj file from 3d software, importing the .obj file into powerpoint, duplicating slides + animating or rotating 3d objects, creating infographics from 3d floor plan views in powerpoint, exporting the 3d presentation to hd video format, case study: presenting a housing project for real estate, case study: kitchen renovation project presentation.

Although some concepts can be easily explained with words or simple 2D graphics, speaking about spatial design, understanding the relationships between elements in spaces that shall be cohabited for – maybe – simultaneous functions is not an easy feat. 

To simplify this, let’s say you buy a house, a house you intend to be your home, and your office where you plan to meet with customers. Maybe in 2D dimensions, you can get an idea of what the spaces would look like, but only after furniture is arranged into that space can you get a clear picture of how “livable” that ambient would become.

3D graphics and their usage in architecture signified a before and after for professionals, as they can bring a closer experience to their customers of what their projects would look like after they are completed. For this reason, hyperrealism is a sought-after technique many interior designers and contractors apply to attract customers into buying their services. But where does this stand in terms of PowerPoint presentations?

Experience tells us the fancier the graphics, the higher the customer retention rate, and such a statement fits to a T to Real Estate Marketing . Since it is not easy to show 3D images of buildings in live time (mostly due to hardware requirements), professionals sought methods that can create presentations using those 3D graphics and be repurposed as many times as required. PowerPoint bridges as a convenient tool for this adventure, as we can curate the content into impactful presentation slides or help ourselves using Real Estate PowerPoint templates. A 3D PowerPoint template can be streamed on any device, becoming a simplified resource for professionals on the go or as a shareable document between team members working on the same project.

During the introduction, we mentioned two terms: Isometric and Axonometric View . Although the terms are often used interchangeably, we must clarify this difference before creating our 3D models.

Both Isometric and Axonometric Views are terms to define 3D representations of objects in perspective. An Isometric View is a representation method that showcases an object in the three spatial axes (X, Y, and Z, respectively) at equal angles. The angles between axonometric axes sum 120 degrees, which means each view is made at a 30-degree angle. As a result, we get an image without any kind of deformity in terms of size but limited to depicting depth. In real-case usage, it is the simplest 3D view we can get and the preferred choice in technical drawings and 3D view aerial images.

On the other hand, an Axonometric View is a broader category that encompasses different methods of representing three-dimensional objects in 2D mediums. Since the degrees between axes can vary, this signifies the differentiated depth quality of those 3D views. The types of axonometric views are:

  • Dimetric Projection
  • Trimetric Projection
  • Oblique Projection

Types of perspective views

Define which view style suits your interests best before creating a 3D model. Although professional-quality software will allow you to present the image in any projection format you desire, that’s not always the case with free 3D tooling.

Presenters can benefit from animated 3D floor plan views when customers must understand the spatial relationship between elements. 

Say you are a contractor hired by a family that wants to renew their 20-year-old kitchen. You can put into words the area requirements or a percentage of how much space they will gain if a wall is moved to turn an old kitchen layout into a contemporary open-space concept. Still, it generally doesn’t bring a sense of “completeness” to the consumer. However, presenting an animation where the family can turn the model and visualize how the furniture will fit into the area, how much light will enter the room, or how that kitchen interacts with other rooms in the same house can make consumers much more receptive to hiring the services of that contractor. And no, no 2D plan can make people without a technical background understand the actual livable space of that project. That’s just the way our brain is wired to comprehend spatial relationships.

Another set of viable scenarios are architecture or interior design students who are required to present their projects at university, architectural contests, and Real Estate projects where you want to sell an unbuilt housing unit to a prospective buyer – that same concept also applies to other usages like commercial buildings, factories, etc.

The main asset required is a 3D house plan model, which can be built using free 3D software like Blender, a web-based application such as Sweet Home 3D, or professional tools such as AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Cinema4D, etc. Hand-drawn floor plans can be scanned to help us build the 3D model, or you can work from scratch on any of those 3D modeling tools.

Remember that Microsoft PowerPoint can support *.obj format for 3D objects. 

Once you have built your 3D Floor Plan, you need to consider these three aspects:

  • Which viewing mode do you plan to use: Isometric or Axonometric.
  • Detailing of your 3D model.
  • Which views are modeled for your project.

We would like to emphasize that final one since PowerPoint allows us to have pre-established views of 3D objects using Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Front, and Back views. If any of those views isn’t modeled and we want to use the view, it would be either non-existent or incomplete, and we cannot go back and forth integrating the 3D model with the presentation file as it doesn’t sync changes in live time.

3D Model Views in PowerPoint

How to Integrate 3D Floor Plans into PowerPoint

To simplify our process, we will use Sweet Home 3D to create the 3D model for this presentation. Instructions on how to export a 3D model to obj format may vary depending on the software used.

In Sweet Home 3D, go to 3D View > Export to OBJ format . Select the location to save your 3D model and file name, then click Save .

Export 3D model to OBJ format

Blender exports to OBJ by going to File > Export > Wavefront (.obj) .

SketchUp works by going to File > Export > 3D Model – then you select .obj as the file format.

BIM software like Revit can also export high-detailed 3D models to obj format. Go to your desired 3D view, File tab > Export > CAD Formats > OBJ.

Open your presentation slide and switch to the Insert tab. Then, on the Ribbon, locate Insert 3D Model From > This Device.

Insert 3D object into PowerPoint

Check our article on how to insert 3D objects in PowerPoint for further information on 3D object handling in PowerPoint.

Depending on what you want to present, you must duplicate slides to create multiple animation effects or infographics for your project.

A 3D gizmo allows us to rotate the 3D floor plan to any desired point. We can select the object and upscale its size if it doesn’t look pixelated. 

3D model gizmo in PowerPoint

There are multiple animation effects you can use to present the 3D model:

  • Morph Transition
  • Motion Paths

Infographics can be built out of 3D floor plan views as we can extrude elements to create new graphics or displace parts of our 3D model, then use visual aids in PowerPoint to create meaningful slides that help our audience understand the concept we want to convey.

Any of these processes require creating a spare copy of the 3D model , applying the required changes to create the 3D infographic, and then saving it with another name (so there are no file conflicts when importing the second 3D model into the presentation). Typical applications of this technique are:

  • Showing the material structure of a wall, floor, or window.
  • Moving partition walls to present new enhanced spaces.
  • Replacing finishing material.
  • Adding/removing furniture to a space.

After completing the presentation design, we can play the presentation as a slideshow, or we can use it to create a high-quality video output. This helps us connect with prospective customers via social media or as a shareable that customers can check as many times as they like.

Go to File > Export > Create a Video to export the presentation to a video format . Select the required definition for your video, and remember to assign it to include Use Recorded Timings and Narrations if you added notes or voiceover to your PowerPoint presentation.

Export 3D floorplan presentation to video in PowerPoint

We highly recommend you check our guide on how to convert PowerPoint to video for further information.

For this initial case study, we will showcase a presentation for a housing project in Real Estate. The target audience is investors who are interested in purchasing a property in a new beachside private neighborhood. The presenter must highlight the importance of connecting with nature, infrastructure services (high-speed optic fiber internet, grocery stores, party room, laundry, kindergarten, and gym), private security, and distance from nearby cities. Also, the presenter wants to introduce their prototype units, the different configurations available, and the required investment while retaining a highly visual format that removes friction from the buying process.

Our presentation designer selected a template to deliver this presentation and worked with a 3D housing model made in Sweet Home 3D. The title slide contains a rendering made out of the 3D model – an exterior view.

Title slide in a 3D floorplan presentation

After introducing the agenda slide , relevant data for the project, and speaking about the location, the presenter now shows the 3D floor plan infographic view in a series of slides. First, speaking about selected views from the kitchen area.

Kitchen slide in 3d floor plan presentation

Next, the speaker discusses how the living room can serve as a multi-purpose area and also as a spare bedroom. It is possible for the audience to understand these concepts as the 3D furniture gives clear hints about the total livable area.

3D view of the multi-functional living room area

Finally, the slide discusses the exterior finishing material options since the housing units are customizable.

Facade view of the 3D model

We can also appreciate the full impact of this presentation in this animated GIF shown below.

For our second case study, we will take from the abovementioned idea: a contractor delivering a kitchen renovation project to a married couple who purchased an old home. The couple wants to move in ASAP, but the house requires a full kitchen renovation, which involves tearing down a partition wall separating the kitchen from the living room to create an open space concept and renewing material finishes, furniture, and appliances.

As the contractor acknowledges the importance of remaining within budget for this young couple, he meets with his customers. He delivers a presentation on what the project is going to be about. The first slide in this presentation is a breakdown of the tasks required to complete the kitchen renewal process.

Then, a Gantt Chart is shown so the couple can see whether the delivery date aligns with their moving plans and when payments should be made to complete each renovation phase.

Finally, the presenter delivers the core slide: a 3D floor plan view of the kitchen’s appearance once finished. This visual element amazes the couple as they can move inside the space and “live” the project they envisioned. Using the 3D images for PowerPoint helped this contractor secure the deal in contrast with another, lower-pricing option the couple also contacted.

As we’ve seen, using 3D models in construction or architectural presentations is vital, as presenters can put visuals into what they envisioned rather than confusing customers with tons of irrelevant data. 

Working with the methodology presented in this article simplifies the process of presenting properties or projects, which used to involve creating animated 3D renderings that took countless hours to craft. Animated 3D floor plan presentations can be handled using a tablet and a projector, two resources presenters have at bay, and not lose quality in the process. Pairing that 3D model with a professional-quality Real Estate presentation template is your ticket to success.

We hope this guide can trigger some ideas on how to build your 3D floor plan presentation. See you next time!

1. Real Estate Listing Template for Floor Plan Presentation

make 3d presentation

Get ready to introduce any real estate listing using 3D floor plan views with the help of this template. Using rhomboid tiles, the title slide allows you to use multiple views of your 3D model or use 3D renderings crafted out of those views. Presenters can introduce their team, showcase the project’s main amenities, expose the pricing evolution in a pre-defined time, and more.

Use This Template

2. Real Estate Project Presentation Slide Deck

make 3d presentation

Housing projects that require input from investors require more than fancy icons to convince people to acquire a property. To further complement your 3D floor plan presentation, we invite you to use this Real Estate slide deck that includes tools intended to present an executive summary of the project, investment planning,  opportunities linked to the project, factors that may affect its value, and a series of customizable informative slides. Pair this real estate template with your 3D floor plan model for maximum customer engagement!

3. Residential Real Estate Slides for 3D Floor Plan Presentation

make 3d presentation

Get your hands on real estate vendors made out of high-quality vector graphics to further enhance your 3D model presentation in PowerPoint. In blue and green layout, this fully customizable template allows you to place any 3D model with ease, illustrating its views from different angles. The titles and subheadings are ideal for discussing the project’s core features while presenting your pitch to prospective sellers.

4. House for Sale Listing Template for PowerPoint

make 3d presentation

Real Estate agents can benefit from using 3D floor plan views in their listing ads by pairing this template with their model. Introduce images from exterior facades, full aerial 3D floor plan, pricing, main features, and contact data. Ideal to grab the interest of prospective customers with a creative approach.

5. Property Development Real Estate Slide Deck for PowerPoint

make 3d presentation

3D views and hyperrealistic renderings are among the preferred assets of Real Estate professionals to attract investors to unbuilt projects. You can give them a detailed living experience of your project using an axonometric 3D view of the project and, simultaneously, lay critical information about the company behind the project, team members, a competitive analysis of the sector, a SWOT analysis, etc.

make 3d presentation

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make 3d presentation

make 3d presentation

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Create 3D PowerPoint Platform

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Learn to make a useful 3D rectangular platform in PPT 2007. Learn the complete 3D PowerPoint tutorial in a simple step by step way.

The beautiful 3D platform you’ll learn today is:

Source: Bridge Diagrams & Lists from 750+ Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack

Such is the power of the 3D platform as a design element. Watch the video to make the PowerPoint 3D Mac style Rectangle.

Click to Play Video below:

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Here is a review of how to make the 3D Rectangle Shape below:

Step 1: Creating the basic 3D orientation for the rectangle

Draw a regular rectangle. Then right click on it to go to Format shape.

Step 2: The Bevel effect

Then, go to 3D format , choose bevel for the ‘Top’ surface. Choose Cross Bevel.

Step 3: Choosing the color for the Depth

In 3D Format option, choose the Color for the depth as White, Background 1 and Darker 25%. Make the depth as 25 Pt.

Step 4: Choosing the Material and Lighting

Choose the Material as Dark Edge. Choose the Lighting as Soft.


If you are interested in making your slides look professional, it is useful to know how to make this platform.

If you don’t have the time, you still can make your presentations look professional. Take a look at the amazing 750+ PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams pack . We’ve done all the hard work for you and made an unbelievable collection of PowerPoint diagram templates. Just replace text in the templates and your presentation gets ready in minutes.

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make 3d presentation


make 3d presentation

AI Presentation Maker

When lack of inspiration or time constraints are something you’re worried about, it’s a good idea to seek help. Slidesgo comes to the rescue with its latest functionality—the AI Presentation Maker! With a few clicks, you’ll have wonderful slideshows that suit your own needs . And it’s totally free!

make 3d presentation

Generate presentations in minutes

We humans make the world move, but we need to sleep, rest and so on. What if there were someone available 24/7 for you? It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and ask the AI Presentation Maker to give you a hand. The possibilities are endless : you choose the topic, the tone and the style, and the AI will do the rest. Now we’re talking!

Customize your AI-generated presentation online

Alright, your robotic pal has generated a presentation for you. But, for the time being, AIs can’t read minds, so it’s likely that you’ll want to modify the slides. Please do! We didn’t forget about those time constraints you’re facing, so thanks to the editing tools provided by one of our sister projects —shoutouts to Wepik — you can make changes on the fly without resorting to other programs or software. Add text, choose your own colors, rearrange elements, it’s up to you! Oh, and since we are a big family, you’ll be able to access many resources from big names, that is, Freepik and Flaticon . That means having a lot of images and icons at your disposal!

make 3d presentation

How does it work?

Think of your topic.

First things first, you’ll be talking about something in particular, right? A business meeting, a new medical breakthrough, the weather, your favorite songs, a basketball game, a pink elephant you saw last Sunday—you name it. Just type it out and let the AI know what the topic is.

Choose your preferred style and tone

They say that variety is the spice of life. That’s why we let you choose between different design styles, including doodle, simple, abstract, geometric, and elegant . What about the tone? Several of them: fun, creative, casual, professional, and formal. Each one will give you something unique, so which way of impressing your audience will it be this time? Mix and match!

Make any desired changes

You’ve got freshly generated slides. Oh, you wish they were in a different color? That text box would look better if it were placed on the right side? Run the online editor and use the tools to have the slides exactly your way.

Download the final result for free

Yes, just as envisioned those slides deserve to be on your storage device at once! You can export the presentation in .pdf format and download it for free . Can’t wait to show it to your best friend because you think they will love it? Generate a shareable link!

What is an AI-generated presentation?

It’s exactly “what it says on the cover”. AIs, or artificial intelligences, are in constant evolution, and they are now able to generate presentations in a short time, based on inputs from the user. This technology allows you to get a satisfactory presentation much faster by doing a big chunk of the work.

Can I customize the presentation generated by the AI?

Of course! That’s the point! Slidesgo is all for customization since day one, so you’ll be able to make any changes to presentations generated by the AI. We humans are irreplaceable, after all! Thanks to the online editor, you can do whatever modifications you may need, without having to install any software. Colors, text, images, icons, placement, the final decision concerning all of the elements is up to you.

Can I add my own images?

Absolutely. That’s a basic function, and we made sure to have it available. Would it make sense to have a portfolio template generated by an AI without a single picture of your own work? In any case, we also offer the possibility of asking the AI to generate images for you via prompts. Additionally, you can also check out the integrated gallery of images from Freepik and use them. If making an impression is your goal, you’ll have an easy time!

Is this new functionality free? As in “free of charge”? Do you mean it?

Yes, it is, and we mean it. We even asked our buddies at Wepik, who are the ones hosting this AI Presentation Maker, and they told us “yup, it’s on the house”.

Are there more presentation designs available?

From time to time, we’ll be adding more designs. The cool thing is that you’ll have at your disposal a lot of content from Freepik and Flaticon when using the AI Presentation Maker. Oh, and just as a reminder, if you feel like you want to do things yourself and don’t want to rely on an AI, you’re on Slidesgo, the leading website when it comes to presentation templates. We have thousands of them, and counting!.

How can I download my presentation?

The easiest way is to click on “Download” to get your presentation in .pdf format. But there are other options! You can click on “Present” to enter the presenter view and start presenting right away! There’s also the “Share” option, which gives you a shareable link. This way, any friend, relative, colleague—anyone, really—will be able to access your presentation in a moment.

Discover more content

This is just the beginning! Slidesgo has thousands of customizable templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint. Our designers have created them with much care and love, and the variety of topics, themes and styles is, how to put it, immense! We also have a blog, in which we post articles for those who want to find inspiration or need to learn a bit more about Google Slides or PowerPoint. Do you have kids? We’ve got a section dedicated to printable coloring pages! Have a look around and make the most of our site!


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